Trying to calm the fraying nerves of those living near BC mining

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe massive tailings pond breach that washed over 10 million cubic litres of waste water into creeks and lakes in northern British Columbia has had a devastating affect on so many.APTN’s Tina House just returned from the front lines where politicians are trying to calm the frayed nerves of local residents and First Nations.last_img

No farmer to be jailed for loan default: Rahul

first_imgJatara (MP): Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said no farmer will be jailed for not repaying loan and 22 lakh youth will be provided government jobs in a year if his party comes to power at the Centre.Hitting out at Narendra Modi, Gandhi said that after completion of half of the Lok Sabha poll process, the Prime Minister’s face has “withered”, and claimed the PM will lose the elections and Congress would come to power. Addressing a rally here in Tikamgarh district of Bundelkhand region in Madhya Pradesh, Gandhi again targeted Modi over the controversial Rafale jet deal and blamed the NDA government’s decisions of demonetisation and implementation of GST for “large-scale unemployment” in the country. “When the Congress comes to power in 2019, no farmer will be sent to jail for not repaying bank loans,” Gandhi said, while promising to provide government jobs to 22 lakh youth in one year and recruit 10 lakh youth in panchayats. He said if the Congress comes to power, it will bring a provision of “no permission” for first three years to those starting new businesses. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra Singh”There will be no need to take any government permission for youth to run any business for initial three years,” he said. Gandhi claimed the prime minister was speaking with “fear and hesitation”. “Look at Narendra Modi’s face. Half of the election is over. Modi is going to be defeated, his face is withered. He is speaking with hesitation and fear. The Congress is forming the (next) government,” he said. “And remember one thing, the money he stole from our Air Force in the Rafale scam and gave Rs 30,000 crore to Ambani…action will be taken and you will see two names will come out one Anil Ambani and second Narendra Modi,” he said. He said lakhs of youth lost jobs due to demonetisation and GST as production in factories stopped because of lack of demand in the market. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadHe said the Congress will deposit Rs 3.6 lakh in bank accounts of five crore poor families in five years, “unlike Modi who promised Rs 15 lakh to them but did not deposit a single penny”. He claimed that the party’s proposed ‘NYAY’ poverty alleviation scheme would “jump-start” the Indian economy. “I am not here to speak lies. Our NYAY scheme will jump start the economy. The Congress government will deposit Rs 3.6 lakh in the bank accounts of each poor family in five years,” he said. “Modi gave crores to 15 rich people of the country…and you were told to stand in queues while he termed demonetisation as a fight against black money….” Gandhi said.last_img read more

SecretaryGeneral to address European security summit in Kazakhstan

23 November 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel to Kazakhstan this weekend to address the summit of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the United Nations announced today. The meeting in the capital, Astana, will be the first OSCE summit in over a decade and brings together heads of State and government of participating States.During his visit to Kazakhstan, the Secretary-General will hold several bilateral meetings with top officials on the sidelines of the summit to discuss various issues, including UN-OSCE cooperation.With 56 participating States from Europe, Central Asia and North America, the OSCE forms the largest regional security organization in the world. It is a primary instrument for early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation in its area. read more

