Hefei Metro Line 1 is the first bus

with the rapid economic development of Hefei, the subway was inaugurated in 2012, and now the Metro Line 1 opened soon, the whole city can not only alleviate the huge traffic pressure, the key is to be for the majority of people travel to provide maximum convenience. After the Metro Line 1, the opening of trial operation, the first few people can sit on the subway? How long does it take to every subway subway ticket departure interval? What? With so many questions about the people, the following Xiaobian together and detailed understanding of it. read more

Wanda childe Wang Sicong repo wanda com domain behind the event marketing

A5 (admin5.com) station network September 2nd news, the domain name wanda.com has been Wanda son Wang Sicong repo, from September 1st deadline, wanda.com still maintains the status quo jump to Wang Sicong micro-blog home, always self styled "low-key Red Net Wang" national husband Wang Sicong, is "low-key" jump to the micro-blog home page by wanda.com the event marketing success show to the world: the twists and turns of wanda.com finally welcomed the income under the command of read more

China’s 6 major categories of SNS community

      in 2008, the SNS community just unfolding on the Internet, various types of SNS blossom everywhere. SNS community model continues to mature, some owners of such SNS community also began to gain a foothold, show style. At present, there are more characteristics of the main categories of SNS community:


2008, Comsenz’s social network software UCenter Home, let SNS become everyone can build a platform, it has so many owners to easily build a relationship with friends as the core communication network. UCenter official site convergence of the majority of the population should be a personal webmaster. The webmaster here not only experience at any time to the latest development of UCenter Home, and relying on the continuous improvement of the program to achieve a more convenient and pleasant exchange. read more

After the on site service O2O mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore road in where

has been established for a year and a half of Jingdong home in February 10th closed a number of home economics, freight, massage and other O2O home service, instead focused on helping users achieve fresh direct mission. In the recently published AI media consulting "2016-2017 Chinese O2O Market Development Research Report" in a long "2016 Chinese new O2O venture company closed list, continue to tell a sad atmosphere after the development of the industry O2O myth. Now after the O2O service in the future come mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, where is the way? This article from the Beijing morning news reporter Yang Lin. read more

Rice farmers will be on the site recommendation

in recent years, the domain name of the popular market, created a large number of domain name investors, also called minon. At present, the registered

will collect minon on the web site, for your read more

China’s nternet black market analysis false means of operation

although the mainstream Internet circle "challenge" has become a story, sing a song, the votes, than the yen value, posters, the show moves farce, but not to say that Wu Yi has lost in the Internet market quickly realized the requirements and purpose driven, some Wushi and Wu Yi toward the other extreme the direction of development……

what is false operation

false operation, is simply to give Internet users create an illusion, and the illusion by using some network rules and mental skills, let us difficult to identify, in order to make a profit for gospel truth. read more

Ma Yun innovation is not to defeat opponents but to compete with tomorrow

co sponsored by Tsinghua University and the State Council Development Research Center, Tsinghua innovation forum was held in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park in April 19, 2011. Pictured Alibaba Chairman Jack ma. (photo: Sina Finance Liang Bin photo)

sina science and technology news on April 20th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of Alibaba yesterday to attend Tsinghua innovation forum, said the enterprise innovation is not to defeat the opponent, but to compete with tomorrow. Turning to the issue of Wei Zhe, Ma said he just assumed due responsibility, there is no interest distribution, internal struggle and other complex reasons. read more

The daily topic of former employees of Alipay selling user information security responsibilities

station network (www.admin5.com) January 6th news, last week reported a "Alipay ghost selling user information was arrested, a message immediately attracted the attention of users of information security. Then Alipay also issued a response.

"Economic Observer" reported by the Zhang Jian, Li Ming (sound) pull. The technical staff Li Ming Department of Alibaba owned Alipay, which will use the work in 2010, several times in the company background download Alipay user data, data content over 20G. Li Minghuo with two associates, and then the user information sold to the electricity supplier companies, data companies. The Alibaba integrity department found out, download the Alipay user data or acts of Li Ming, and in Hangzhou. The police in the city of Hangzhou Tsui police station as the main body, the four will be controlled. The first suspect Zhang Jian gang Li Ming Department of customers ", the price of 500 yuan, purchased 30 thousand Alipay user information from Li Mingchu. read more

The first WeChat marketing case solved 17 MLM gang was destroyed

recently in a number of places in the country, a man claiming to be a master of hypnosis mysterious figures held a number of WeChat marketing promotion conference: called free lectures, but wantonly for the master’s series of courses. At present, the Nanjing police have identified the nature of its pyramid scheme, the main members of the organization has been under criminal detention – this is the first case of a new type of WeChat MLM case cracked in Nanjing.

special correspondent Yang Weibin Modern Express reporter Sun Yuchun read more

Official interpretation of mutual gold special rectification some formats deviated from the right di


technology news (Wang Pan) in October 13th, the general office of the State Council today announced the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the financial risks of the Internet special rectification work carried out comprehensive arrangements for the deployment.

this, the Internet financial risk rectification work leading group responsible person on the 13 special rectification work to answer a reporter’s question. The following is a Q & a record: read more