Xining to the national entrepreneurial city

Xining City, the first comprehensive incubation base recently started construction, the west side of the University incubator base recently put into operation…… April 18th, in Xining in 2013, the work of the forum, came a group of employment and entrepreneurship news, Xining is moving to the national entrepreneurial city.

Xining 14 business incubation base and 16 entrepreneurial training base for entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial project information, entrepreneurship training, financing services, such as one-stop business services. As of the end of last year, settled in business incubator base entrepreneurial entities 1401, entrepreneurship driven employment of 8087 people, has been incubating entrepreneurial entities of the 848. read more

Xining adhere to the three priorities efforts to solve outstanding problems in social management

September 25th, the city’s comprehensive management of Social Management Committee (enlarged) conference will be held to promote the innovation of social management, deputy secretary, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Municipal Committee and the City Commission Director Su Rong stressed at the meeting, adhere to the "three priority" to solve the problems in social management. Municipal Committee, vice mayor, City Commission deputy director Zhang Yongjun in the demonstration to promote the meeting with the participants to the field to watch the city social management innovation service representative. Municipal People’s Congress deputy director Feng Lijun, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Commission deputy director Tong Dexiang attended the meeting. read more

Xining city deputy department Wang Xiao chaired a meeting of leading cadres above

The morning of November 4th, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the city’s above deputy department meeting of leading cadres, to convey the spirit of learning and Secretary Luo Huining speech at the Fifth Plenary Session of the provincial meeting of leading cadres.

Xining City Bureau of industry and Commerce East Branch concentric cast civilized flowers

to create a good style, strong ability, high quality of the cadres, is the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry east branch for many years of unremitting pursuit. Deputy director of the Xining municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of Zhao Chunyan: "the staff Bureau and signed the" civilized norms of law enforcement "guarantee, pay close attention to fair and impartial law enforcement cadres image, self-discipline style image, diligent and efficient service, clean clothing image, the image of authority, solemn civilized norms and orderly market image. Open Easy Access, improve service efficiency." Xining City, the East Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the establishment of grassroots and grass-roots organs rating assessment organ two-way evaluation mechanism and work log system, carry out the "love and dedication from the start, from the start and due diligence" education, regular handling expert experts, management experts, rights, service model and other competitions, not only improve the staff’s job skills enhance service awareness. Accepting registration window for over more than and 10 years in the business Liu Xin said: "we strive to work hard in the service attitude, my experience is that the masses to act to stand up with a smile, treat them as friends, that your attitude must go. read more

Xining Red Cross care for 140 elderly

In December 27th, the Xining Red Cross launched the "celebrate the new year, caring for the elderly, and fraternity xiadou" condolences activities. Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, union chairman, honorary vice president of the Red Cross, Wang Haihong, vice mayor of the city of Red Cross chairman Tong Wang, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Red Cross honorary vice president Zhang Ying attended the event.

Tong Wang made a speech on the day of the event, she pointed out that care for the elderly is not only the responsibility of Party committees and governments at all levels, but also the community participation has a positive significance to the lofty public welfare, is the concrete implementation of the eighteen spirit and create a harmonious city, I hope more and more social from all walks of life common concern of caring the life of old people, old people also hope to actively integrate into society, to fully enjoy the country for the elderly to enjoy various preferential policies and care, the development of the times, show the spirit of old people and colorful life. read more

Wang Changxiang was chosen as a special concern for rural teachers

September 9th, jointly sponsored by CCTV and Guangming Daily, looking for the most beautiful rural teachers large-scale public welfare activities officially announced the list of the most beautiful rural teachers. Huangzhong County, Yunnan Province, the town of long Wang Changxiang, Ma Long village primary school teachers, such as 19 rural teachers were selected as special attention to rural teachers".

is a disease, the heart is full of gratitude, let all students to school, go to school, carrying their sick products around the "alms", to improve the school, looking for help, the village of 110 households out of 75 college students, the average household has a college student. Wang Changxiang taught 38 years, suffering from stomach cancer for 22 years, but always adhere to the podium. In order to improve school conditions, more than ten years, he has been carrying his own planting soybean, potato 4000 bag, carrying a chicken, egg and other soil, to the county for enterprises to raise money, make painstaking efforts to teaching, improve the teaching environment, funding difficulties of school children. (author: Zhao Jing)
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Xining pay close attention to the standardization of the construction of Party members in rural comm

