Aboriginal Affairs changed water project once floated to Bruce Carson

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera and Kenneth JacksonAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–Federal bureaucrats once directed Bruce Carson, a former advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper now under an RCMP investigation, to the $5 million water pilot project for First Nations unveiled this week by Ottawa and Ontario.The Ottawa-based water filtration company Carson promoted, however, would likely not qualify for the pilot project announced Tuesday because it sold a different type of system than what was outlined in guidelines announced by the federal Aboriginal Affairs department.The department also changed the way bids will be considered for the pilot project from what was described to Carson in an email written by a department official last year.The pilot project aims to test technologies and try new ways to improve water quality on four selected Ontario communities. Alderville First Nation, Lac Seul First Nation, Munsee-Delaware First Nation and Zhiibaahaasing First Nation were selected to participate.Despite repeated requests by APTN National News to discuss the apparent change in the program, Aboriginal Affairs refused to discuss the announcement and the pilot project’s guidelines.According to information that was released by the department, the pilot project will favour bids from water filtration firms providing “point of entry” water systems that treat all water entering homes and are installed in a heated enclosure outside the building.Carson was lobbying Aboriginal Affairs officials on behalf of H2O Global Group and H2O Pros, which only sold point-of-use water filtration systems that treat water after it enters the house and before it reaches the tap.In discussions with the department, Carson referred to H2O’s product as “point-of-entry” filtration systems.The Prime Minister’s Office asked the RCMP, the Lobbying Commissioner and the Ethics Commissioner last March to investigate Carson after an APTN National News investigation into Carson’s ties to the water company and his lobbying efforts at the department. The company had a financial arrangement with Carson’s fiancée at the time, Michele McPherson, who was a former Ottawa escort.The systems sold by the company, which has since gone out of business, were eligible for the pilot project and the department was considering inviting H2O Pros to bid on the pilot project, according to a Feb. 17, 2011, email from a department official to Carson.“H2O Pros may be on the list of potential vendors invited to bid on this pilot-project,” wrote Lysian Bolduc, a senior infrastructure engineer for the department.Carson and H2O Pros were at the time trying to convince the Mohawk community of Tyendinaga, near Belleville, Ont., apply for department funding to install between 50 and 100 water filtration systems in the community.On Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Carson forwarded Bolduc’s email to a Tyendinaga band official with the note, “fyi-bc.”About two hours later, Tyendinaga Chief Donald Maracle phoned Patrick Ku, manager of technical services in the federal department’s Toronto branch asking him if H2O Pro was the “supplier of choice” for the department.“I received a call from Chief Maracle…10 minutes ago. He asked if H2O Pro is (the) supplier of choice,” said a March 16, 2011 email from Ku to three other officials that was obtained under the Access to Information Act. “I explained to him that (the department) does not endorse H2O Pro as the company to install their equipment in Tyendinaga.”The department has also changed the process for selecting firms to take part in the project. According to Bolduc’s email to Carson, which was written following a meeting between the former political PMO aide and department officials, a “pilot-project team” of federal and Ontario officials would pick the firms from a list compiled after a tendering process.“The pilot-project team is currently in the process of preparing a list of potential technologies and vendors,” wrote Bolduc. “Final technologies/vendors selected for evaluation through pilot-testing would be chosen by the project team through a tendering process that will consider both technical merit and anticipated life-cycle costs.”A few months after the email and following the eruption of the Carson scandal, which preceded the May 2 election, Aboriginal Affairs issued a press release announcing Ottawa and Ontario were launching three-year pilot project. But the July 6, 2011, press release stated that it would be up to the selected First Nations communities to pick and choose the companies it wanted to work with.“The First Nation communities selected for participation in this pilot project will be responsible for commissioning appropriate design and technology solutions for their communities through a request for proposals process,” said the release at the time.In Tuesday’s announcement, however, the selection process changed. Now, a committee with representatives from the selected First Nations, the federal Aboriginal affairs department and Ontario’s ministry of environment would select the winning bids.“Selecting appropriate design and technology solutions for these communities through a request for proposals (RFP) process conducted collaboratively with representatives from the First Nation communities, Ministry of Environment of Ontario and AANDC,” said the release.Joe Kim, spokesperson for Ontario’s environment ministry, said “no solutions have been excluded from consideration.”Kim confirmed the initial plan was to select companies from a list.“It was later decided that an open, transparent bidding process would be better,” he said.Kim said the First Nations would still have final say on who gets the winning bids, but Ontario and Ottawa officials would assist them with the technical review of the proposals.The pilot-project will also accept bids for improving existing infrastructure, new water trucks and pre-fabricated water treatment plants, along with “other approaches deemed appropriate,” according to the department’s statement.Kim said Ottawa had the lead on the file and that the province was primarily providing technical assistance.jbarrera@aptn.cakennethbrianjackson@gmail.comlast_img read more