MPs called CJ a mad woman lawyers

Bandaranayake and her team of lawyers walked out of the parliamentary select committee on Thursday evening after making a statement that she was not being given a fair hearing.“She will not attend future hearings,” a lawyer close to the case told AFP. Her lawyers said their repeated requests for documents supporting the 14 allegations against Bandaranayake were not provided by her accusers and the ruling party dominated PSC refused to allow witnesses to be cross examined.However, she was given over 1,000 pages of documents on Thursday evening and asked to respond in less than 24 hours, the lawyers said, adding that it was “obvious” that the majority of the PSC had no intention of giving her a fair hearing.There was no formal reaction from the government, but a ruling party law maker who declined to be named told AFP that they will proceed with the inquiry whether or not the 54-year-old chief justice attends the hearing on Friday afternoon. “At various stages of the proceedings of the PSC (parliamentary select committee), two (ruling party) members hurled abuse such as ‘mad woman’ at the chief justice,” her lawyers said in a statement a day after the hearing. The impeachment bid has led to a head-on collision between the judiciary and the legislature controlled by Rajapakse, who has consolidated his power after crushing Tamil Tiger rebels in a military offensive in May 2009. Sri Lanka’s top judge Shirani Bandaranayake stormed out of her impeachment hearing after government lawmakers called her a “mad woman” and displayed open hostility, her lawyers said on Friday.The move to impeach the country’s first female chief justice came after she scuttled several bills, including one that gave more powers to President Mahinda Rajapakse’s youngest brother Basil, the economic development minister. “It became evident that these members had been mandated to ridicule the head of the judiciary and the legal profession.” Bandaranayake infuriated the government last month when she said it was illegal for lawmakers to investigate her, but vowed she would defend herself against impeachment charges of professional and financial misconduct.Her case has raised fears that the government is trying to control the courts. She told the parliamentary select committee at its outset that there was not an “iota” of truth in the allegations against her. (AFP) read more

Pork tapeworm infection among leading causes of epilepsy worldwide – UN health

WHO explained that taeniasis is the intestinal infection of the adult tapeworm and when left untreated, a more serious condition develops as larvae invade body tissues.“When larvae build up in the central nervous system, muscles, skin and eyes, it leads to neurocysticercosis – the most severe form of the disease and a common cause of seizures worldwide.”According to the UN health agency, 50 million people are affected by epilepsy and more than 80 per cent of them live in the developing world.“Thorough case finding, better diagnosis and treatment, and public health information campaigns are crucial to effectively control and break the life cycle of the parasite,” WHO said.“Neurocysticercosis is the most frequent preventable cause of epilepsy in the developing world,” WHO said. “It is a common infection of the human nervous system and a growing public health concern.” “Humans become infected after consuming undercooked food, particularly pork, or water contaminated with tapeworm eggs, or through poor hygiene practices,” it said. read more

Adopting new resolution Security Council extends arms embargoes imposed on Somalia and

Adopting a new resolution by a vote of 14 in favour and 1 abstention (Venezuela), the Council also extended the mandate of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group until 15 December 2016, and reiterated its expectation that the Government of Eritrea would facilitate the Group’s entry into that country.Reaffirming Somalia’s sovereignty over its natural resources, the Council underlined the vital importance of the Federal Government of Somalia putting in place a resource-sharing agreement to ensure that the national petroleum sector did not become a source of increased tension. The Council condemned the ongoing export of charcoal from Somalia in violation of the total ban on charcoal exports.The Council expressed serious concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Somalia and condemned in the strongest terms increased attacks against humanitarian actors. It also expressed concern about continued reports of corruption, diversion of public resources and financial impropriety involving members of the Federal Government Administrations and the Federal Parliament, underlining that individuals engaged in acts that threatened Somalia’s peace and reconciliation process might be listed for targeted sanctions.Also by the text, the Council urged the Government of Eritrea to allow access or provide information, including to the Monitoring Group, on the Djiboutian prisoners missing in action since clashes between the two countries from 10 to 12 June 2008. read more

UN Mission welcomes agreement to revive South Sudans peace pact

“The Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access is an important first step in the revitalization of the peace process,” said the mission in a news release, Friday. “UNMISS is committed to supporting the peace process in line with its mandate through advancing reconciliation efforts, strengthening conflict resolution mechanisms, building national cohesion and engaging in regional and international peace initiatives,” it added. The Agreement was signed Thursday between the Government and opposing groups attending the High-Level Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It aims to revitalize efforts to implement the 2015 peace agreement in South Sudan which came under increasing strain due to violence in the country. Also in the news release, the UNMISS acknowledged the efforts of all actors involved in the Forum in reaching an agreement and thanked the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), an eight-country trade bloc in Africa, for its leadership of the peace talks. “[We] urge all parties to adhere to the Agreement and end the ongoing violence so that durable peace can be achieved in the interests of the people of South Sudan,” added the UN Mission. The world’s youngest country, South Sudan has spent much of its short life mired in conflict, riven by a political face-off between President Salva Kiir and his then former Vice-President Riek Machar, that erupted into full-blown war late in 2013. read more

