Jingdong supermarket set a small goal 2017 turnover of over 100 billion

NetEase Francisco February 16th news, Jingdong of consumer products division Partner Conference held today, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall consumer products division president Feng Yi said, online business is booming, the supermarket will be 2017 Jingdong from technology driven, category management, marketing, open area sink four aspects of layout with the brand, integration and win-win, set up a "two billion" brand club, help at least 10 brand sales of over 1 billion, at least 100 brand sales of over 100 million. At the same time, Feng Yi also suggested that in 2017 the overall goal of Jingdong supermarket is trading volume over one hundred billion. read more

CN domain number to 10 million reasonable

The afternoon of March 7th, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that from today until May 31st, CN domain name registration price will be reduced to 1 yuan, CNNIC director Mao Wei said, China users have 137 million Internet users, the domain name CN number should reach 10 million is reasonable, the activity is expected rapid growth will prompt CN users.

Between the

7 in the afternoon, the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office and the Information Office of the State Council and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other government agencies attended the conference, attaches great importance to. Insiders said that CNNIC’s efforts to promote the CN domain name is very large, CNNIC is expected to be within the CN domain name registration number reached 3 million this year, more than COM domain name. March 7th afternoon, Mao Wei did not predict the effect of the event, he said the number of registration is difficult to predict, CNNIC will be assessed after the end of the event, does not rule out the possibility of extending the price cuts.

but the sale is only limited to the new CN domain name registration, renewal will continue in accordance with the original price, Mao Wei admitted that the future renewal to restore the original price there may be loss of users, but he said the next CNNIC will also be combined with the domain name registrar, Internet service providers and other companies launched a series of related network services, makes it easier for users to set up site experience CN domain name advantage to attract customers.
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45 group purchase network hoarding Hongkong YAHOO Hongkong reached the hundred regiments

Hongkong’s group buying site may wish yesterday was April Fool’s day, rather than the smell of gunpowder children’s day.

June 1st, YAHOO Hongkong announced the launch of the Yahoo in the Hongkong area, buy service, becoming the first in Hong Kong to buy from the market to buy a number of websites to buy the content of the integrated service website.

it is reported that the Hongkong market has 45 group purchase website, YAHOO Hongkong has three of them at this stage and to establish relations of cooperation, including BeeCrazy, Couppie and FunShare have bee buy. Liu Zhanquan, director of e-commerce in Hongkong, told reporters on the same day, YAHOO is responsible for providing the platform at this stage in Hongkong, issued by the audit of its preferential information, and to share revenue with partners. read more

Domestic beer collective lost grut attack has just begun

Major events, such as the European Cup by

super stimulation, summer beer sales continue to rise this year, especially the Grote (Gloryt) and other imported beer brands, showing a good momentum. Industry professionals said, imported beer taste superior, higher price, and occupy the business platform, KA supermarkets, bars and other channels in the main position, and this year is expected to win the domestic beer contest.

behind the battle between imported beer and domestic beer pattern, is a fierce dispute of commercial interests. China has always been a large beer consumption, the formation of a high degree of concentration of the market situation, while creating a number of "industrial mass production" – based large manufacturers. These manufacturers have been about the people’s taste, but also hides the secret of commercial interests and product standards. However, with the escalation of beer consumption, beer industry rules of the game in the market is constantly subject to rigorous testing. read more

How to do a good job of QQ mail promotion

Hello, I was just a join SEO promotion industry newcomers, although every day some confusion, but very happy is that I can learn something, at present in the Silk Road served as the promotion of the position of education, education for the promotion of the silk road. Today I want to share with you some dry cargo "how to do QQ bulk mail promotion", this is my last two or three months through continuous practice and summed up.

1, platforms and tools:


platform is QQ of course, I choose the tool is huge mass mailing software, in addition to a QQ group email extractor, fees add up to less than 1000 of the ocean, said today this is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises or choose a professional platform better, stable, high efficiency, large amount of transmission; read more

The core business of the long tail transfer network show originator 9158 what can be listed

text / Ding Peng

9158 to be listed is never what secret, for 9158 also hired former CFO Mak long tour of grace to do their COO, responsible for 9158 of the listing plan.

reported this month, 9158 will be in the end of the month in the name Columba group listed in Hong Kong, UBS, CICC will serve as the principal underwriter of the IPO. Friends in the 9158 official confirmation process, the 9158 aspects of this avoidance and answer, but that all official.

