How to buy a car for you pianbao Chuzhou BMW male weapon

car in the market continues to increase, the majority of the owners in the purchase of the car, is indispensable for car insurance. But because of mistakes lost money and how to do it? Dingyuan County, Chuzhou, a young man, before the purchase of an insurance accident salvage auction car, ready to be sold after the sale of foreign exchange to earn the difference. But because of the "wrong", the car no renovation value, Shumou lost a lot of money. To this end, Yu twice the manufacture of traffic accidents, plans to recover the loss of insurance fraud. Recently, the Chuzhou police through careful investigation, successfully cracked two cases of insurance fraud. read more

How is Govany’s ice crystal painting worth investing

Govany ice crystal paintings worth investing? What are the advantages of this product? I believe a lot of franchisees are very interested in this decorative building materials project, if you want to know that it is not suitable for you, in-depth understanding of the product is very necessary, and quickly look at the small series together!

Govany will join the project any ice painting vivid image presented in glass, MDF, organic board of various materials as carrier, ice art to achieve full transparent, translucent, opaque, stereo transform, luminous, neon, bright, imitation crystal carving a variety of effects, used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, counters franchise stores to sell, or with the hotel, hotel and other units of production orders, flexible and convenient operation, a variety of sales channels to fully explore the market, money everywhere. read more

Small pet body also has a big business

is now popular in every household pets, including cats and dogs. People live better, willing to put more money into the pet. With the growing number of pet owners, the relevant pet industry came into being, the investment is small but high profit so that the pet industry has been concerned, such as pet photography, pet home beauty, etc.. Ride now the pet market and catch O2O also breeds a lot of possible.

the relevant information, the pet industry in China started more than more than and 10 years, the annual output value of China’s pet industry reached 45 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate of 15%, can be described as rapid development, by 2017 or will reach 96 billion yuan. Since the relationship between pets and humans is getting closer and closer, then the business around the pet needs more human infiltration rather than simple function stack. Pet gradually become a family member, pet foster care, beauty, cleaning and other aspects of humanity. read more

Project highlights for College Students

with the increasing employment pressure, more and more college students choose the path of entrepreneurship, the choice of entrepreneurship to create their own future! What are the projects suitable for college students? Students are often full of hope for the future, with young blood, vigor and vitality, and "fearless" spirit, which are an entrepreneur should have quality, then choose the project is essential to college students’ entrepreneurship.

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How to find a breakthrough in the wealth market

find a good fulcrum can leveraging the wealth of the earth, to find the source of wealth in the entrepreneurial market can quickly achieve their dream of becoming rich. Entrepreneurship is different from the sea fishing, you can clearly find the school with the help of tools.

however, although it is difficult but it is not no way, and not just as a blind man touched the elephant, feel where to calculate. Although this world is so little and money, eager to have a look who is as much as the exclusive oasis, but don’t lose heart, as long as we teach you the method, you can find your money, you find the source of wealth, a solution of wealth you thirst. read more

Teach you to start a business business location for zero

business site a scholarship for young entrepreneurs need more attention, good location can be said to be the cornerstone of success, the whole network Xiaobian to introduce business on how to choose some skills of store address, interested entrepreneurs may wish to look at.

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National Day golden week what sales opportunities

Mid Autumn Festival has passed, after a round of consumer frenzy, watching the upcoming National Day, and once again ushered in a new wave of consumption. After all, the eleven small holiday is coming soon, people like to travel in the small holiday these days, which gives us a very good business opportunities for retail businesses. Due to the increase in the number of tourists around the retail business is better than usual, especially those who are next to the road or near the scenic retail stores. read more

Jewelry store how to open more money

Since the development of

jewelry industry, has become the first choice for small entrepreneurs to join the project, especially in the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the young people want to do business investment, jewelry business is very much, the business needs to consider all aspects, should correct analysis on the market, want to expand the business. Pay attention to in the daily course of the shop is the heart. Generally do a good job of these products, accessories to join the bed of the chain business can be prosperous.

only with innovative products can attract the attention of consumers, to jewelry stores bring high popularity. Different consumers have different aesthetic taste, so investors in the opening of the jewelry when they need to improve the type of store products for the store to provide customers with more choices.

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The best clothing store has 5 solid pillars

now, a lot of friends, especially female friends, favor the clothing industry. Today’s clothing store competition is severe, the writer Leonard? Berri conducted extensive research on many clothing stores, found the best clothing store has 5 solid pillar in 5 interlocking areas to create value for customers.

is propped up the clothing store 5 pillars, the lack of any one, the enterprise can be successful. Although the clothing store competition has never been so intense, mentioned in this article and hundreds of other fine clothing store is on the upgrade, because they know the "lowest price" commitment is not a substitute for the importance of the customer shopping experience, created the five pillars of their brilliance. read more

How to make money to buy snacks

a lot of people want to do business, but limited funds, are popular delicacy snack business, it is very easy to get started in the industry, market delicacy, food industry is the most profitable, especially the characteristics of the snack bar, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in food industry then, open the snack bar to do what preparations? The following Xiaobian look together. The location of the choice of snack bar consumption is generally not high, belonging to the mass consumption, customer positioning is suitable for young and old. read more

Reality version of the game will be cited in the happy farm life

In recent years,

has a game market has been in love, that is the "happy farm", so conversations have also changed, today received a number of dishes. "" I want to collect food to such words appear in people’s lives, then open the farm a reality version of the heart whether feasible?

reality version of "happy farm" will be popular on the network to steal food and organic food planting picking experience combined the virtual network into reality. Happy farm fields are equipped with cameras, we can experience for planting, weeding, watering, insect, picking and tasting and other activities. read more

What is the basic accomplishment of an entrepreneur’s personality

with 90 after joining the entrepreneurial team, to bring more fresh blood throughout the industry. From the perspective of public relations of enterprises, enterprise information content has been popular in the past years is too rigid, founder of content dissemination based on being ushered in Dynasty prosperous period.