In a new round of "grassroots organization building activities in Xining City, adhere to the grassroots, laying the foundation, in accordance with the" one district characteristics "work requirements, adhere to the" six three two bar on the wall ", pay close attention to the city’s village, community party positions standardized work, strengthen the village, community party positions service members, serving the masses, social services, comprehensive service functions. read more

This spring the greening of Xining city earlier than in previous years

entered in March, Xining branch has been faintly visible green, a watering car shuttle in the streets for the street watering. Reporters learned from the Municipal Gardens Bureau, the city began a comprehensive green work, slightly earlier than in previous years.

This year,

city greening construction and maintenance management work will be further refined, this month the city garden department to carry out large-scale irrigation and tree pruning, clear pit, replanting replanting etc.. Tree pruning is one of the key tasks of spring green, garden workers of street trees, green trees, shrubs and flowers of the main hedge, pruning according to landscape requirements and specifications. Urban green space not only to green to clean, garden departments at all levels will carry out comprehensive cleaning of green environmental sanitation, clean up urban road greenbelt, square, park garden and other types of green waste, to ensure that no waste plastic bags, no litter, no dead garbage, clean green in the stool, trash, railings and other facilities. And will carry out basic service facilities maintenance work, the cover of the green space, railings, warning signs, road signs, public toilets and other basic service facilities for investigation and maintenance, so that the general public to travel more convenient and comfortable spring festival. (author: small words)
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Tangshan earthquake ride to Xining

at 10:15 on June 23rd, Xining South Street, 7 elderly armed, pedal bicycle. Their dress, attracted the eyes of passers-by. Reporters asked that they were the victims of the earthquake in Tangshan, is carrying out the Tangshan earthquake survivors of the National Thanksgiving trip".

Xu Xinmin

of the Tangshan earthquake survivors said, 39 years ago, the Tangshan earthquake, the house collapsed after the two relatives to the pressure of the brick below, is a Qinghai born soldier will save the family. This time, they organized riding activities, with a grateful heart, looking for the good soldier, and to the people of Qinghai, said thank you. read more

Public Security Bureau of the eastern city of Xining police station in conjunction with the mosque i

In order to build a harmonious society, maintain social security, to create a good living environment for the masses, in August 16th, the Muslim Lane police station in Xining housing property company jointly held a community security patrol launch ceremony

for the construction of a harmonious society, maintaining community security, for the masses to create a good living environment, in August 16th, the Islamic Lane police station in the joint housing Xining property company held a community security patrol launch ceremony. City Public Security Bureau Command Center Director Liu Wei, Muslim Lane police station Wei Shengbao, housing property company chief accountant Wang Yanhong, manager Li Xiaojin, more than 50 members of the patrol team participated in the event. read more

Wang Guosheng in the survey stressed to increase scientific and technological innovation to promote

8 1 to 2, 2009, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee in-depth Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, on the recycling economy, specialty industries, urban construction, etc.. He stressed that the General Secretary Xi "three a" major requirements into the actual work, give full play to the advantages, committed to reform and innovation, strive to work at the forefront of the province, and make greater contribution to the development of the province.

Qinghai Yangxin energy is the only scenery and energy storage industry chain development enterprises. Wang Guosheng look at the equipment, look at the process, look at the product, understand the company’s plateau wind turbine research and development reached the domestic advanced level, praised the company has a strategic vision". In Qinghai Kunlun salt industry, wangguosheng encourage enterprises to extend the chain, to promote circular development. Control company Delingha 50 MW solar tower thermal power plant in Wang Guosheng about high precision intelligent heliostat and high temperature molten salt heat storage technology performance, hope to study thermal power generation enterprises to strengthen and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements. read more