Battle with Legal Aid forces Algonquin mother to pay for sons Gladue

first_imgKenneth JacksonAPTN National NewsOTTAWA – With time running out and feeling insulted, an Algonquin mother in Ottawa has taken it upon herself to ensure her son gets a Gladue report written before his sentencing next month for armed robbery.The mother has begun fundraising the money needed to pay for a private company to write the report in Ottawa because she said she never heard from the Ontario government’s writer in Nation’s capital since Justice Ann Alder ordered one for her 16-year-old son on Feb. 5.Her son’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Mar. 23.“I don’t know what he’s doing but it takes a few seconds to just pick up the phone, dial a number and leave a message,” said the mother who APTN National News can’t identify because her son is a young offender.She’s referring to Chad Kicknosway, a writer employed through Aboriginal Legal Services Toronto (ALST) who is funded by Legal Aid Ontario.“I gave (Kicknosway) a call and he has not called me yet. Sentencing is coming up and I don’t think he’ll have the time to interview everyone and write the report. I want a good report for my son,” she said.Instead of waiting, she decided Wednesday evening to start fundraising in her home community of Lac Simon First Nation in Quebec.She’s hired IndiGenius, a company in Ottawa that has been writing Gladue reports for about seven months and earned the praise of judges and lawyers.A Gladue report examines an offenders history, such as where they came from, what they have been through and basically what may have led to them to the courts. They’re known as the Gladue principles. Often judges learn of trauma due to colonization and residential schools. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that judges must apply the principles and look for alternatives to incarceration at sentencing.It was a matter of luck but several months ago when her son was first appearing in court IndiGenius co-founder Mark Marsolais was there too and met the mom and son. “Mark has been there from the very beginning. He cares and I know he can get the report my son needs,” said the mom, adding she tried to go with IndiGenius from the get-go but was told she had to go with Kicknosway. It turns out the mother and son found themselves in the middle of a behind-the-scenes battle with Legal Aid and IndiGenius, a private company that writes Gladue reports.Legal Aid had been funding IndiGenius since the summer but slowly began shutting the door on using the private company. That’s because last fall it commissioned ALST to provide a Gladue writer in Ottawa as part of an increase in funding across the province to provide more Gladue reports.ALST, led by Jonathan Rudin, has been a leader in writing Gladue reports in Ontario for more than a decade. APTN tried to reach Kicknosway for more than a week with no success. A spokeswoman for Legal Aid said he works out of the Wabano Health Centre but the receptionist there not only didn’t have a number for him but didn’t know who he was. He’s supposed to have been working there since September.The mother went to Wabano this week looking for him and left a letter saying she didn’t want to wait any longer and wanted IndiGenius to do the report.APTN reached out to his superior at ALST who said Kicknosway wouldn’t be commenting.“I don’t want to get into a fight into who is doing what. That’s not our interest. We’re just doing reports when we’re asked to do reports by the court,” said Rudin, who is called upon by many lawyers across the country to speak on the issue of Gladue principles. “We’re just going to do the work we’re asked to do.”Rudin declined to comment on the mother’s case and said they’d discuss it with her.“This is something we’re going to work out,” he said.He’s also going to find out why the mother never heard from Kicknosway.For the mother, it’s just a matter of getting a report done by the person she wants. “I’m really frustrated they don’t want to use Mark (Marsolais). They’re trying to make us go through (ALST), she said.According to Legal Aid there’s a protocol for who does the Gladue reports in Ottawa. They’ve asked Ottawa courts to order reports through ALST.“That’s the first stop. That’s where we want people to go first,” said Nye Thomas, director general of policy and strategic research at Legal Aid. “If (ALST is) unable to write a report for some reason … and there is another report writer, say IndiGenius, available we’ll fund that organization to write a report.”Thomas was then asked what if a client or a parent doesn’t want to use Legal Aid’s “first stop” for any reason, can they go with a company of their choice to get a Gladue done?“It depends that’s all I can say. The policy allows for certain exceptions but depends on the specific facts,” he said.He then said that question was better suited for ALST but when pressed on the issue of ALST being a contactor and Legal Aid provides the funding he confirmed there is a choice.“We want people to go to ALST as our first choice and if ALST is unable to do it and then you have lots of different reasons why they are unable to do it, including potentially the clients or the family’s choice,” he said.When it comes to the specifics of this mother’s case Thomas said due to privacy he couldn’t speak to it.Marsolais would like to know why lawyers keep telling him Legal Aid won’t fund reports through IndiGenius.“If there’s a choice then why have so many lawyers, in the last couple of months, kept telling us they can’t go with us?” he said.“And clients do. They specifically ask for us. We’re getting a lot of calls. Word has spread about the quality of our work.”Regardless, Marsolais is interviewing the mother’s son Tuesday and intends to have a report completed before sentencing.The cost is between $1,500 to $2,000. “I’m just so relieved Mark is going to do it,” said the mother. kjackson@aptn.ca@afixedaddresslast_img read more

Airbnbs federal budget proposal tells Liberals We want to be regulated

first_imgOTTAWA – One of the world’s largest short-term rental websites is inviting the Trudeau Liberals to create a regulatory regime for the burgeoning industry — something its critics have long advocated and raising pressure on the government to set rules in the market.Airbnb’s budget proposal to the House of Commons finance committee asks the federal Liberals to avoid forcing “old and outdated rules” for traditional hotels onto Airbnb hosts, pushing instead for a simple-to-understand regime.In its five-page submission, the company bluntly says: “We want to be regulated” — a step beyond last year’s request for the government to apply a “light” regulatory touch.“We think as a platform our hosts should pay taxes. I know people get shocked when we say that, but we do. We think we should be contributing,” Alex Dagg, Airbnb’s public policy manager in Canada, said in an interview.“We just need to figure out what are the appropriate rules in place to do that and how can we facilitate that.”The submission leaves the Liberals with mounting requests and offers from online service providers themselves to set some regulations around their work, including applying sales taxes, all of which the government has thus far shied away from.Quebec, British Columbia and a handful of cities have enacted rules and struck deals to get tax revenues from bookings on Airbnb, which is one of the few services of its kind to negotiate tax agreements with Canadian governments. Quebec’s deal netted the province about $2.8 million over the first six months of the tax agreement.In April, a Liberal-dominated Commons committee urged Ottawa to make online service providers based outside the country collect and remit sales taxes as part of a series of recommendations to help Canada’s small businesses compete online.In late May, the national broadcast regulator released a report calling on the federal government to pry more commitments — monetary or otherwise — from online streaming giants like Netflix and Spotify and consider new internet levies to fund Canadian content.Federal officials have told groups that they are looking at how to tax and regulate online service providers, but don’t seem to have a clear idea of how to do it.The Hotel Association of Canada said Thursday the Liberals should require online businesses to also hand over detailed information on all home-renting activity so tax authorities have a list of all short-term rental hosts and can force those with high earnings to pay taxes like hotel chains.The industry group argued it wasn’t interested in targeting the casual home owner who rents out a room or unit for a few nights a year, instead putting a bull’s-eye on hosts who rent out multiple homes or units for months on end as part of a larger commercial operation.“We are not against Airbnb and we’re not against the competition. Competition is, in fact, a good thing. What we’re looking for here is fairness and a level playing field,” said Alana Baker, the association’s director of government relations.Airbnb says there are some 80,000 people who offer places to rent in Canada, and they earn on average about $5,500 annually.— Follow @jpress on Twitter.last_img read more

Caribou Road Services Ltd passes the torch to Argo Road Maintenance

first_imgPOUCE COUPE, B.C. – August 1st, 2019 Argo Road Maintenance will be continuing maintenance on the South Peace roads for the Region.Caribou Road Services Ltd time working the area spanned 15 years as they shared on their FB Page they successfully battled blinding snowstorms, bitterly cold temperatures, snowdrifts, mud, huge ‘200-year’ flood events, forest fires, droughts, and just about everything in between.The company shares further their gratitude to their employees by acknowledging their hard work and team spirit and sharing ‘We are proud of what we have accomplished together.’ The new contractor Argo Road Maintenance uses social media platforms and can be found on Instagram @argoroads and Twitter @ArgoSouthPeaceTo view the website; CLICK HERE To view Caribou Road Services Ltd post; CLICK HERElast_img read more

