Zidane: “I’m glad for Isco, he has always shown that he has personality and that it doesn’t weigh him”

first_imgZinedine Zidane appeared first in the flash interview to analyze the great Real Madrid match against Valencia. The whites imposed themselves with authority (1-3) and the white coach was satisfied although it was prudent: “It is a semifinal and we still have the final.”Message: “It is a victory. We play to win. We put all the ingredients in the game to win and it is a deserved victory, very worked and happy for the result.”Sweet Moment: “We are working well. We are emotionally good. All the players are involved. We have all the ingredients to make good matches. That is what we did against Valencia, against a rival who are very good. In the end we got it. Now we have to rest because it’s only a semifinal. “He has applauded his players: “I do not know, it has been a good game from the beginning. We have pressed very well up, the second part was much more vertical and happy because it is not easy against a very good team, who knows how to play well. We can be happy. It is a semifinal, we are in the final and now we have to rest and think about Sunday. “Half satisfied: “Therefore, happy for the game but we know what is missing.”Are the five midfielders the result of the need for injuries or a possibility for the future ?: “Yes, more for that because in the end there was Vinicius on the bench and Rodrygo, but today the option was to put Isco and Modric inside to have more travel on the sides. They are all very good. It was the option today. I could play with band players, but we did it the other way around, with more interior players and using the bands with our sides, it has worked for us, we have many resources and it has been seen with some genius: with the goal of Toni, the goal of Modric … We played a very serious game. “How much merit does Zidane have?: “I don’t know, I’m here with them. We prepare the games very well, we interpret very well. We are all together. In the end it is the players who play, they give everything on the field. Everyone. They are all involved. And that is seen “.How Mariano? “Like everyone.” Isco marked and expands the list of scorers: “It means a lot. We have had two or three important players who are out. The others when they play do well and try. The team when there are changes does not change the dynamics much. That is essential for us. It is a step forward , but there is one game left. “Later, Zidane spoke with the media in the press room.Five midfielders: “You could play with extremes, but we chose that option to have Modric and Isco inside. It was an offensive option, but the important thing was in the opposite field, to press up. We played football well, which is what we want. second part we were even more vertical. “How the team improves: “I will not explain much. It is to maintain our possession because we know that the opponent does not like to run after the opponent. This match was like that but in others it may be different. We interpret it well. I would say that even having five midfielders was not seen a lot”.Bale, will he be in the final? “I don’t know, at the moment it is not in condition. It has not been trained all week. We will see what we are going to do. We will talk to the doctors.”Jovic barely intervened. Very lonely? “My feeling is that he played a good game. He did not score, he had a chance, but he worked hard. It is not easy when you have not played for a long time, the difference in level is noticeable. He would like to have scored, but it is not the most important thing. He gave everything. He did his job. “Isco, of being almost out at a spectacular level. Merit of the coach? “Nothing, they work to be fine. The good thing is the dynamics that we are showing. Every game you have to prove it. We had to give our best version, I don’t know if it’s the best, but we can be happy about this match. Isco … I I’m glad, because he has always shown that he has personality and that it does not weigh him at all. “The greatest satisfaction is that there have been many players at a good level? “It’s hard to choose one. I’m glad for Isco’s goal, maybe he needed that. The genius of Kroos. That of Modric, that only he has … I’m glad everyone is fine. But we haven’t won anything yet. We are going to enjoy it but to prepare and the final “.last_img read more

