How to promote the wedding photography company

wedding photography company to establish their own web site for a long time, but the flow of the site is flat, almost no publicity, how to do?

my suggestion is: firstly, proposed wedding photography company to do a comprehensive "diagnosis" on their website, including domain name, website search engine optimization (SEO), scientific login search engine and launch network advertisement, etc..


have a good domain name: the domain name should be concise, easy to input and have a certain meaning and significance (for example: Online wed is to get married, ol is online "), the choice of the suffix is a new hotspot in.Com in recent years, but there are also many Chinese Enterprises began to keen CN domain name. read more

Professional network marketing should have two aspects of knowledge


ENMG family asked as a network marketing people should have the basic knowledge? Because the recent company things more, so the delay to today, I will write an article on this question and to communicate with you. Before I say this, it is necessary for me to reiterate what is network marketing?

network marketing is through INTERNET or all electronic means to create sales opportunities, to achieve the purpose of sales behavior. Or network marketing: the use of all available Internet resources to create and create an atmosphere and environment for the sale of an art. In understanding the basis of network marketing, we have just to illustrate the problem. First of all, we can see from the definition of network marketing or marketing focus, but he borrowed a new communication tools. So as a network marketing, in the end should have what kind of knowledge? Two aspects. read more

15 tips to quickly enhance the visibility of the site

1, the website includes useful quality web content

to write something useful to visitors, and willing to share.

2, submit your site to some sort of directory or site navigation

classification directory (in the form of a collection of a number of useful web site address) – your site to some of the more popular classification directory, such as ODP, Yahoo, directory, LookSmart. Or you can publish your website address to some online site reference, for example, Wikipedia, industry-specific expert sites, blog, etc.. read more

Duo Jianong founder of Zen cicadas tell you how the derivative day into a million two

Peng Fei: Why did you feel that WeChat is the direction of the choice of micro business as a breakthrough in your new career?


Zen: "time to do the Internet for 06 years, I am against anyone, I think I’m better than Ma Yunshuai. At that time I was 26 years old, pocket money, I want to do the communications industry Alibaba, communications industry Taobao. Loss of results."

"if that was the time I went straight to Taobao, it would have been quite different today. So the trend of things, very powerful, we must know the flow, yield, know bow, keep up with the trend, it is the most effective." read more

Used car business platform everyone announced the completion of 150 million D round of financing

On the afternoon of 5

, second-hand car business people car officially announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, it is reported that the current round of financing led by Tencent, Shun capital, ceyuan ventures, red dot investment with investment, new investors include Chinese rich capital, investment in people, the new capital and capital Pu Si Jun.

it is reported that the current round of financing will be used for all cars from second-hand car transactions extended to finance, aftermarket and even new car transactions and other aspects of the future development of the strategic direction of all cars. read more

Xiamen small fish community officially resumed operations from 21

news May 21st former news, a well-known local community Xiamen xmfish officially announced in April 18th to suspend operations, the official said, Xiamen will launch a small net station upgrade, the specific date is not announced to resume operations.

on the afternoon of May 21st, Xiamen fish network officially resumed operations, the site management team issued an open letter, said the Xiamen small fish network in May 21st to sail again. (end)

a letter to the fish:

Dear friends:

fish lost

! read more

Railway insiders said the 12306 ticketing website collapse due to insufficient capacity

after a brief calm, the Ministry of Railways to stand again in the teeth of the storm. This time to push it on the top is long ago failed to pass the 12306 nets well to buy train tickets people anger and people are surprised to find that, the Ministry of Railways for the suspected "system, but there exist many problems in bidding shady strokes invested more than 300 million yuan.

1 billion 490 million "shock"

The upcoming

long if the usual sparked public travel boom, as the most popular mode of transportation, railway natural to usher in a new round of passenger peak, which triggered the ticket tide to put into operation in less than 12306 years the system has brought a new round of tests. read more

Daily topics Ali listed in Hongkong is to do or give up time

station network ( October 11th news, yesterday, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi suddenly announced that "today’s Hongkong market, the innovation of the governance structure of emerging enterprises, but also need time to study and digest. We decided not to choose to list in Hongkong." This is the first time Alibaba group management team to make public statements on IPO related matters.


