Detailed analysis of the ten advantages and disadvantages of network marketing

now enterprises choose the case of network marketing network marketing is more and more, including SEO, PPC, forum posting, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, email marketing, micro-blog marketing, video marketing, image promotion, word-of-mouth marketing and other ten major categories of


know that the word SEO may not know, network marketing, including SEO, network marketing is a comprehensive category, and SEO is the branch of network marketing.

advantage: SEO advantage is to rely on the site as the media, publishing information, the optimization of keywords, in order to get the search engine rankings. Bring traffic to the site, bring the amount of views. read more

My view on the basic promotion methods of industry station

valve 234 nets for the column, this website is to improve the online trading platform for the valve, then our keyword is nothing more than according to the professionals to provide the valve gate valve and so on. Net, in Baidu, the first page of the words is full of promotion, we can’t do it. So we’ll do it on the website.

customer data collection

find a cracked version of the E-mail acquisition, acquisition under the industry news keywords in the E-mail contact, then you can use email or send them a manual E-MAIL write some about this website, and understanding, and can provide service, because we are the industry, so attention is not the size of the flow, but to the people what is, even if you have 10 thousand day IP but only 10 people in the industry, so or fail, but if this is 1000IP in the industry accounted for 10, so we are successful. Therefore, our industry is only professionals face. Reasonable use of good blog, good external connection, a gateway of the blog can not be less, every day to keep their industry stand on the knowledge point in writing, and then add a word, this content source such an external connection is done. read more

A brief analysis of the advantages and limitations of micro blog marketing

things have two sides, there is a good side, but also a bad side. Any marketing tool also has its advantages and limitations, and today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of micro-blog marketing. Through the first few articles, I believe we have begun to try to do micro-blog marketing, or that the use of micro-blog to do the promotion, the effect?.

I want to Tucao the reason is nothing more than the following points, but also the shortcomings of micro-blog marketing.

1, not enough fans. read more

About Taobao Taobao two series passenger passenger surplus Dumbledore channel development outlook

a lot of wanderers said Taobao guest is dead, no way to go on. Thin want to come, may not. A day together with you to know about Taobao, today net to push the small band everyone together to further dig all kinds of marketing channels.

one: traditional promotion channels

we all know that the share of profits should be relatively large website promotion, the form of the site has evolved into a variety of. The site is Taobao guest promotion way more traditional, from the rebate network, network group purchase, shopping guide network sharing site, etc.. read more

WeChat operation material selection


, we have been talking a lot about the operational aspects of the WeChat method and how to avoid being. May you seriously to read people will find that one cannot do without that our content, content directly decide whether or not we will be the title, whether can attract more fans attention, whether we can achieve the high amount of reading high forwarding.

The relationship between

that we must say that today is not the focus of the content and the title, because of this before we have already talked about. Today I want to talk to you is how to do high quality articles, to achieve the purpose of high forwarding. read more

ZhengZhan optimization and website promotion plan

The main purpose of

is to realize the optimization of comprehensive ZhengZhan optimization on the site, the site has a good natural ranking ability in the search engine, so as to improve the website sales ability to strengthen brand publicity effect. We want to each column, each inside the page as a small site to optimize its controllability, in order to form a line, the line structure, so that the site structure is more reasonable, and ultimately bring long-term stable flow.

(I) modify the policy read more

Share the deadly weapon to improve blog click rate

signature: in fact, I like you for how to improve the click rate of blog this thing to worry about. Blog click rate is not high this blogger does not seem to have much capital to talk about this topic. However, I can responsibly tell you that if you read this article, there will be unexpected gains!

blog era of flying, bloggers have the most distressing is not high, a deserted house hits, the most happy is the click rate soared, bustling. Therefore, how to improve the blog click rate has become a problem that bloggers often think about. The grassroots is different from those of elite celebrities, as long as a blog is surrounded by a group of fans. Also have to find ways to improve their blog attention and click rate. According to the successful experience of some well-known grassroots blogs, the author summarizes several practical methods. read more