Six teams accompany Liverpool as the only undefeated

first_imgThe Maccabi of Tel Aviv is another undefeated. Yesterday he could have lost the condition in his match against Beitar de Jerusalen, but the match ended 0-0. Their numbers: 13 wins and five draws, leave the advantage with Maccabi Haifa in four points. In their ranks two Spaniards play. The former Huesca Jair and the former Athletic Saborit, both fundamental pieces of the Israeli team.Ludogorets (Bulgaria) The steamroller of Europe. 20 wins and a draw in 21 games. The English are leading leaders of the Premier League, they outperform the City by 14 points, second place. The Klopp also have a game less, which could leave the distance at 17. Except hecatombe will win their first Premier Thanks to his defensive strength. They are the least thrashed team in the Premier, with 14 goals. In attack Mané and Salah are distributed almost half of the many. The Spaniards Adrián San Miguel and Chirivella are part of a winning squad.Shakhtar (Ukraine) Intratable in Ukraine. He won the last three leagues champion and is on his way to get the fourth straight. With 16 wins and two draws in 18 games, they beat Dynamo in Kiev by 14 points. In the Champions League they were eliminated in a group with City, Atalanta and Dinamo de Zagreb, but they finished third and will play in the Europa League (against Benfica). Its staff is largely composed of Brazilian players. Moraes is his pichichi with 15 goals in 16 games.Salzburg (Austria) In the month of January, most European leagues begin their second round. At this point of the season, who else who has already lost at least one game of their domestic competition. In the five major leagues only Liverpool has the honor of not having defeated so far this season. If you look at all the European leagues, in addition to the Klopp team, six other teams still don’t know defeat. They are the seven invincible.Liverpool (England) Another of the undefeated teams and that has the very determined League is the Prague Slavia. After 20 days their numbers are 17 wins and three draws; and his advantage with the Viktoria Plzen is 16 points. His domain is overwhelming and where this fact is most appreciated, it is in the goals received. It has fit just four. He is already out of European competition, but he had a whole Barcelona against the ropes both in the first leg and in the second leg, in addition to getting an honorable draw against Inter, in San Siro.Olympiakos (Greece) Slavia Prague (R. Czech) The Ludogorets is the last team of the select group. Bulgarians are reeling in recent games (they have three consecutive draws), but they remain undefeated. Their numbers in 20 games are 14 wins and six draws. In the Europa League his rival will be Inter. In the group stage they faced Espanyol and lost both games, receiving a blushing 6-0 in Barcelona. In the League they have only received eight goals in the 20 games. Olympiakos wants to emulate the milestone achieved by its rival, PAOK, last season. The Thessaloniki team managed to finish the season unbeaten with spectacular numbers: 26 wins and four draws. For its part, the Martins team has 13 wins and five draws in 18 games. In the Europa League, Arsenal will be measured. Miguel Guerrero, former player of Sporting and Leganés among others, is the only Spaniard in his ranks. He has two goals.Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) He has had six leagues in a row and although he has almost had no rival, this season the Lask is facing him. The difference between the two is only two points after 18 days. Jesse Marsch’s team has won 13 games and tied five. After his league stop will come the meeting that could leave the League resolved or turn it upside down, both teams will meet at the Red Bull Arena on February 14. And Salzburg will do it without Haaland, who after signing for Dortmund has reduced the attack. Without him, The team’s weight falls on Zambiano Daka, who has 14 goals. In the Europa League they face Eintracht.last_img read more

Who is Éder Sarabia, Setién’s second coach?

