How to join tea

milk tea to join, can make money and market prospects. This is the most common and most fool advertising, a puff of feeling. But if you are really in order to open the tea shop to choose the project and worry, small series really recommend a good brand for you – excellent tea beauty tea.

and the use of the unique beauty of tea tea blending tea rich in tea with each of us exclusive spell of 20-30 in different varieties of tea, blending technology not only makes the quality and flavor of tea drinks taste more delicate, distinct levels, long fragrance, very special. The infection process of tea tea unique beauty, brought sweet taste to the people, let diners drink, aftertaste for a long time. read more

How to run sushi stores to master these points

sushi this kind of food appears more and more frequently in people’s life, gradually changed people’s diet structure. Many businesses want to invest in the industry of the project, but the way to run sushi shop is not very proficient. Today Xiaobian for everyone here to resolve.

1, opened in big cities

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Xixia district investment promotion of economic growth has been confirmed

Ningxia in our country in the western region, although in the past economic development, but at the same time compared with the eastern region there are still many gaps, and the investment has been a main theme of Ningxia area.

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How to manage new cigarette

has a high visibility of the cigarette products is good business, worry more in the market, however, is that profits have been transparent, and it will also have a limited supply, so the new cigarette will continue to be put on the market. However, these new cigarettes how to operate, but also has become a problem. "The introduction of new cigarettes can better meet the diverse needs of consumers, rich in store tobacco varieties. As long as the master of new products, sales and service, deep knowledge of clever presentation of odd, can get higher new cigarette." When it comes to the new cigarette business experience, the north city of Linyi Jin Zhuang Jiuhang owner Han Zongxia said. read more

How to design Teahouse

teahouse is a place for many people to relax, with the improvement of people’s living standards, many people have begun to go to the teahouse to relax, open tea shop has become a good choice. So, how to design tea to attract customers? Xiao Bian introduced.

first, the atmosphere of foil. In general, the customer into the teahouse in order to pass the time, is hoping to relax, enjoy a moment of pleasure. For them, there can be a place for friends gathering, stimulate the friendship a trickle flow; can also unlock barriers, let all the knot and fast dissolve in tea. Here, everyone likes to have a cup of tea. How to design teahouse? Therefore, it is particularly important to create a teahouse atmosphere, and one of the key factors is the music. It seems from the most classical music teahouse, choose more, let people body, heart, love, mixed together with all sorts of aroma into cadence, intriguing zither rhyme. Attention should be paid not to put too much, of course, do not be too small, as long as it can give people a relaxed feeling, and will not affect the customer talk. In addition to the operators should design become the tastes of the place, not only can make the consumer have Guests feel at home. feeling, but also can make the staff understand the taste of home. read more

How to open a small restaurant location sharing site selection skills

many friends want to open a restaurant to make money, then, before opening a restaurant, we have to do what? How to open a restaurant location? For the novice, the restaurant must be in the location above to do more, so you can the restaurant business is hot, bursting with popularity!

how to open a restaurant location? It is very important but also very troublesome to open the restaurant location. Open restaurant location is very particular about, you have to master the place you want to open a restaurant where the population density, popularity, etc.. Do a comprehensive understanding of the place, and when you have a good grasp of the data, you will be able to sum up and analyze what is suitable for a profitable restaurant. If you do not have the technology and experience can choose to join a brand, they will have a special person to give you guidance, and suitable for the analysis of shop where, and provide technical support and service, there is their most primitive way to do this painful thing. read more

On behalf of members of the hot double excitation dynamic strong energy

management has improved the government work report, in NPC and CPPCC has also been on behalf of the members of the hot 2016, or business, in the face of such a golden opportunity, Chinese entrepreneurs need to act!

2015 years, China has issued 24 documents, the implementation of a number of preferential policies to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". In 2016 the national NPC and CPPCC, "double" was written into the government work report, and was given a more specific content. How to stimulate innovation "the first power", on behalf of members to speak freely, each one airs his own views. read more

Not everyone is fit for business

if you want to start a business, want to be in line with the current business environment, embark on the road of entrepreneurship, then, in the real embarked on such a road before, you have to understand, you really can meet the business? Here, Xiaobian need to emphasize, not everyone is suitable for business oh.

in my opinion, people can be divided into two categories: Knight type and team type. Knight like people like to go alone, suitable for art, engineers and other work. Team oriented people who work in a team, about 1% of them are leaders, about 9% of the cadres, suitable to follow the leadership of the leadership team, while only suitable for the masses of the people of 90%. read more

How much is the old Shengchang soup Museum investment funds total net

world no matter how long as long as there are Chinese people, it is necessary to eat Chinese food, this is not a habit, more precisely, this is a national belief. The current food and beverage industry in China has occupied its favorable position, who is difficult to shake. Very remarkable achievements have been made in many Chinese business projects in the old hall brand Shengchang soup. How to join the old Chang Sheng Tang Museum, what needs attention? Then we discuss the old Sheng Chang soup Museum jiamengfei how much money this problem. read more

Lan Qin investment beauty boss

Lan Qin is a character we are not unfamiliar, active on the TV screen, starred in many vivid characters, we all love her, but she is not only beautiful, but also very capable, she do business, is a low-key boss, each of us is the female role models. The woman should live beautiful!