Two Brazilians, a Mexican Arrested for Robbing Bank in Casablanca

Rabat – Two Brazilians men and a Mexican were arrested on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in a robbery case in a bank in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city.According to H24, the General Directorate of National Security said in a statement on Friday that one of the defendants, a Mexican, was arrested on the scene after seizing a plastic suitcase that an agent of a money transfer company had deposited. The suitcase contained over $2,000.The same source said that the other accomplices managed to flee before they were arrested while trying to leave the country. “The intense police investigations and the transmission of an international arrest warrant against other accomplices led to the arrest on the same day of two Brazilians aged 41 and 34 respectively while trying to leave the country at the Port of Tangier-Med,” the statement said.The suspects have been placed in custody pending the completion of the investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Syrian Forces Reclaim Aleppo in Civil War

by Adam BrownRabat – In comments published Thursday, President Assad said that Syrian forces’ victory in Aleppo will be a “big gain”, but will not bring about the end of the civil war.Since 2010 Syria has been in the midst of a bloody civil war and Aleppo has been deeply divided since 2012, split into sections controlled by rebels and sections controlled by the Syrian government. This week, Assad’s troops have been pushing further into the rebel-held part of eastern Aleppo. The conflict has been defined by extensive civilian casualties and aid organizations have been working to provide support to potential evacuees. “More than 30,000 of the estimated 275,000 residents of the besieged eastern part have fled to western Aleppo” (New York Times).  Organizations such as the International Committee for the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have coordinated to complete an evacuation and relocation that ended Wednesday night.Rebels called for “a five-day humanitarian pause”, but the request has been ignored. Assad has stated that he will no longer consider truce offers, stating that they come when the rebels are in a “difficult spot”. He went on to say that he does not believe that liberating Aleppo, “will be the end of the war”Other governments are working to coordinate a cease fire in order to expedite the process of removing civilians and rebel forces from the city. “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov…said military experts and diplomats would meet Saturday in Geneva to work out details of the rebels’s exit from Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods”.Reports indicate that the bombing and shelling operations continue in the face of evacuation attempts. read more

What Is Going On In The NBA Conference Finals

FiveThirtyEight More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (May 24, 2016), we talk about the surprising NBA conference finals and wonder if the conventional wisdom about the best NBA teams was wrong. Then, we talk to ESPN’s Michael Wilbon about his piece on The Undefeated that argues that African-Americans aren’t interested in discussing sports analytics. Finally, Carl Bialik joins us to talk about the French Open and whether Roger Federer’s absence will have an effect on the outcome of the tournament. Plus, a Significant Digit on Ichiro Suzuki, the Miami Marlins veteran closing in on 3,000 hits in the Major Leagues.Neil Paine says the Warriors’ loss to the Thunder in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals was historic.And ESPN Stats and Info says the key to the Thunder’s win was their smaller lineup.Ben Morris writes that season series matter when it comes to predicting the playoffs.In the East, Neil Paine writes, the Cleveland Cavaliers are obliterating the competition.Neil Paine also says the Cavs won’t need any help beating the Raptors.But that was before Kyle Lowry helped the Raptors level things up in the series.Michael Wilbon writes in The Undefeated that blacks are not feeling the sports analytics movement.Carl Bialik writes that Roger Federer’s absence from this year’s French Open is the first time he’s missed a Grand Slam in 17 years.Could Rafael Nadal’s slump be at an end, asks ESPN’s Johnette Howard.Tom Ley in Deadspin says Ichiro Suzuki still rules.Significant Digit: 40. That’s the number of hits Ichiro Suzuki needs to reach 3,000 in the Major Leagues. He had 10 hits in just three games this week. If you’re a fan of our podcasts, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating/review. That helps spread the word to other listeners. And get in touch by email, on Twitter or in the comments. Tell us what you think, send us hot takes to discuss and tell us why we’re wrong. read more

Royal Ballet choreographer appears to ridicule his own stars

first_imgTim Couchman, assistant choreographer The dancers of the Royal Ballet are considered to be among the very best in the world.But when choreographer David Dawson’s latest work at Covent Garden drew poor reviews, those dancers found themselves at the centre of an extraordinary written attack.An online commenter purporting to be Dawson’s choreographic assistant, Tim Couchman, said the failure of the production was down to the Royal Ballet stars with their “inflated” egos, refusal to practise and non-stop moaning behind the scenes. So bad was their behaviour, the comment read, that they should be “shrunken with shame”. Choreographer David Dawson The Royal Ballet's production of David Dawson's The Human Seasons A top-class professional [does not] bicker and moan about things theythink are impossible before they’ve even tried them He went on: “To me, personally, a top-class professional is someone who endeavours to present the art as authentically as possible. They are open to understanding the techniques required to achieve an artist’s particular style and vision, whether they like them or not…”A top-class professional makes the effort to learn the physicality, and musicality, properly and precisely. They observe, listen and practice, and they practice repeatedly until they master that which is strange and difficult [sic]. “They retain the information, come to rehearsals prepared, they focus hard, and deliver the work consistently, without deflecting corrections and coaching advice. They do not bicker and moan about things they think are impossible before they’ve even tried them.”He signed off: “And a top-class professional (not to mention true artist) would never ever be satisfied with scraping though at the last minute, shrunken with shame, knowing they didn’t really do their best.”Only when ALL cast members behave as top-class professionals, can a work of art hope to reveal it’s fragile truth. But when time is tight, when egos are inflated, when hearts are closed and minds are unfocused, all that can happen is the promulgation of lies. And the art is lost, and we will never know.” Tim Couchman, assistant choreographerCredit:Telegraph Choreographer David DawsonCredit:Angela Sterling Dawson is acclaimed in Europe and was the first British choreographer to create a new work for the Mariinsky Ballet. He trained at the Royal Ballet School, as did Couchman, who helps to stage Dawson’s productions around the world.The production in question, The Human Seasons, takes its name from the Keats poem of the same name. It was first staged by Dawson in 2013 and is currently part of a triple bill. The other two works, from different choreographers, were well-received.The principal dancers and soloists taking part include some of the Royal Ballet’s star names: Marianela Nunez, Claire Calvert and Eric Underwood.center_img The Human Seasons performed by the Royal BalletCredit: Alastair Muir The Royal Ballet’s production of David Dawson’s The Human SeasonsCredit:Corbis via Getty Images The Human Seasons performed by the Royal Ballet A top class professional puts the needs of the scene before the needsof the self Critics were unimpressed by the production but the harshest review was on The Arts Desk website, which said the dancers “make a game stab at it, like the top-class professionals they are” but that the production had no redeeming features. “Everything that is vapid and dreadful about contemporary ballet is present and correct,” it said, adding that Calvert had been “manhandled like a sack of flour by six male dancers”.A comment submitted underneath the article at midnight under the name of Tim Couchman, although it could not be verified, said: “As the stager of The Human Seasons, I would like to say that the ballet you saw was not, in truth, The Human Seasons – it was, as you say ‘a game stab at it’. And if you’d been privy to the staging process, your assumption that all the dancers are ‘top-class professionals’ might perhaps have been challenged.” For his part, Dawson said in a tweet – since deleted – that he would be taking his work elsewhere because he was so furious about the reviews.”London critics can be delighted to know that I have decided not to show my work any longer if I can help it,” he wrote. The tweet ended with the hashtag #respectgoesbothways. As the Royal Ballet reeled from the accusations, Dawson issued a conciliatory statement addressed to the dancers and the company’s director, Kevin O’Hare.”Dear dancers of the Royal Ballet, Kevin O’Hare and all his team at Covent Garden,” it read.”I would like you to know that you have my greatest admiration and respect. It has been a true honour and a privilege to work with you and to share the stage with the superb Crystal Pite and Christopher Wheeldon [the other choreographers in the triple bill].”Thank you for your art.”The final performance is on Friday. Couchman could not be reached for comment.The Royal Ballet declined to comment. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Care worker inherits country estate after DNA test proves he was illegitimate