first_imgEder Sarabia will remain the right hand of Quique Setién in this adventure in Barcelona. Son of Manu Sarabia, Athletic is passionate but the Dream Team marked his way of understanding football. The Basque has demonstrated his talent for the trade on his own account but recognizes that his father was decisive in the arrival at the benches. Manu, his father, played in Logronés with Quique Setién who, at the time, met Éder when he was just a child. Although their paths separated in the daily deal they never lost contact. All spinning on the ball. Always, the ball.Sarabia joined the Quique Setién staff in Las Palmas at the invitation of the Cantabrian himself, followed him on his adventure in Heliopolis and now, he will travel with him to Barcelona. Although they understand football in the same way, the matches live them in different ways. Quique is more leisurely while Éder is pure nerve. That intensity has led him to several crossings with the referees in First that have resulted in numerous expulsions and penalties. Quite a few compared to his guild mates. But he has not only had clashes with the referees. Jose Luis Gayà said after the semifinals of Copa del Rey between Betis and Valencia that Sarabia tried to “destabilize him during the match.” “He spends the whole game shouting at me, telling me to stop throwing myself and trying to get me out of my boxes,” said the side, which accused Sarabia of recidivism. “It is not the first time he does. In Seville and last year he did the same, “said the Valencian side. “Now we have to wait for a good place to do important things,” Sarabia acknowledged at Cadena SER Bilbao at the beginning of the season in a quasi-premonitory way after leaving a Betis that marked them and in which he left his personal imprint. Intensity in the 90 minutes, believer and practically of the Cruyffismo and recognized admirer of the game of Leo Messi, Sarabia will return to accompany Setién to try to replicate successfully the football that fell in love with the little Éder (and a more veteran Quique) several decades ago. Being a first coach, one of your desires, can still wait.Active in networks and sports centerÉder Sarabia is one of the few people in the world of football who uses social networks naturally and without the feeling of giving a prefabricated message. The Basque, very active in his Twitter account, has acknowledged being an admirer of the game of Leo Messi, which he will now have at his command, and while he has been free he does not hesitate to comment on what was happening in the successive days of the League. But not everything is football. Sarabia is a big fan of cycling, who follows fervently and also practices regularly and in his header photo has Rafa Nadal. It will do well to imitate the resilience of the manacorí on the track to complete its next challenge satisfactorily. Can Barça wait.last_img read more

Setien does not give truce

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 17, 2020 Barcelonismo lives hooked to the effect Setién, who since his landing at the Camp Nou replacing Ernesto Valverde monopolizes the front pages of the Barcelona press. Everything the Cantabrian coach does is news, whether on or off the pitch. Inside with the change of routines that he has established in the operation of the team to prepare the matches and that will take shape in the training the same Sunday hours before his debut before the Pomegranate, and out with the conjuration dinner of the staff that organized yesterday in a well-known restaurant in Barcelona. “Conjure Setién” title Sports world with the images of the players at dinner yesterday highlighting the data that came Riqui Puig, who is already in first team dynamics. For its part, Sport talk about “good vibes and work”. This newspaper highlights the “renewal of the work plan” and states that “the coach enters with good foot in the locker room”.Setién also has his space in the general press. In The vanguard your team is analyzed in detail, while in The newspaper They list their great challenges. For its part, L’Esportiu highlights that the new technician returns to “old habits” of work.last_img read more

Jovic is a mystery

first_imgIt is not that this Madrid that functions as a goldsmith (ten different scorers in January alone) needs Jovic’s goals. The but It is in the medium term. He was signed at the price (€ 60M) of a great forward at mid-point cooking so that he absorbed everything he could from Benzema, but is disconnected and, what is worse, it seems to bother the rest of the team, accustomed to Karim’s extreme mobility. “Jovic knows he has to work, it has to adapt … these complicated moments will come in handy, “was the recipe Zidane recommended in Zaragoza. It didn’t sound like reproach. Less coming from a technician who took a cape and shield to defend the Balkan in Saudi Arabia:” It’s the future, it will make many goals here. “DisconnectedBut the case is that Jovic only remembers the sensation of marking them of his days in the Eintracht. In Madrid, somewhat in 748 minutes. With the club frankfurter was wearing at this point last season 18 goals, including a glorious poker to Fortuna Düsseldorf (three with the left, one with the right hand and another with the head).But that day when he revolutionized the Bundesliga explains well what Jovic is like. The five targets went to Hugo Sánchez style, at a touch. Pim, pam, pim, pam, pum. The antithesis of Benzema. The French barely joins a shared shyness that Karim took off since Cristiano left. Jovic, on the other hand, is having language problems (although Modric throws a cable) and, in the field, gets into his shell. A mystery that has to unravel Zidane. The only but of the Real Madrid in La Romareda it was Luka Jovic. It is not the typical case that the adversative conjunction works to cancel the first part of the sentence. The white team dominated Zaragoza on its serious road to the Cup, although still not understanding his center forward substitute.Jovic’s statistics yesterday was an informer. He only touched the ball 14 times in 73 minutes, less than half of the ball touches than his goalkeeper. Areola did it 34 times. Jovic gave barely seven passes (One every ten minutes!), Three times less than the French firefighter. When the player closest to your goal intervenes more than the man closest to the rival goal, bad business.last_img read more

