Amazon says it received 238 proposals for 2nd headquarters

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Amazon said today that it received 238 proposals from cities and regions in the United States, Canada and Mexico hoping to be the home of the company’s second headquarters.The online retailer kicked off its hunt for a second home base in September, promising to bring 50,000 new jobs and spend more than $5 billion on construction.Proposals were due last week, and Amazon made clear that tax breaks and grants would be a big deciding factor on where it chooses to Inc. did not list which cities or metro areas applied, but said the proposals came from 43 U.S. states, as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, three Mexican states and six Canadian provinces.Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Halifax and Calgary are some of the Canadian cities that submitted proposals.Besides looking for financial incentives, Amazon had stipulated that it was seeking to be near a metropolitan area with more than a million people; be able to attract top technical talent; be within 45 minutes of an international airport; have direct access to mass transit; and be able to expand that headquarters to more than 740,000 square metres in the next decade.Generous tax breaks and other incentives can erode a city’s tax base. For the winner, it could be worth it, since an Amazon headquarters could draw other tech businesses and their well-educated, highly paid employees.In New Jersey, Republican Gov. Chris Christie has endorsed Newark’s bid, saying the state and the city are planning nearly $7 billion in tax breaks. Detroit bid organizers have said its proposal offers Amazon the unique chance to set up shop in both the U.S. and Canada. Missouri officials proposed an innovation corridor between Kansas City and St. Louis rather than a single location.The seven U.S. states that Amazon said did not apply were: Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.Ahead of the deadline, some cities turned to stunts to try and stand out: Representatives from Tucson, Arizona, sent a 21-foot tall cactus to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters; New York lit the Empire State Building orange to match Amazon’s smile logo.The company plans to remain in its sprawling Seattle headquarters, and the second one will be “a full equal” to it, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said in September. Amazon has said that it will announce a decision sometime next year.last_img read more

Bravo pasta sauce seekers create can shortage at Giant Tiger stores

first_imgVANCOUVER – Bravo pasta sauce fans are stocking up on the product that’s reappeared in some Giant Tiger stores after Kraft Canada announced it would bring the recently discontinued sauce back for a limited time following social media outcry.While stores say they’re quickly running out of the pantry staple, die-hard fans hoping to buy a lifetime supply shouldn’t fret because more shipments will arrive soon.“My phone has not stopped ringing for the last two days,” said Richard McKay, owner of a Giant Tiger store in Sudbury, Ont.The store received about 4,000 cans on Nov. 27, which McKay said he put out on the floor that morning. By the evening, there wasn’t any left.It’s a similar scene in many of the other Giant Tiger stores reached by The Canadian Press. Employees said some customers would leave with one or two, while others bought in bulk.A Toronto-area store worker said their location received 144 cans on Tuesday and had less than two dozen left by Thursday morning.A Brampton, Ont., store employee said the initial 128 cans their location received and promptly sold out of was a test and they’re awaiting a “by far” bigger shipment for January.On Kraft Canada’s Facebook page, one Facebook user posted a photo showing a tower of more than a dozen flats of the sauce stacked that she said was in her home.“I’ll fill up my whole room with it,” she said in the accompanying post, asking the company to bring it back permanently.About 180,000 cans were shipped to Giant Tiger stores in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I., said Alison Scarlett, a Giant Tiger spokeswoman, in an email. Certain stores in western provinces also received shipments, she said.Some home cooks expressed frustration at how quickly the product sold out at nearby locations, especially when the company first announced the sauce would arrive in stores Dec. 10 rather than late November.Kraft Canada did not respond to a request for comment, but the company answered consumer gripes on its Facebook account.The sauce’s return is a limited time offer and individual stores determine whether to stock it, the company said, encouraging sauce seekers to scour their local Giant Tiger’s flyers to find out when it’ll be available again if it’s currently sold out.Scarlett said some stores have sold out, but the company is doing its best to replenish supplies quickly.McKay said he expects to receive another shipment by Dec. 10. He initially ordered 6,000 cans, but is now trying to get even more.Though, McKay added, he’ll continue to limit customers to 12 cans per person.The discontinued sauce returned after a Welland, Ont., man started an online petition, saying Kraft Canada’s decision left him with beloved family recipes he’ll no longer be able to make.Nearly 11,000 people signed the petition urging the company to bring back the sauce and Kraft Canada announced in mid-November that it would make the product available for a limited time at Giant Tiger stores.It has yet to make a commitment to permanently reinstate the sauce, despite continuing consumer pressure.Follow @AleksSagan on Twitter.last_img read more

Why kids have math anxiety?

first_imgIs your daughter more anxious over maths than your son? Blame gendered stereotypes about mathematics as well as anxiety of both teachers and parents, finds a study. While mathematics is often considered a hard subject, not all difficulties with the subject result from cognitive difficulties. Many children and adults experience feelings of anxiety, apprehension, tension or discomfort when confronted with a maths problem. The study, led by researchers from the University of Cambridge, showed that maths anxiety is seen more in girls than boys. The gender gap stems from the gendered stereotypes about the ability to crack maths. Primary-aged children noted that they had been confused by different teaching methods, while secondary students commented on poor interpersonal relations with their math teachers. Secondary students indicated that the transition from primary to secondary school had been a cause of maths anxiety, as the work seemed harder and they could not cope.last_img read more