How to reflect the idea of private hospital

private hospital network to promote the entire process, which is the core of the conversion rate? Try to think, when we are hard to do a hospital bidding, the hair of the chain, ranking…… Finally have the results, the introduction of a large number of visitors, but because of the lack of relevant website visitors but the marketing idea, the effective transformation fails, you will feel very humbled? Especially in the current bidding cost more for the high case, a keyword click price of dozens of pieces, go in, you will feel? read more

The Divine Comedy small burst of red apple a song by the billions of dollars of commercial value

following the "Phoenix Legend", the song "jilt onion," Gangnam Style "and other classic Divine Comedy Yuhi storage, gradually retreated behind the scenes, a new generation of divine comedy has landed on Youku, starting in May 29th, the chopsticks brothers" retro + brainwashing "mode of play" a God, concocted a small apple "," strong took 2014 the annual music "baton. Up to now, the cumulative amount of demand on the first station Youku has been over ten million. Rushed to fame, and to spark Liaoyuanzhishi become a hot search to get in by every opening, domineering each big video website and micro-blog, WeChat and other social circles and share the list, I horse only know that Apple products are selling very hot, but "little apple" you are such a fire, this kind of really science? The former geeks Jobs was on the platform, "little apple" what do you read more

n addition to bad weather there are 10 problems can make CMO awake at night

for digital marketing, popular big data, and in need of more personalized and interactive level, across multiple platforms to attract customers, organizations and enterprises in the modern world, the character of CMO has become more important, we asked the old enterprises and emerging startups CMO, work role and market what is they are most concerned about, in addition to their peers to keep pace with the fast pace and the suggestion. Here are ten of the most worrying issues for CMO.

CMO must continue to demonstrate the value of marketing read more

Simple or complicated OpenD and one in the user experience

today on the Internet to see someone commenting on the relevant circumstances of OpenID, the specific evaluation is as follows:

"the first use of the OpenID log into OpenID server page to confirm, although not trouble, but still not convenient, why not through the OpenID interface, to confirm in the original page, similar to XSS using the hacker technology, dynamic loading OpenID service website login page, through the authentication operation OpenID, Server should provide more convenient interface, easy to use third party websites, the uniform requirements of the OpenID service provider, instead of Google to provide a OpenID service, Yahoo! To provide a OpenID service, there are similar, also provide OpenID service, OpenID service, or any third party websites have OpenID service (OpenID Server is a very simple thing), this is not good, OpenID need the most authoritative service network Station. This problem is not handled well, probably OpenID died." read more

Small Adsense how to promote the website and website profit


went to the office of the webmaster network, to participate in a small gathering of webmasters.

map Wang on the promotion of the site to talk about a lot of skills and methods, analysis of his recent discovery of a person how to promote the website and how to sell a case of the site, it can be said to benefit.

This party is to feel

webmaster, a touch is sometimes a spark in his brain, so that they can find a bright spot.

website promotion now can be said to be too much, write soft Wen, change links can be said to be more civilized; QQ mass posts, site mass, with the development of spam software and so on to be more shameful, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. read more

The public how to refresh my circle of friends is delightful

last week, since the launch of the new version of the micro pig CMS booster, we harvest full of love. The R & D department one ape blood boil, non-stop and micro power adds three new features. Don’t look down upon this function, it is really big! Do not believe? Xiaobian steps with the view of ~

share title / description support custom

as its name implies, this feature allows businesses to promote their needs according to their own, to fill out the micro independent activities to share the title to share the description. All kinds of chicken health gap in this era of scraper circle of friends, the user has produced visual fatigue. And interesting share of the title / description, like pearls in the sand, so that the user at a glance. Not only can improve the user open rate, but also to attract the active participation of users. read more

The breakdown of independent blog in marketing five unique advantages

with independent blog more and more people are familiar with, whether it is business or personal in the station is focused on independent blog program, as represented by the WordPress PHP program and ASP program as a representative of Z-blog, pj-blog and so on, has become the current popular blog program, and has been more the practice proves that they are constantly in search engine optimization, advantage and unique charm with or program expansion and adaptation of.

