How the existing products user experience testing and optimization

o need to break the layout of

" – interaction designThe design principle of from what needs to be considered "

, what needs to be optimized (Considerations)

o visual stream is interference,

The optimization method of visual burden

not to:

o interactive design process of new features / productsDesign and optimization of

o follows the principle of what

optimization of existing products experience, this is the description of the common user experience in related job responsibilities. Our products are often continuous improvement in the iterative process of rapid, as children born to raise to grow up, optimizing the existing features / products, and design new features / products are equally important, can not be neglected. read more

Video chain construction method how to do video chain

2, download video, and then go up, in the video introduction inside with our link, a video is done outside the chain.

chain for a lot of people, I think everyone is send links in a number of forums, but also easy to more stringent management forum titles, so although the forum to do outside the chain most easily, but also has a risk, it is recommended that you do outside the chain of resources must be wide, not limited in the forum inside. Moreover, the chain effect of the forum and also better than we imagined so good. Try some other outside chain you will find that in fact the chain often is very easy to do. read more

How to break the two round of public ownership of the chips how to break the bureauData analysis of

according to the definition of transaction cost, raise public equity can be simply classified into several parts, the first part is the communication and contract signing process of financing investment financing both sides, seek standard cost; the second part is the completion of investment after the congregation raised investors into the agency; the third part is the investors exit in the process of information search the contract is signed, and the cost of communication. Among them, the transaction costs of the first and third parts are narrow transaction costs, shared by both sides of the transaction, while the second part of the transaction cost is mainly the agency costs faced by investors. read more

News Alert all SP alliances are suspended this weekPeople who want to start business online go ahea

?What are the competitors in ?Do

by visiting the opponent’s website, you can see the level of web design, ease of use, network marketing traces, you can also see the strength of each other.

competitor survey is divided into 4 areas:

a lot of people see Taobao, Jingdong bigger and bigger, have the idea that wants to do poineering work on the net. But there is no way to start, very confused. I don’t know what you need to prepare for the online business. I’ll give you some suggestions. If you can accept it, just go ahead and have a look. read more

Don’t expect human flesh search to preserve business rules

The real establishment of the credit order in the

business world also requires the long-term game of business people to succeed. And the help of network human flesh search engine is just a temporary and not necessarily appropriate external force.

for human flesh search engine has momentum and borderless power, the world already know. Recently, the Ministry of majestic-looking human machine in the "perfume door" events make the mare go. This event is also easy to say: in February 27th of this year, in the Shenzhen sea registered a Taobao shop on the Internet, opening night, netizen YY with the price of 318 yuan to buy four pieces of perfume, the store the next day, YY once again patronage, bought 1848 yuan of perfume. After the goods are issued, the sea of clouds has not yet received payment. Helpless, he went online for help, hope that users can help push accounts. Soon, the human flesh search engine rumble start, only 13 hours, users will force YY to repay the loan. So fast and successful in achieving the goal, to participate in this netizen very excited, they said this is "the first case of human flesh search" engine maintenance business rules, will continue to carry forward, in-depth business, further cast a human flesh search engine energy and prestige. read more

3 ways to improve the flow of personal blog

since the establishment of independent personal blog, found that there are many people on the Internet also have blogs. Independent blogs are blogs with top-level domains and independent spaces, not blogs that are available on websites like Sina and NetEase. After having an independent blog, bloggers expect their blog traffic to rise again. Of course, that’s what every blogger wants. But how can you improve the flow of your blog? There are no fast ways to do it. The answer is: no..

the following, I introduce some methods to enhance the flow of some of their own blog blog: 1. established, regularly updated blog content, content selection of relevance, if you are a life log blog, it can not consider this. read more

How to run a special clothing store

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business time is from the beginning of the apparel industry, easy to cut, but the clothing store is definitely not what simple things, clothing as the necessities of life, there is a great demand in the market. All kinds of clothing brands in the demand of the masses have emerged, to the vast number of consumers with more choices. With the increasing trend of social trends, all kinds of characteristics of clothing in our lives, won the consumer favorite. Open home specialty clothing stores, should pay attention to what issues. read more

The city surrounded by rural industry website business prospects to Zoupian Jian Feng

years ago, home, old father accidentally asked me a question about network marketing, how to put our village planting millions of pounds of Citrus sold through the network? I was very surprised, what time is always the earthbound old father started to pay attention to this kind of a topic. Later I learned that he had seen a group of news about selling baozi on TV, and thought it was a doorway.

old father’s original intention is actually very simple, but, this question has let me have a new ponder. First, the transformation of traditional industries need to consider the situation, but the concept of things and the actual operation of how far? Especially like old father’s example, how to understand the influence of he the true meaning. Secondly, along with the rural independent production to supply export in marginal areas, persisted for ten years, or decades of the same marketing mode, and how to break the original model of the sales network, and must guarantee to achieve the purpose of profit in a short period of time? Again, even ignoring the rural edge of the traditional industry reform as the Internet industry, the website operation and the prospect of how to provide a prerequisite for the establishment of such a network marketing mode of read more

Webmaster sentiment do standing as a man

why should I be a station? It’s for money.. A chance to see Li Xingping’s story.. A simple and no longer simple form of Web site, can actually be a large amount of Baidu acquisition.. Suddenly silly eyes.. That’s when I got rich psychology,

I started in the online collection of relevant site information.. Later, with the help of a friend.. I learned the simple operation of Dreamweaver8.. I downloaded the hao123 station. Use Dreamweaver8 to open the file that needs to be modified.. Oh.. Super easy.. Fully visible.. Just make a point where you want it to change.. Enter your own information.. It was done in a minute. Very soon on the basis of hao123.. I made most of the DIY changes.. Then buy space, domain name.. On line!!! read more

Teach you a few tricks how to improve the popularity of the shop

it’s not easy to open a shop. It’s not easy to open a good shop. So what should we prepare and prepare from that?

1. knows his hobby

sure a lot of my sister would ask me…… Why would you want to know my hobby column open shop and go to school? In fact, learning is the same, I believe that you love this course, you will be very hard to learn. I love Japanese clothing, I would hope to have such a store, so I opened the shop specializing in selling Japanese goods.

so sum up: to do anything, it is interesting to carry out the ah…… read more