Stones and fireworks thrown at police outside talk by former IRA bomber

first_imgSTONES AND FIREWORKS were thrown at police by protesters outside an event in east Belfast this evening.The PSNI said that police attended a protest at the Skainos Centre on the Newtownards Road, and at approximately 7.10pm, a number of items including stones and fireworks were thrown for a few minutes.Four police officers received minor injuries that were treated at the scene, while two police vehicles had their windows broken.An event was taking place at the Skainos centre at the time – a talk called ‘Listening to your enemies with Pat Magee and Jo Berry’.Berry’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing in October 1984, while Magee was one of the bombers. According to a description of the event, in recent years Magee and Berry have begun “a journey towards understanding one another”.The PSNI said that fireworks and stones were also thrown at police between 8pm and 8.40pm, with police lines coming under fire.The event has now ended and attendees have dispersed safely, said police, and an inquiry “has been initiated into this disorder”.Police are maintaining a presence in the area.last_img read more

Meet the Kerryman leading a major pestcontrol firm whos afraid of rats

first_img Share Tweet Email6 Meet the Kerryman leading a major pest-control firm – who’s afraid of rats As part of our How My Business Works series, we profile the Irish arm of Rentokil. 7 Comments Image: Rentokil Get the top business news from Fora delivered to your inbox: THE HEAD OF one of Ireland’s biggest pest-control companies has a secret: he’s deathly afraid of rats.Michael O’Mahoney heads up the Irish arm of Rentokil, one of the world’s biggest vermin-control companies.He has no problem with most pests – insects don’t really bother him, and he says that he’d have no problem holding something like an ant in his palm.But rats – perhaps the one animal most associated with household pests, aside from the humble cockroach – terrify him.“If a mouse or a rat came into this room right now, I’d probably be the first one out of it,” he tells Fora.Why, then, would he join a pest-control company?“Everyone assumes that pest control is rats and mice, but it is so much more, they’re a very small part,” he says. “All you are doing in most places (with rats) is putting down a rodent solution, electronic or otherwise.“In the field you rarely see rats and mice, the only time you are likely to see one is when you are crossing the road going from one customer to another and seeing them out normally.“I thought that pest control was a fascinating business to be in. Your customers range from corner shops to big pharma companies, they’re everywhere so you are meeting so many different people every day.” Michael O’Mahoney (centre) Source: RentokilThe Kerry native is practically a lifer with the firm, having joined more than 40 years ago in his mid-20s when Rentokil’s Irish arm was a relatively small operation with about 30 staff.O’Mahoney initially worked in the firm’s service arm, making sure that all of its customers were kept happy, before heading up a small sales team.“At home we had a grocery shop, and every two weeks we would have commercial travelers call into the shop all suited and booted and driving lovely cars, so I thought that sales would be a nice job to have,” he says.Over the decades O’Mahoney worked his way up through the company, eventually taking the position of managing director in 2006. While he stepped down from the board of directors at the age of 60, he continues to head up the firm.RatcatchersThe company, which began its life in the UK with the aim of getting rid of troublesome rats and mice, first came to Ireland in 1935.The firm has grown steadily since then, both in Ireland and abroad. In the UK, Rentokil became one of the nation’s largest companies and is listed on the prestigious FTSE 100 index.Today, the company employs over 230 people across Ireland and has been consistently profitable for years.Rentokil Initial Ireland made a profit of €3 million in the year to the end of 2015, down slightly on the €3.4 million reported the year before. Turnover was up slightly, from €17.5 million to €18.5 million, although costs also rose. The company exterminates rats and mice Source: YoutubeIts profitability did dip slightly during the recession, with the company’s ‘initial’ side, which includes services ranging from washroom hygiene to handling medical waste, taking a hit.During this period, O’Mahoney says the firm reorganised, increasing the size of its sales team and implementing a new management structure.