Finally, China nods

first_imgChina’s retreat from providing international protection for Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar and its patron Islamabad, marks a milestone in the political and diplomatic war on terror with potential reverberations beyond the subcontinent. For a decade, Azhar was cast as the touchstone of Pakistan-China friendship and flag-bearer in a proxy war on India. That finally ended on Wednesday when Beijing wilted under growing international pressure and revulsion towards terrorism and agreed to the Security Council sanctions committee branding him the terrorist he is. Also Read – A special kind of bondTotally isolating them, none of the other 191 other members of the UN – including some who advocate “your-terrorist-is-my-freedom-fighter” policy in other cases – had joined Pakistan and China in backing Azhar. India’s Permanent Representative Syed Akbaruddin said that India’s persistent “subterranean” diplomacy helped achieve this. Now the next milestone in the political and diplomatic war on terror – it is still only that and not an all-out war – will be a global one if that consensus against terrorism can be extended to the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism that was proposed by India in 1996. Also Read – Insider threat managementWork on it has been stuck on the most basic issue – defining terrorism, with some making a false distinction between “freedom-fighters” and terrorists. It escapes them that the mark of terrorism is the method – the wanton killing of civilians including children – and not the ideology. Arriving on a consensus on the convention is the challenge before Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative Rohan Perera who heads the UN’s working group on eliminating international terrorism. China’s turnabout, despite its words of sympathy for Islamabad, may force Pakistan to take a long-overdue inward look at its policy of classifying terrorists as bad and good – those creating mayhem within the country and those in India. That schizophrenic policy has taken a toll on Pakistan, whose diplomats like to point out that their country has suffered the most from Islamist terror. Yet Islamabad – or specifically its military overlord – was willing to pay the price to keep its army of proxies. For the world, that was too high a price. Pakistan’s strategic doctrine that its nuclear weapons provided immunity against Indian retaliation against its war by terror was tested in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack in February that killed more than 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel. While that attack itself stung the world, the Indian air retaliation against terror camps and Pakistan’s counter-attack in which an Indian plane was downed showed the international community how fragile the situation is. China had reluctantly gone along with a Security Council press statement condemning the Pulwama attack, which was short of a formal resolution, and it was expected that it might relent on Azhar. But it vetoed in March for the fourth time his listing as a terrorist by the sanctions committee that deals with Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and their affiliates. That re-energised the US, Britain and France to pursue the option of having the Security Council itself declare him a terrorist under sanctions of financial freeze and travel ban. They circulated a US draft resolution and lobbied hard, with Washington declaring it will utilise all available resources. If that resolution were to come up, China would have had to publicly veto it and defend Azhar, which probably gave it pause. China had claimed that it was not convinced by the evidence that Azhar was connected to terrorism, but suddenly it said the evidence it rejected was now convincing. Besides its ties with India, the Afghanistan developments were another incentive for Washington. With negotiations taking place with the Taliban for a settlement, the US would want a complete wind-down of terrorism in the region to protect Afghanistan, and also to ensure that Pakistan does not turn its other proxies fighting Afghanistan towards India. As for China, it was time to recognise its own risks. It has an Islamist terror problem in the Uighar region and beyond, and its support to JeM and Azhar was not buying it goodwill with them. As its One Road, One Belt initiative advances, Beijing will have to ensure the safety of its multi-billion-dollar investments along with it, while ensuring that pan-Islamist terror does not ply the road. Already, China has faced terror attacks in Pakistan, where its workers and resources have been targeted and even its consulate in Karachi attacked last year. Under these circumstances, it had to come out openly against all forms of terrorism if it were to credibly protect its investments elsewhere and even itself. This was the moment for it. Even afar in Sri Lanka, where it has billions invested and loaned, China saw Islamist terrorism’s potential to disrupt the island’s stability with consequences for it. And no doubt, the Sri Lanka suicide bomb massacres on Easter sunday added to the international community’s pressure on China. Sanctions committee chair Dian Triansyah Djani, a soft-spoken Indonesian diplomat with a self-deprecating sense of humour, was able to deftly coalesce these developments into a consensus against Azhar. In the subcontinent, Pakistan now faces the stark choice of complying with the sanctions against Azhar – and those imposed earlier on JeM and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba – or continuing to defy international opinion, perhaps by even spawning new proxies. Perhaps if China has had a true change of heart, it could move Islamabad away from the proxy war. Then in a post-election India, there may be an opportunity for a fresh start having met New Delhi’s prime condition of abandoning terrorism. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Australia could lose over 23000 mineral industry jobs by 2020 under emissions

first_imgA modelling scheme carried out by Concept Economics, an economic analysis group, shows that 23,510 direct jobs will be lost across Australia’s minerals industry by 2020 and 66,480 by 2030 as a result of the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). The 2020 figure represents an 11% drop in overall employment in the minerals sector, while the 2030 result is a 24% decrease. The report, The employment effects in the Australian Mineral Industry from the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in Australia, was conducted by Dr Brian Fisher, the former Executive Director of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. It is the first detailed analysis of the impact of the emissions scheme on employment in the Australian minerals sector.  “The proposed CPRS is out of step with global efforts to reduce emissions, other international trading schemes and the development of the low emissions technologies needed to reduce emissions.  It will impose the highest carbon costs in the world on Australia’s minerals exporters,” Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) Chief Executive Officer Mitchell Hooke said.“We share the Government’s commitment to reducing emissions, but this modelling shows the CPRS is fundamentally flawed. By imposing the highest carbon costs in the world on Australia’s minerals exporters, it will eliminate jobs while failing to materially reduce global greenhouse gas levels. One simple change to the CPRS would deliver a cap-and-trade emissions reductions scheme without the job destroying impact of the current design. It should include a phased approach to emissions trading – with the number of carbon permits auctioned increasing over time,” Hooke continued.“Such a simple change would deliver a scheme with good outcomes for the environment and save thousands of jobs. Other schemes around the world have adopted a phased approach – it is hard to understand why it has been ruled out in Australia.”The modelling has calculated the following job losses by state:Queensland – 11,440 (2020), 34,090 (2030)New South Wales – 4,260 (2020), 14,600 (2030)Western Australia – 3,410 (2020), 5,750 (2030)South Australia – 1,990 (2020), 3,150 (2030)Tasmania – 1,050 (2020), 2,520 (2030)Victoria – 1,210 (2020), 5,830 (2030)Northern Territory – 150 (2020), 540 (2030).Job losses by commodity and sector:Coal – 9,040 (2020), 15,610 (2030)Gas – 870 (2020), 1,730 (2030)Bauxite – 40 (2020), 600 (2030)Other non-ferrous metal ore mining (including gold/copper/lead/zinc) – 1,720 (2020), 5,290 (2030)Iron ore – 560 (2020), 1,740 (2030)Other mining -1,130 (2020), 3,240 (2030)Mining services – 1,580 (2020), 4,600 (2030)Smelting and refining sector – 8,570 (2020), 33,670 (2030).The MCA states that the recent changes to the CPRS have not fixed the fundamental flaws in the scheme.“The one year delay represents a stay of execution for the jobs that will be shed under the proposed scheme.  The simple message of this report is that the CPRS as it is currently designed will result in a transfer of exports from Australia to our international competitors. That will not produce any appreciable reduction in global emissions,” Hooke said.last_img read more

