According to the focus and outstanding consumer demand for mining search

, a prominent focus, let search

However, the author is engaged in

why do people use search engines? The reason is because everyone has knowledge and experience can not meet the actual demand, the daily life at the moment, the search engine has become a very good channel for the dissemination of information.

I hope to find friends, chat about how to tap consumer search habits. However, the author is not what Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, even optimize work, it is only from the analysis of the data, to study how to search the content that consumers love, therefore does not have what good experience can give inspiration. read more

Shanghai dragon six playful city employment advantage

recommended reason: North drifters preferred, Grandpa Mao said, less than the Great Wall of non hero. Shanghai dragon people, milord mostly, so it must go to Beijing, wages are also good, when a return to the north, is very comfortable. Beijing Shanghai Longfeng talents are many, and the electricity supplier in Beijing is the national leader, working here for a period of time, is a great harvest.

third is recommended in Urumqi, the average wage is 1940 yuan

recommended reason: the domestic tourism resort of Sanya in the top three is not a problem, but also love Shanghai Sanya search, the search was not to know how to metaphor him. The general level of wages, but its potential development capacity is large, the Spring Festival has just been finished, it was released in Sanya charges, the real situation may also speculation, for marketing people, hold a degree. The effect will be better, anyway, regardless of the event, the consumer is charged 6000 yuan, Sanya once again into the dissemination of network information dynamic, > read more

Note the purchase link analysis

purchase chain

purchase link rules for the operation of

The benefits of

3, enhance the site in the search engine’s weight, can enhance the specified keywords in the search engine rankings, so as to enhance the overall flow of the site, flow have income, increase income is the hard truth.

, first check its website theme, theme is not related to the station would not continue to see, the correlation is not strong site effect is not obvious, "

Links benefits, I think everyone is very clear, Links is not can give you the site how much direct traffic, and it is one of the most important factors that affect search engine rankings, search engines will analyze the site for the quantity and quality of the link, in order to make the evaluation of the site and the final influence of the site in the search results of performance. Get the link, especially the home link channels, most main has two kinds, one is a two-way link exchange, also called Links; another is one-way links, are usually bought. For some new sites included, snapshots, or love Shanghai weight, the PR value data of general performance of the station, you want to get high quality Links that is quite difficult, in contrast, it is relatively simple to buy links with money, this money payment, the straight edge immediately hang on the link. read more

How to analyze the needs of industry users and search

so we to the user’s search behavior can do some summary that see our industry user needs what:

our users may also have some special requirements, such as in the search, we can analyze from the search list from the search list we can see what users really love. Because we can say the website ranking in the top 20, are often affected by some users.

first, we say that we are on the Internet all content is around the keywords, whether the keyword is long or short words or words, ask products or is very long in a word, it is a kind of search behavior of users, and when these users in the search, in fact have been exposed a user for some purpose. Recommended article: how to allow users to share your content read more

ndividual stationmaster wants to stick down

along the way, individual stationmaster began to sad, personal webmaster is a huge group in China, the network was able to flourish is not just some big portal efforts, and don’t forget, personal website has cannot replace the status in the development of the network. If one day Chinese no personal website and don’t know how to Chinese development, what do you surf the Internet, play games and listen to music watch the news???         yes, personal website develops very fast, a lot of people raised in the network, they began to raise stake, ready to be listed, so that their actions are reasonable, but that is the basis of funds to achieve the personal webmaster more or poor, otherwise it is called grassroots. And we do have that stationmaster station is in line with the needs of the community? Do not meet the social needs The nature will be eliminated by the society, this is the survival of the fittest, you know. And the laws and regulations are no doubt for personal webmaster, maybe it’s not your turn when you just twitters, wait until the backseat driver, you have to do, still no one to give you answer. read more

How low key breeds high key content

in such a "everyone can become self media" era, the content can be described as heavy, is the so-called "classic" in the Internet industry: content is king is forever unchanged. As we all know, the new media platform, represented by WeChat, is developing vigorously. This may be an opportunity for everyone. So how should WeChat operate,


in April 12th, I took part in the sixteenth stage salon activity organized by the speed network. The lecture was to show us how to produce high quality content. The lecturer was shared by Chen Zhuolai, deputy editor in chief of the micro Media Association. I learned from my activities that Mr. Zhuo used to work in the traditional media industry and worked for the Shenzhen metropolis daily. She is now deputy editor in chief of micro media alliance, she will bring us how wonderful to share? Let me share with you what I heard some views of some dry cargo and individuals, learning to share with you. read more

New year’s new weather every SEOER should change himself in the new year

search engine in the adjustments and changes, and each industry are also in progress, search engine optimization is also so, where we are experiencing some much different, in 2013, there are too many different is changing, this article, through the new year in the spring, write your own feel it, when change yourself to change the whole industry, is one of the most beautiful happiness.

first step: borrow the east wind of enterprise website, adjust

from outside chain

, I believe many of my friends have experienced in the enterprise website optimization work, this work can be considered in general, through the Commission, sales orders, and then we can optimize the whole website, ranked up a commission, do not go on doing it, this is a lot of the time, perhaps when you have when hundreds of enterprise customers site, every month can get a lot of stable ranking Chengdu, but it also faces the risk of search engine, after all, no one can guarantee rankings. read more

Student store chain store location skills

student supplies chain store location is generally the best near the school, but in this way, the address selection is limited. So many businesses will also open the store in the District, a large integrated shopping malls. Exactly how the site, the problem please look at the analysis.

A, student supplies franchise stores to see the location of the pedestrian flow shop. In general, a high level of customer traffic will increase sales. However, excessive customer traffic will also be too crowded to prevent buyers from. At the same time also to analysis of pedestrian traffic, in order to determine the consistent characteristics of pedestrian and the position of this student supplies chain joined the target market. read more

How small business how to make money

small business how to make money, it is undoubtedly a problem plagued us, as the saying goes, it is easy to spend money to make money. We have to admit this, therefore, must pay attention to business with a small capital operation of the road.

for entrepreneurs, how profitable is the most critical, to know, at first in the two industry, small business is profitable, while in the third industry is relatively small space, especially the consultation service industry and intermediary institution is more like this, so how to charge the service charge is very difficult to decide. read more

Yang Chenglin opened the case involving 600 million yuan of corruption shady

General Secretary Xi Jinping after the fight against corruption is very strict, the government should serve the people, pay attention to the development of events, improve work efficiency. Therefore, Yang Chenglin case of concern.

9 in the morning

3 on Sept. 7, Inner Mongolia Baotou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the former chairman of the Bank of Inner Mongolia Yang Chenglin case, opened the 600 million yuan of corruption shady. Yang Chenglin, meanwhile, was standing in the dock with his son, Yang Hai, and his mistress, Mr. Zhang Ting. read more