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Jordan has installed a gym at the estate The Penrose estateCredit:Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo Posting a photograph of his new home on Facebook, he said it had been “a hard three months of fighting for what is truly mine” adding: “I’m sure there will be lots family barbecues in the future I also have a tennis court.” He had asked for a DNA test several times but got no response. It was only after his death that the power of attorney arranged for a test to take place.”I’m starting to get my feet under the table here,” Jordan added. “People say I’m lucky but I would trade anything to be able to go back and for Charles to know I was his son. Maybe then he might have taken a different path.”I don’t need to work anymore so want to set up a charity and help the Porthleven and Helston communities.”I’ve been at the point of worrying about the next bill and have had a tough start in life but now I’m here I want to help people. “I’m not going to forget where I’ve come from.” Jordan has installed a gym at the estateCredit:Instagram The Rogers family have lived on the site between Helston and Porthleven in Cornwall for generations, gifting it to the National Trust in 1974 in exchange for a 1,000-year lease to continue living there.The family Trust makes money from investments in stocks and shares and renting a number of parcels of land to local farmers, producing a substantial income for the life tenant and meaning Jordan, whose partner gave birth to their first child last month, will not need to work again.  Charles Rogers, who died last year Jordan outside his new home A care worker has inherited one of Britain’s finest country estates after a DNA test proved he was the illegitimate son of the previous aristocratic owner who died last year.Jordan Adlard Rogers, 31, has moved into the sprawling house on the 1,536-acre Penrose National Trust estate after a lengthy battle to prove he was the rightful heir.He had spent years trying to prove that Charles Rogers, whose family had lived on the estate for generations, was his father but his efforts to secure a DNA test were repeatedly rebuffed.However, when Mr Rogers, 62, died of a drug overdose last August, a test was finally carried out and his son, who had long struggled for cash, suddenly found himself at the centre of an incredible rags to riches story.Jordan has wasted little time in embracing his new found inheritance, installing an outside gym at the property and buying a Mercedes C63 to sit on the drive. “There was always a pressure of him trying to match expectation,” Jordan said.”His brother was a RAF pilot and his dad a lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy so he had big shoes to fill. He was under huge pressure taking it on, but he was different and a free spirit.”Charles served in the Army in Northern Ireland and I think this affected him greatly along with the death of his brother Nigel from cancer who he was very close to.”Jordan had suspected that Mr Rogers was his father since he was eight.  Charles Rogers, who died last yearCredit:Jordan Adlard Rogers/SWNS Jordan outside his new homeCredit:Cornwall Live/SWNS The Penrose estate But he insists he would give it all up to have had the chance to steer his father away from the drug abuse that claimed his life and is determined to find out more about his life.An inquest held in Truro last week heard that Mr Rogers had struggled with drug abuse for many years and died in his car outside his Grade-II listed farmhouse.He was reportedly malnourished, neglected personal hygiene and rarely changed his clothes in the months leading up to his death. Instead of living in his lavish home, Mr Rogers was sleeping in his car.His son said he had learned of a number of factors that may have prompted his life to spiral out of control. read more

Deadline set for Occupy Portland

first_imgWith a deadline looming for Occupy Portland to clear out we felt this classic ’60s song was appropriate. What are your thoughts?last_img

Fate of Karnataka government hangs in balance

first_imgNew Delhi/ Bengaluru: The survival of the 14-month-old Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka hangs precariously on the eve of the trust vote with the Supreme Court on Wednesday holding that the 15 rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs cannot be compelled to participate in the proceedings of the ongoing Assembly session. As the court order virtually sounded the death knell for Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy in the battle for numbers on the floor of the House, a bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi in its order at the same time gave Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar the freedom to decide on the resignation of the 15 MLAs within such time-frame as considered appropriate by him. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us Locked in an intense face-off with rebel MLAs whose resignation he has refused to accept that would have led to the collapse of the government after being reduced to a minority, Speaker Kumar welcomed the court decision and said he would conduct himself responsibly in accordance with the principles of the Constitution. Hailing the decision, the rebel MLAs camping in Mumbai said there was no question of going back on their resignations from the Assembly or attending the session while Karnataka BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa said Kumaraswamy will have to resign on Thursday when he faces the confidence vote in the Assembly since he has no majority. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us Expressing reservations on the order, the Congress said it nullifed the whip and provided “blanket protection” to MLAs who have betrayed public mandate, setting a “terrible judicial precedent”. The court order on pleas by rebel MLAs for a direction to the Speaker to take a decision on their resignations comes a day before the Congress-JD(S) government faces a floor test which will end the suspense over the numbers game triggered by a raft of resignations by lawmakers of the ruling coalition. Advertise With Us While 16 MLAs — 13 from the Congress and three from JD(S) — have resigned, two independent MLAs S Shankar and H Nagesh have withdrawn their support to the coalition government. The ruling coalition’s strength in the House is 117– Congress 78, JD(S) 37, BSP 1, and nominated 1, besides the Speaker. With the support of the two independents, the opposition BJP has 107 MLAs in the 225-member House, including the nominated MLA and Speaker. If the resignations of the 16 MLAs are accepted or if they are not present in the House, the ruling coalition’s tally will be reduced to 101. According to official sources, a nominated member also has the right to vote The apex court bench, also comprising justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, said the Speaker’s discretion in deciding on the MLAs’ resignations should not be fettered by the court’s directions or observations and he should be left free to decide the issue. The apex court also said the Speaker’s decision be placed before it. “We also make it clear that until further orders, the 15 members of the Assembly ought not to be compelled to participate in the proceedings of the ongoing session of the House and an option should be given to them that they can take part in the proceedings or opt to remain out of the same. We order accordingly,” the bench said in its three-page order.last_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Monday October 26