Xining tourism marketing win win cooperation in any market

In June 19th, Shaanxi Taibai Mountain Scenic Area from Xining to Qinghai publicity and promotion will be held in Xining. The reporter understands, this is our city this year the implementation of "regional tourism marketing" win-win cooperation "action" since, welcome to the fifth batch of guests, in addition to Shaanxi Taibai Mountain Scenic Area, this year, Yantai, Yunnan and other provinces of the scenic spots came to Xining to promote, in addition to a tourist city of Changzhou has been based on the way Xining. Colorful Xining natural beauty and ecological civilization, so that more and more foreign tourists visiting Xining, and many tourist city also saw Xining tourism potential, Xining as the source, in order to achieve common development through cooperation, mutual benefit and win. read more

Xining Federation of trade unions autumn student

Xining City Federation of trade unions in 2013 autumn student action day before started this year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions will invest 1 million 200 thousand yuan for student activities, plan to rescue the 400 child workers in difficulty, aid standard for undergraduate college students 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan, and strive in the aspects of raising money and helping effect to achieve the best ever level.

The main object of

this year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions "autumn student activities have five kinds: family income per capita is slightly higher than the local minimum living security line but there are family members suffering from serious illness, disability, sudden disasters and other special difficulties in guaranteeing the edge of their children; after a government bailout after life is still difficult for the children of employees in guaranteeing workers home the court; natural disasters difficult worker families; college students employment difficulty of workers in the family; the children of migrant workers in the city to go to school difficult. Xining City Federation of trade unions, the relevant responsible person said, in order to ensure "student" activities of justice, fairness and openness, their requirements of trade union organizations at all levels to fully understand and grasp the local family and children’s schooling difficulties workers thoroughly investigation work, establish and improve the education of the children of the difficulties workers file, to the recipients of the difficulties workers and their children to school publicity, strictly rescue standards and procedures, adhere to the supervision and random visit system, under the supervision of the masses, ensure that every eligible workers difficult children dropped out of school due to poverty. (author: Zhao Junjie Song Fang)
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Strengthening the cultural construction of eight petal lotus in Huangzhong County

is bigger and stronger "eight petal lotus" brand of cultural industries, promote the development of Huangzhong cultural tourism industry, increase the income of urban and rural masses, the intangible cultural heritage, promote the national folk art, Huangzhong county "eight petal lotus" R & D production display sales experience center project officially started construction in March this year, is expected to be completed by the end of.

Huangzhong county "eight petal lotus" R & D production display sales experience center, located in the town of Huangzhong County rouchard Yingbin Road, distance 5A class tourist attractions Kumbum Monastery scenic area 1 km. Covers an area of 37.6 acres, construction area of 16316.06 square meters, the total investment of $35 million 600 thousand. The center has a total of four hall four hall, including a total of two layers, one layer is mainly Huangzhong eight art exhibition area, the disabled work experience area, the two layer is the "eight petal lotus" brand product development training, electronic mall online and multi-function hall. read more

Thousands of people on the coast of Qinghai Lake

In August 2nd, jointly organized by the State Sports General Administration mountaineering management center, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau of protection and utilization of "big for fearless, boundless great beauty as the theme of the 2014 Qinghai Lake National Assembly on foot in the county of Gangcha Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province opened, from around the country thousands of hikers in the event.

"foot plateau, walking in Qinghai, has become a national Dream Tour pal. Qinghai, the land is the best place for outdoor sports, walking in between the blue sky and white clouds, desert grassland and enthralling plateau lake, the FAM is close to nature, flying mood the best place." Said Zhang Yizhi, a junior from Hebei province.  
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15 migrant workers in our province won the title of outstanding migrant workers

April 7th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that recently, the State Council held in the national outstanding migrant workers and migrant workers work advanced collective recognition of the general assembly, 981 "outstanding migrant workers" and the 100 "national migrant workers work advanced collective" by Zhang table. Su Shenghui and other 15 migrant workers in our province was awarded the honorary title of the national outstanding migrant workers, the leading group office of migrant workers in rural areas, such as the east coast of the collective work of the national migrant workers advanced collective title of the 3. read more