4 19 July, Lan Qin and Trina Tairan Investment Equity Fund Management Limited company cooperation, create a "serene World Star Television fund". Lan Qin served as the image of the fund ‘s image of the spokesperson and investment adviser, recommended read more

Stationery store to be careful what traps

now a shop business can have the skills of learning, will also have a lot of traps, so if you want to run a successful shop, also need to pay attention to the natural trap, so as not to let their efforts are in vain. So, stationery store to be careful what traps? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

trap one: are cheap to blame

case: a lot of stationery shop owner on a lot of cheap goods, thinking of the low cost of these goods, in any case can make more money. But trouble comes. How much cheaper to buy some, but always feel less and less students. Asked a few often come to the students, it is because of the original store to sell cheap products to squeeze into the corner, some students did not find a moment, went to the store to buy the next. read more

How to open the wedding company which preparations

now people in the wedding is very cautious, many people will ask the wedding company to help, so many entrepreneurs have also seen the prospects for the development of the wedding company. Open a wedding company profits are very large, but in order to make money, it is necessary to do a good job in advance preparations, we look at the following wedding companies need to do what to do.

1, need to pay attention to what matters?

the facade of the selection of appropriate staff should note central character advertising company name should not less loud. read more

What is the name of the enterprise to meet the concept

a suitable company name is not our own made out of the house, if you want to be more appropriate, not only can grasp the relevant skills, but also according to some ideas come. So, what is the name of the enterprise to meet the idea?

a successful enterprise, to create their own brand names, first of all have to play their own loud name. The name of the company is like a flag, which represents the image of the company in the public. This is the first step for a company to succeed. The name loud can let more people identify the enterprise, understand the product; the company and the product has the widespread popularity and the good prestige, can attract more customers, to produce the bigger benefit. Enterprises should be consistent with the name of the idea? read more

There is a high degree of competitive advantage in e commerce and physical retail

now, a lot of online shopping experience friends, have to go to the store to see the goods before the online shopping, the store has almost become a net purchase of the sample". A lot of customers into the store took out a smart phone, the price on the shelf and electricity supplier price comparison – in general, the electricity supplier is amazon. Consumers love parity is an indisputable fact that the Internet is not the case. Therefore, Amazon is a killer competition for other electricity providers.

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Tips for entrepreneurs to make money online shop

the role of the Internet in our side is very important, in order to bring more convenience to our lives, at the same time, more and more people use the Internet platform, started the online venture. Now the choice of online shopping is also more, not only is the choice of young people, but also a lot of adult shopping in a way. So many people began to shop online, but if you want to make money, still need skills. Here to introduce to you, the secret of making money online shop.

1, field investigation manufacturer read more

Small series elaborated cabinet store management skills

cabinet products are used in our lives, the profits of the cabinet is also a great deal of attention by many entrepreneurs, open a cabinet store, master skills, there will be a surprise harvest. How can we successfully manage the cabinet store? Xiaobian for everyone to elaborate on the cabinet store management skills, for your reference!

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The first step is to start from the site selection model

chain brand numerous world-class brands, WAL-MART, KFC, as everyone knows, the chain operation is actually to copy, then copy the chain note?

enter after twenty-first Century, on behalf of the chain business development trend of the "top 100 chain", with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%, far beyond the average annual total retail sales of social 9. 4% of the growth rate, the chain hundred in the proportion of retail sales also increased rapidly.

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How to avoid the temptation to join the jewelry project

decoration industry hot let many unscrupulous franchisees see the benefits, so now there are a lot of jewelry to join the market constantly projects they will use more in name than in reality, very attractive advertisements to attract franchisees. But for entrepreneurs, how to distinguish these fake items? The whole network Xiaobian to introduce you to.


2, operator of own brand

3, exaggerated strength, full of temptation

4, high profits, the rate of return of

5, brand, technology, personnel from abroad

6, has revealed the merchants contact read more

How to open shop propaganda


store is now popular all over on both sides of the Changjiang River but can do publicity, this is really a subject, not on the choice of the facade of the open shop, the shop has to do publicity? Open a shop, even if the product is cheap, if there is no certain means of publicity, then it will not make a big profit, then, how to do publicity shop? Open shop and how to do propaganda?

1, the advertising campaign preparation

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What are the main points of entrepreneurship to open a small restaurant

in the shop before, generally through the site, decoration and a series of processes. But do not forget, before the shop must be handled in advance, because the processing of documents directly related to the start time of the store.

1, to the area of industrial and commercial registration

2, emission permits to apply />

3, health permits for />

4, the business license of read more