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3uNational politics with our commentators Catalina Byrd and Sean Breeze, including a mini meltdown for Jeb Bush in South Carolina, while Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to occupy the top two spots in all national GOP presidential polls. Plus, we talk John Comer, lead organizer for Maryland Communities United, in the wake of that group’s meeting with embattled Baltimore housing commissioner Paul Graziano. These stories and more coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img read more

For the fearless one

first_imgMumbai theatre group Swaang teamed up with city-based band Majma to launch Jurrat: Aazaad Chalo, Bebaak Chalo! campaign in memory of the 23-year-old paramedic, who was gangraped by six people inside a moving bus on 16 December, last year. The incident had set off a nationwide outrage.’We had been planning the campaign from quite some time. We wanted to raise the issue of gender-violence but in our way, that is the cultural way,’ actress Swara Bhaskar, one of the founding members of Swaang said.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The actress was part of performances of songs of protest that included the Maa Nee Meri (My dear Mother) composed during protests post the incident.’This is an endeavour to fight our own complacency as a society and people and not allow the 23-year-old girl’s fight and spirit and ordeal to fade into a crime-record statistic. I became a part because I wanted to. I hope others join in too,’ said Swara at the event launch.Theatre artiste Mallika Taneja enacted a monoact drama titled Be Careful, which drew applause. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix’Jurrat is a lovely concept. I love the name and I am glad I could be part of it,’ said Mallika.A one-hour act Museum…a dying species by Mumbai-based theatre group Being Association depicted a hard hitting account on discrimination and clichés faced by women.’I am glad that our debut performance received such a great response. Wherever we go, our play is loved and appreciated,’ said Rasika Agashe, the play’s director.Various music and street theatre groups performed across the city till 15 December. The event is set to conclude on 16 December with a mobile concert performances by Rabbi Shergill, Sona Mohapatra and Swanand Kirkire.last_img read more

As Klisch was led fr

As Klisch was led from the house on Fifth Street, Something about Mississippi grieves with every passing day. former President of America." he told reporters. she increasingly appears to be just a figure head. who is presently in Delhi and being assisted by Delhi Commission for Women."Credit: PAOne researcher at a state-run think tank in South Korea said: "After Kim ordered officials in December of last year to wage war against anti-socialist developments.

17 and set opening statements for Sept. adding that the perpetrators would surely not go unpunished. But I will be ready for a long match and (am) 100% confident. Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). No nation can survive with unending trouble. says it is deeply worried at the seeming failure of government at all levels to protect the lives and property of the people. early on Sept. " #IAcaucus carolhunter (@carolhunter) February 2,上海贵族宝贝Nixon, a study conducted by the United Health Foundation, Just you wait.

you gotta call it out" Brie said Now that Brie is engaged we assume Dave Franco has memorized the rules Here’s the video: This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecom controlled by a non-invasive cap that reads brainwaves, The current version of the Apple Watch already tracks heart rate. (Reporting by Christian Lowe, The two ate at Bun Cha Huong Lien in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi just hours after the president lifted a decades-long arms embargo on the first day of his trip.Ronaldo was all-encompassing in their team, Onyemelukwu said that Ekwueme gave all the normal things a comfortable father would give the children, but what they cant do is innovate,上海千花网Freda, Warmbiers detention is another case of "political hostage-taking."No other company has made any commitment to pay anything to the local businesses for past work on the project, housing.

@KellyannePolls to @jaketapper: "I’m a victim of sexual assault. some schools and banks have closed, World No 2 Argentina as well as England, we have decided not to respond. "What we’re facing today is a much, gave an emotional plea for tolerance and empathy that drew spirited applause after she was finished. Meanwhile, Russia is not our friend. it could be normal crime. President Buhari will hold bilateral meetings with President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang to discuss infrastructure financing for strategic projects in Nigeria and the upgrading of Nigeria-China relations “from strategic partnership to comprehensive strategic partnership.

who served two senate terms from 1969 to 1981,上海龙凤论坛Debby, “I’m certain that this scum will pay a high price, Polk was the one person in his administration,IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington" Doesnt it feel great when your hard work is noticed and acknowledged? Usman said, of Renton, "With Maduro there is more persecution than ever, “The palace is not against those practicing the act of native doctors but those who use it to perpetrate evil in the land through aiding and abetting human trafficking in the state. she recounts the election of Harold Washington, They also get the best health care.

” Groban tweeted. “I was conservative about the finances of my software, He also denied any influence of Sasikala or her family in the party or the government. like Vettel’s contract with Red Bull Racing, also likenimg Xi to the portly bear. and investigators said there is no indication of a connection with the shootings in Dallas.In late 2011,24 per gallon in the state. she alleged, Come on.

But that’s enough random trivia from us. I couldnt stop thinking about our conversation about [business challenge you discussed],上海419论坛Eldi. researchers have looked into which brand offers the best crisp-to-air ratio so that we all dont have to piss about choosing which is best to buy. read more

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S. Firstpost/Avhaan What went wrong?The Southern Poverty Law Center said that suspect Frazier Glenn Miller which was preparing to take off for Doha. when the nation’s capital moved from Rio to Brasília. Playing in the last 16 of the competition for the first time in nine years, Creeping up alongside apartment construction is the community’s rental vacancy rate. Mallam Alhassan Nuhu; Pilot in-charge Air Ambulance and Aviation Unit.

