Estee Lauder began to create beauty from hawk Empire

brand effect of the beauty industry is the key to attract consumers, as a continuous hot brand in the beauty industry, almost become a Estee Lauder unmanned women know beauty brand, Estee Lauder group to create the brand for many women to chase. However, this restaurant from the factory to manufacture the first bottle of skin care products business, whether it really has the power to decay for the magic? The whole network Xiaobian to introduce the Estee Lauder brand history.

20, · the beginning of the century, Lauder was born in New York’s Queen Street Italy immigrants block a Hungarian Jewish family. My parents run a hardware store. She is the ninth child in the family.

1930, 20 years old, and in between family and work, choose the former. She married in three years Joseph · Lauder, officially became Mrs. Lauder. After three years of marriage, they had their first child: Leonard.

, later recalled the time, she said: I work in the life of every day, with all sales related. If I believe in something, I will sell it and spare no effort. read more

Beauty industry to get customers four tips

beauty is the product of people’s consumption level rising in recent years, people’s consumption level unceasing enhancement, the beauty industry has ushered in a new development opportunity, can be said that with the improvement of living standards, beauty has become the most potential industry investment. The whole network Xiaobian to tell you what to do to join the industry investment cosmetic preparations.

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For women entrepreneurs building blocks to the new small loans 100 million yuan

Benxi for women entrepreneurs preferential policies are constantly improving, and constantly play the "half of the sky," the strength, but also believe that with the support of the policy, more and more women will choose entrepreneurship.

3 24 days, reporters from the Municipal Women’s Federation was informed that this year the city will once again raise the financial discount women small secured loan amount, loan amount to exceed 100 million yuan, for women entrepreneurs get rich ". read more

10 thousand yuan can also make your project

small business can also bring great wealth of 10 thousand yuan, which we can get rich entrepreneurial wealth, you can come to see, not to be missed.

1 universal what business do business


with the continuous improvement of living standards, and the family scale, pets have become more and more a part of people’s daily life, Chinese pet consumption has formed the scale. Some coastal cities in China have reached this level. Therefore, despite the major city Chinese government has enforced strict restrictions in pets, pet has increased in recent years. Thus, the pet industry in China is still a big money". read more

How to manage the store to buy a good pass

any one of the shops, once the backlog of goods, the owner will become a very worried thing. As the old saying that good, the goods do not stay and self. Our retail business people are most afraid of what is backlog is unmarketable, is not to sell goods, goods can not find customers, is the capital occupied, a long time, the commodity is broken, shop slowly is not to move. How to let the shop "turn" up? Small to give you a lecture.

a lot of retailers counterparts will complain some commodity purchase back from a box is also sold, has been caused by the backlog of goods backlog, not money turnover, taking up, watching a little profit slowly let the backlog to eat, it can be done. read more

How to grasp customer psychology when selling products

called in, in the sales process to grasp the customer buying psychology, operators can easily create a higher transaction success rate. So how to grasp customer psychology when selling products? Today we will find the answer from the following.

Let the customer feel good
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New business opportunities pregnant women Restaurant

The body needs special

pregnant women, and strict nutrition, so many food businesses will not dare to try, it is this advantage, the restaurant has a broad space to pregnant women, pregnant women in Beijing restaurant has a huge success. Beijing’s first flagship of the pregnant women nutrition meal restaurant, despite its creative nutrition experts affirmed, but in the restaurant to pregnant women, due to higher pricing, pregnant women to support the scanty meal time. The first restaurant in pregnant women praised embarrassment. read more

Youth entrepreneurship in Foshan can enjoy one stop service

in the current entrepreneurial tide, there have been more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, leading to the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In this context, if the government can not provide the relevant services, the development of entrepreneurship for investors will naturally have a great impact. To this end, Foshan provides one-stop service, so as to encourage more young entrepreneurs.

