A CMS content management system that ranked good results

During that time,

has written a blog about the optimization of friends in the online chat, when she gave me a recent ranking of their learning Japanese website, then a look, pay attention to the background is to apply a website background. I do not know, after a period of time, as for how long did not remember, I have a site friend, let me see a recent site with him to do the relevant industry B2B site, is a new station. My friend saw this new station ranking more than his heart to build the old station, I was annoyed. At that time also went to the station, also found that some parts of the station with a system structure seems to feel very familiar, trying to remember the last time is optimized for me to see her friends website backstage system. So he went to know this is a CMS system together, gave me the feeling that this ranking is an advantage for CMS. read more

How to choose a good blog host related to the survival of the site

is a good choice of host, this blog is very important, if the blog often due to host relationship, which led to the visit, not only visitors, I think you have lost their confidence to write blog. The following five steps for choosing a host from an American host detective might help you select a good blogger:

The reliability of the

1. host is the primary choice: most people decide when they select a host, depending on the size of the space they provide and how much traffic they make. Unless your blog has been popular to use traffic volume to host the suppliers to provide 10%, otherwise, the main factors which decide you should buy the host is the host of the credibility (such as speed and stability). read more

How to run a special clothing store

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business time is from the beginning of the apparel industry, easy to cut, but the clothing store is definitely not what simple things, clothing as the necessities of life, there is a great demand in the market. All kinds of clothing brands in the demand of the masses have emerged, to the vast number of consumers with more choices. With the increasing trend of social trends, all kinds of characteristics of clothing in our lives, won the consumer favorite. Open home specialty clothing stores, should pay attention to what issues. read more

As a female webmaster moving entrepreneurial experience

rushing around

everyday in a different city, stop in the spaces between the edifice, in and out of restaurants, although is a buyer’s market, even though it is not good to do business, but I don’t know why it is done fast, very lively, and that is because of my ability rather than believe that because of my ignorance, or simply fearless. Anyway, I’ve done very well in regional business for several years. Later, tired, I don’t want to go to the city, want to have a firm and secure home, want to do a satisfactory job with free, self-sufficient, and children stay at home. Things that felt easy were not so easy to get, so I plunged into the school. I remember in one of the forums, my signature was: "to go back to school is not to study, but to escape from worldly troubles.". Net friend met asked me, I smiled and said: "written play."." It’s true. read more

ndividual stationmaster wants to stick down

along the way, individual stationmaster began to sad, personal webmaster is a huge group in China, the network was able to flourish is not just some big portal efforts, and don’t forget, personal website has cannot replace the status in the development of the network. If one day Chinese no personal website and don’t know how to Chinese development, what do you surf the Internet, play games and listen to music watch the news???         yes, personal website develops very fast, a lot of people raised in the network, they began to raise stake, ready to be listed, so that their actions are reasonable, but that is the basis of funds to achieve the personal webmaster more or poor, otherwise it is called grassroots. And we do have that stationmaster station is in line with the needs of the community? Do not meet the social needs The nature will be eliminated by the society, this is the survival of the fittest, you know. And the laws and regulations are no doubt for personal webmaster, maybe it’s not your turn when you just twitters, wait until the backseat driver, you have to do, still no one to give you answer. read more

Discussion on the propaganda strategy of government website

Iran on network marketing for commercial confidentiality, especially the local government website Guan Jian words selection and layout is omitted, as there really needs a friend can email or MSN, see detailed web site.

just talk about the free marketing strategy below:

website marketing strategy

government website publicity because of its authoritative and illustrative, can not be used commercial marketing sites often used forums, BLog, communities, etc., to promote the frenzied approach. Only targeted information can be posted to potential business users. The following promotion strategies are recommended: read more

Friendster autopsy Why did the founder of the social network die

Friendster is often considered the originator of social networking sites,

Why did

‘s social network die? Some archaeologists in the Internet industry have studied the remains of Friendster, allowing us to become more aware of the cause of death.

Friendster was once the darling of social networking. Google wanted to spend $30 million to buy it as early as 2003, but because of frequent failures and the rise of rivals such as Facebook, the site ended in 2006. Nevertheless, push in the Southeast Asian market, it still linger living a few years. Later, in 2009, a revision completely destroyed it. read more

n product design and users G spot users develop products together

what is the user "G-spot"? I’m here the G-spot is defined as: the user’s cool, which can let users themselves and feel very comfortable place! This is little different approaches but equally satisfactory results with the real life of the G-spot Oh, you know


G is a necessary condition for the success of

Internet products

successful Internet products, all are to meet one or more of the G-spot users. WeChat’s initial success stems from its ability to send voice mail, which makes use of the user’s lazy nature, making it easy for users to use, and then cool. The success of the QQ address book stems from the fact that it can synchronize the address book to the cloud. At the same time, it can avoid the loss of the address book, and the user must be very comfortable with it. read more

How low key breeds high key content

in such a "everyone can become self media" era, the content can be described as heavy, is the so-called "classic" in the Internet industry: content is king is forever unchanged. As we all know, the new media platform, represented by WeChat, is developing vigorously. This may be an opportunity for everyone. So how should WeChat operate,


in April 12th, I took part in the sixteenth stage salon activity organized by the speed network. The lecture was to show us how to produce high quality content. The lecturer was shared by Chen Zhuolai, deputy editor in chief of the micro Media Association. I learned from my activities that Mr. Zhuo used to work in the traditional media industry and worked for the Shenzhen metropolis daily. She is now deputy editor in chief of micro media alliance, she will bring us how wonderful to share? Let me share with you what I heard some views of some dry cargo and individuals, learning to share with you. read more

Discuz7 1 has a serious logical process error

discuz7.1 came out with great pleasure and new changes, but also found a big problem in less than 3 hours:

The new

7.1 editor has serious process error, allows to upload attachments before posting, so when the post does not complete the attachment already stored in the server, before 7 are posting and allows to upload attachments, do this to determine the attachment and post binding, easy to manage, but 7.1 in imitation of CMS that, you know CMS is relatively close, and issued a document management people had a few, BBS is open. read more