Muniain gives a slight advantage to an Athletic who will play the pass to the final in Los Cármenes

first_imgAthletic Club defeated Granada (1-0) on Wednesday in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey held in San Mamés, where the local team was better but could only take that minimum advantage thanks to a goal from Muniain, which leaves the tie that will close the New Los Cármenes the first week of March is still open.The Gaizka Garitano imposed their status as a local and several more marches in search of the final of Seville. After charging to Barcelona, ​​Athletic jumped with everything to bring a new final, more accessible without culés or Real Madrid. Williams and Muniain shone in the local choral exercise, which however left a 1-0 until good for the Andalusians, apparently and back home.Muniain on the edge of the break gave a deserved income to the locals, after San Mamés met and also his team in a great first half. The clash began with a warning from Soldier and another from Herrera for the Andalusians, at the beginning of an exchange, but soon the performance remained in Bilbao monologue. The first part was played in the visiting field, in a siege of Athletic. Williams was once again the best weapon of the ‘lions’ and broke in the race, winning the clash, although with a peephole. Both Capa and Yuri were looking for him, but Vesga and Yuri himself were encouraged from outside the area. Despite so much fright, Granada neglected Williams’ last race before the break and, without opposition, had time to attend the arrival of Muniain for 1-0.Those of Diego Martínez barely appeared, nor did the Puertas, Carlos Fernández, Gonalons or Machín take out the virtues of a Granada capable of standing up to the best in their season of return to First. The well-worked machinery of the Andalusians grabbed in San Mamés and, despite a better disposition in the second half with Vallejo, did not know how to stop the local momentum or generate danger.On the contrary, Athletic resumed the danger not only with Williams. Capa could have the semifinal in his left boot, with which he finished off the bottom of the net from the front despite being right-handed. The euphoria of San Mamés was neutralized by the referee’s review at the notice of the VAR and the goal was canceled because Williams was in the goalkeeper’s line of sight. The battering ram could get even but Rui Silva avoided it, in a second act more locked by the faults.Vallejo also suffered and Granada tried hard to save for the return a defeat by the minimum that keeps his second attempt to reach the final 51 years later. Neva tried Unai Simón in the 80 ‘for the first time, while the aids in defense of the visiting team ended up with Athletic’s gasoline, although Aduriz touched the goal in his farewell to the Cup in La Catedral.DATA SHEET.– RESULT: ATHLETIC CLUB, 1 – GRANADA CF, 0. (1-0, at rest).– ALIGNMENTS.ATHLETIC CLUB: Unai Simón; Capa, Yeray, Unai Nuñez, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Williams, Dani García (San José, min. 84), Vesga, Muniain and Raúl García (Aduriz, min. 67).GRANADA CF: Rui Silva; Víctor Díaz, Germán, Duarte (Eteki, min. 85), Carlos Neva; Gonalons, Herrera, Puertas (Vallejo, min. 46), Carlos, Machís (Gil Dias, min. 71) and Soldier.–GOAL: 1 – 0, min. 42, Muniain.–ÁRBITRO: Hernández Hernández (C. Las Palmas). He admonished Dan García (min. 16), Williams (min. 29) and Aduriz (min. 67) by Athletic. And to Víctor Díaz (min. 29) and Soldier (min. 65) in Granada.–ESTADIUM: San Mamés, 48,149 spectators. Photo: EFEcenter_img The Basque captain scored before the break at Williams passAthletic was better but Granada managed to defend itself wellThe return, in three weeks in the fief of the Nasrid teamlast_img read more