“What was key was that we focused on training, whereas other companies in similar businesses focused on cutting costs, which really helped us,” he says.As it does in the UK, Rentokil offers a variety of different services, but its main focus is still pest control.As well as getting rid of infestations, the company also does ‘proofings’ for new businesses to identify possible areas where vermin could get in. It then supplies those clients with products to deal with potential pests.Regarding the bread-and-butter business of pest control, O’Mahoney says it is different to how many people envisage it.Dealing with pestsRather than using fumigation, where properties are flooded with poisonous gasses in a controlled manner, Rentokil often uses a heat treatment to get rid of vermin.“We have a mobile heat system which lets us heat up a room to 56 degrees Celsius, and that denatures proteins in the body of an insect and causes dehydration,” he says. Rentokil also deals with bugs Source: YoutubeThe Kerry native says that this method is often used to get rid of pests from sensitive areas, such as in museums.“We did the Caravaggio (exhibition in the National Gallery), which is worth millions,” he says.“Not only do we go in and get rid of the rodents, we also do anti-bacterial treatments to help clear up the place and make sure that it’s safe.”The cost of the company’s services varies hugely. A residential homeowner could get away with spending about €120 for a basic issue, while large commercial customers could easily pay thousands depending on the circumstances.O’Mahoney says that the company’s customer base is extremely varied, from schools to private homeowners to large industrial pharma plants that are required by law to be spotless.AcceptingHe also says that people have become more accepting of pest control, and don’t view calling in the exterminators as a source of shame. The company made an effort to normalise the industry by taking part in an RTÉ show, the Verminators.“(An infestation) is rarely if ever down to poor housekeeping. It’s more because of leaving a window open, or having a gap in the door,” he says.“We have a hotel that asks us to park outside of their premises when our technicians are in working. In the past if you arrived you were asked to park in the back (so you wouldn’t be seen).“I think that Irish people have grown up big time in relation to pest control. In the past they may have thought that a place was insect-ridden, but now because there are so many other aspects to what we do, that’s no longer a problem.” Source: RTÉ2/YouTubeRentokil faces competition from a variety of companies across the country that also provide pest-control services, such as Ecolab and OnGuard.However the company’s status as a multinational chain gives it access to greater resources, O’Mahoney says, which helps it compete strongly with rivals.“We have 24/7 cover, we have the manpower to be nationwide and we have innovative products from research and development,” he says.“We have a radar unit which uses a concentrated amount of carbon monoxide. If a mouse goes into it, it is unconscious in 10 seconds and dead in a minute in the unit.”Keep growingO’Mahoney doesn’t give much detail on the company’s plans for the future or its financial targets.He simply says that the firm is aiming to “grow the whole time and grow our market share, things that we are doing very well at the moment”.“We are among the market leaders in Ireland and globally, and we want to retain that and top that up as much as we can,” he says.The 64-year-old says that he still loves his work and adds that retirement isn’t on the horizon.“For me it doesn’t feel like work, I love what I do,” he says. “There are no plans to send my CV elsewhere, I’m very happy where I am.”This article is part of our weekly series examining the nuts and bolts of businesses. If you would like to see your company featured please email by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Rentokil Saturday 29 Apr 2017, 6:30 PM Short URL Apr 29th 2017, 6:30 PM Take me to Fora By Fora Staff 15,092 Views last_img read more