According to

statistics, 9158 had completed two rounds of financing, respectively in 2008 and 2010 time node (this point is very interesting, we say behind) investors are IDG and Sina, relatively speaking, the amount was not large, $20 million and $30 million, but it is worth noting that Sina Sina SHOW package in 9158, it became the 9158 largest shareholder. read more

Scare 19 meters friends successfully recovered the stolen domain GoDaddy platform

May 19th hearing, it was said that now is the most profitable era of domain names, the current domain name investment is becoming more and more popular, but the problem is that most investors headache than theft. The recent @jiawei domain name investors will encounter this sort of thing, but fortunately 19 he successfully recovered the stolen domain name on the GoDaddy platform.

thing is the process of

because Jiawei has been abroad, so he is mainly used in the domain name platform is GoDaddy, plus stolen, there are a total of more than and 700 domain names, he has always felt that this platform is quite safe. I did not expect that, about 10 days ago in the morning, wake up, he received an e-mail from GoDaddy, at first he thought it was a phishing e-mail, did not care. read more

Chen Liaohan community sites actually want real name system

General station software Phpwind

Alibaba’s search for new business opportunities, "held in Beijing Pangu Seven Stars Hotel on September 8, 2010, meet new friends" national tour will set sail trip ground exchange conference. In an interview with reporters on the meeting CCIDNET Ali cloud e-commerce product director of Mr. Chen Liaohan.

Mr. Chen Liaohan is currently responsible for the operation of product planning and development. So far has been doing community electronic commerce, 2002 first came from the school now has gone through eight years of time, in the eight years following the footsteps of the Internet has been developing, we know that the Internet has two new products, a micro-blog, a group purchase. Phpwind as a community service software, has been considering what to do to help owners in the field of electronic commerce, from the beginning of the 07 year that the Internet has a rate of nearly 5 hundred million in 07 years when browsing the Internet market to 55 million in 2010, the average annual growth rate of 30%. Look at the online shopping user groups, in about 5 million 610 thousand of online shopping users for 07 years, so this year is expected to reach about 150 million, the Internet market in the e-commerce market so an external mature, is the driving force of community and commerce is very strong. read more

Know almost hao123 changes from site navigation to information navigation

for hao123 before practice, so a sense of contact, every time when it comes to this, everyone was surprised to ask "hao123 also need so many people to develop? Is a full static page links?", at least people around me think so. This fully illustrates what is no investigation no right to speak, there is no doubt that such a person has not been on the hao123.

said that under the hao123 in recent years is mainly from the change, after being acquired by Baidu ("imperceptible change" even, too vague, to know most users, hao123 as long as it does not come any changes are imperceptible). read more

Potatoes and other video station full scale movie free station

      half a year ago, when I do KUKE site navigation, the movie website is the website traffic classification of the largest piece of. At that time, the film master, the flow of more than 100 thousand not less than 20. And now I do every movie search, but found that the owners of these hand traffic has greatly decreased, and they have the movie resources server units, and not because of the decreasing flow. Due to the decline in traffic, advertising is weak, and the high cost of the server and the plight of many free film owners have chosen to quit this once let them unlimited field of scenery, to do other sites. read more

2014 7 major trends in network marketing picture or lead

at the end of last year, I made a number of predictions of the 2014 network marketing. If you have not read this article, click here to read. In view of the obvious transformation of customer focused marketing, I consider the impact of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and content marketing trends in the coming year may have an impact on the enterprise.

as we move into the middle of 2014, I think it will be very useful to assess how many of my predictions will come true: what exactly my predictions are right, and what my predictions are wrong. read more

Small and medium sized enterprise promotion website method

"a lot" of the site: an introduction of dangerous gas products of small companies, not enough market channels, no more promotion funds, even without a full-time staff of IT, but through the network promotion for his bring new customers the Everfount. Through a lot of detours, and finally tasted the sweetness of the business owner is not without emotion, said: do not understand the network of small businesses want to achieve the dream of doing business online, in fact, did not imagi

How to spend the autumn video website

      in 2006, I spent some time to visit some video website manager, from their words, they clearly feel about the future of the ignorant and a sense of crisis. This year, the old video sharing website tudou.com president Wang Weifang said, most video sites will die on the beach, and even the media therefore boasted 9 video sites will disappear. But now has come to the fourth quarter of 2007, the actual situation is not as bleak as the beginning of the forecast.

      analysis of the current situation, I think there should be a few facts worthy of attention. Whether it is doomed "80 business model" Mysee, capital of Chen Yizhou’s game player UUME video site, or the new vice president of Sohu Li Shanyou’s cool 6, they have a common characteristic, that is the very most sources of funds are risk investment. Why Mysee and UUME would fall down, while new entrants can cool 6 such stubborn stand, I think the reason is that the loser behind VC’s own advantage is not obvious, coupled with the manager’s lack of experience, has become an inevitable trend. read more

