The horse refused to strong BS Chinese groom

    I just opened QQ, QQ in the message as the tide to me, a look at the content of the information is about the same, ask me why I hang the virus on the site, I TMD really wronged ah! I hang on my website, my head is broken? Quickly open the site, all the virus, TMD who did? Look at half of the loss of traffic, and finished in the QQ one apology, it seems that their website is still someone concerned (his smile).

      TMD think, really angry, horse people can make you want to die ah, some things do not, you can hang 163, sina QQ, ah, we put these in what station, we allow Italy Austria station, station in charge do not request those traffic advertising you will not be so poor, large point of advertising, you do not do their ads, they have sold traffic would not be hung up, now stationmaster net release (the horse refused to begin from me) activity is very good, I also want to join, I hope I can figure the king, ha ha. About half a day, hope not to delay your time, if your site has also been linked to a horse, help the top, do not want to nag, the last word, BS China these incompetent bully the groom! If the words hang Sina, Sohu! read more

He wants to fans eyes in 2016 you A Actually not

2016 is in the past, this year ICT industry insiders believe that all the people hear the word is the most AI (Artificial Intelligence), whether it is business or any media, and ICT side, how much should called AI. It is OUT too. But what about the actual situation?

called back. Here we take back this year is more important or cause the media and the industry for the AI attention or speculation several nodes or is a landmark event, and for the interpretation and extension of these landmark events will undoubtedly let us see the essence of AI. read more

Baidu the U S group hungry 13 takeaway platform stalls thing Food and drug administration has fil

Beijing food and drug administration intends to the United States mission, Baidu takeaway, hungry investigation

Beijing food and drug administration staff said that the U.S. group, the hungry 13 network ordering platform, Baidu takeaway, a large number of shops not review public duty, has to meet the conditions of filing, has fixed evidence will initiate an investigation. In the first half, the Beijing food and drug administration received three platform complaints reported in the United States, including the United States Mission Network of 92, hungry, and so on, Baidu, take out of the 59. read more

CN domain name registration and renewal rules of major adjustment

according to the CNNIC requirements, from December 20, 2007 onwards, the registration and renewal rule CN English domain were adjusted accordingly, that please carefully read the following changes:

1, registration rules adjustment:

since December 20, 2007, CN English domain name registration for up to 10 years. CN English domain name removed from the original 14 days, adjusted to 4 days. (the current discount in the CN English domain name does not provide a single deletion function).

two, renew regulation: read more

From the QQ ban lifted Cn suffix link Lenovo

is a network communication tool, when it will be March to our private conversation, how can such a product and how many people dare to use? QQ is not a specific version to the existence of such a phenomenon, so can not be regarded as the BUG program. From the reaction of.Cn was banned, yesterday to completely closed, what does this mean? TX care users feel? No! This is not my reaction to the problem! But our privacy


maybe TX doesn’t welcome my over sensitivity. But in reality, how many companies are using QQ as a platform for negotiations? How many people put their private information through QQ (including passwords, bank account) send out? If they pass through the TX server information, with "keyword filtering" classified saved. As a business, do you have any business secrets? As a private, you have any privacy can be maintained? read more

Cross border electricity supplier New Deal full moon Ningbo part of the warehouse nearly half empty

each reporter Shen a light rain

cross-border electricity tax deal started in April 8th, in the twinkling of an eye, it’s been a month. The new policy requires the cross-border electricity supplier of goods imported goods are no longer levied by post tax, but by the tariff and import value-added tax, consumption tax.

new deal just landed, the outside world agreed that cross-border electricity providers will be no small impact. A month ago, after the implementation of the new policy situation? The "daily economic news" reporter visited Hangzhou and Ningbo cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park, was found to show signs of business shrinking, some enterprises orders fell greatly even beyond the outside world forecast. read more