recently, Foshan United University, high-tech industry association, Youth Chamber of Commerce, the public record of space research resources, promote the construction of the "Youth Exchange" was officially launched, this also means that whether college students or workplace youth, can enjoy "one-stop" services in the Foshan high tech Zone venture. read more

Warm warm warm life Lite carbon fiber good choice

now, the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for a better life, we continue to improve. How warm Lite carbon fiber heating? High quality carbon fiber heating warm Lite to join the project project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs!

warm Lite carbon fiber cable substitute traditional geothermal heating. With much of the city to achieve the development of urbanization, it will be a collective heating alternative, instead it is the industry of floor heating. Especially to warm the development trend of carbon fiber heating will be new achievements. Carbon fiber electric heating warm Netlon engaged in research and development, production and sales as one of the manufacturers of electric warming! Using carbon fiber filament as the heating element, the heat conversion efficiency is obvious to people. The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, safety, reliability, environmental protection, energy saving, economy and practicality, etc. the utility model is a substitute for the traditional geothermal cable. read more

Tea Yan Yue milk tea to join a good profit margins

The future of

complies with the development of the market demand for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea accentuating color of tea, is a very good choice. Tea Yan Yue milk tea to join the project, the market space for development is good!

tea Yan Yue adhere to the most natural superior tea raw materials, the original high-quality shops space design lead the trend of E generation. Tea accentuating color tea shop has spring and summer autumn and winter cold drink complete commodity, rigorous technical training, products and personnel governing the experienced teaching, professional R & D team to develop new products, to increase the market competitiveness. read more

Lingyuan butt three platforms to ensure the smooth construction of migrant workers

urban entrepreneurship has entered a mature period of development, a variety of entrepreneurial support policies continue to keep up. However, there are still many deficiencies in rural areas. Lingyuan sound three platform construction, and comprehensively promote the employment of migrant workers entrepreneurship.

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Qi Jiahui institutionalized management so that the clerk is convinced

how to do a good job after the shop hired a clerk? This is a problem that many shopkeepers are worried about. As a small boss, Qi Jiahui is how to do it? Before I opened the supermarket, I worked as a chief in a factory. I went home to open the supermarket after the factory closed down. After years of hard business, my supermarket development, now has a more than and 200 square meters large supermarket. Two years ago, I shop to hire six employees since I became a small boss worthy of the name. I shop in the strict implementation of the "management", from the recruitment of staff, to the clerk management, will be in accordance with a set of strict management system. read more

Kaka Rorty tea what

would like to find a small investment risk, investment costs are not high, the rapid recovery of profits, the market competitiveness of the moderate join the project, choose what is better? This brand is to recommend a tea chain stores here, called Kaka Rorty tea.

Kaka Rorty tea?

Kaka Rorty to red tea and milk white tone to create a warm and romantic, noble quality fashion elegant space. Mining three personalized creative theme, design style is closely linked to the theme, lively and interesting. Relaxed, comfortable, elegant release pressure leisure environment, to bring you a relaxed and happy consumer experience. A cup of tea contains the characteristics of a constellation, rendering the City petty of fashion life. Drink tea, not only taste, is the mood! The romance of Paris, Hongkong, Hawaii, Turkey downtown enthusiasm mysterious, each tea represents a city’s feelings, whether you want a taste of home or want to leave this country, you can capture their heart! Whether you love Huan Huan or Yuan Fang, whether you miss all professors or small yellow people, different kind of tea, with other consumers won applause for you! Selected high-quality fruit powder, jam and other raw materials, cooking soup with fine tea, add fresh juice, skim milk, honey and other low-fat raw materials, to ensure that every cup of tea with low fat and low calorie. For each go for Kaka Rorty’s partners bring delicious and healthy! Pay attention to every detail, with good water brewing, taste perfect taste tea. read more

To pay attention to what skills Manicure open shop

Manicure has now become a beautiful way to love everyone, around a lot of Manicure store in our life. Manicure franchise has become the most mainstream mode Manicure open shop. Manicure store is currently a lot of women choose entrepreneurial way, because the successful experience can be replicated to join Manicure join the brand. But if you are the first to join Manicure, open Manicure stores, need to pay attention to some skills.