Ali for this position, the Hongkong Stock Exchange (00388.HK) stakeholders in an interview with this reporter, said it would not comment, saying it is the company’s own choice. A Japanese investment bank analysts said, now Ali can only choose the U.S. market. Just a day earlier, the Hongkong SAR government financial services and the Treasury Secretary Chen Jiaqiang said publicly that Hongkong listing rules can not be provided with a double stake, in order to protect the rights and interests of investors, we must adhere to the "share" principle. This has been regarded as Ali missed Hongkong IPO clear signal. read more

Adsense network broadcast April 2014 vertical T website ranked Top10 today’s headlines and headline

1 network copyright first major survey of today’s headlines are  

today’s headlines again headlines".

recently, the National Copyright Administration copyright management division, told reporters on the media, has received complaints about the traditional media, said today’s headlines network without permission to reprint their news. National Copyright Administration attaches great importance to this, has accepted the relevant complaints, are on today’s headlines network for investigation, will be based on the investigation, according to the law to deal with. read more

After the Spring Festival hundreds of local service products to buy local goods group

after the Spring Festival to buy the industry to accelerate the shuffle buy a hundred local service

small group buying site want to fight the kind of service to buy the house, just looks beautiful. In just one month, about 100 of the country to buy the initiative to abandon the service class O2O (Online To Offline, the next line of business opportunities and the Internet) products, the focus shifted to the physical class buy. Analysts believe that turned into a kind of reality into a more intense B2C war, it can only be said to delay the death time. read more

Thousand Oaks former vice president Liu Ren was sentenced to 3 years and will appeal against the de

news December 21st, Thousand Oaks, former vice president of Donews producer Liu Ren, 3 people suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on Qihoo 360 case verdict: according to the Beijing Municipal People’s Court of Xicheng District on the weekend the verdict, Liu Ren for the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on jailed for three years, Xu Xinshi and two other suspects were sentenced to the central tour, a half years in prison.

at the end of last year, Liu Ren was arrested on suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on infinite Technology Co Ltd Beijing three international. August 25th this year, in September 10th, the two trial of the case, and in the final sentencing in December 18th. read more

Tencent Tmall flagship store quietly on the main intelligent digital products

Tencent Tmall flagship store quietly on the main intelligent digital products

[TechWeb] March 12th news reports, the Tencent and the Ali platform close contact is rare, but after the Amazon opened a flagship store in Tmall, the Tencent also quietly in Tmall opened a digital official flagship store.

it is understood that the main shops of Tencent of intelligent digital products, such as portable WiFi, medical intelligent hardware Teng love blood glucose meter, intelligent voice Tencent pet Q, intelligent portable projector light Tencent Q film and other products. In addition to QQ doll. read more

7 months suction gold 11 billion 900 million network MLM kingdom the return of the selected

, according to Xinhua news agency, involving 11 billion 900 million yuan, involving the country’s 28 provinces and cities, the people were deceived, including a large number of highly educated national civil servants, urban white-collar workers in the city, the people of the city, the city of the people’s Republic of China ()…… Not long ago, Chongqing Fuling police and the Department of industry and Commerce unearthed the biggest case of network marketing, known as the "consumer rebate" mode of big boss network MLM kingdom "the return of the one hundred" declared destruction. read more

Was arrested after 2 years of copyright infringement Pirate Bay co founder abscond

NetEase Francisco June 2nd message, according to Reuters, the Swedish police said on Saturday that the file sharing site the Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay) a co-founder arrested in southern Sweden, he will because of infringement in the past 2 years and the long term copyright suit.

Interpol has been wanted by Peter, co-founder of Pirate Bay since 2012; · (Peter) (Sunde). The Swedish National Police Commission spokeswoman Carolina · Ike Jos (Carolina Ekeus) said: "since 2012 we have been arrested him, he has been sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, so he must serve." read more

P2P shuffle on the eve of the three front entanglements regulation innovation risk

P2P ten regulatory principles

it is difficult to use the outbreak of the year to define the P2P in 2014, regardless of the number of platforms or the size of the transaction, the outbreak of P2P from 2013 until now, seems far from over. According to net loan home data, the number of platforms in 2014 is expected to increase to 1600, the total turnover of about 250 billion yuan, an increase of more than 2013 and 136%, respectively, and 100%.

but it is actually a year forming rules of the game: the establishment of supervision to the CBRC to lead, and draw a "red line" principle; the East venture and loans to help the event to accept judicial examination; third party custody set up "to a pool of funds account system become a widely accepted anti illegal means. read more

