Zidane: “I’m glad for Isco, he has always shown that he has personality and that it doesn’t weigh him”

first_imgZinedine Zidane appeared first in the flash interview to analyze the great Real Madrid match against Valencia. The whites imposed themselves with authority (1-3) and the white coach was satisfied although it was prudent: “It is a semifinal and we still have the final.”Message: “It is a victory. We play to win. We put all the ingredients in the game to win and it is a deserved victory, very worked and happy for the result.”Sweet Moment: “We are working well. We are emotionally good. All the players are involved. We have all the ingredients to make good matches. That is what we did against Valencia, against a rival who are very good. In the end we got it. Now we have to rest because it’s only a semifinal. “He has applauded his players: “I do not know, it has been a good game from the beginning. We have pressed very well up, the second part was much more vertical and happy because it is not easy against a very good team, who knows how to play well. We can be happy. It is a semifinal, we are in the final and now we have to rest and think about Sunday. “Half satisfied: “Therefore, happy for the game but we know what is missing.”Are the five midfielders the result of the need for injuries or a possibility for the future ?: “Yes, more for that because in the end there was Vinicius on the bench and Rodrygo, but today the option was to put Isco and Modric inside to have more travel on the sides. They are all very good. It was the option today. I could play with band players, but we did it the other way around, with more interior players and using the bands with our sides, it has worked for us, we have many resources and it has been seen with some genius: with the goal of Toni, the goal of Modric … We played a very serious game. “How much merit does Zidane have?: “I don’t know, I’m here with them. We prepare the games very well, we interpret very well. We are all together. In the end it is the players who play, they give everything on the field. Everyone. They are all involved. And that is seen “.How Mariano? “Like everyone.” Isco marked and expands the list of scorers: “It means a lot. We have had two or three important players who are out. The others when they play do well and try. The team when there are changes does not change the dynamics much. That is essential for us. It is a step forward , but there is one game left. “Later, Zidane spoke with the media in the press room.Five midfielders: “You could play with extremes, but we chose that option to have Modric and Isco inside. It was an offensive option, but the important thing was in the opposite field, to press up. We played football well, which is what we want. second part we were even more vertical. “How the team improves: “I will not explain much. It is to maintain our possession because we know that the opponent does not like to run after the opponent. This match was like that but in others it may be different. We interpret it well. I would say that even having five midfielders was not seen a lot”.Bale, will he be in the final? “I don’t know, at the moment it is not in condition. It has not been trained all week. We will see what we are going to do. We will talk to the doctors.”Jovic barely intervened. Very lonely? “My feeling is that he played a good game. He did not score, he had a chance, but he worked hard. It is not easy when you have not played for a long time, the difference in level is noticeable. He would like to have scored, but it is not the most important thing. He gave everything. He did his job. “Isco, of being almost out at a spectacular level. Merit of the coach? “Nothing, they work to be fine. The good thing is the dynamics that we are showing. Every game you have to prove it. We had to give our best version, I don’t know if it’s the best, but we can be happy about this match. Isco … I I’m glad, because he has always shown that he has personality and that it does not weigh him at all. “The greatest satisfaction is that there have been many players at a good level? “It’s hard to choose one. I’m glad for Isco’s goal, maybe he needed that. The genius of Kroos. That of Modric, that only he has … I’m glad everyone is fine. But we haven’t won anything yet. We are going to enjoy it but to prepare and the final “.last_img

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