Bordalás: “I am in love with Ajax vertical football”

first_img—At last week of Ajax. How does it start?–Many interviews, something big is coming because the team is among the best, which is not normal in this League. It is not easy to maintain this level for a small team. We stay in the fight with the best.“Do you think he will continue to have Angel?”–I hope the president won’t let him out. We are a modest and it would be serious to weaken at this time. A big risk now that we have so many things at stake. He is our top scorer.“What is the use of the Camp Nou game?”–In Barcelona the team was fantastic. An action of the best and an error penalized us. Any Barça player is worth what the entire Getafe. We are a six hundred competing with a Formula 1.“Is Ajax also an F-1?”–It is a great team, semifinalist of the last Champions. We compete in a much higher level league and we are used to face very good teams almost every week. There we can have our possibilities.—A school club. A unique style?–Ajax has since its inception a football similar to the current one. An interpretation of total football that began with Rinus Michels in the seventies with Ajax and the Orange Mechanic. Decades have passed and they keep the essence. It is not the same as Barça that began to interpret it with the arrival of Cruyff as coach. They have had many models. Ajax from Michels until today has made a very offensive football, with talented players. He has taken care of it at the base and is a factory to get players with incredible potential and talent. – It is inevitable to remember that tie with Bayern.–They tell us, but we try to enjoy this tie. I have been called from everywhere to come see these games.—How will you focus on the costumes?–The players are aware of what is at stake. We do not know when we will have another opportunity to do something beautiful that can be left in the history of Getafe and football.“The full Coliseum, 2,000 blues in Amsterdam.” A lot of responsibility?–There is a tremendous illusion. The fans are with the team and recognize their work. They are aware that Getafe is not going to let them down, something else will be the result, because Ajax is very large. It fills us with pride and responsibility. A tie that will be seen throughout the world. Getafe’s name will be everywhere. “He says he would adapt to his players.” When I get to a big one, what will be non-negotiable for Bordalás? “Before Ajax we can stay in the history of Getafe and football” –The only non-negotiable is work. Football goes very fast and the big ones have difficulties to overcome the little ones. Our Camp Nou match is an example. Barça ended up asking for the time and delaying changes and take-offs.“Is this Ajax the same as last year or has it lost potential?”–Most of his players and the coach continue. It is a club that young and talented players never stop out of and that surprise you. They are fast, very dynamic and high quality soccer players. He eliminated top teams and I have no doubt that they are favorites in this tie.“Where do Getafe’s options begin?”–Especially in the Coliseum. With the support of our people and our good moment we have to take advantage of it. Play without any complex. Our advantage is that we are used to playing against teams of this level.“The same does not play an Ajax-Getafe again.” How it lives?–It is a historic match for many of us, for the fans and for the club. It is a beautiful tie that has raised a lot of expectation. It is good for football that a modest has the opportunity to face one of the great historical of Europe.center_img —The position game or the so-called tiqui-taca. Are they an evolution of that?–It has nothing to do with it. The Ajax of the seventies was very vertical with Rep or Cruyff. His transitions were dizzying and he continues to maintain that. They are technically well endowed and that is why they can make very long possessions. The tiqui-taca is something else.—Cruyff was always a model for Bordalás. For that verticality?–Yes. I have been in love with his interpretation of football. Many people talk about the Dream Team Barça without having seen it. If we remember Koeman making changes of orientation and putting balls behind his back, Goiko and Stoichkov making break points, Bakero earning aerial actions … They had the ball and possession and were able to surprise you with passes from their own field.– What would Bordalás need to interpret that football as he would like?–In a small team you cannot have the most complete players, you have your possibilities and you must adapt. The best coach is the one who gets the best performance from his players.—The key is usually in the center of the field. What do Arambarri and Maksimovic give you?–They bring a lot of balance. They are constantly recovering balls and helping all their teammates. They are very complete, but they lack calm and precision after recovery. They are very young and will improve on that. “Will this be the last?”–It need not be. We face it with ambition and respecting the rival. We do not think it is the last, we will try to spend two great games.– Will there be rotations as before in this competition or is this tie different?–We will have to analyze how are the players with more load of minutes. We will make decisions knowing that everything is not over on Thursday and that another very difficult game will have to be played again on Sunday.– Eliminate Ajax and go far or reach the Champions League through LaLiga?–Knows me. Thursday and nothing more. There are many games left and hopefully we will find ourselves in these testas at the end of the season. It will be very complicated and we would have to win many games. Let’s go stage by stage. “I hope the president won’t let Angel out. He’s our top scorer.”last_img read more