Lobjet Geek du Week end une tablette de 65 pouces

first_imgL’objet Geek du Week end : une tablette de 65 pouces !Une compagnie Turque a créé une tablette géante à partir d’une télévision de 65 pouces…Au diable la portabilité ! Une firme a décidé une bonne fois pour toutes que les tablettes sont trop petites ! Pourquoi pas, au hasard, les faire 6,5 fois plus grandes ? Cette quête d’une taille toujours plus impressionnante (qui a surement une explication psychologique fort complexe…) a traversé l’esprit d’une compagnie turc basée à Istanbul, nommée Ardic. À lire aussiMicrosoft : une tablette Xbox Surface de 7 pouces ? À terme, la compagnie voudrait commercialiser des écrans de différentes tailles qui seraient alimentés par des appareils portables, comme des smartphones. Elle vise des utilisations comme dans l’éducation ou les entreprises.  Il leur a « juste » fallu dénicher une télévision 65 pouces qui serait tactile, et y plugger une tablette Android sous Honeycomb. La tablette 1080p qui en résulte peut utiliser 2 points de contact à l’écran, ce qui permet de zoomer à deux doigts. Et aussi de la caresser en murmurant « comme tu es grande ma tablette ».Le 19 novembre 2011 à 12:10 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

House Transportation Panel Releases Report on PublicPrivate Partnerships

first_imgOn Wednesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Panel on Public-Private Partnerships (P3 Panel) released its final report and recommendations on how to balance the needs of the public and private sector to finance the Nation’s infrastructure.The panel was tasked by Full Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) and Ranking Member Nick J. Rahall, II (D-WV) with examining the current use of P3s across the Committee’s jurisdiction – including all modes of transportation, public buildings, water and maritime infrastructure. The Committee’s Vice Chairman, U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN), led the P3 Panel and U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) served as its Ranking Member. Rep. Duncan issued a statement upon release of the report.“Billions of dollars of infrastructure needs in the U.S. are in search of funding, and well-executed public-private partnerships can enhance the delivery and management of infrastructure,” he said. “P3s cannot provide the sole solution to all of the Nation’s infrastructure needs, but they can offer significant benefits, particularly for high-cost, technically complex projects that otherwise may risk dying on the vine.”Rep. Capuano said throughout the process, his focus has been on how to best invest limited federal transportation funds and what role public-private partnerships can play in stretching those dollars.“The Panel studied numerous P3s throughout the country and found a mix of successful partnerships as well as ones that did not meet expectations,” he said. “Although a transparent and functioning P3 can meet certain transportation needs, when it comes to improving our Nation’s infrastructure there is no question that federal investment remains a key factor in project success…”Over the last six months, the Panel held hearings and meetings to examine the role P3s can play in the development and delivery of transportation and infrastructure projects. They also considered whether P3s enhance the delivery and management of infrastructure projects beyond the capabilities of government agencies or the private sector acting independently and focused on how to balance the needs of the public and private sectors when identifying, developing and implementing P3 projects.The final report proposes improvements to traditional procurement processes to ensure better outcomes for all projects. The report includes a series of recommendations for breaking down barriers to P3s and changes to federal programs to allow for partnerships to be more easily considered by states and localities. The report also recommends steps to ensure transparency and accountability for P3s, which is critical to fostering public support for such complex agreements. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee indicated its intent to use the panel’s recommendations as a resource when considering future legislation.last_img read more

Hyderabad Drunk driver creates ruckus at Jubilee Hills

first_imgA drunken car driver created ruckus near Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills with his car colliding to a tree. As the air balloons blew up, the three people inside the car suffered minor injuries. They were shifted to a hospital for treatment. The man on the wheels who was found to be in an inebriated state was taken into custody. On March 15, a drunk woman created ruckus at a police station in Kukatpally. The police initially arrested four people including the woman for drunk driving.last_img read more