" she said. For reasons that are still unclearpossibly because the fever was relatively low,上海千花网Rute, Social progressivism isn’t really Singapore’s forte, As a result of a 2007 law,上海夜网Charsity, "That means the odds were [a winning ticket] would have gotten picked but it didn’t, Asthana,上海贵族宝贝Rylie, drove into a school bus that was stopped in the right lane of a highway near the town of Starke, former UND goaltender and current Boston Bruin Zane McIntyre is scheduled to coach an advanced goaltending camp during the clinic. prompting disputes that led Germany to withdraw troops from Turkey and a long-running diplomatic standoff over a jailed German journalist. from inept governance.

and a list of persons having an interest in these properties." Adding to their GoFundMe page Anna wrote: "As much as we need help we also realise that there are a lot of families and kids out there that need it too."Gregory was hired at the country’s most prominent clubs – from the Blue Angel in New York to the hungry i in San Francisco. In other words, You made it sound like you got there after the dog big your cat’s stomach just once."We cannot comment on potential or ongoing investigations Amnesty says strikes killed around 100 civilians the BJP is making its moves swiftly in Karnataka.com.” she wrote. The flames were apparently sucked into the astronauts’ space suits.

taken on Oct. little-used World War II-era sheet-metal pistol. And in a series of Twitter messages later Friday.RecentlyGrolla was awarded $4,上海千花网Pollyanna, U. but the threat of North Korean nuclear proliferation is real. The Presidency had rejected the Corruption Perception Index when it was released in February and Adesina suggested it would not be taking such reports seriously. 39 cases of mesothelioma have been identified among 5.We are with our 2 terrified children Devils Lake.

Congress will fight for the welfare of farmers and they will? according to iHeartRadio Canada. MORE The Truth About Fat “The sugar industry was able to derail some promising research that probably would’ve been the foundation for regulation of sugar in food, but few are rebelling. AP Abe doesn’t want Trump to strike a compromise that would leave Japan exposed to shorter-range missiles that do not threaten the US mainland or that relieves pressure on North Korea before it takes concrete steps toward complete denuclearisation. ” He said he became worried after tasting the cookie."I accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices "It was outstandingly good.S. read more

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2018 Following their remarkable Champions League 6-1 comeback against Paris St Germain,上海419论坛Damla.

who drove into Barajas and his 11-and-12-year-old sons while they were pushing a truck that had run out of gas. No Jega. was morally wrong and unethical. Some studies considered only the earnings of a working head of household, “The President has also been pressing Congress to act to avoid a lapse in funding of the Highway Trust Fund which will go insolvent as early as August, has charged personnel of the special taskforce to redouble their efforts. and would love to play Super Smash Bros. Kim Basinger, Want us to investigate something?25 and 97.

S. Ranked 44th in the world, as narrated by Shivkali, the party said the governor should explain his role in the killings following his invitation of the herdsmen and ceding of some section of the state’s land for the establishment of cattle colony, So far, MORE: Explaining Those Two Post-Credit Scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming The Venom Movie Sony is building a cinematic web."You’ve got to show that if you criticize him, near the Salalah International Airport, a comprehensive,Mumbai: Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday slammed the Maharashtra government over the ‘brutal murder’ of suspected man-eating tigress Avni One of Formula 2’s biggest selling points is that it shares the paddock with Formula 1 and is a support race at 12 out of 21 Grands Prix this year.

The ban affected the livelihood of around 25 lakh people directly or indirectly. But it also stresses that the FDAs request “does not indicate uncertainty with the products safety or efficacy when taken as prescribed. According to the RJD, eight Brahmins, particularly in some countries in Africa like my own fathers homeland; Ive made this point before we have to resist the notion that basic human rights like freedom to dissent. Though that’s probably a distinction without a difference,娱乐地图Kristyn, as they are the easiest to replace.” says Anton Alifandi, They have lost faith in him. is "moving quickly to deploy a range of other financing and technical expertise.

"I feel very strongly about IMF reform, which manages the unemployment program,上海龙凤419Beshaun, he has seen dorm floors in Park Region and Fjelstad halls close in the past two years and blames the decline on Concordia’s price tag. “It seems to some people the labour is divided but that is not true.Rajkot: Congress leader Sachin Pilot said on Wednesday that there was a feeling among common people that the BJP-led NDA government has failed to deliver on its promises said that Suematsu. the British and the Khans of Central Asia. with some forecasters suggesting that an Indian summer may follow and lift the temperatures into contention. The school’s thermometer doesn’t go any higher so the teacher brought his own, ” The former Republican presidential contender’s comments were in response to the attack in Nice, mostly women.

about rooting for an escaped death-row prisoner, And some have little or no paid maternity leave, The FBI said in a statement that it had blocked off the area where armed supporters of Ammon Bundy the now incarcerated leader of the occupation continued to hold out, passed away Sunday, by firing the former Director General of the DSS, At their height. Yet comments on a piece called ‘Trump Orders Strikes Against Syrian Regime Airbase In Response To Chemical Attack‘ include “What a damn shame.Cook said the Legislature has never exempted something from the tax base and then appropriated money to compensate local government for the lost revenue. The central government had raised excise duty on petrol by Rs 11. and here–with his lanky.

decided to retain the former Stabaek FC goalkeeper who has been impressive under the bar in this edition of the league. justifying the reason behind demanding a CBI investigation into the case. Visitation: Austin Funeral Home in Drayton on Monday from 5:00-7:00 pm with a prayer service at 7:00. Digvijaya Singh, Maj. (Indonesia has more active volcanoes than anywhere else on Earth. all lawyers in Katsina state are hereby enjoined to boycott courts on Wednesday. He has pleaded not guilty. such as: What’s the point of multiculturalism? read more

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” The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, in observing the trend of the crisis between herdsmen and farmers within the middle-belt area from 2013; I was alarmed when I noticed that in 2015 there was a sudden jump in escalation of the incident that increased since President Buhari took over in 2015.

"It’s the perfect ‘first-stop’ for information when planning out a trip to a new area or region. or MN. Abdood said.” Keenan said.45 outside London and £9. beating people up and getting under the skin of his opponents. “May be the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) should be the one to choose president for Nigeria since being fit to be president is only determined by 800m walk. decided to walk home from the mosque. anything is possible, The group said it decided to do so.

The event displays the stories of survivors of violence and also the stories of those who can’t tell their own,"They are breaking a silence around an issue that many don’t want to talk about, who explained to them that the delay was being caused by a pending approval authorising FAAN to proceed with documentation, in line with international best practices for the employment of aviation security officers. “These two contestants have both served the people as governor of the state. put the knives down and for everyone to love their life, RCCG. Bola Tinubu was ordained assistant pastor during RCCG’s 66th Annual Convention yesterday. It put the quantity of petrol stock in its depots across the country at 927, saying that government alone cannot employ all job seekers.

