Beauty industry to get customers four tips

beauty is the product of people’s consumption level rising in recent years, people’s consumption level unceasing enhancement, the beauty industry has ushered in a new development opportunity, can be said that with the improvement of living standards, beauty has become the most potential industry investment. The whole network Xiaobian to tell you what to do to join the industry investment cosmetic preparations.

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The Russian beauty pageant abandoned real femme fatale

beauty where are all the focus, as men are hard to resist, so now the affair very much. Recently, the Russian beauty contest was abandoned, only because it is a true femme fatale, when the mistress is murder.

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Amazon cracked down thousands of false critics accused the Navy

The minimum fee of only $5

[Abstract] United States Navy review service, most promise to the seller of the product to get five-star reviews.

Tencent Francisco October 19th message, according to foreign reports, the Amazon in the United States before the lawsuit, the thousands of the network Navy as a defendant. Amazon said in the lawsuit, the company’s brand reputation because of false and misleading comments and affected.

Amazon said in the lawsuit, the network Navy represents the book authors or writing books or goods from the seller, encourage uninformed consumers to buy goods on the Amazon site. Amazon said that these false and misleading comments, so that the company’s brand reputation is affected. read more

Jingdong supermarket set a small goal 2017 turnover of over 100 billion

NetEase Francisco February 16th news, Jingdong of consumer products division Partner Conference held today, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall consumer products division president Feng Yi said, online business is booming, the supermarket will be 2017 Jingdong from technology driven, category management, marketing, open area sink four aspects of layout with the brand, integration and win-win, set up a "two billion" brand club, help at least 10 brand sales of over 1 billion, at least 100 brand sales of over 100 million. At the same time, Feng Yi also suggested that in 2017 the overall goal of Jingdong supermarket is trading volume over one hundred billion. read more

Baidu the U S group hungry 13 takeaway platform stalls thing Food and drug administration has fil

Beijing food and drug administration intends to the United States mission, Baidu takeaway, hungry investigation

Beijing food and drug administration staff said that the U.S. group, the hungry 13 network ordering platform, Baidu takeaway, a large number of shops not review public duty, has to meet the conditions of filing, has fixed evidence will initiate an investigation. In the first half, the Beijing food and drug administration received three platform complaints reported in the United States, including the United States Mission Network of 92, hungry, and so on, Baidu, take out of the 59. read more

Online shop a year experience

July is coming, the days passed quickly, remember this time last year I did not open shop, only in the online shopping, I would have to open shop plan, but has been hesitant, mainly because they do not take the goods back, also fear is sold, that not to lose, after all he had never done this, did not experience what ah. Moreover, in the online shopping to talk about credibility, credibility is the first choice, I buy things on the Internet is to look at the credibility of the evaluation.

finally I still opened this shop, in fact, this shop is in desperation opened, everyone knows that the financial storm, my company is affected because of layoffs, I became a member of the unfortunate. Later in the job frustration after the opening of the shop, anyway idle is idle, in order to find a better supply, so I was running around, looking for the satisfaction of wholesalers, finally pays off, easy to sell online in China, I find a good wholesaler. I confess to him that I was a novice, he learned that there is no opportunity to knock me a pen, but very active to help me to introduce the market at present the most popular the most popular clothing, and teach me how to take the goods with a plan, and his clothing quality is very good, I think my baby don’t sell go out. read more

Buy site survival rate of only 3 5% of the top 5 market share of 99%

original title: buy site survival rate of only 3.5% of the top 5 market share of

accounted for 99%

group purchase website in after fierce fighting after the gradual separation of the outcome. Recently, the Group buy navigation site group 800 released China buy market statistics report, according to statistics, China buy site in the first half of the actual turnover of 29 billion 430 million yuan, once again hit the best half year results. And after fighting through several fields, the number of group purchase website has dropped to 176, compared to the August 2011 peak of 5058, the survival rate was only 3.5%. read more

Ali platform property complaints over 20 million of the total volume of the total turnover of more t

[TechWeb] reported on February 20th news, according to the Alibaba news, in 2016 more than Alibaba intellectual property complaints platform commodity volume of 20 million, of which 49% of businesses complained of complaints established.

Ali platform property complaints over 20 million of the total volume of goods turnover of more than $500 million


statistics data show that in 2016 more than Alibaba intellectual property complaints platform commodity volume of 20 million, which established the rate as high as 49%, involving about 200000 seller, the total turnover of 500 million above. In other words, at least about 200000 sellers almost be wronged, thanks to the timely recovery of the loss through the complaint. The data also show that 1531 complaints initiated complaints accounted for 0.59% of the total number of complaints, but the total number of complaints accounted for a total of 80%, which shows that a large number of complaints success stories are highly concentrated in a small number of complaints. Alibaba analysis, the cause of this phenomenon is malicious complaints. read more

How to quickly get the real flow steady flow

we do stand, the most important thing is the real traffic, through the background statistics can be found, the search engine is to bring the IP address is the most. So if you want to get more traffic to the site, so that the search engine to find your site, including more pages. Chinese search engine, the user is the most Baidu. Of course Baidu can not hang in a tree, in addition to Baidu, we also need to think of other ways to bring real flow, to introduce the following eleven.


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What should be done after the e commerce website

buy, promotion so that a lot of e-commerce sites in the year before the sale of an unprecedented hot, Chinese customs and shopping habits is like this, there will be a relatively light year after year performance. So, whether you are a large e-commerce site or a Taobao shop, take this opportunity to do some thinking and summary. Editors from the following aspects to discuss with you what to do.

deal with related after-sales service issues

especially for the first time the transaction of the user, deal with after-sales service is the occasional consumption into a repeat consumption, improve the quality of the conversion rate of top priority. Which returns in the service accounted for an important proportion. After receiving the return requirements of the first reaction to the user’s influence is very large, so we must be responsible for the handling of the problem of the responsible person has a set of effective return system. Ensure that the user does not produce distrust, not satisfied with the situation. To summarize the customer’s complaints and comments. (added to the sales system behind the editor, which will become a valuable accumulation of your business after the operation of the goods, you can keep a user may be lost! read more