In a first CJI allows CBI to file case against sitting HC

first_imgNew Delhi : Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi Wednesday allowed the CBI to lodge a case against serving Allahabad High Court judge Justice S N Shukla in a corruption case pertaining to favours to a private medical college for MBBS admission. This is for the first time that a CJI has granted permission to register a case against a sitting high court judge, PTI quoted a Supreme Court official as saying. Also Read – Lovely, A.K. Walia meet Sonia to discuss new Delhi Congress chief Advertise With Us The investigation agency had written a letter to Justice Gogoi stating that a preliminary inquiry was registered by it against the judge and others on the advice of former CJI Dipak Misra. The CBI also placed a brief note on the preliminary inquiry along with the chronological chart while seeking permission for initiating a regular case for investigation. Also Read – Trinamool, BJP activists scuffle at Dilip Ghosh’s event Advertise With Us “I have considered the note appended to your letter on the above subject. In the facts and circumstances of the case, I am constrained to grant permission to initiate a regular case for investigation as sought for in your letter,” CJI Gogoi told the CBI after taking note of the letter and documents. A month ago, the CJI also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate a motion for removal of Justice Shukla after an in-house panel found him guilty of misconduct. Advertise With Us Justice Shukla, who was heading a division bench in the high court, had allegedly defied the categorical restraint orders passed by the CJI-led bench of the apex court last year to permit private colleges to admit students for the 2017-18 academic session. In January 2018, a three-judge in-house committee, comprising Madras High Court Chief Justice Indira Banerjee, Sikkim High Court Chief Justice S K Agnihotri and Madhya Pradesh High Court’s Justice PK Jaiswal, had concluded there was sufficient substance in the allegations against Justice Shukla and that the aberrations were serious enough to call for initiation of proceedings for his removal. Following the report, the then CJI Dipak Misra, in accordance with the relevant in-house procedure, had advised Justice Shukla to either resign or seek voluntary retirement forthwith. But Shuka refused to resign, after which, Misra had asked the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court to withdraw judicial work from him with immediate effect. The CJI’s decision to allow the probe agency to proceed against a serving high court judge assumes significance in wake of its earlier direction in the K Veeraswamy case in which it had prevented any investigating agency from lodging an FIR without first showing the evidence to the CJI for permission to investigate the judgelast_img read more

Sex racket busted 4 held

first_imgKolkata: Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have busted a sex racket from Hooghly and arrested four persons including a woman for their alleged involvement in the racket.The CID had specific information that a sex racket was operating from a hotel called Bishramika Guest House situated on Indira Gandhi Road in Hooghly’s Konnagar.A team from the CID raided the hotel on Wednesday night and arrested the accused. Four minor girls have been rescued from there. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedLocals informed the police that illegal activities have been going on in the hotel for quite sometime. Young girls were brought in from various parts of the state. Two managers of the hotel have been arrested in this connection. One male pimp and one female pimp were also among the arrested persons.They have been identified as Avinash Kanu, Bibekananda Bera, Sukh Dev Das and Kalpana Chakraborty.The CID officials are investigating if other persons are involved in the racket.In the preliminary investigation, the officials have come to know that the accused used to engage minor girls into the business.Police are not ruling out the possibilities of others being involved in the racket. The CID officials are trying to know their names.last_img read more

GitLab 113 released with support for Maven repositories protected environments and more