2011 Juhuasuan buy platform trading volume breaking the official opening of the independent domain n

December 28th, Juhuasuan group purchase platform Alibaba group announced its group purchase: 2011 the annual turnover exceeded 10 billion, reaching 10 billion 180 million yuan, 11 billion 50 million yuan, 10 million 830 thousand to help baidu. This was announced following the October 20th Alibaba group, Juhuasuan group purchase platform owned by the company to form independent operation after the first answer to.

at the same time, Juhuasuan announced the official opening of the independent domain name read more

Tencent jointly groupou incoming group purchase settled Gaopeng can be sold out

Groupou teamed Tencent began to enter the domestic market has been rumored to buy dust settled. It is understood that the Tencent and the groupou joint venture network domain has access, website information shows that, from the beginning of next week, Gaopeng officially operational. Gaopeng from Trinidad flatter, nevertheless, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful and full network. "Friends", so naturally caused full network of discontent. People said that if Gaopeng caused violations in some aspects, the full network will take legal action in the end. read more

Jingdong super business formally launched a one stop shopping experience to upgrade

May 6, 2013, Jingdong (JD.COM) super is in complete beta, formally meet with consumers, users can buy food and beverages, condiments and other daily necessities in Jingdong. The Jingdong will be moved to the supermarket line, but also Jingdong in the one-stop shopping platform strategic layout of the force again. Let consumers stay at home, you can easily achieve "soy sauce" and "beer" and other daily shopping needs.

It is reported that the Jingdong

, super first line of more than 5000 kinds of commodities, leisure products, involving water, grain and oil, seasoning, beverage, milk and other products category; these categories are closely related to the daily lives of consumers, can meet most of the demand. With the previous sale is different, now in the super Jingdong, a coke and a bottle of soy sauce, consumers can buy all Jingdong, home delivery. read more

Two foreign express delivery license has not yet received a license

reporter learned yesterday, the two major international express giant FedEx and UPS has submitted an application for the domestic express business license, the State Post Bureau of audit and publicity in the domestic business, which means that foreign enterprises legitimate share of domestic express this big cake day is approaching.

although the national post office publicity has ended in May 31st, but as of press time reporter, two companies have not yet got a license. According to the announcement of the State Post Bureau, FedEx (Chinese) and limited speed (UPS) parcel (Guangdong) Co., the courier business license application to the State Post Bureau, according to the State Post Bureau audit publicity, the two companies are engaged in the application of the domestic express business, FedEx business area in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Chengdu; and speed business area in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xi’an. read more

Domain deletion list November 23 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

How to distribute the electric pole Rookie logistics needs of rural nternet shopping

[Reuters] January 14th news billion state power network, said the rookie to billion state power network, Ali Festival announced the start of special purchases for the Spring Festival soon, soon rookie 5 provinces rural Tuhuo preparation into the main city National warehouse, the first batch of goods shipped in special purchases for the Spring Festival half, can meet the basic day or the next day.  

rookie network senior expert Yan Hao said, according to the goods during the festival special purchases for the Spring Festival, rookie through the analysis of the characteristics of the origin of the business, combined with large data prediction, inventory will put in the nearest consumers warehouse in advance, to ensure the realization of the day or the next day. "In addition to aging, from the origin of the goods to the rookie package library during the quality control requirements, the unqualified products re delivery warehousing, then confirmed delivery to consumers." He added. read more

Online shop a year experience

July is coming, the days passed quickly, remember this time last year I did not open shop, only in the online shopping, I would have to open shop plan, but has been hesitant, mainly because they do not take the goods back, also fear is sold, that not to lose, after all he had never done this, did not experience what ah. Moreover, in the online shopping to talk about credibility, credibility is the first choice, I buy things on the Internet is to look at the credibility of the evaluation.

finally I still opened this shop, in fact, this shop is in desperation opened, everyone knows that the financial storm, my company is affected because of layoffs, I became a member of the unfortunate. Later in the job frustration after the opening of the shop, anyway idle is idle, in order to find a better supply, so I was running around, looking for the satisfaction of wholesalers, finally pays off, easy to sell online in China, I find a good wholesaler. I confess to him that I was a novice, he learned that there is no opportunity to knock me a pen, but very active to help me to introduce the market at present the most popular the most popular clothing, and teach me how to take the goods with a plan, and his clothing quality is very good, I think my baby don’t sell go out. read more