Huangzhong 848 poor mothers get help

in January 16th, the Spring Festival approaching, the fund Chinese women’s development, the provincial women’s Federation, the Municipal Women’s Federation, the provincial women and children development foundation in four villages of DOPA DOPA Huangzhong County town held "the music home · mother parcels to the poor mother’s New Year gift ceremony. The county’s 848 poor mothers get generous donations of caring friends worth more than $16 yuan, mother parcels". read more

ncrease the support of radio and television broadcasting in Tibetan areas

Du Dezhi Committee recommended

Beijing newspaper (correspondent Li Caiyun Xue Jun) CPPCC attended the twelve session of the four meeting of the province committee Du Dezhi, submitted to the General Assembly on the increase in Qinghai province in cable television infrastructure to support the proposal.

Du Dezhi said in the proposal, with the accelerated pace of national construction, especially the rapid development of radio and television network business, radio and television companies in the party and the state ideology and cultural fields, an important role in Tibetan security stability plays an increasingly prominent. However, from the current development status of Tibetan radio and television network, only by the Qinghai radio and television information Network Inc a force has been unable to meet the needs of the situation, can not meet the needs of the masses of Tibet on cable TV, need to relevant national ministries to increase the Tibetan cable infrastructure. read more

Chengdong District in 2011 the government work and meeting area operations for disabled people

Chengdong District 2011 disabled people work and district government
  operations Conference; May afternoon of June, East District Government in 2011 for work and district operations conference held in the meeting room 514. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work of the disabled in, the deployment of the work of the task in 2011. The district government deputy mayor Song Hongmei Ma Xuemei, director of the district government offices, District FIMITIC director Chang Lijun, director of operations for the members of the unit area, the township streets CDPF, Zhuangan, disabled full-time members of a total of more than and 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the district government office director Ma Xuemei. The meeting, District FIMITIC director Chang Lijun to the district government operations on the disabled in 2010 to carry out the work of the report, and in 2011 the work carried out the arrangements. The main operations: members of the District Civil Affairs Bureau, district human resources and Social Security Bureau, district health and Food Supervision Bureau, Yun Jia Kou Zhen did exchange conference speech in turn. The district government office director Ma Xuemei arrangements for the deployment of the twenty-first "National Day" activities; district government operations director, deputy head of the district government Song Hongmei made an important speech. Fully affirmed the work of the disabled in the region last year, at the same time, this year, disabled people speak three aspects:
is the development of the cause of the disabled to build a harmonious society, fully aware of the importance of the work of the disabled;
two is the development of the disabled is the task of the whole society, accelerating the construction of the service system (two disabled security system and service system), to promote and accelerate the development of the cause of the disabled.
three is to do a good job in the rehabilitation of the disabled ; do a good job in the construction of disabled persons; strengthen the skills training to improve the employability of the disabled, attention to the work of the disabled, providing long-term services for the disabled. Song Hongmei stressed that the area of operations for each member of the unit to implement Scientific Outlook on Development, stand in the height of building a harmonious society, fully understand the important significance of the development of the disabled, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, earnestly implement the preferential measures for government support of disabled persons, protect their lawful rights and interests, to help people with disabilities to solve life, work and family the difficulty to increase publicity; focus highlights the disabled career, a new breakthrough in the culture, typical propaganda typical aspects; the majority of people with disabilities will continue to carry forward the self-improvement, indomitable spirit, strengthen learning, improve the quality, achieve the "Shen Canzhi no residue", realize the value of your life with excellent results.At the end of the read more

Cool Xining a new member of the cool city of the world

  2013, cool and pleasant in Xining in the average temperature of 16.9 degrees in July and August, boarded the world’s best summer city list.

in 2014, xiadou Xining foreign unified translation by Summer resort all the specification is simple, catchy cool city, as the embodiment of "world famous cool city".

is such a coincidence, Xining city by the invitation to attend the 2014 Green Fair – Summer International Forum cool city international forum "the dean of the Renmin University of China School of journalism Zhao Qizheng, with" three Cool meaning "to explain the meaning of this cool Xining City," cool "," cool "" well, "he used the" cool "the English pronunciation of" cool "adjective" xiadou "is" cool "in Xining. read more