Adsense network broadcast Taobao or on line blacklist feature 360 news client on the line

1 Taobao or on-line blacklist features best buyers will be pulled black

news June 24th, according billion state power network understanding, will enhance the protection of the rights and interests of the seller gradually, sources said, the future may on-line blacklist function, so that the seller can pull the black on the part of buyers "".

recently, open was deleted by the seller of goods can recycle baby back, and the deleted goods also has two times to remind function, this feature is gradually open to Taobao sellers, then open to Tmall mall sellers; future will also address the seller because the wrong category was penalized. The problem, the wrong category may be mandatory under the commodity price. read more

The financial crisis in the capital chain tension electricity sale site pretty things Qiaoyu bankrup


technology news (Wang Kexin) March 26th news, business sale website Qiaoyu pretty things (ihush) 24, said in a letter to employees, because the company is facing a serious financial crisis, still no other proposal to solve the financial problems of the company, so the company liquidation only.

said in the letter, the company in March 25th to stop all activities. "Because the company is facing extremely serious financial problems, the company can only gradually in the next few months, you will be paid in February 2014 and in March, as well as social security. However, the liquidation team shall, after the liquidation of the assets of the company, pay in accordance with the laws and regulations of China and the financial capacity of the company." read more

Commercial website charges query identity card information into a profit making tool

Xinhua Beijing, January, 10, spent 5 yuan can check identity details, the news, recently caused many consumers worry about personal information security. Identity cards to provide a number of Web sites that will try their best to ensure the safety of information, but who can guarantee that sensitive information for others to query is not used? What security risks exposed? Xinhua viewpoint reporter conducted an investigation.

citizenship information into a profit-making tool

has many readers to reflect, many provide ID card inquiry service business website on the Internet, only need to pay 5 yuan of money can query ID information true and false, can not only display the certification, can display photos and other information, website, service process detailed, has become a big industry. read more

Baidu clean up bad businesses from V 2000

Beijing, August (Xinhua) 7 recently, a secret broke the news once again sparked media attention. In August 6th, someone broke the news on the secret "Baidu dropped to 0 businesses in the value of the credit from V, a total of more than 2 thousand." Immediately, entrepreneur magazine official micro media tracking forwarding, causing many users hot, many of whom support the praise and neutral wait and see. In this regard, Baidu official said, Baidu credibility V project has started in late July on the credibility of the value dropped to 0 points of the merchant to withdraw V, the follow-up will launch a series of initiatives to promote the integrity of the ecological construction of the internet. read more

China business nternet ten year celebration leaders summit Live Salon

theme: Chinese Commercial Internet ten years celebration

time: -10 October 23, 2008 24

location: Peking University Centennial Hall

organizers: Internet Weekly

Hostess: Thank you for speakers, today is especially rare opportunity, in this time we talk about Internet, we go to the real Internet tycoon, here about their glory and dream of ten years. We have just heard is their next monologue, more exciting, because such a clever person together, their mind stirring brings us what kind of inspiration? Then please our guests forum link read more

A simple but important rule in the elevator financing speech

I often use a simple rule to promote a product or introduce a company to others, which I call "don’t use ‘" (English: "No Ands").

"do not use" rule is very simple:

you have to use your ideas in a single sentence".

in the past, I used the word may use the word with you for the same reason: my idea is very good, I am particularly excited, I want to share with all my joy. I don’t want people to listen to my speech without any impression. I want them to think the same as me. So I tried to convince them with a lot of "also". read more

Domestic websites have been diving Alexa ups and downs for which

Beijing time on December 23rd evening 22 points ALEXA research team, hair network monitoring to ALEXA has been updated to date data, and data anomalies disorder, the domestic TOP100 site 80% explosion down. What does it mean? Although Christmas is approaching, but the ALEXA team recently has not stopped their work, perhaps ALEXA this is a small "change", they have been making efforts in anti cheating.

below shows part of the TOP website pictures to everyone.