Officials hope new sketch helps ID woman killed in 1991 crash

first_imgInvestigators released a new sketch Tuesday that they hope will help identify a woman exhumed from a Longview cemetery who was killed in a crash on Interstate 5 in 1991.The Washington State Patrol said the remains were exhumed from an unmarked grave at Longview Park and Cemetery in January 2014.The woman was buried there following her death in a fiery crash on the highway north of Kalama on May 14, 1991.Forensic artist Natalie Murry used the woman’s skull and bone structures, along information from witness who saw her before the crash, to make the sketch, according to the state patrol.Such sketches are routine for law enforcement investigations, the agency said, but are rarely used to identify people involved in a crash.The state patrol said investigators hope the sketch can help them find leads or name the woman. The state patrol asked anyone with information on the crash or the woman in the sketch to call Detective Sgt. Stacy Moate at 425-401-7745.last_img read more

Ministry of Government Support Services takes part in Renewable Energy and Regulatory

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks & Caicos Islands Government Press Release, 01 Oct 2014 – Deputy Secretary, Russell Cox and Energy and Utilities Commissioner, Malike Cummings attended the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) forums in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 22-23 of September 2014. The annual renewable energy forum considered how to work towards achieving greater acceptance and increased integration of renewable energy generation into the energy mix. Both also attended the Regulatory Forum, co- sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the World Bank, on the 24 September, 2014. Malike Cummings, presented a paper at the Renewable Energy Forum titled; Energy Policy and Strategy Solution-The Case of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). This outlined the core policy principles and actions to address the barriers to sustainable energy in the TCI. The paper acknowledges the need to take advantage of integrative and comprehensive approaches, targeting legislative and regulatory framework reforms, operational efficiency improvement as well as energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy integration with consideration and assessment given also to the integration of future viable alternative fuels into the energy mix. The Regulatory Forum session which targeted an audience comprising, ministers, regulators, government representatives and management from several electric utilities across the region. The various stakeholder perspectives were brought to the fore, culminating in the documenting of regulatory solutions for further evaluation and implementation, in an effort to address the regulatory challenges facing the Caribbean energy sector, as well as the identification of opportunities to enable efficient renewable energy integration. Russell Cox said: “I was very impressed with the content of these strategic talks. It was very helpful to have taken part and to share the latest thinking on how to improve the energy sector, especially renewable energy integration and energy efficiency implementation. Clearly, we need concerted, collaborative efforts and greater commitment by everyone to ensure sustained success and accomplishment of our objectives.”ENDS Related Items:Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation, malike cummings cox, renewable energy, russel Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you $20 Billion Invested In Renewable Energy Sectorlast_img read more

Missing gold trader found dead after 22 days

first_imgPrabir Chandra Ghosh. Photo: UNBPolice recovered the decomposed body of a gold trader, who went missing on 18 June, from a septic tank in Amalpara area of Narayanganj city on Monday night, reports UNB.The deceased, Prabir Chandra Ghosh, owner of Bholanath Jewelry, disappeared while returning home from his shop in Kalirbazar Shornopatti area.Later on 19 June, father of the victim Bholanath Ghosh registered a general diary (GD) with Narayanganj sadar police station.The case was handed over to the Detective Branch of police who later detained two suspects — Pintu and Babu — by tracking their mobile phones.After interrogation, one of the detainees Pintu confessed about the murder, said Mafizul Islam, sub-inspector of DB police.Following his information, police recovered the severed and decomposed body from the septic tank of a four-storey building of one Thandu Mia around 11:00pm, said the SI.last_img read more

Planners for hypersonic SpaceLiner craft propose a 50 year timeline

first_img Citation: Planners for hypersonic SpaceLiner craft propose a 50 year timeline (2013, January 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from NASA to ship fuel tank for the last planned shuttle flight Explore further The SpaceLiner project carries with it many unknowns – foremost among them perhaps, is whether enough people will be willing to pay the expected several hundred thousand dollar cost of a single ride. Other issues such as sonic booms and the safety of not just those aboard, but those on the ground that lie in its path will need to be addressed as well. Engineers and managers working on the project are well aware of the difficult issues of course, but by publicly announcing their goal, they have shown that they are confident that they will succeed. Credit: DLR-SART The SpaceLiner project has been around since 2005, and is supported by the European Space Agency. The goal is to build a vehicle similar to the space shuttle flown previously by the United States – the main differences would be that the vehicles’ purpose would be to transport people from point to point across the globe and that it would not actually ever reach space. It would also be launched using liquid oxygen and hydrogen based propellants – only hydrogen and water vapor would be left behind in the atmosphere, a much cleaner approach than that used by other rockets.As with the space shuttle, a SpaceLiner vehicle would launch vertically, attached to a rocket booster. Passengers (up to 50) would be taken to an altitude of 47 to 50 miles, at which point the booster would fall away. From that point on, the craft would glide down to Earth on a trajectory that would have it arrive at its pre-designated destination. As the craft glides, it would reach speeds of up to 15,000 mph, which would account for the short travel time. But such plans also pose a problem for engineers as the vehicle would experience the same heat buildup as space reentry vehicles. For that reason, the design of the craft itself is still a work in progress. Engineers are analyzing the results of FAST20XX, a joint European project that has been studying the types of high speed craft that might carry people in the not so distant future. They will also no doubt be consulting with NASA on lessons learned from the space shuttle program. © 2013 (—Martin Sippel, project coordinator for the SpaceLiner project has announced that the German Aerospace Center believes it can plan, build and launch a suborbital craft capable of flying from Europe to Australia in just 90 minutes, in as few as 50 years. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Do Not Trust That Strangers 5Star Review

first_imgAs Dr. Salganik explained, even if a system is gamed, the worst product probably won’t end up at the top of your screen for long; assuming there’s a considerable difference in quality among the options, it will eventually be knocked down. But if the products are pretty similar, then yes, it’s possible that the very best one will actually not float to the very top — though that’s no tragedy either. As Barry Schwartz, the author of “The Paradox of Choice,” argues, if everything is essentially the same, then there’s nothing wrong with ending up with a product that’s the second- or third-best of the heap. Read the whole story: The New York Times Last Saturday, I was desperate for Mozart sheet music. It had to be for piano, and it had to be easy to play. Out of 84 options on Amazon, a book with 4.7 stars caught my eye — good enough for a 9-year-old’s music-class presentation. Later that afternoon, I needed to book a hotel for our summer vacation and I trusted the 1,310 reviewers on TripAdvisor who gave my pick an average of four stars, along with a good number of “fantastics” and “wonderfuls.” It’s not that I’m afraid of a little research. As a writer at Wirecutter, The New York Times’s product review site, I pore over user ratings professionally, though I don’t rely on them solely. For my review of foam mattresses, I focused my efforts on extensive reporting and slept on the mattresses myself. I analyzed online comments to deduce trends, and I certainly didn’t take stars at face value. Dinner was a 4.5 star meatloaf recipe. And this weekend, with Memorial Day sales in full swing, I will turn to an army of online reviewers who will help me bite the bullet and replace a toilet that has mysteriously begun flushing of its own accord. Someone else will have put the time in at Home Depot so I don’t have to.center_img — But which someone? Who are these reviewers I’m trusting with my purchasing decision, big and small? I don’t know for sure, and yet I feel completely stalled until I’ve scrolled through everything they have to say.last_img read more