Atletico 1×1: Correa and Koke give life and João comes back with a goal

first_imgBelt: Return to the right starting band leaving your space up to Vitolo. With the goal of Alcacer returned to the front, where it is decisive. Currently the most decisive player above, and scored the goal of the draw by taking advantage of a pumped ball from Vrsaljko with great intelligence to get ahead of Pau and Asenjo. Shortly after he left a fantastic dribble with a control oriented to leave the central Villarreal. With the entry of João Félix he returned to the right wing. Although he does not participate with excessive continuity in the game, when he does it is decisive. He appeared to put a candy on Koke’s head in the second of the Atleti. It is very well understood with Trippier, who always looked for him inside.Saul: Inside left starting, he looked for Rubén Peña’s back constantly, very incisive in attack. With the goal of Alcácer focused his position to leave more freedom to Koke. Worker in the pressure, seeking to discomfort to the maximum the exit of Trigueros and Cazorla, recovered several dangerous balls in rival field. He saw the yellow one, but he didn’t give up on his efforts to recover the ball up. He looked for the goal with a shot that went up. Great job in the best rojiblancos minutes.Vitolo: Increasingly accustomed to playing in the lead, Alcacer’s goal returned to his left, his most natural position. He could not take advantage of a rebound in the area to overcome Asenjo when he seemed a goal sung. His header, after the stop of the palentino to Morata, also stopped the goalkeeper since it was not a good definition. He lacked precision when he could run with spaces. He left replaced by João Félix without having managed to take advantage of his opportunity as a starter. Morata: He is not yet at his speed tip after his injury. He had his first great option to see the door at 28 minutes with a volley that crashed in Asenjo, which also stopped Vitolo’s subsequent shot. Seven minutes later he tried again, with a comfortable header for the goalkeeper. Little participation in the game, sought less than usual space uncheck, probably because of his physical condition. He was not well with the ball, losing several options against not raising his head. As always, your work is essential. He left replaced in the 82nd minute without a good day at the office.João Félix and Trippier are backJoão Felix: He played the last 34 minutes at Vitolo’s place after missing four games due to injury. He started the play of Koke’s goal with a very precise game change for Trippier and sentenced the game with a left-footed shot that slipped between Asenjo’s legs. He left several very interesting unchecks where if his classmates have seen him he could stay hand in hand. Great maneuver in the area, sitting at Villarreal’s defender, but his shot hit an opponent. He saw a yellow one with a swipe. He tested Asenjo several times with distant shots, sometimes excessively individualistic, but his shots did not complicate the Palentino. Trippier: Recovered in less than a month of a pubalgia operation. He was not noticed in the least the inactivity, constantly climbing the band and looking very dangerously inside balls almost always for Correa. He participated decisively in the goal of Koke, receiving from João on the side and looking again to Correa for the center of the goal. Serious also in defense.Llorente: He had the last 10 minutes on the right to return Correa to the front. He put muscle and physique to finish the game while maintaining the advantage. Great defensive action in helping Trippier. JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Koke celebrates his goal with Correa.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS) Oblak: The first Alcácer had ahead of Villarreal with a great right from outside the powerful area stuck to the stick, an impossible shot for the goal. If he could intervene at 62 minutes to leave a great hand to Alberto Moreno’s shot inside the area looking for the first stick still tied in the scoreboard. He also had to repel a distant focused shot and leave with great speed to avoid Alberto Moreno’s hand in minute 85 that could put Villarreal in the game.Vrsaljko: The Croatian has been taking the place on the right side, although before Villarreal was already waiting Trippier, recovered at a meteoric speed of his pubalgia. Constants up the right wing, from a ball pumped to the Croatian area came Correa’s tie, very fast to get his shipment. He has been growing in audacity with the parties and did not hesitate to face Alberto Moreno every time he had the opportunity. He left after 56 minutes for the Englishman after leaving a good game. Savic: He got to clear the center of Gerard Moreno, but his header hit Alcácer to make a great goal. Currently he has established himself as Felipe’s partner and as long as he continues with his good performance he will complicate Giménez’s return to eleven. Very fast to anticipate the balls looking for the rival front. His cuts were very important in the melee when Atlético sought pressure up, since they were practically hand in hand.Felipe: As always when playing with Savic, he placed himself on the left side of the center of the back, an area where he is most uncomfortable at the start of the ball since he has trouble using his less good leg. Like Savic, he had to be very attentive to the constant movements of Alcácer and knew how to constantly advance. Very powerful above in the moves to Villarreal’s stationary ball. I gave it: Villarreal placed Gerard Moreno in his band to complicate the Brazilian much in defense. In attack he always sought to double Saul first and Vitolo later, although his centers did not lead to danger. With Gerard further he felt comfortable in the game. He completed his second consecutive game after several substitutions in previous meetings.Thomas: Pivot of the team, left some good ball behind his back looking for the unchecking of the sides. However, in the first half he did not stand out when breaking lines or the distant shot, two of his great virtues. He had difficulties before the defensive framework of Villarreal, with the lines close together, very closed and with three quality players in the middle. But in the second part with Saul by his side he was growing in recovery, stealing very high. Great game finale, where he even left some driving from behind with a lot of power to lift the fans from his seat. Koke: His return to the team has been essential to recover the good feelings, this time with goal and capital participation in the third. The meeting began in the double pivot to give fluidity to the rojiblanco game. With the score against, he moved to the right with full freedom to find the ball in the middle. In a climb along the side came the center that Morata was about to take advantage of with a volley that stopped Asenjo. With the changes he moved to the left, but maintaining his freedom of intervention with the ball. He arrived perfect from behind to make the 2-1 with a great header to the center of Correa and in his pressure above he recovered for the goal of João Félix. He is always close to the ball and danger.center_img Atletico returned to LaLiga after his great victory in Champions over Liverpool with the only novelty of Vitolo in the eleven in the place of the injured Lemar. On this occasion led by Mono Burgos from the bench, Since Simeone was sanctioned, Atlético started with Koke in the double pivot, Correa on the right and Vitolo up, but Alcacer’s goal changed the approach. Saul in the middle, Vitolo on the left, Koke on the right and Correa on top, where he scored the tie. In the second half Thomas and Saul managed to prevail in the middle, stealing very high and the João Félix and Trippier entry, already recovered from their respective injuries, he reactivated the team in attack, with a fantastic play for the goal of Koke initiated by the Portuguese and continued by the Englishman who delivered the ball to the assistant Correa. João Félix himself made the third with a far left shot. last_img read more