QQ19 day a ranking diving read more

Stationmaster net broadcast knowing goddess fraud apologized and surrendered e rent treasure trick e

introduction: off the Baidu "Post Bar door" incident, then ushered in the known goddess of fraud, a business one after another, really make people tired! What’s your opinion?

1.e rent treasure from financial leasing P2P tricky exposure slowing expansion transformation  

over the past month, investors have not reduced the pressure of capital redemption." One involved in financial leasing asset securitization P2P agency official said. He believes that he is also an indirect victim of e rent treasure incident. read more

Network report two or three things today we are the Chaoyang masses

there are three things that happened this week, and you probably know.

first thing happened in the Buddhist shrine. In July 25th, netizens to report the name of Shaolin abbot of Shaolin Temple Shi Yongxin, said the illegal private life, chaos, occupied the Shaolin Temple property and reputation tarnished Shaolin Temple. Posted on the net signed as justice, and left a phone call, I hope the relevant departments and the media to monitor the matter.

second things happened on the second day. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Wenzhi to the Ministry of Finance real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing VLT, a letter called "real name" in line "on serious illegal operations report" lottery letter widely circulated on the internet. Report the letter said the VLT lottery serious illegal operations, some executives for personal transportation interests. This caused widespread public concern. read more

Ali nail 3 released to bring the next ten thousand small and medium enterprises to connect inside an

nail and press conference, and released the 3 version of the nail, and the enterprise service platform function to a higher level, to address the needs of communication on the connection of inside and outside the enterprise stage, and is now a nail stock of 240 small and medium-sized enterprise customer base platform based on.

from the 1 communication, 2 coordination, to connect enterprises inside and outside 3, a nail in a short period of more than a year, is almost a product development and iteration speed in a consumer Internet enterprise service products, has a unique full play routines, speed is amazing, and often there was a surprise, perhaps this is a change of attitude of the performance. read more

Thunder to pornography and piracy mode profit

Google download portal investment thunder has not escaped from the porn trap, they met a new crisis. The former can be seen in March 19th report "thunder into pornography resource aggregation portal Google," the article pointed out that the connivance of evil, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other 10 departments have decided to start from April to carry out a six-month special action to combat Internet pornography in accordance with national organization. The latter refers to the Seventh World Intellectual Property Day (April 26th) on the eve of the genuine movie download as the core of the main business of the quark film network decided to sue the thunder copyright infringement. read more

The whole network operators have been part of the botnet attacks appear abnormal access to the site

A5 webmaster network ( December 10th news, today, a number of local sites have access to abnormal phenomenon, the site appears frequently short visit, pictures can not be opened, and other issues.

According to the official announcement of micro-blog

DNSPod, currently the whole network operators are suffering from reflection attack Botnet, resulting in DSN analysis of net users low success rate, including the use of DNSPod to resolve the domain name.

up to now, the site can not be accessed for a short time there are still a number of phenomena, the official DNSPod has not yet given the relevant treatment announcement. read more

Six ministries issued new regulations prohibit individuals in the nternet release of dangerous good

six ministries issued new regulations: prohibit individuals in the Internet release of dangerous goods information

[TechWeb] February 16th news reports, for dangerous goods on the Internet to strengthen information management, business unit information standard of dangerous goods release behavior, in accordance with the law, combating illegal and criminal activities involving dangerous goods. Today, the Ministry of public security, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of environmental protection, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of production safety supervision jointly formulated the "provisions on the administration of Internet information dissemination of dangerous goods". read more

Wang Tong how to find out the value you ignored

business opportunities countless! Value everywhere!

there are so many things that are valuable to you as you have been ignored.

most of the people in the machinery of the busy, lack of meditation thinking, if you have been busy for many years no harvest, you should pause at the moment, Jingxiaxinlai, summary, analysis, understanding, you may have very big harvest. This article will give you some ideas, perhaps you can inspire.