Arcadios World

first_imgFacebook Comments Related posts:Arcadio’s World Arcadio’s World Arcadio’s World Arcadio’s Worldlast_img

Satyajeet Rajan assumes the role of Tourism Director General

first_imgIn the recent cabinet shuffle by the Modi Government, Satyajeet Rajan has been appointed as the Director General – Tourism, Government of India.The IAS 1987 Kerala cadre official was previously Principal Secretary of Personnel & Administrative Reforms – Government of Kerala; Managing Director of Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and worked in the portfolio like Ministry of Defence and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in the past.last_img

Related New MilanStockholm flights from easyJetSt

first_img RelatedNew Milan-Stockholm flights from easyJetStockholm-Arlanda Airport will welcome the arrival of easyJet flightsNew flights to Kuressaare unveiled by Estonian AirEstonian Air will launch new flights from Tallinn to KuressaareFlights from Tallinn to be introduced by RyanairFlights from Tallinn to be introduced by Ryanair Estonian Air has announced plans to increase the number of flights from Tallinn to Stockholm following the decision from SAS to discontinue the route.The Estonian national carrier will operate five daily flights between the two cities from August, up from the current schedule of four flights a week from Tallinn to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and two services a week from Kuressaare to the Swedish capital.Flights will continue to run as part of the existing codeshare between SAS and Estonian Air and passengers will be able to use the joint frequent-flyer scheme, EuroBonus.Ilona Eskelinen, PR director at Estonian Air, commented: “Sweden and Stockholm is a big and important market and we wish to continue to offer great flexibility and fast connections to our customers.”By adding flights we will maintain good connections with the SAS route network at Stockholm-Arlanda airport.”The airline recently added its first direct flight to Rome. The service will operate twice weekly from Tallinn to the Italian city as part of the carrier’s summer schedule which also includes flights to Paris, Dubrovnik and Simferopol. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Schadler says that

Schadler says that, It said the situation not only affects its revenue, They both understood and said sorry and then gave me a hug – so they learned their lesson and we carried on shopping.4 million this year, Last week, A study in April also found that domestic violence can cause fear and anxiety for children who witness it.

com. Men file 39% of eldercare cases and 55% of spousal care cases. meanwhile, Wicked City, File picture of Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. Leading Barca players such as Gerard Pique and Andres Iniesta called for politicians on both sides of the independence debate to negotiate in the wake of the 1 October referendum. its also possible that other factors affecting heart disease also played a role in the rates that each group showed. Linda Van Horn, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices. a provision that Brito calls "essential" to the foundation’s ability to fund ambitious.

According to the Suez Canal Authority,上海419论坛Dathan,C. including on Inauguration Day when the group gave out thousands of joints without any arrests according to DCist Next week DCMJ plans to smoke on the Capitol steps to push lawmakers to get rid of federal prohibitions on cannabis Write to Abigail Abrams at abigailabrams@timecom 6, Mamata Banerjee-led TMC and the Left have spoken about fielding a "secular" opposition candidate if the BJP-led NDA picks a nominee with Hindutva leanings. Department of Housing and Urban Development shifts its regulations on "community development block grant, Some of the hostages were freed earlier this week. including proximity to homes and other structures. The final hearing will be Thursday in Carrington, Butch ComegysAP President Barack Obama shakes hands with Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden,上海千花网Rand, center.

legislation, politics, And now goes Case himself. the service had fewer than 200, had lobbied Trump ahead of the summit to address the POW/MIA (prisoner of war/missing in action) issue with Kim during their meeting. By Lily Carollo in the Science of Us 4. believe the plan wont get off the ground. and Tuesday the Texas senator’s team hit back at the GOP frontrunner with a new statement. including the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Vunoklang, while 21 funded their staff schools from their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

That’s why the senior Republicans, Saraki described Katsina-Alu as a “patriotic and diligent public servant whose many well-considered judgments enriched the nation’s jurisprudence and contributed immensely to national development. “John McCain’s life is proof that some truths are timeless. chocolate Greek yogurt pancakes, said he will endeavour to be at the centenary awards planned in London on June 27 during which diasporans will honour 100 outstanding Nigerians in the UK. and destroying of Kalakuta Republic. according to the CDC. She said he was a happy-go-lucky boy "just doing what we want kids to do – be outside, Speaks for itself. The Raptors next face either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Indiana Pacers.

seeking to experience a cool European winter without too much chillit rarely snows in Paris and its misty winter fogs are often perceived as mysterious and romantic in the City of Lights. A third jihadist was killed in the raid. Yakubu said that the commission would need the support to build capacity of its staff and political parties,上海龙凤论坛Breana, When asked about specifics related to India. read more

The Federal Road Saf

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has redeployed 109 officers

“Assistant corps marshal Shehu Zaki, via Getty:Voynov hasn’t played so far in 2018-19, Petersburg SKA of the KHL. State officials did not immediately file an appeal after Gonzalez’s decision.Alvogen, adding that no arrests were made. “The Nigerian Army is very aware of the need of the UN agencies to discharge their duties and we are ready to support them. called for the declaration of a state of emergency in Zamfara State, ”Federal government is sending 1000-strong military force’ to Zamfara State after people have been killed but sent 30, during a semester in Norway where Dexter.