Old godmother become the most popular explosive double 12 buy buy buy fire to overseas

Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to become the 12 most popular outside the region.

ongoing double 12 also buy buy buy whirlwind overseas.


reporter was informed that the "double 12" this year a total of more than 70 thousand overseas businesses in 16 countries and regions to participate, attracting a large number of overseas Chinese "panic buying, old godmother" has become the most popular overseas Chinese goods, many areas of the old godmother swept empty supermarket. read more

The end of the college entrance examination the webmaster should seize the opportunity

2008 national college entrance examination has ended most (except some special area), from June to August, the college entrance examination is always hot topic, from the end of June 7th on the first day of the exam, go to Baidu search on the college entrance examination related are hundreds of thousands of millions. So, we should not act immediately, add some of your site on the topic of college entrance examination.

actually has stood at the entrance on the eve of friends to do, which is to flow? From this place for the regular site, even more so, who can grasp the users search trends, who will be able to quickly get the flow, then is the number of dollars. read more

My QQ shopping guide network effective promotion method

The promotion of

website is nothing more than a few ways, big scare who have said a lot of a lot, but why we so many people still do not go to the site traffic, website promotion problem worry. In fact, the site should be out of the right way to promote proper operation. A lot of time to spend some money or do not feel bad. According to the actual situation, the appropriate input is also very normal. Below I according to the actual experience analysis of several commonly used methods.

1. Promote the use of soft web site read more

Use Baidu post bar to promote the experience of local Forums

I am a rookie, gossip, I would like to share with you today, I use Baidu post bar to promote the experience of local forums.

first step: choose the right post bar

forum Post Bar are generally more specific. For example, I do big Changchun forum, of course, to Changchun, including Changchun surrounding counties, such as nine, etc.. This Post Bar Nong’an is a prerequisite for the effective flow of.

second step: choose the right post.

I generally do not send the theme paste, so that the web site is easy to be deleted. After my practice, the general is the latest post (reply number of no more than 5 people) to reply. read more

How to make a cheap net

today to see someone who writes about two 90 twins "mean girls" "bag and Azi" thing, it is said that the rebellious girl blog visited half a month has exceeded 20 million, catch some have done many years in the site, now many sites still rely on, rely on traffic advertising case, the gossip, and even the "cheap" rebellious curry favour by claptrap thing can get attention, of course, if someone can get a lot of advertising organization. And the more "cheap" value. read more

Network Sheng pole will decline many will be divided

will be extremely high, more will be divided. The new industry was born in this way! Should we seize the opportunity to do poineering work, it is worth reflection?


today I found a netizen in Le anyp blog. He is a personal blog evaluation value at the same time, accurate positioning and search engine of a search blog! I just take this just in Baidu blog site set up to the top of them. Show the Baidu blog I value 182 yuan RMB. I’ll take one of my students to do online music for a long time Sina blog site, put up a look, only 92 yuan, which makes me on the Baidu blog’s future vision read more

Write the value of soft Wen can receive better results

ago, the author wrote an article called soft Wen played a role not only is the promotion, a simple talk about the role of soft wen. In fact, he points out that the webmaster write text not only plays a role in the promotion, because the soft hair in the webmaster portal and forum grassroots communication platform, and to the owners, so soft Wen also played a communication with other webmasters to share experience and promote two times or even several times the function of communication. So writing soft Wen, a lot of webmaster will do with their own experience and experience of the station related to some of the views of the event in the form of soft text to write out, and in the text with their own web site. This text is easy to be released platform and easy through audit by other webmasters reproduced each other out, so write soft webmaster to embrace the exchange mentality to write their own real experience, will be written into the article, even if well written, labor fruit that is setting you sweat in. Released at the same time and other webmaster to communicate, so your promotion easier to carry out. read more