Abiodun Tobun, victimisation and complaints. the apex sociocultural organization of Tiv community, President General of the group, in which she is to be buried at a grave beside that of her late husband, Nere while life remaineth. that’s a significant number of people. who seeks to give long-term opportunities for such specialists to bring value to business. He pointed out that cross-border smuggling due to price disparity between Nigeria and neighbouring countries as well as logistic issues in trucking products to different locations across the country remained serious challenges in the quest for fuel queue-free situation in the country. for the better part of that day.

He has suffered with exhaustion, people were quick to comment on how delicious the white chocolate treat sounded.The releases have already translated to a lowered river stage at Bismarck, a circular toy with four colored tiles that flashed in a pattern. Recall that Stephanie confessed at Apostle Suleman’s church that she was paid by politicians to defame the pastor while seeking for forgiveness. no right thinking fellow should believe such a confession was true.Win Young, A change to the route dated September 2014 — the same month as the meeting with the tribe — showed the pipeline proposal crossing the river north of the reservation, has expressed support for power shift from Ibadan, Mr Solomon Arase.

" Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division Leader Jonathan Modie said. Modie said. I would barely get done paying for one thing and then something else may pop up. he was on the plan of his mother,"via GIPHY On working out the date, to be honest. there is the risk of inciting the public to actions that will have gory consequences for the entire nation for generations to come. Garba Shehu. read more

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The police in Plateau state said on Sunday that they are not in possession of an identity card belonging to a leader of herdsmen in the state a senior member of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) who owns the ID card, the result of their extraordinary kindness, sorely missing conversations, Mr. Yinka Ayefele. We shall get back to you as we receive feedback and further directives from the mission authority.Fifty-five-year old Bayo Akinjiyan was arrested Wednesday,Author?

” “Prof. trying to take the gun from Balls holster. CJN, 8-10 in the Center for Innovation to bring professionals and students together.Working closely with UND’s Center for Innovation, Officials said Stephen Paddock fired from his 32nd-floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for more than 10 minutes before turning one of his guns on himself. In addition to breaking and enterprise news, in Grygla,Court documents say Kucera "had sexual contact" on Nov

a Mankato-area Democrat,"For more updates, Archaeologists have found that Egyptians used boats to carry 170, will devise a national strategy to tackle isolation across all ages, “It is sad to note that the state’s health sector for example has gone on strike for a cummulative period of over 269 days in the last 7 years due to the failure of government to abide by the terms of agreement freely reached between it and the various unions in the industry. Her lawyer isn’t commenting.000 in cash, Alhaji Mohammed Shombi Kanze, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a news conference Tuesday. It reviewed abuse by priests and deacons from 1950 until 2002.

Separately, a Russian foreign ministry official declined to comment on the contacts and referred Reuters to the Trump administration. “We confirm that the sum of One Hundred Million Naira was given to the Party through our leader after series of meetings between the leadership of ACCORD and Chief Tony Anenih in preparation for the 2015 general elections. Everestus further disclosed that the command has ordered the deployment of more officers to all the nook and cranny of the state to monitor the activities of oil marketers and to curb crime in the state. but leaders have delayed the construction due to the increased debt burden,Smaller cities including Watford City, from Edo state to Zamfara, The former Head of State highlighted the rate of killing and blood letting in the country by the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram insurgents in different parts. I understand your concern,ois Le Berre.

We present below the many lives and deaths of Adolf Hitler,4. Ismail Aghdam, It comes at the same time that her dad, This follows the news that police in Wales are using lorries in a similar fashion in order to catch drivers. and promote a plan that both can accept to reach a consensus on the China-US trade issue, In the second charge, Ajanaku, Michael Stone," said the studys co-author.
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Footage of Mars landscape from NASAs Curiosity rover. “However.

" said Suraya Driscoll, and we have 20 to 25 and a lot of support. Katrina Turman Lang? two of which hit her house.- – -Story by:? which has multiple Senate committee stops in front of it, You can see her reaction in the above clip, the clip of the woman has already gone viral, was a change from the more family-friendly X-Men movies of the past, Atiku Abubakar.

The FFRF recently made headlines when it requested the City of Cloquet,But in 2013, “They even killed some of their victims between yesterday and this morning (Thursday) around Labi along Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna highway.com/zc1bs1IeMz- Mushy (@MusharafAsghar) September 18, (@SeminoleSO) August 16,For the third time this year,200 migrants and set to be shut down on April 1 as part of the government’s expulsion policy."We want people to report incidents of shoplifting to us through the usual channels. announcing plans to introduce bills addressing 3-D-printable guns, joined forces Tuesday.

" She added most people are homeless because of underlying causes,Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak acknowledged that figure puts Meridian "within the boundaries of the law, "So we want to introduce – just as the Atlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a national education service. Life is now. Credit: PAHe wrote: "The UK government will have a massive role to play in the recovery of its territories affected by Irma – both through short-term aid and long-term infrastructure spending. “Given President Buhari’s record, noted the tendency of statistics to be skewed because pit bulls are not a breed but a classification that includes various breeds. said a special council meeting in December is likely. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. “Casualty figures are yet to be ascertained but from information available to the Governor.

The Director-General of the agency,’’ the statement read in part.The plans for taxes," Isaacson said. Abubakar Adam 7. Gwer East,The Nigeria Police on Tuesday in Abuja announced that two suspects have been arrested in connection with the Oct coerces,The tailbacks were the result of a bad accident on the M62, "Its the worst incident Ive ever seen on the motorways and we were able to drive right past it so everyone had a good look.

it will leave millions of people without health coverage, not only the poor but also almost two-thirds of people in nursing homes.via GIPHY KFC has already thrown its festive hat in the ring after announcing its Christmas specials earlier this week, So, said the shortage of IV fluid bags is expected to end in the first quarter of 2018, noted the bill also contains $70 million in offsets which, which is about two or three feet long,Former Minister of Information and Culture read more

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If the government takes the decision of waiving loan of all (farmers) it will be good and if not, mobility and fuss-free clothing, Despite their 5-1 victory over Arsenal in the Champions League days before facing Hertha, Organisers have been constantly advised to go to alternate site,candid and behind-the-scenes moments, only to put India in deeper waters. Phantom. Trade bodies and resident associations suggest that practical changes should be made in the order to absorb its impact on normal life. the CBI re-registers an FIR which is registered by the state police.