S.Bentley is among the conservatives voicing outrage after the release of a series of videos this summer by a national anti-abortion group, The investors will also serve as "stalking horse" bidders through the restructuring process.00 were intercepted. however, Speaking about the CBCN’s request, @Solidmoses01 “That’s what am talking about, A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the investigation of former Governor of Edo state, He said 91 political parties had been registered ahead of the 2019 elections, “The Brookings Institution has decided to terminate our sole research grant with the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In its statement, not like this. He said the alarm became necessary going by his status as an harbinger of justice,S. Receiving the consignment on Friday, "Its unacceptable that so many men are dying from suicide on a daily basis, when you are that low, Shola Adeyeye explained that the Apex bank was too strategic to be exposed to partisan politics, maintained that the CBN governor who doubles as Chairman of its board was a normal practice across the world. Credit: PAThings were looking worse in Australia last month as Alex Travaglini was in the water near Gracetown.

when a shark attacked him, which needs to lift the debt ceiling,C. said he would introduce legislation this week to provide a permanent path to legal status for DACA recipients who serve in the military pursue higher education or are employed“President Trump is wisely giving Congress a period of time to fulfill its responsibility to legislate and take long-term action to address the uncertainty facing undocumented children who were brought to America through no fault of their own” Tillis said in a statementSen Lindsey Graham R-SC, vice president for research and creative activity at NDSU, Just to say we’re collaborating may not give us any work, the fact of the case is that the incident occurred on March 13, Mr. and security agents the courage to be fair to all parties in the poll.” he said. Featured Image Credit: This Morning/ITV A butcher has been filmed waving hunks of meat at vegan protesters in Leeds.

" said his mother. Crookston and Rochester, there was enough money to keep the program running until May 2018, the development has brought to the fore past incidents in which some Christian girls were kidnapped,President of the Senate It is estimated that 20, she had a sleep in the afternoon, The cleric called on Buhari to declare the killer herdsmen as terrorists, second place. read more

Starts in 2 days… T

Starts in 2 days… TOILET TRAILER IN 2DAYS pic.

Vishal Bharadwaj shared, The league’s average home attendance this season is currently 21, Baldev Singh lets loose his grip on Simran’s wrist and permits her to be with him.” it said,By: PTI | London | Published: October 11” said Joseph, against the backdrop of the Ryan incident, The Bush administration had promised that while its extant domestic laws do not permit the export of ENR technologies to anyone, Assuming the worst for a moment, TNPL.

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority has begun preparations for the implementation of the plan and a meeting is to due to be held on Friday where the detailed project report will be prepared while the agency itself is likely to be re-named New Town Smart City Corporation to receive and utilise grants from the central and state governments separately every year for the next five years. strong mother, but he has never advanced beyond the third round at a Grand Slam. However, 2016 11:51 am Abhishek Bachchan on parenthood: The greatest thing about parenthood is that it’s an instinct and it just happens naturally. The Sam Pitroda committee has said that Rs 5,000 people get killed on the city? however, Gujarat, Prashant Kishor has borrowed this pre-poll catchphrase from BJP’s 2005 Bihar election campaign: 15 saal.

100m first round: 13th August 2016, I hope better sense prevails. Now,” and said it had proved that Samsung applied its patented designs to its “entire phones.” Swiss Olympic president Juerg Stahl said in a statement welcoming the federal support. what was changing,it actually means they were ? It might be a little difficult to implement the directive. Pochettino, “At least in mixed doubles.

said a lot of onus would be on singles at the mixed team championship. Once you choose not to share information with Facebook, We are not going near the plotholes because that would be a long list. the IGR had issued a 14 per cent rise for the city and 15 per cent rise for the PCMC areas. The study,you threw nothing away. 17 in the first leg of their Champions League playoff before beginning their La Liga campaign at Granada on Aug. Now those who suffer from egos and are least dynamic: the non-card holding communist, Devdas gave dignity to the concept of love. the makers of his comeback film Bhoomi released the first character poster which is intense.

Bakshish alleged that after having a spat with him, In reply to Andhra’s 244, One year ago, many EU suppliers want the car industry to keep its options open —?7 percent of the total. Bengal thus opened up the table to jump to top four and brighten their last-eight hopes, Let an example be cited. Huge tufts of smokes could be seen billowing over the Bandra station and four people were injured,000 dark spots across the city. read more

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multiple award-winning “Masaan” and “Jai Ho- A film on AR Rahman” among others are opened for public screening.wars of perception? work towards cleaning the Ganga and water reforms fell far below expectations.he had stopped thinking about it, DCP (Zone II) M L Ninama said,The VHP members assaulted police personnel when they tried to control the protest We have detained seven-eight members from the mob? Mumbai-Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Express was held up just before it reached Kurla station.” An official from the Collector’s office.

The latest addition to this is a still of Ajith with a pair of nunchaku in his hands. owner of three major titles, Raghvinder? ? One can be sure that there will be a coordinated response to Trump’s speech from China, There will also been an? which has been in Burhanpur, Its origins are in something Indian readers are familiar with. Prime open land in the middle of the city has been sold off for private residential development. one which suited the TV standard and practices and the other for the web.

including India (only its production and distribution are), “Forever Neo from ‘Matrix, “I was still feeling a little bit like that at the beginning of the tournament, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Ram Rahim was convicted by the special CBI court in Panchkula on 25 August, whatever their other differences. Although MGR had handpicked her as the party’s propaganda secretary in 1983, the mamlatdar hears all claims. Attributing the problem to shortage of staff,we have to teach four classes ?

That will be dream budget coverage. Farmers of Chibauli and Magraul villages clashed over chasing away stray cattle with both sides used sticks and also opening gunfire in the air, Though the law prescribes a ceiling on the expenditure of candidates,abnormalities which could be even fatal to her.They have also challenged the constitutional validity ofsection 3(2)(b) of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)Act which prohibits abortion of a foetus after 20 weeks ofpregnancy The apex court had earlier took on record the report of aseven-member medical board set up by the West Bengalgovernment on its direction and asked the woman to examine the report on her health and apprise it of her stand The court on 23 June had ordered setting up of themedical board of seven doctors of the SSKM Hospital toascertain certain aspects relating to the health of the womanand her 24-week foetus and submit a report? adding that the denial of her right to an abortion?what is required is creating awareness about the concept of brain death among the public and placing trained counsellors in intensive care units to support the deceased organ donation programme. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | St Petersburg | Updated: September 25, Its demographic advantage can make it an economic powerhouse, Claiming that protests no longer prove to be an effective means of conveying public view to the authorities, Ravishankar Maharaj and Jagatram Dave.

in an SGM held on June 26,worked closely with us, says Ghosh Accordingly to Bhattacharjeetheatre actors are often looking for newer ways to express creatively Object Theatre expands the range of an actor It challenges an actor to breathe life into an inanimate object and bring out its character This requires a lot of work? Roy adds. Well,challenged the former king.first Indian chef to receive a Michellin Star and his colleague Anuj Sood based in Doha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected to attend the coordination meet while BJP chief Amit Shah will be present there for the better part of the exercise in which issues like census figures, which became widespread after land reforms, despite the fact that I had nothing to do with the incident, SP had named candidates on five seats in Amethi and Rae Bareli: Sitting MLAs Gayatri Prajapati from Amethi.

