1 minutes cheated in case of such fraud to be careful of the 3 million 340 thousand

1 minutes cheated by the victim is too naive, or the crime gang is too powerful? What is the whole process of the event? Let’s take a look at it! At the same time, I hope more users to see this event to be cautious.

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The three story of a man who was hit by a pie in the sky

a lot of times, opportunities can not be met. Some people tend to become rich is that they had the unexpected. Sometimes, the sky is really a pie fall hit a lucky man. Below, a look at the people who have been hit by the pie in the sky, see how they are to achieve the dream of getting rich!

1992 one day in November, a British living in Suffolk County huokesen farmers lost a hammer in the field ". So he got Eric ·, and Routh used a metal detector to help him find a hammer". In the process of looking for a hammer, Routh accidentally discovered 24 coins, 565 gold, 14191 silver and gold and silver spoon, jewelry and statues. These are the objects of the Rome empire. According to the British law, these so-called "Hoxne" belongs to the local government. Because they are "the property of the Lord", "the property of the Lord" belongs to the United Kingdom in accordance with the law. Nevertheless, the British government is based on fair market price to buy these "hoxne". The farmer and Routh gained 1 million 750 thousand pounds. Now, "Hoxne" permanent display in the British Museum, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors come to visit.

1992, a retired truck driver named Terry came to the local thrift store for a friend to buy a depression can be amusing gifts. She saw a pair of 3 square meters of painting. This picture is very ugly, but must be a funny music. After bargaining, Tilly the final price of $5 purchased this picture. But her friend did not accept this picture, because she thinks that this picture is so ugly and wouldn’t fit. Terry took it home, sold in the form of vintage. A local art teacher who saw the painting thought it might be Pollack’s painting. There is a great deal of controversy about the authenticity of the painting. In order to confirm the authenticity of the painting, Tilly please forensic experts do identification for this painting. The result of the identification is that a fingerprint on the painting is consistent with a fingerprint in Pollack’s studio. read more

E commerce industry to promote the logistics industry to achieve a qualitative leap

e-commerce era, all walks of life in the innovation, the logistics industry is no exception, in fact increased business and even the development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry from the eleven point double peak can be seen.

"the Internet has begun to impact the real estate market pattern, due to the rise of Internet banking and other emerging industries, these companies for joint office needs increase, the future joint office will be more. At the same time, with the development of electricity providers, Shanghai logistics products need to expand the space." DTZ China strategic research department head ShaunBrodie told reporters. read more

Jie hundred home appliance cleaning strength brand strength projects

in our life, there is always no use for home appliances. Then, of course, the use of household appliances for cleaning appliances. Jie hundred home appliance cleaning? In the market, not only has a high popularity, join the selection advantage is very advantageous!

Tai’an tmhold source environmental protection science and technology limited company to accept the Beijing world standard certification center limited company quality management system certification review, according to our company "s Jie" brand, engaged in home appliance cleaning services services for the audit, in the joint efforts of our company, with the perfect management system and strict service measures passed the GB/T9001-2008/ quality management system certification, and obtain the certificate. read more

How to invest in women’s apparel industry market prospects

to join the project is a good investment in your business success essential factors, and now all walks of life competition, the choice of what industry is good? Women’s market demand has been great, has a broad space for development, favored by franchisees. So what about the future of the industry?

1, financing efficiency. By listing can build a hundred years old platform, can bring a lot of money, change the capital structure, as of October 13th this year, the SME board listed companies financing amount of each company 688 million, plus bank loans, there are more than 1 billion 300 million of the funds, you can have more money than the competition advantage of scale. read more

The need to invest much cost on Steam Museum

people’s living standard continues to improve, consumption capacity is constantly improved, for some former less consumption of industry consumption is also more, open the Steam Museum early to invest much money? The steam museum this investment projects but how many people are very optimistic about this, and to understand the specific open steam museum how much money, look at the cost of investment is not enough to choose their foot this project open steam museum how much money? The initial investment (one-time investment): read more

Analysis of the shop management way A Carpenter Tan as an example

small store has a small store business, how to find it? "Here in this example to prove that the Carpenter Tan" analyze, I hope you can get scriptures from.

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Want to succeed in business remember three do not

business is never a simple matter, but also because of this, many people in the entrepreneurial process, the interests of the time and opportunistic influence the overall situation, and only ended in failure. Entrepreneurship is not easy, want to be successful, based on the more difficult, in the course of business, you need to remember that the three do not.

one, entrepreneurs do not sell fake goods, to be honest and trustworthy. To be clear about the quality of the goods.

entrepreneurs no one does not want to earn a lot of money, but money is to make money, not lose the principle, give customers a warm and generous, let the benefit to the customer, do not care about. Any guest hate duanjinshaoliang. You are also a consumer, when people go out of consumption without the integrity of the business you will be what attitude, do you like it, the same time you do business, you can not do even you hate the kind of businessman. Honest and trustworthy, their own thing is what kind of what is good is good, bad is bad, where the price is placed, it is necessary to the quality of the figure is cheap, you can let consumers choose their own. read more

Fresh fruit juice drink

beverage store project can have on the nutrition and health of these words I am afraid only tea and natural fruit juice shop, of course, in order to cater to the mass consumer demand for health drinks, a juice stores will undoubtedly be a good choice. Juice is a new choice of people now business, is also a very popular direction, juice shop join into a profitable project, in a large number of brand stores, juice shop to join to choose what is good? Honey fruit juice is a good project.

juice store to join the brand choose what good? Select the time to consider a few requirements: read more

Open home jewelry chain of mature business

contemporary women’s consumption capacity continues to improve, for high-end accessories also have a strong consumer strength, so many investors have opened a jewelry store, want to invest in the jewelry industry businesses, and to set up a successful jewelry store, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge.

Send a single: you want to send a single and send a single operation if the training and target assessment, quantity and quality have reached a certain standard. Bar chain romantic rat asked the clerk does not look at the data, can accurately according to the standard name should dialogue. The staff should be familiar with the promotion content, the clerk can not read the leaflets, both fluent in the rules of the game and promotional content, a clear understanding of the activities of the operation. read more