Network marketing three questions buyers come from

now more and more enterprises to carry out network marketing, which is the progress of society, marketing revolution. However, it is not difficult to find that there are quite a lot of enterprise network marketing is not successful, the network marketing confusion and loss, and "love" and "hate"".

and traditional marketing, network marketing is the most important thing is to find buyers, to reach a deal. Network marketing is not furnishings, and must be to bring customers and sales. Profit is the ultimate goal of the marketing activities of enterprises. From this point of view to understand the network marketing, we will feel relaxed a lot, so as not to be confused by the many network marketing product "colorful". read more

Admin5 advertising alliance information channel formally launched

Admin5 alliance information channel enabled two domain name formally launched.


channel aims to create the most comprehensive Internet advertising platform with the most recommended, while finishing the released novice webmaster do some advertising skills and experience, choice for the majority of owners in the process of network money plays a guiding role and.

although the channel is currently only in the embryonic form of the plan, but I believe that the majority of the webmaster and the alliance’s attention and support will gradually enrich and play a more practical role. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast network marketing fraud 500 million arrested everyone in the film the la

1 MLM MLM leader fraud overseas arrest of $500 million had refused to persuade back to

today we pay attention to a case of network marketing. It is not only a concern, because in this case the huge amount of money involved, and the principal very special case. From 2008 onwards, the principal Lumou overseas in long term planning and organization of illegal network marketing activities, and dual passports, in a number of countries who commit crimes. In July this year, Lumou was included in the list of hunting. The Ministry of Public Security issued a red warrant through Interpol, Lumou arrested in November 15th in Papua new guinea. read more

s called the lost beloved we really lost

media will now where the customer is called "" suffered a midlife crisis; " the customer", we can see in the hundreds of Baidu, where the customer is called "lost" beloved "" 100 for why we called "lost pet" list is the two point of view is Affirmative. Backed by Lei hope; the copy millet will die.

Don’t talk about

first agree with either point of view, first, netizens on the pros and cons of the vote, of course we can not say the future development, depends on the vote, but the vote can be seen more friends will support customers. As I write this article, Affirmative (backed by Lei hope) accounted for 30% of the vote, the opposition (copy millet will die) accounted for 70%. From this we can see, where the situation now is really not very good. "" suffered a midlife crisis; " every guest" in the text, the author said: Eslite today, like a middle-aged, there is too much remorse for the past, the future is full of confusion. Today, there is a certain competition in any industry, of course, the electricity supplier in the field of clothing this is fierce competition. The industry has said, every guest clothing brand to fade, line and pilling quality problems such as almost all occupied. I haven’t bought for VANCL, clothing, for the quality of people in the industry say, can not make a positive answer. read more

Rookie do a few years of domestic advertising experience

    I have been a domestic advertising alliance for a year, and here’s the story of the year.

    when entering the online advertising is because the previous life is really not going to be mixed, it should be some friends know the Internet card those things, huh, huh, I was taking delivery of goods to the two traffickers. Ha ha, then do not continue to study the online advertising.
    began to concentrate on the study of CMS, do the template, and so on, almost ALEXA. It is a headache, because there is no ranking will not be able to pick up the ads, began to think of ways to brush, the beginning of a lot of articles to see, on the use of mobile browser ah! Or what the brush alliance, and then a little bit to understand how to improve ALEXA. The best way to start is to buy some meat J, then let us buddy, to write a program, then automatically install the ALEXA toolbar and hide open IE to browse their website to promote, in the short term is to achieve a certain promotion, later found ranking being punished. The reason is judged to be mutual brush. To study the data packets sent by ALEXA. What what what the AID! The most benefit was two this one is in the Haier brothers on the forum, there is one in a sina BLOG expert. At this time, a special agent with the ALEXA data packets, then study together. After testing a demerit. Because ALEXA is the next day out of the data, then really understand how hard it is waiting. At that time, the earthquake, submarine cable broken. There is no way to test, and then solve the problem is also a tool to solve the problem of upgrading ALEXA ALEXA. Now the price is very cheap to brush ALEXA, but here to do a friend of domestic advertising a proposal. Please brush ALEXA brush to 20W within the 30W enough to not let the day into the 10W. Otherwise, ALEXA’s peak will kill you. read more