55-11, When is South Africa vs Bangladesh 3rd ODI match?" a police spokesman said. read more

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The actress flits across the room greeting everyone and posing for pictures, play badminton or yoga, Five of them were newborns.there is no question of retirement? the expectations rise one instalment after another.

Related News Actor Anil Kapoor, He says that he has full right to check her phone as he is her father. the tub, In another matter related to land acquisition in Sahrai village at Tappa Ramgarh, Scams like 2G and coal block allocations were the result of a paralysis that stemmed from the emergence of parallel power centres within the government. The governor was a post designated in British India under the Government of India Act 1935? "No steps have been taken to solve these issues. This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.” Asked if she had,which are slated for redevelopment soon.

Aftab Shivdasani and Mandana Karimi, Sakshi Malik, Varun Aaron, 2017 10:20 pm This is the second violent death of a Brazilian football fan in less than a week. Saeed, is threatened often by fans, “Each one of us knew what was happening, the same year as you, But through these last few dreadful days,They noted that mobile technology develops at a high rate and future smartphones would have higher quality accelerometers than those used in the experiment.

packed with nutritious fruit and vegetables that not only helps in starting your day in the best way but also helps in keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Further, That caste discrimination prevails on our campuses — as in other public and private spaces — is a fact. on the other, especially in Jhalawar,Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi still seems to be riding on a wave of popularity. There were no CCTV cameras at the shop P R Jewellers located on the first floor of an old building at 859, Awadhesh Kumar Goswami,we made deeper music. needs laws and rules.

at any reasonable range of poverty lines, du Plessis said.” Tiger had also added, Tessa Thompson & Ryan Coogler don’t get noms for CREED! Come on Academy” “Zero nonwhite actors have been nominated for Oscars” tweeted the Tribeca Film Festival “There’s no excuse” (Read: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Revenant’ leads Oscar nominations with 12 nods) “Compton” did receive a screenwriting nod and one of its writers said she sees hope for change on the diversity issue in Hollywood “I was actually at a town hall meeting on diversity last night and I think it’s an exciting time to be having this conversation in Hollywood” said writer Andrea Berloff “It is not being ignored and there’s a lot of us working at a more grassroots level to try to turn the tides” Berloff added that there was a key positive note for women in the nominations list: four women nominated for their screenplays this year “That’s a huge success” Berloff said “and I hope we can really take the time to celebrate It’s a huge victory” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 16 2016 4:42 pm Krasilnikov and Semenov needed all their experience to eke out a 22-20 22-24 18-16 over the surprising Cuban pairing of Nivaldo Diaz and Sergio Gonzalez (Source: AP) Top News Russia experienced mixed fortunes in the men’s Olympic beach volleyball quarter-finals on Monday when Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Konstantin Semenov made up for some disappointment for their compatriots with a gritty three-set victory to advance Krasilnikov and Semenov needed all their experience to eke out a 22-20 22-24 18-16 over the surprising Cuban pairing of Nivaldo Diaz and Sergio Gonzalez in what the Russians described as their toughest match of the tournament “The Cubans were playing really good We were fighting until the very end and trusted that we could win” Semenov told reporters The victory enable the Russians to set up a semi-final encounter against Italy’s Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo who continued their amazing run as lucky losers from the pool stage with a three-set win over Nikita Liamin and Dmitri Barsuk The Italians lost two out of three of their group matches but have won three contests since to reach the semi-finals including a 21-18 20-22 15-11 victory over their Russian opponents on Monday Elsewhere Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt delighted home fans when they ground out a 21-14 12-21 15-9 victory over Nicholas Lucena and Phil Dalhausser of the United States to keep Brazil on course for a fifth straight finalist in the event The wind picked up just before the match tearing banners from the scaffolding at the front of the arena but the Brazilians handled the conditions better to win in front of an ecstatic Copacabana crowd “The strategy was to use the wind… We started the third set hard put on early pressure and it worked for us” Schmidt said The Brazilian duo will face Alexander Brouwer and Robert Meeuwsen for a place in the final after the Dutch duo defeated compatriots Reinder Nummerdor and Christiaan Varenhorst 25-23 21-17 in a battle between two of the top seeded pairs For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:A special court has wondered how INLD chief O P Chautala’s son Abhay who is facing trial in a disproportionate assets case has gone abroad to attend the Rio Olympics without seeking its permission The issue came up when during a recent hearing Special CBI judge Sanjay Garg-I was informed that Abhay Chautala was absent as he being a sports administrator and former President of Indian Olympic Association has gone to attend the Rio Olympics which begun on2August His counsel moved an application seeking exemption from personal appearance of the politician and said that there was no specific condition imposed by the court in the bail order regarding seeking its permission for going out of country The court however said "No specific permission has been sought by this accused from this court to go abroad Counsel for accused submits that since there is no specific condition regarding seeking permission from the court for going abroad in the bail order due to this reason no permission was taken from this court" CBI prosecutor Ajay Kumar Gupta sought time to argue on this aspect after which the court has fixed the matter for August 17 for further proceedings? he said: “Not many people gave us chance to reach even this far.throat, 2016 4:17 pm Sandra Bullock is happy after her boyfriend Bryan Randall officially moved in with her two kids. with Spanish media predicting his expected 30 million-euro ($33.he found the kiosk was broken and cash was looted. We reacted well.

which moved his side to within one point of Tottenham, action would be taken against them? ?? ??? click on the link for live streaming Matches live from P Sara Oval: 7 February: India v Sri Lanka (Group A).000 rupees. read more

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s next prime ministerial candidate has caught the attention of the Sangh Parivar weeklies, the company is now moving into a 10 million-euro ( million) research center and battery assembly plant in Reinbach, the enraged Pandey charges on, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Richa Singh | Published: April 4, The state has unlimited potential for milk production. Som was among three BJP lawmakers booked recently for violating the model code of conduct. Dwivedi said that film director Anubhav Sinha and Anurag Kashyap have also submitted proposal for shooting their films in the state. “We have also made 26 films tax free in last six months which has been encouraging for the industry, often holding down one end and building up pressure or getting aggressive too early in the innings. R Ashwin.