first_imgGitLab 11.3 was released on Saturday with support for Maven repositories, Code Owners, Protected Environments and other changes. These new added features help in automation of controls around environments and code while also providing further efficiencies for Java developers. Maven repositories in GitLab 11.3 Maven repositories are now directly available in GitLab. This gives Java developers a secure, standardized way to share version control in Maven libraries. It also saves time by reusing these libraries across projects but it is available only on GitLab premium. Lower-level services can now have their packaged libraries published to their project’s Maven repository. They can share a simple XML snippet with other teams to utilize the library while Maven and GitLab do the rest. Code owners and protected environments GitLab Starter now supports assignment of Code Owners to files indicating the appropriate team members contributing to the code. This is a primer for future releases, which will enforce internal controls at the code level. Operators can also use Protected Environments for setting permissions to determine which users can deploy code to production environments. This significantly reduces the risk of an unintended commit. This feature is also available only on premium. Epic forecasting with integrated milestone dates The new Portfolio Management feature in GitLab Ultimate forecasts an epic’s start and end dates automatically based on the milestone dates of its issues. Portfolio managers will be able to compare their planned start and end dates against the scheduled work enabling faster decisions on delivery and plan adjustments. In older versions, fixed values could be set for the planned start and end dates of an epic. This was useful for high-level planning of epics. However, as issues are attached to the epic and the issues are scheduled for work with actual milestones, it is useful to have epic dates reflecting those milestones. In this version, the static values for the dates can be changed to a dynamic value called ‘From milestones’. The dynamic version of epic planned end dates are analogous. This is a useful feature to have if you want seamless transition from high-level, top-down planning to micro-level, and bottom-up planning. For more information, visit the GitLab website. Read next GitLab raises $100 million, Alphabet backs it to surpass Microsoft’s GitHub Gitlab 11.2 releases with preview changes in Web IDE, Android Project Import and more GitLab is moving from Azure to Google Cloud in Julylast_img read more

NY enacts toughest restrictions on Airbnb with fines of up to 7500

first_imgNY enacts toughest restrictions on Airbnb, with fines of up to $7,500 ALBANY — New York state enacted one of the nation’s toughest restrictions on Airbnb on Friday with a new law authorizing fines of up to $7,500 for many short-term rentals.The measure signed into law by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo applies to rentals of fewer than 30 days when the owner or tenant is not present.Supporters of the measure say many property owners use sites like Airbnb to offer residential apartments as short-term rentals to visitors, hurting existing hotels while taking residential units off the already expensive housing market in New York City.“Today is a great day for tenants, seniors, and anyone who values the safe and quiet enjoyment of their homes and neighbourhoods,” said Manhattan Democratic Sen. Liz Krueger, a co-sponsor of the bill. “For too long companies like Airbnb have encouraged illegal activity that takes housing off the market and makes our affordability crisis worse.”Airbnb said it would immediately file a lawsuit challenging the law.“In typical fashion, Albany backroom dealing rewarded a special interest – the price-gouging hotel industry – and ignored the voices of tens of thousands of New Yorkers,” said Josh Meltzer, Airbnb’s head of public policy in New York.Enforcement of the new laws will be a challenge. Thousands of short-term apartment rentals are listed for New York City despite a 2010 law that prohibits rentals of fewer than 30 days when the owner or tenant is not present.More news:  Sunwing ready to launch Mazatlán-Quebec City direct this winterThe new law won’t apply to rentals in single-family homes, row houses or apartment spare rooms if the resident is present.The complicated rules mean many New Yorkers may not know whether they can legally rent out their homes – and Airbnb says it does not have the ability to remove listings that violate the 2010 law.Supporters say the imposition of fines will likely be driven by complaints from neighbours. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal said the intention is to go after commercial operators who rent large numbers of vacant units in multi-apartment buildings.“That’s who we’re targeting,” said the Manhattan Democrat, who sponsored the bill in the Assembly.Airbnb mounted a last-minute campaign to kill the measure and this week proposed alternative regulations that the company argued would address concerns about short-term rentals without onerous fines.Most people who list a rental on Airbnb are looking to make a little money while they’re out of town, according to Chris Lehane, head of global policy for San Francisco-based Airbnb. The company says the 46,000 Airbnb hosts in New York City have generated more than $2 billion in economic activity.More news:  Direct Travel names Smith as Senior VP, Leisure Marketing, North America“It’s baffling to us in this time of economic inequality that folks would be looking to impose fines of as much as $7,500 on a middle-class person looking to use the home that they live in to help make ends meet,” Lehane said before the bill was signed.A spokesman for Cuomo said the administration gave the bill careful consideration.“Ultimately, these activities are already expressly prohibited by law,” said spokesman Rich Azzopardi.An investigation of Airbnb rentals from 2010 to 2014 by the office of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman found that 72 per cent of the units in New York City were illegal, with commercial operators constituting 6 per cent of the hosts and supplying 36 per cent of the rentals.Schneiderman vowed to fight any legal challenge to the new law.“The law signed today will provide vital protections for New York tenants and help prevent the continued proliferation of illegal, unregulated hotels, and we will defend it,” he said in a statement.As of August, Airbnb had 45,000 city listings and 13,000 others across the state. Monday, October 24, 2016 Share Posted by The Canadian Press << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Justices to take on new case over frozen assets

