The city surrounded by rural industry website business prospects to Zoupian Jian Feng

years ago, home, old father accidentally asked me a question about network marketing, how to put our village planting millions of pounds of Citrus sold through the network? I was very surprised, what time is always the earthbound old father started to pay attention to this kind of a topic. Later I learned that he had seen a group of news about selling baozi on TV, and thought it was a doorway.

old father’s original intention is actually very simple, but, this question has let me have a new ponder. First, the transformation of traditional industries need to consider the situation, but the concept of things and the actual operation of how far? Especially like old father’s example, how to understand the influence of he the true meaning. Secondly, along with the rural independent production to supply export in marginal areas, persisted for ten years, or decades of the same marketing mode, and how to break the original model of the sales network, and must guarantee to achieve the purpose of profit in a short period of time? Again, even ignoring the rural edge of the traditional industry reform as the Internet industry, the website operation and the prospect of how to provide a prerequisite for the establishment of such a network marketing mode of read more

What is grassroots webmaster To become a grassroots webmaster what are the necessary conditions

for a two years of grassroots webmaster, to tell the truth, how to define the "grassroots"? That is to have the site webmaster, believe in the current Internet era, contact Internet has become a webmaster, a website but not necessarily count on the grass roots, personal understanding is eating grass the operation of the website by the Internet, start empty-handed profitable webmaster, even the grassroots webmaster;

why do so many people want to join the grassroots webmaster,

? read more

Promote product activity unfamiliar street how to operate tens of millions of users within a year

now has 1/3 messages coming from two-way users every day, and unfamiliar streets are beginning to figure out how to settle their relationship with

tiger sniffing notes:

unfamiliar street, 1 years old, mobile APP, hobbies is to bring up close strangers social.

Wang Li, 30 years old, claiming to be Wang boss, unfamiliar street science and technology director of operations, is responsible for analysis and promote the operation of unfamiliar street.

August 2011, the flagship stranger communication unfamiliar street line, 7 months later than WeChat. Although it was born later than WeChat, it survived, not only survived, but lived quite well. During the year, official figures said 10 million people were saved. How to do it? Tiger sniffing before in the "WeChat, and its true and false enemies" in a text, analysis of how the unfamiliar street in the product positioning stagger with WeChat head-on confrontation. But it is worth noting, but has been ignored, a year ago, the functional evolution of unfamiliar street product level is not essentially, and it starts from zero, not a huge community of acquaintances can import users, but can form the current products temperament, cannot do without the operation team training,. read more

Webmaster sentiment do standing as a man

why should I be a station? It’s for money.. A chance to see Li Xingping’s story.. A simple and no longer simple form of Web site, can actually be a large amount of Baidu acquisition.. Suddenly silly eyes.. That’s when I got rich psychology,

I started in the online collection of relevant site information.. Later, with the help of a friend.. I learned the simple operation of Dreamweaver8.. I downloaded the hao123 station. Use Dreamweaver8 to open the file that needs to be modified.. Oh.. Super easy.. Fully visible.. Just make a point where you want it to change.. Enter your own information.. It was done in a minute. Very soon on the basis of hao123.. I made most of the DIY changes.. Then buy space, domain name.. On line!!! read more

The failure to explore and change behind the opening of App Net’s free account

[core tip] App.Net allows free accounts to be created by inviting them to join, in order to solve the problem of small numbers of users and maintain the normal functioning of the entire ecosystem.

‘s original intention and initial ideas about App.Net building have been understood in detail. Like all new Internet services, however, it is constantly adjusting its thinking, and last night App.Net founder Dalton Cardwell posted a blog post announcing that App.Net began offering free accounts. read more

Traditional enterprise website optimization need to go beyond a few pit go around in the past is n


website as the main facade of the Internet Co, occupy a very important role for enterprises, however, the traditional enterprise website in a block to do the poor, that Shanghai website construction, the traditional enterprise website is not good, because the inherent thinking of his own solid sealed, you want to make your site have the effect, the traditional enterprise it must go beyond this several pit.


botnet is the standard

for most corporate websites

many companies have web sites, but it is difficult to see the "eight classics" update, and some enterprises to update the site, but it is difficult to make high-quality content. The management of a website is not easy, not to mention most of the enterprise website management personnel several roles, professional web site all know, take care of a website is a very hard thing, then do part-time noticeably, if they do not know the website existence, most fool trouble, which led to the there are a lot of zombie companies website. read more

Teach you a few tricks how to improve the popularity of the shop

it’s not easy to open a shop. It’s not easy to open a good shop. So what should we prepare and prepare from that?

1. knows his hobby

sure a lot of my sister would ask me…… Why would you want to know my hobby column open shop and go to school? In fact, learning is the same, I believe that you love this course, you will be very hard to learn. I love Japanese clothing, I would hope to have such a store, so I opened the shop specializing in selling Japanese goods.

so sum up: to do anything, it is interesting to carry out the ah…… read more

Peng Hongwei the confusion of traditional enterprises involved in network promotion

has recently been busy studio things, the blog has many days not to update, but do not want to write, sometimes only a busy day, wanted to rest earlier in the evening, since the weekend also do network promotion studio, little rest, not to go to the studio to guide the implementation of personnel, is to do the program, or to go out participate in activities. Today when visiting the Baidu know, see a network promotion recommendation system, to the simple answer a little, and then began to do their work, did not think this friend ask questions on the initiative to contact me, asked me some questions of network promotion, learn from the exchange with him, he is not familiar with the network promotion, but also do not love this trivial work, but also to be in the company do network promotion work, a little taste is reluctant to drive a duck onto a perch. read more

Three months of suffering eventuate website earn hundreds of

talked about how to make the number of days, tens or hundreds of… Always… Is too far away from their own, although every day watching are listening to something similar, but always feel that day how much money from their own this small webmaster too slim, although they do not stand too long, but from the first domain registered to now have almost a year’s time, their only hope that hundreds of pieces of money can earn enough domain space have been very satisfied, to make a lot of topic is not too cold, and do not believe those who make much of the fact, but let yourself never stand in the height of thinking. A good friend who I am today told me today that his site now into more than one hundred days, after three months of hard suffering, finally can feed themselves. Hear this first is happy for him, really, although in some one hundred master eyes may not this is not what, but in my eyes has been very good, for he is happy at the same time, also let see as a webmaster of the road, even if it is just a waste of do webmaster! As long as you pay, to believe those who make many days not too distant from you. One day it’ll be for you… read more

Rational patriotic escort the Olympic patriotic has become an art

recently, China true heart, heart, heart and other family names Chinese for flying, we found the patriotism in combustion, in sublimation, constantly in our lives in different ways to express their patriotism. In order to have patriotic action diversity, China heart, heart, true and false names, slowly became an art. Today, on a website, I found this new thing – the Chinese heart in the picture.

saw such a batch of Chinese hearts on this website ( and cut some pictures for you to see: read more