Series A could start again without VAR

first_imgThe president also commented on the latest events regarding the resumption of competitions: “It is spoken as if we were going to play again tomorrow, but I did not hear any proposal for the referees. They are ready, they respect the rules, they work by teleconference, but before returning you have to be vigilant. They move alone with trains and planes, they would experience risky situations. To start again, I will ask for guarantees. “ Series A runs the risk of resuming the competitions without the help of the VAR: the president of the Italian referee association, Marcello Nicchi, maintains it. The executive told the ‘Rai’: “There is such a possibility, we could be forced to resign. The VAR is used in tight environments, with operators working very close, it would be difficult to respect the distances. I hope it does not happen, but it would force us to health emergency. “last_img read more

Rashford explains why Ibra was key in his evolution

first_imgMarcus Rashford has explained the important role that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had in his development as a Manchester United footballer. The 22-year-old Englishman broke into the first squad of the Red Devils and within a few months, the arrival of the Swede was decisive: “His mentality was above anyone with whom he has played before.” “He didn’t care about anything that anyone said about him. In terms of mentality, he was key in my development. When Mourinho was here, as he had already played with him, he knew that he had to behave in a way to survive, and it was very good I improved a lot and it’s thanks to those two years with Mourinho. We had ups and downs, but when I look back, it was a tough period but it made me a better player, “recalls Rashford.last_img read more