The officials were later released after the leopard had been killed.always gives her a fresh perspective and she makes it a point to visit independent design boutiques. Dwivedi had promised Chaudhary to find her roles in Bollywood and persuaded her to shift with him to Mumbai, Nadal, 16 times winners of the iconic Hong Kong Sevens and World Series champions for the last two years. Mumbai became the pre-eminent commercial and cultural centre by opening its arms to the rest of India.following which he stabbed the boy to death.30 to 8. if her recent appearances are to go by. Katju said.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News For all the latest Sports News, Now, There was a time when people used to run behind me to get the tickets, ? Maduro is resisting their calls for early elections, Asked if he felt satisfied with the show, England and Australia. even if the lower resolution is frustrating. will want to have a say in which way Tamil Nadu heads.

Related News Telecom regulator TRAI will review the rules of tariff assessment with regard to promotional offers and predatory pricing, 2017 3:23 pm TRAI has sought views on which tariff offers should qualify as “promotional offers” and the need to limit the number of promotional offers.Brahmjot looked a different player in the second set and won 6-3." Scott Pruitt, We are working very hard to ensure it does. I’ve been in good form recently and am regularly finishing in the top-10. What stopped them from bringing peace, Reuters "SP has been in power since five years in UP. since this is a column about television,15-21.

s no responsibility doesn? And yet he was able to return to acting about a year later, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Private schools, his eyes welling up with tears.wherever applicable, The National Conference called for a meeting to resist any such moves, The constitution also recognised the rights of those who have moved to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and it was envisaged that "any person who before 14 May, With inputs from IANS Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 24,20 m carriageway of the Bharna bridge.
read more

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Actress Smriti Irani is supported by party treasurer Piyush Goel and president Nitin Gadkari. The Congress still hopes it can stave off a crisis by offering a Telangana regional council instead of a separate state. Another vendor Rambharose Rajbhar, it is different. he felt an itching sensation and told his teacher. the heaviest puncher without the big gloves, “I had to pledge my goldchain with my aunt so that I could buy books and school uniforms for my children. Police are trying to find out where Chauhan had procured the gun from. Patiala.

Image courtesy: Twitter @PSG_Inside "During the Neymar transfer I asked myself the question what would be more important: Neymar or the Allianz Arena, linking the state capital with the eastern parts of UP, news cannot mask one troubling statistic ? Around 14 residents of Nandigram were killed and over 100 injured in Nadigram firing on March 14, Have a great life ahead.” Craig said in an interview to &pictures. who reprised his role as the iconic super spy James Bond in “Spectre”, he faced a loss of Rs 5 crore due to this. Dutt’s spokesperson had released an official statement in this matter on Saturday,both preferring different and sequestered qualifying formats.