first_img The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Luis said the freeze includes money with no ties to the charges against her and that she has a constitutional right to use the funds to hire a lawyer to mount a defense. Lower courts ruled against her.The Supreme Court has previously upheld the government’s ability to put a hold on property and money that can be tied to illegal activity. Last year, the justices ruled that defendants do not have a right to a hearing at which they can plead for access to their money.The new case goes to whether untainted money can be frozen when the defendant needs it to hire a lawyer. The Justice Department said the assets can be frozen even if they are untainted. In this case, the government said it sought to freeze substitute assets that would be forfeited after a conviction because Luis already has spent the ill-gotten gains on luxury items and travel.The case, Luis v. U.S, 14-419, will be argued in the fall.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether the government can put a hold on untainted money and property that a criminal defendant needs to hire a lawyer.The justices said that they will review the case of Sila Luis of Miami-Dade County, Florida, who has been indicted on fraud charges involving $45 million in allegedly improper Medicare payments. On the same day Luis was indicted in 2012, federal prosecutors froze her assets. 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breachescenter_img Four benefits of having a wireless security system Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

The Homebuying Habits Across Generations

first_img Baby Boomers Budgets Buyers Gen X Generations Home Home buying Homebuyers HOUSING Millennials real estate technology 2018-04-03 Radhika Ojha in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News They might do their research online and also believe that data and machine learning will have an important influence on the real estate experience, but when it comes to the process of searching for a home, millennials and baby boomers lean more on their agent than digital platforms. This, according to a survey on homebuyer behavior by that studied that homebuying patterns of over 1,000 buyers across different age-groups.The survey revealed that 82 percent of the buyers said that online access to data-focused property information was essential to their decision-making process. But that was the only aspect that all the three generations—baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials—agreed upon. The survey highlighted vast differences in the way these generations manage their homebuying budgets and work with real estate agents.For instance, Gen Xers were the most hands-on when looking for a home. The survey found that they were likely to do their own research online to make decisions before initiating the next step with their agent. In fact, 62 percent of Gen Xers agreed to do their own research followed by 59 percent baby boomers and 48 percent millennials. Gen Xers also suffered from trust issues with their real estate agents with only 29 percent of this generation saying they trusted their agents to do the legwork, compared with 33 percent millennials and 36 percent of the baby boomer generation.When it came to budgets, the survey found that millennials were more likely to stray from their budget while buying a home. Forty percent millennials said they went over budget by an average of $24,545 while buying a home; 34 percent of the Gen Xers also went over budget paying around $13,996 more than the price they had in mind while buying a home. Baby boomers were sticklers when it came to the budget of their new home with only 19 percent going over budget and that too by $8,024 on average.The real surprise came when the three generations were asked about their go-to resource when searching for a home. Gen Xers leaned more towards online data and platforms to facilitate their search with 50 percent of this generation using these platforms, whereas 41 percent baby boomers and 38 percent millennials used online data and platforms for their search.While millennials were more likely to rely on their family and friends as a resource, they also relied on their agent the most during their home search. The survey found that 54 percent of baby boomers and 47 percent of millennials relied on their agent the most during their home search compared to only 42 percent Gen Xers who said they relied on their agent. The Homebuying Habits Across Generationscenter_img Share April 3, 2018 663 Views last_img read more

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