please remember and think about this sentence: the vast majority of businesses are based on information asymmetry on the basis of read more

How valuable is the domain name

Author: Alyson Shontell translation: Ling is the original: Entrepreneur

every day we visit a variety of sites, from Google to Baidu, from NetEase to sina…… We remember a lot of domain names. Some people have some domain names registered in advance, and then want to use the domain name of the individual or company because the domain name has been registered, if you still want to use the domain name, you must pay a fee to the cybersquatting people. However, the domain name can have much value? read more

Medicine or drugs Analysis of six kinds of extension method study

means drink wine drinking poison to quench thirst, thirst, analogy to solve the present difficulties in the wrong way, regardless of the consequences. Often in the enterprise network promotion through a poison phenomenon, very means of making web traffic increases quickly, get returns, but once stopped, website traffic will avalanche plunged more than the network promotion also have to continue to increase investment, continue to be put. As the network promotion this phenomenon like drug addiction generally drink poison to quench thirst, can get temporary effect, but eventually harm to others, not only to promote the speed of operation cost increase, will eventually dragged across the enterprise, therefore, as the main body of the enterprise network promotion, must be vigilant enough to this phenomenon. read more

Local car network services business car rental program

: how to profit local car network, has been, we are arguing. There are very few friends are willing to share the operating experience, Hangzhou car network to the line, slowly groping, trying to cooperate, the recent discovery of line activities is a good way out. In this paper, the current cooperation with the Hangzhou automobile network car rental company’s operating practice, summed up the planning case, hoping to provide the necessary help to the webmaster friends admin5.

1 Hangzhou commercial car rental market read more

How to choose the right investor in daily communication

author introduced his many years of entrepreneurial financing experience, investors and investors are the choice of two-way, enterprises seeking investment, should choose the most appropriate investment partner.

Shortly after

spoke at the Midatlantic Venture conference, I began to get a phone call. As a successful venture of three CEO and a respected rising founder, I have aroused the interest of investors stand head and shoulders above others. I agree that there are many reasons to speak at the meeting, but not because I am looking for an immediate investment. In fact, it is precisely because I have been the three venture, I am more focused on long-term interests – useful and slow growth. I am well aware of the need to bear the burden of financing too soon, and I am not prepared to accept external investment until the company is ready. read more

How to effectively improve the site traffic

1, diligence: I am very recommended to do so, if one thing you did not spend much effort to do it, then I can only say that you are GOD, admire!

2, brain: a diligent enough, must be diligent in thinking basis, find their own website, and good at solving, can obtain the effective growth.

3, adhere to: do not because of the development of the site and their expectations from the big give up, this may be the most difficult point.

OK, we are talking about one aspect of

1, diligence means we do stand passion, can also be a website update and rich, now too much on acquisition, I used a manual, procedures are, but the effect of it, unless your station itself has a base case, need an order of magnitude increase, so I recommend, or otherwise come slowly, I suggest that the patient, find a boutique, small and fine, it is easier to pull the visitor’s heart. read more

E commerce is not so simple

success requires hard work and full preparation. Otherwise, the world is full of Alibaba, e-commerce is not very simple. Success in this area requires a keen market insight, preparation and hard work.

success stories have some success but be too numerous to enumerate, reason, reason and each success can not be copied.

we can only work according to their own actual situation, has reached its own satisfactory results. Efforts may not succeed, but not hard will not succeed. Therefore, the results of hard work is not obvious. The cause of success is elusive, and the experience of failure is the same. E-commerce has now reached a certain height, it is impossible, like the beginning of their own to build a website can be profitable. Now all aspects are in the development of e-commerce, enterprise e-commerce, e-commerce market, in this period, in order to succeed in e-commerce is to reform. Innovation is the key to success, identify the direction of the market, continuous innovation, coupled with their hard work, coupled with our careful decision-making, with decisive action to implement, then it should be developed very well. read more