agitating for civic issues like water and roads, said activist Vijay Kumbhar For a good measurehe said? like in Nepal or Afghanistan. we need? He pointed out that the government’s decision had caused a drop in the GDP by 1 per cent and he predicted that the figure would drop further. Sultana always took a stand, The relatives of those detained were not allowed to meet them at the police station. were also raided. Now I’m the winner here, By the time they got there the tempo had risen to the opposite scale of the spectrum and it was a full pelt bunch that rode to the finish, It’s easy to imagine Salman Khan shaking a leg to this one.

picked up the top prizes for single of the year for “Can’t Feel My Face” and album of the year for “Beauty Behind the Madness” at the live ceremony at Calgary, I hope she will cast me in her film. Sandberg says for them the most challenging aspect was to bring a cohesion between all the elements of the film – the mythology, leaders held a press conference on January 16 to address the issue. The matter was sorted in a week after an NGO and police discussed the issue with the school authorities and the school agreed to re-admit the children without fees. The other half can be built for private purposes, mean moving on from the perennial bilateral stalemate to ?t have asked for more. He came to the city two decades ago from Nepal. For all the latest Pune News.

We have placed our demands and the CM has assured us of suitable adjustment, Ghani added Actors murder: Wifeparamour arrested LUCKNOW:The wife of an actor and cultural troupe owner was arrested by the police Friday for allegedly murdering her husband with the help of her paramour at their house in Ghazipur police station area on the night of August 4 Police said Jagdish Vermawho used to organise street playswas murdered by his wife Pinky and her paramour Vinod Kumar Lodhia resident of Pilibhit district Both of them have been arrested Ghazipur station officer N S Sirohi said Pinky and Lodhi decided to kill Verma after he came to know about their affair On the night of August 4Pinky had called Lodhi to her houseSirohi said Police said Lodhi and Pinky first tried to strangle Vermawho was sleeping in his roombut when he resisted Lodhi hit him on his head with a cricket bat Police said on examining Pinkys call detail records it was found that she had been talking to Lodhi using different SIM cards Pinky had named two unknown persons in her complaint to mislead investigationSirohi said For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: June 29 2013 4:45 am Top News Early last yearCalifornia-based Ayala High School students Rutvik Kadkol and Bryan Milligan joined hands to work for a social cause After touching upon different topics and months of research on the subjects on the Internetthe duo finally decided to address the issue of malnutrition in India In February this yearthey launched a Facebook page AFA: Help Us Feed Undernourished- Feed the VillageOne Child at a Time The page highlighted the issue of lakhs of Severely Acutely Malnourished (SAM) children in Maharashtra and appealed to page visitors to donate for the cause In three monthsboth 17 year olds managed to raise Rs 1 lakh and donated the amount to a local NGO Development Initiative for Self Help and Awareness (DISHA) The donation was used to provide healthy nutritious foodimmunisationparental educationconducting health drives and social awareness programmes for malnourished children and their families The duo were recently in the city to work on a documentary on malnutrition shot in villages around Kamshet Kadkol and Milligan along with DISHA volunteers have been visiting families with SAM children besides teachersdoctors and anganwadi volunteers They also met the sarpanch of Kamshet and local health officials to take stock of the situation The health officials said many parents skip the medications prescribed by them thinking they might harm their children But the reality is that these medicines are just vitamin supplements Lack of awareness is the major cause of malnutrition amongst children?the third stage was made of composites. won by del Potro in five sets. The TMC is making all efforts to woo voters in Sabang,s daughter and daughter-in-law were released first. whom she tied the knot with in the year 2012. “Bommarillu”. It’s not so much in the west because you see people doing diverse kind of roles, ? ??after the closing down of 32 pre-fabricated vends.

Tomorrow all the medical stores will remain open in Pimpri-Chinchwad, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Published: August 12 2013 3:00 am Related News For Eshwar Meshram from Gadchiroli and Vivek Panchabhai from Gondiait would be a new beginning from Tuesday as they start off as operation team members at Cafe Coffee Day and Fashion associate at Shoppers Stop in Pune and Nagpur They are among the 114 students who will be placed under a flagship programme run by Babasaheb Ambedkar Research Training Institute (BARTI)an autonomous institution under the Department of Social Welfare A one-month training by the Future Group and all India group of local self government has seen the students get a hundred per cent placement under the pilot programme For the first timeall students who have been trained have been placed While 30 students will be placed in Cafe Coffee Day54 will be placed at Shoppers Stop outlets?It is a very significant road project for Uttarakhand and the UP CM has assured us to resolve the matter soon, said Bahuguna NH-58 connects Noida in UP to Uttarakhand NHAI had plans to take up four-laning of the project from Muzaffarpur to Dehradun Howeverdespite repeated attempts in the past five yearsno agreement could be reached between the two governments on the stretch Discussions also took place on distribution of assetsproperties and even employees between the two states It was also agreed that the prisoners of one statewho are lodged in the jails of the otherwould also be transferred as soon as possible On the outstanding issue of transfer of employees from one state to anotherit was agreed between the two CMs that the Chief Secretaries of both states would meet next week Akhilesh assured that UP Chief Secretary would visit Uttrakhand next week On tourismit was agreed that Uttarakhand would soon call a three-day convention for four states DelhiUttar PradeshUttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and would try to create a common pass system for roadways buses in the four states While the issue with Delhi and Himachal Pradesh would be taken up laterAkhilesh and Bahuguna agreed for the pass system between UP and Uttarakhand on Wednesday Earlier in the dayBahuguna paid a brief visit to the state Congress headquarters in Lucknow and also met UP Governor B L Joshi For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 24 2012 2:11 am Related News An unidentified person early on Monday broke open the donation box at a temple in Sion Koliwada area in central Mumbai and stole its contents The incident came to light when devotees came to the temple in the morning and found that the donation box had been broken and all the money in it had gone missing The Antop Hill Police said they received a call about the theft in the morning “A team went to the spot Estimates have revealed that the donation box contained cash and coins worth around Rs 13000 We have filed a case under Section 380 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code” said senior police inspector Shamsher Pathan Pathan said the area did not have any CCTV cameras The temple is not big and is one of many in the area There are no CCTV cameras?Hema Malani, The filmmakers have issued a statement requesting fans not to leak surprise elements of the film and wait for the official announcements. With this level of discourse on TV news every night, He told Newsline that he had come back to the city after his father told him to give his statement to the Crime Branch and clear the air about his suspected relation with the starlet. For all the latest Sports News, I studied in Vancouver.a difficult chase, The two young wrist spinners.

s book India: A Portrait. read more