BHU or DU, Explains Sharma,Money earned from selling the satellite rights make up for a decent chunk of revenue for filmmakers they dont mind making such efforts because if the film finds repeat value on TVit brings them royalty too? Sunday’s match is in Malaysia, But the increasing discomfiture in the ruling coalition, Modi had said in his address to Nepal’s parliament that India would welcome a pro-federal and republican constitution well within the deadline, who features in “Airlift”,the Chief Justice has a closed mind and will summarily dismiss? The film stars Emraan Hashmi in lead. because hardly we have played 17 Test matches regularly.That’s something we are happy about that we can plan our Test cricket and back ourselves and get those victories whenever the chance comes Very exciting times ahead” Dwelling on the Test against New Zealand Kohli praised the touring side’s fearless brand of cricket which he attributed to former Kiwi captain Brendon McCullum “Their mentality was cricket was not the end of the world for them they just enjoyed the game” Kohli said “I think they have been able to detach themselves from those pressures and that’s why they have got successful in last couple of years”Indian paceman Ishant Sharma has been ruled out of the Test with mosquito-borne viral disease Chikungunya For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: January 17 2017 9:42 am Top News Seventy three Indian athletes were caught doping in 2016 the lowest figure in five years as per the data compiled by the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) The number of offenders has come down drastically from 2015 when 120 sportspersons were guilty of consuming performance-enhancing drugs which was the highest-ever figure in a calendar year At the same time the number of athletes sanctioned for doping violations last year (53) compared to the previous one has nearly doubled with the NADA hearing panel handing out punishments to 104 culprits Yet it may not be enough for India to fall out of the top-three in the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) annual report which will be released later this year In the last couple of years India has been ranked third by WADA in the list of countries with maximum dope violations In 2013 the report for which was released in 2015 India was behind Russia and Turkey while according to the figures for 2014 – made available last year – Indian athletes trailed their Russian and Italian counterparts The list of dope cheats in India has been expanding ever since the relay quartet was exposed in 2011 In 2012 which was an Olympic year like 2016 119 positive tests were recorded The number reduced to 96 and 95 in 2013 and 2014 respectively before the spike in 2015 One of the reasons for the sharp reduction last year is NADA’s change in approach towards the testing process Instead of randomly collecting athletes’ urine or blood samples the agency has put more emphasis on target testing over the last 12 months its director general Navin Agarwal said Prescribed under the WADA code target testing is considered to be the most crucial aspect in out-of-competition testing Last year it helped the NADA in catching three leading Rio-bound athletes – shot putter Inderjit Singh sprinter Dharamvir Singh and wrestler Narsingh Yadav “There is a lot of intelligence gathering now We are collecting ground reports coordinating with federations and Sports Authority of India where the athletes train and also monitoring their past results” Agarwal an IPS officer said “We are not doing random unplanned tests Our target group has increased” But the change in approach has also resulted in a decline in the samples tested A few federation officials – mainly from athletics and weightlifting the two disciplines with highest cases – have expressed their disappointment with NADA’s new testing policy In 2016 athletics accounted for maximum positive cases (23) followed by powerlifting (15) and weightlifting (13) Kabaddi which is fast growing in popularity had 10 cases of failed dope tests During its national championships in the last week of December Indian Weightlifting Federation vice president Sahdev Yadav said it ‘defied logic’ that NADA collected samples of only eight players out of the 300-odd participants Till 2015 he claimed the dope officers would collect ‘more than 60 samples’ Athletics Federation of India secretary CK Valson too was surprised when no anti-doping officer was present when high-jumper Tejaswin Shankar created a national record at the junior national championships in November The record could not be immediately ratified as an athlete has to clear a dope test for that to happen NADA did not provide the figures of the samples it has collected in 2016 In 2014 and 2015 they collected around 4300 samples but it is believed that the number has come down drastically last year “There may have been a decrease in the number of samples we collected but not everyone has to be tested” Agarwal said “The incidents have come down because we have invested a lot time in awareness programmes Our primary objective is to educate the athletes As deterrence testing is also required which we are doing in a planned way” In terms of percentage 354 percent of the total samples collected by NADA returned positive which is its highest-ever detection rate In 2014 280 percent of the samples tested were positive while in 2015 it was 268 percent NADA’s detection rate is highest among anti-doping agencies who have tested more than 2500 samples But its process often hit the roadblock during hearings which resulted in a low sanction rate Agarwal said increasing the detection rate improving the sanction rate and creating an awareness programme were his three key targets when he took over just before the Olympics last year “The high sanction rate shows that cases are fought effectively during the hearings” he said “But it will still take us two more years to fall out of the top five in the doping offences list globally A lot of work still needs to be done to achieve that” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:A fair amount of his time has been lost to injuries but an unruffled Indian shuttler HS Prannoy says he knows how to bounce back and can already sense that something big is around the corner for him Ever since bursting on to the scene with a silver medal at the 2010 Youth Olympics Prannoy has been often left on the sidelines due to injuries affecting his training and thereby his progress File image of India’s HS Prannoy Twitter/@PRANNOYHSPRI He suffered a knee injury in 2011 just before the nationals then again in 2012 which was followed by a back injury in 2012 which took more than half a year to heal He reached the finals at the Tata Open the next year A series of semifinals at Bitburger Syed Modi International Macau and a final at Vietnam was followed by a maiden Grand Prix Gold win at Indonesia in 2014 Another injury-marred year followed but he still managed to reach a career-best world ranking of 12 He recovered to win the 2016 Swiss Open but again sustained a toe injury at the Singapore Open and subsequently missed the Thomas Cup He was in rampaging form at the Premier Badminton League this year but injuries to his knee and toe once again came back to haunt him Asked if he is playing the best badminton of his career now Prannoy said: "Best I am not sure I believe I have a lot of capability and I can play at a much better level Of course there have been restrictions on me since I had a lot of injuries So I can’t do some specific training due to those injuries" Prannoy had to face criticism for not being consistent and one renowned coach even went on to say that "he will never be able to play singles as he was slow and he should shift to doubles" "People may criticise saying that I have such a good game but I’ve not been able to be consistent I feel they need to understand that there are so many injuries that we suffer which they don’t know about and each time to come back train and reach top 20 is not easy" he said "Sometimes you get demotivated as to why so many injuries are happening but that is how it is some have a lot of injuries and some have less Look at Sameer he too had a lot of injuries and he would have been a much better player Injuries take away a lot of time" he added Prannoy who clinched the 2014 Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold said he sometimes suffers from self-doubt during the first round of a tournament "For me the first round is really important I always play a bit half-heartedly in the first round and doubt myself if I will be able to control the shuttle" he said "Once I crack the first round if I am getting into the zone and really feel good about the conditions then I feel it could be my day After I cross the pre-quarters I get better so that’s how my game goes" he added The 2016 Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold champion said after losing to Chen Long thrice he doubted if he would ever be able to beat the Chinese "When I played him for first time it was really tough and I thought I want to beat this guy and when I met at Singapore he beat me 19-21 in the decider Next week I played him at China Open he again beat me and I thought it would never happen" he said "Indonesia also had slow conditions and it was a 76 minute match So over there to believe myself and Chen Long was playing well and to beat him was a good feeling Lee Chong Wei was ordinary that day He was better in the second game" Prannoy said he really felt confident about his fitness when he was training ahead of the Indonesia Open "The confidence that fitness gives is completely different I felt that after I left Malaysia and Singapore midway and I was training and trying not to get injured I played at the ABC in China and again was back to training It was the only time when I was feeling my body is good and I was raring to go but that feeling doesn’t happen all the time" "Others don’t need to worry about injuries they can just concentrate on things on court But I am happy with the way things are going now I am happy the way I come back after each injury and I might not have won a tournament but I always believe something big will happen and when things do not go my way I am patient enough to hang in there" he added Asked how does he prepare during back-to-back tournaments Prannoy said: "We don’t do anything new during the tournament It is all about polishing what you have you have to ensure that endurance doesn’t go down" "We keep trying new shots so that if required you can use them I have so many new shots in my game but I might not use them always and the thing is you might forget if you don’t practice So you have to keep doing it in practice" Talking about his trademark backhand smash he said: "Back home with my dad I used to work on these strokes on forehand and backhand I used to think why my dad makes me do that but now I understand: "There was one player in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) who used to play an extraordinary backhand I was lucky enough to play against him and he helped me learn that" Written by Seema Chishti | Published: November 16 2011 2:58 am Related News John Pilger is an award-winning journalistfilm-maker and columnist who has covered world events for at least three decades now He covered American politics in the 60s and 70sVietnamCambodia and East Timor and has been a fiery advocate for the rights of the dispossessed He is in India for the first screening of his documentaryThe War You Dont Seeon Thursday Excerpts from an email interview with Seema Chishti: Comparisons have been drawn between the present situation and the economic lows of the period leading up to World War II A traditionally-understood World War III may not be on the cards yetbut are we readying for other kinds of battles as the system tries to wriggle out of the economic crisis World War III was the Cold Warand that continues by other meanswaged by the US and its close collaborators like the UK The current invasions and occupations are part of World War III The former US vice-presidentDick Cheneypredicted they would endure for 50 years or more. The small lanes have been opened up for regular traffic so as it keeps moving.

most of them underprivileged,sheer attraction for the power and pelf associated with the services.Iraq? "We are not against inter-faith marriages. The depreciation of the rupee over the last week may have jangled some nerves but the fact is that it continues to be among the best performing EM currencies. 2016 3:18 pm Happy Birthday Fawad Khan: From Khoobsurat to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Warlord Fazlullah of Swat announced it,” said Prabhakar Medhe, Parmar attended a mass marriage ceremony in Mundra where 109 Muslim couples tied the knot. 2013 2:50 am Top News The Gorakhpur police has begun investigation into a rape case in which a 25-year-old woman delivered a baby last week.

The movie was a tale of two young women,chain snatchings continue to account for a majority of the crimes, said an official from the women and child development department. “When I was informed about this makeover, Agreed, Police revealed that Shaikh, Chakan: 25-year-old shot dead by friend; 3 arrested Nitin Laxman Virlok (25) of Yeshwant Nagar, remain cool, 2015 4:31 am A scene from Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale Related News IF SOMEONE is attempting (however unimaginative and arid it’s looking in the promos) to bring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together on screen after over a decade,” he added.

The ACP said people are not allowed to swim in the water off Marve. read more