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What 500 yuan started selling online jade a monthly income of 190 thousand

started from 500 yuan, up to now about 190 thousand per month in sales, Liang Bo jade business bigger and bigger, he started from the first day of the online shop, they set up to make the business bigger and stronger goals. Now Liang Bo not only domestic buyers, and some of the big foreign buyer, start international trade, 10% of the gross income of a big slice of

higher than domestic

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How exactly for their own food and beverage brand positioning

open restaurant, in fact, to invest in any one industry, the most important is the positioning problem, including product positioning, market positioning, there is the brand positioning. So in the product of the brand positioning will have what aspects of it?

most of the catering industry, positioning the word is a fashionable slogan, even market positioning, product positioning are few people to explore and practice, not to mention the brand positioning, so the concept of confusion between the more inevitable read more

There are also regional differences in Entrepreneurship in northern and southern China

entrepreneurship in recent years is very hot, people everywhere, have entrepreneurial dreams. In fact, there are regional differences in entrepreneurship, in our country, the people of the South and the North entrepreneurship is very different. What are the differences? Let’s take a look.

A, an investment friend, during a business trip in Fujian, WeChat wrote such a sentence: only came to the south, you can realize in the south, which venture to the ground, and your ability to earn money. Maybe I spent too much time in Beijing, or seen, or heard, or at a friend’s party when talking about basically are listed, millions of dollars were acquired, etc.. Therefore, when I just saw this sentence, my feelings are not very strong, in a very long time since the total, in the south is nothing more than a small business to make money. Finally there is a chance to be in Shenzhen for a long period of time, by chance, had the honor of meeting some friends, and feel the one in the north and South China entrepreneurial difference, let me start to change in understanding and ideas. read more

Thousands of dollars to get into the market

now society, entrepreneurship has become a major way of people’s pursuit of wealth, life of some thousand yuan rich project has also been a lot of people are welcome, so, what are the specific for thousands of dollars of venture capital project?


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Join fashion jewelry store what problems

join fashion jewelry store what problems? After a fashion jewelry store these years of development, has been recognized by many consumers, the strength of enterprises, word of mouth, a lot of achievements in the entrepreneurial dream, let us to analyze, choose fashion jewelry store problems.

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What are the common mistakes entrepreneurship shop

entrepreneurial shop will inevitably make some mistakes in the process, there are many common errors plagued many franchisees, they continue to consult hope can be resolved. Today Xiaobian on finishing a number of wrong ideas, I hope to give consumers professional guidance.

the first quality first: Die

that the quality is everything, the product features as the target group analysis. In the cafe, for example, many people think that coffee must be the best coffee, the equipment must be better. The opponent with 200 yuan a kilogram of beans, you will use 300 yuan a kilogram of coffee; coffee machine 20 thousand yuan opponent, you should use the coffee machine 30 thousand yuan! Come close at that moment, that the reason for my failure is good because of the quality of the coffee leads to no other store the failure of read more

Turn your hobby into a business junior boys do QiongYou annual sales of 6 million

college students entrepreneurs increased, although most people are in failure, but there are also many successful. Today, let us share one of the experience of the experience, to help you choose your business.

smile, black hair, a casual, round face is full of sunshine. First saw Zhao Kai, he first joked that ugly, black sun, will not dress up".

masons, stevedores, flyers, brother Zhao Kai is off the sofa, have above multiple identities of Zhengzhou University College of Information Engineering (South Campus) Junior, students or the outdoor travel club founder. Business for two years, he handed over more than 600 yuan turnover answer; he loves photography, self-study to the country’s photographer, in the story of "USSay" is an American documentary film production company for $300 thousand to buy the copyright. read more

The name is similar to who becomes a problem more authentic

in the name of the shop, in fact, the same can be close to the big man, which is a fact that many entrepreneurs know. However, once it has developed itself, it will bring a problem to diners, I do not know which one is the beginning of the authentic sellers, such as the market is now a lot of Yonghe soybean milk. So, the name is similar, who is more authentic is really difficult to discern.

"Ningbo now has several ‘Yonghe soya bean milk’, which is authentic?" Mr. Liu reflects his confusion. Reporter visited the market, at present, Ningbo city has a "Yonghe" 3 name in two words, but also the main Soybean Milk, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and other fast-food chain of restaurants, which are "Yonghe soybean milk", "Ningbo Yonghe soybean milk" and "Yonghe king". These 3 stores who is authentic? Do they have a relationship? read more