Drops China will eventually usher in the battle of the online battle

online car rental is not a new market, but with the drop of admission, the market has emerged many new variables. August 22nd, the official confirmation of drops of travel, its car rental business was started in Shanghai in July to test the operation, some users have been able to experience the car provided by the car drops. According to the plan, the second half of this year to the first half of next year will be gradually extended to the country more than a second tier cities.

drops travel again layout read more

Taobao alliance 3 million website open a new business layout

free to open any web site, you can buy things.

Taobao alliance recently launched. In addition to the page on Internet advertising integration platform, Taobao will provide the alliance website customization marketing strategy, let those who exist in the form of advertising website e-commerce applications, Taobao became the massive commodity sales channels, eventually become between the open all sites and advertisers marketing platform.

Taobao is expected this year, is expected to bring up to 1 billion yuan for each union website revenue sharing. read more

From the shoe shoes to understand what the customer viscosity

with the development of electronic commerce, the new shopping model also appears more and more, a model of the key is not successful, can not get the favor of consumers, so to develop new customers, on the other hand to retain old customers, old customers can go to if the publicity for your website, certainly better than their own money to promote effectively, so a part of the customer viscosity is also very important.

recently, Alibaba’s Taobao and Hunan TV reached a strategic cooperation, the investment of 100 million yuan jointly set up a joint venture with the media, Hunan happy Taobao Culture Communication Co., ltd.". Joint venture will integrate the advantages of both Hunan satellite TV and Taobao resources, a special preparation for a television program – Golden Mango channel, to create and online shopping related television programs and television drama. And set up in the Taobao online shopping channels and external independent website, create a new business model of e-commerce combined with television media. read more

YouTube began to block the advertising shield plugin if used on the wrong

Adblock Plus users find error pages Sina Technology News Beijing time on March 14th morning news, recently, some advertising shield plug-in Adblock Plus users found in the visit YouTube website will see this message: "error, please try again later."

this error message will only appear during the advertising play, which means that the Adblock Plus is still technically shielded advertising. However, the ad shield plugin will remove the ad altogether. For banner ads, this means that the original ad on the page becomes content. For video advertising, which means that the video will skip the ad to play directly. Over the past few years, Adblock has been able to successfully remove YouTube ads, but since last week, the situation seems to have changed. read more

Luxury brands and Taobao signed a memorandum to crackdown on the nternet


Chinese market continues to expand, luxury brands announced at the start of online fraud.

Coach has just completed the American luxury goods listed in Hongkong, this week announced the fraud phenomenon of "zero tolerance", has been with taobao.com (micro-blog) signed a memorandum of cooperation, sales of counterfeit goods to prevent Coach in the Taobao online, to address the counterfeiters and unauthorized use of the Internet sales channel sales of commodity Coach online issue. read more

WeChat public to the original article accused the plaintiff asked WeChat to board an apology in the

WeChat public number to the original article accused infringement

text, figure / reporter Zhang Xiangyu

correspondent Liu Xiangxia

WeChat is one of the most popular from the media platform. WeChat world, in addition to a large number of individual WeChat, but also includes a number of individuals, from the media alliance, institutional media, corporate operations WeChat public number. The rapid growth of the number of WeChat public, the release of all kinds of information, many of whom reproduced other original works and newspapers and other media published works. WeChat public reprint other people’s original works copyright infringement? read more

Startups are only suitable for three pricing strategies

price. There are any more than the word "price" more than "magic? How did you set the price strategy?" this issue can enhance confidence? Many times, startups will repeat the prices of competitors or to adjust its strategy. What should we do if the other people are charged by the seat?

is this the right thinking process

Madhavan Ramanujam is a pricing expert. He is the famous Simon Gu and management consulting partner, he said startups should choose the pricing strategy of only three: revenue maximization strategies, penetration pricing strategy and pricing strategy of liposuction (high pricing strategy). The focus of these three strategies are revenue growth, market share and profit maximization. read more

When can China get rid of the rope

      the time I do not long, college friends and co hosted a hacker sites, developed 1 years off. For many reasons, this is not elaborate later because of the obsession game, bid farewell to the webmaster of this title for 2 years, until graduation after work, and then as a webmaster, mainly because of personal interests, did not think too much. After more than 1 years of experience, I feel that China is currently doing a hard job. The site, there are amateur and professional, I think most domestic webmaster are amateur, there will be the main occupation person to maintain themselves and their family life plans, because I want to, personal webmaster full of thorns on the road of development of a successful web site. In order to allow the site to gather popularity, webmasters need to learn to optimize the site, so that the body of a more than a rope: search engine. We have to rely on it, because it will bring traffic to the site, therefore, we have observed daily search volume and exhaust all the skills, the natural search engine brings the position, daily on the website of the key adjustment, or use mass software keyword mass work, but also do the useless "Links", these are to search look at the engine, in fact, has no other significance. read more

115 SkyDrive closed share is speculation suspected the promotion of 115 circles

DoNews August 15th news (reporter Yang Siliang) 115 days before SkyDrive announced that due to "regulatory policy" factors were forced to shut down the public share function, "SkyDrive 115 dead" point of view and the spread of the industry. DoNews day before the exclusive 115 SkyDrive claimed to receive "superior notice" or for self hype, just as the 115 circle line campaign, while 115 SkyDrive Beijing branch will be big layoffs.

a 115 SkyDrive employees in Beijing DoNews said, with up to 100 employees in Beijing branch, to spread to 30 days before the layoffs, branch will also be abolished, the staff will not want to go to Dongguan to cut processing, for 1 months salary compensation, employee dissatisfaction with the compensation scheme, brewing labor arbitration. read more

BAT abandoned the traditional group purchase what is the key takeaway beachhead layout Distribution

Abstract: BAT this year aimed at the local life O2O market. Local business segments of the business – take out, become the position of contention for BAT. For BAT, online traffic is not a problem, the line of the restaurant BD capability can also be solved by capital and team etc., as connected businesses and users of the last mile logistics distribution, or will become the key to victory or defeat a ring.

images from the network  

recently, BAT eyeing the takeaway business.

days ago, word-of-mouth network announced APP will be transformed into a reputation Amoy little takeaway, at the same time, Alipay and Taobao to provide mobile phone entrance in the home, takeaway reputation. More than a month ago, Alibaba group and ant Financial Services Group announced a joint investment of 6 billion yuan to build a new word of mouth network, which has become the strategic flagship of Ali in the field of life services O2O. read more