How to use QQ platform to do accurate marketing

QQ is a good marketing platform, QQ platform including QQ mailbox, QQ group, QQ space, QQ user base, this is the advantage of Tencent, now the small and medium-sized enterprises basically have their own official website, and micro-blog and QQ number. But how to make good use of the QQ platform to promote bearing products? The author of a friend is to do the bearing product sales, have their own enterprise station, in addition to do a good job of SEO optimization, and now want to expand the other promotion. The author of the bearing industry is not very understanding, but no matter what the promotion, to the customer’s own analysis without the Internet habits, how to find the potential customers on the Internet, which is the first step of the QQ platform product marketing. So the customer will be how to look for bearings on the Internet supplier? You can directly search for the relevant keywords in Baidu, you can find information on the B2C platform provider information, you can also look for information platform, such as 58 city information release platform. Specifically how to operate and implement it? read more

Circle of friends please dry after the first wet


is now so fire, marketing personnel also rushed up, can think of marketing play, a variety of Daniel, all of the great God, get together in public, and circle of friends.

especially the circle of friends, just a mess, all kinds of advertising, to push, they forget the WeChat marketing is the premise of marketing is the emotional marketing!


WeChat marketing, the most critical thing is not to sell products, in fact, harder to sell more, not the opposite.

The WeChat

design, basically acquaintances or have some contact circle of people, mostly not too ripe, these people may be your potential customers, you can also be a potential customer introducer. However, if you show them products every day, will inevitably lead to resentment. read more

App net do not to sell advertising

generally speaking, App.net and Twitter positioning is the same, the site contains a social map, third party applications and so on, the user can send information, published state. (TechWeb with


[introduction]App.net is impossible to replace Twitter, Twitter now has 150 million registered users, App.net may never reach this level. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work because it’s got the most critical part of the customer.

our previous article briefly introduced the App.net this bold innovation, and insisted that it does not sell advertising, users and developers to charge the use of social networking sites. Today, App.net iPhone and Android’s first App mobile phone has been on the shelves. Latest news shows that the number of users on the App.net statement has exceeded 250 thousand. read more

The horse refused to strong BS Chinese groom

    I just opened QQ, QQ in the message as the tide to me, a look at the content of the information is about the same, ask me why I hang the virus on the site, I TMD really wronged ah! I hang on my website, my head is broken? Quickly open the site, all the virus, TMD who did? Look at half of the loss of traffic, and finished in the QQ one apology, it seems that their website is still someone concerned (his smile).

      TMD think, really angry, horse people can make you want to die ah, some things do not, you can hang 163, sina QQ, ah, we put these in what station, we allow Italy Austria station, station in charge do not request those traffic advertising you will not be so poor, large point of advertising, you do not do their ads, they have sold traffic would not be hung up, now stationmaster net release (the horse refused to begin from me) http://s.top.admin5.com/novirus/ activity is very good, I also want to join, I hope I can figure the king, ha ha. About half a day, hope not to delay your time, if your site has also been linked to a horse, help the top, do not want to nag, the last word, BS China these incompetent bully the groom! If the words hang Sina, Sohu! read more

He wants to fans eyes in 2016 you A Actually not

2016 is in the past, this year ICT industry insiders believe that all the people hear the word is the most AI (Artificial Intelligence), whether it is business or any media, and ICT side, how much should called AI. It is OUT too. But what about the actual situation?

called back. Here we take back this year is more important or cause the media and the industry for the AI attention or speculation several nodes or is a landmark event, and for the interpretation and extension of these landmark events will undoubtedly let us see the essence of AI. read more

Baidu the U S group hungry 13 takeaway platform stalls thing Food and drug administration has fil

Beijing food and drug administration intends to the United States mission, Baidu takeaway, hungry investigation

Beijing food and drug administration staff said that the U.S. group, the hungry 13 network ordering platform, Baidu takeaway, a large number of shops not review public duty, has to meet the conditions of filing, has fixed evidence will initiate an investigation. In the first half, the Beijing food and drug administration received three platform complaints reported in the United States, including the United States Mission Network of 92, hungry, and so on, Baidu, take out of the 59. read more

CN domain name registration and renewal rules of major adjustment

according to the CNNIC requirements, from December 20, 2007 onwards, the registration and renewal rule CN English domain were adjusted accordingly, that please carefully read the following changes:

1, registration rules adjustment:

since December 20, 2007, CN English domain name registration for up to 10 years. CN English domain name removed from the original 14 days, adjusted to 4 days. (the current discount in the CN English domain name does not provide a single deletion function).

two, renew regulation: read more