as a person, independent blog can not only become a personal expression of self, a platform to play personal hobbies or expertise, but also can be used as a carrier to achieve the purpose of profit, do stand; and for enterprise companies, in addition to other independent blog website undoubtedly they program to provide more choice and marketing the advantage behind this choice has more attractive, more and more enterprises or individuals have a part of the key to marketing independent blog, to play its unique advantages, give full play to its advantages in marketing. read more

Convention on the autonomy of blog services Draft

(May China Internet association two thousand and seven years)

1: General

Article 1 this Convention is formulated for the purpose of regulating the Internet blog service, creating a good environment for the development of blog services, facilitating the exchange and sharing of information.

second this Convention refers to the blog, refers to the Internet service providers to provide users with independent network space, including text, pictures, multimedia, etc..

third blog service should follow the law, civilization, fully inclusive and equitable and harmonious development of the principle of honesty and self-discipline. read more

15 well known large companies suffered cliff fall to the peak period of the proud and arrogant

behind the emergence of a large number of Unicorn companies, is the fate of a large number of corporate decline. In China, the average life expectancy of small and medium enterprises is only 2.5 years, the average life expectancy of the group enterprise is only 7-8 years. Those who thought this life without the everlasting companies, which rely on the monopoly advantage has or trade barriers can be instantly come to nothing.

Internet era more drama business model innovation and enterprise efficiency optimization. Stable market share, reserve a number of leading technology, too big to fail, the world’s largest OEM, emerging industry leading enterprises, has the characteristics of the enterprise seems mountain strong but changes in age, change rapidly in once failed to keep pace, are most likely in an overnight insurgents. They fall, a unicorn in advance. With the collapse of history update proves that innovation is the only mission, and only the gate. read more

Thirteen details he did the ultimate word of mouth marketing

originally this article should have been written, because of his recent things busy, so there is no timely finishing writing out! Yesterday is a free period, then I put my feelings and thoughts to tell you.

some time ago girlfriend went to a hot pot shop, the specific name is what I do not say. After all, you can make yourself a god. I think many traditional enterprises should learn about the word-of-mouth marketing model is the most terrible, the most powerful viral marketing, here by customers to pass on the trust to the customers friends. Once spread, became a viral, and get out of hand. read more

Effect marketing is expected to become the industry’s new regulations

network promotion do not know if there is no effect, is plagued by a large number of corporate propaganda issues. At present, the steel pipe enterprise alliance operating agency — wisdom science and technology, the first to introduce the effectiveness of service, breaking the industry curse". After the completion of the network promotion, if the customer does not feel the effect, you can negotiate a refund.

pioneered the effect of marketing

– Website – pay promotion, this is the general process of enterprise online promotion at present. Many Internet companies, money not in accordance with the requirements of customers to the website design, what is more, some business people don’t participate in maintaining customers later. Only in charge of money, is not responsible for the service, the clerk can wait for customer "toss". Looks after collect fees will be Everything will be fine., actually this is short-lived business, as well as permanent loss of the customer…… read more

Tanabata Festival to use hot words to improve short term traffic

today is the 5th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, two days is the traditional Chinese the Qixi Festival, is China plot person.

festive atmosphere is always in advance of the festival before the arrival of a breath, especially some of the major festivals, businesses will not miss. Early in the morning to see the body of the bus advertising changed Tanabata promotional activities; mall posters also changed the Tanabata Festival promotion. Real life is so, not to mention the network. read more

Looking around the English expert together

The English side expert, if you can easily understand English ", and often browse information on the foreign website (non pornographic reactionary), so, please contact me, we together into real knowledge for money, cooperation is actually very simple, the profit is also very simple, if you are interested, please contact me or leave a message!

1, English reading ability, oral English is not important

2, Internet access time, enjoy the Internet, like the Internet

We look forward to the depth of cooperation:
read more