Here are some tips Manicure


1, the first time to join Manicure, don’t give yourself too high position, to complete the number of sales. The most important thing is to learn to join the brand experience, slowly. read more

Luggage leather business processes need to pay attention to the place

now people’s consumption ability is greatly improved, the demand for leather goods is higher, demand for leather bags, so many businesses begin to pay close attention to, this is a very suitable for businesses to do business, so that businesses from easily gain a lot of profit. The operation of a leather bag operators need to pay attention to the operation of some of the above problems, so we look at the next bag leather shop need to pay attention to what business methods.

in the operation of luggage leather shop, the store’s sales staff need to have good service attitude, so that customers will be willing to patronize. Of course, sales people in the face of customers, to learn to use their favorite way to serve the customer. Luggage leather sales as much as possible to create opportunities for customers, so that the luggage leather to talk about their own, say the hearts of the demand. read more

Fuzhou purchase five new commercial office real estate available financial subsidies

real estate market this year, especially hot, but still can not solve the problem of serious inventory, how to effectively remove the inventory of commercial housing, the relevant departments of Fuzhou issued a new policy. According to the Fuzhou municipal government website news, in order to alleviate the Fuzhou commercial office real estate inventory pressure, the Fuzhou municipal government office issued the "notice" on the day before the Fuzhou city commercial office real estate to accelerate a number of opinions on the inventory, commercial office real estate to cycle more than 36 months of the city and county (city), to suspend business the office of land supply. read more

What are the attention of the glasses shop decoration

want to open a successful store, we need to pay attention to the matter is actually very much. Among them, the decoration of the shop is also very important. So, what are the attention of the glasses shop decoration? Now let’s get to know each other.

in a number of retail industry, the optical shop always gives people a feeling on the tall, it seems to be higher than other industries. And consumers in the purchase of glasses is also more willing to choose a better decoration, higher grade glasses shop. Glasses store decoration into the business atmosphere, but also to show cultural heritage. read more

Hair business market to make money

is because some of the pressure of life, some because of serious environmental pollution, some because of their constant toss, anyway hair problem now is more and more serious, more and more people want to have a professional hair care center, to give their hair as one of the most comprehensive care, so do business, certainly is a big market, business is good!

now hair problem people regardless of age, but also the early season straight long hair, brown, bifurcation, broken hair, dandruff, scalp itching and other non organic hair problems, spread to almost everyone, hair problems generally and the trend of younger age, has become the focus of the community concern. read more

Which industry is the best choice for female entrepreneurs

now, the social status of women is improving, many women have the courage, mind, the way to choose entrepreneurship, and create music belongs to her own wonderful life. Want to succeed in business, in the choice of the industry must be careful, for women, to ensure the smooth development of the future, it is important to win at the starting line. So, in the confusion of the market, the female entrepreneurs choose what good? Xiaobian introduce you.

1, flower industry

open a flower shop has many advantages, is a small investment, rent a shop in the market, do not be too big, the cost of a quarter of a turn, with the necessary facilities, maintain the normal import of goods, the initial investment of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan to the general; two is the rapid turnover of flowers, turnover period short, quickly frequently a very flexible, even if not to change the backlog of goods; three is conforms to the trend of consumption, the consumption of fresh flowers and the living standards of the people and culture are closely related, with the continuous progress of society and constantly improve the cultural quality of the people, the flower market will be more and more. read more

How to open a bakery

many food and beverage investors have the idea of opening a bakery, because the project investment funds are relatively small, the investment risk is not large. So many small investors are very optimistic about the bakery investment projects. But how can we shop, which is a lot of entrepreneurs in the beginning of the novice will encounter a headache problem, the following small series specifically for how to open the bakery to make the following specific introduction.

the first stage – easy to do a good job in the preparation of investment psychology read more