How to do a good job in the local community WeChat marketing do not rush to send advertising beware

said that the community is a free exchange platform, what can attract more people to participate in the exchange? Who is the princess of Monaco?. Oil prices up? No doubt, many people will pay attention to. The link between common interests. Marketing can start from here.

said the new way of marketing, WeChat marketing absolutely right. It is the number of potential customers, the low cost of marketing, marketing and other advantages of diversification so that it becomes the first choice of the size of the marketing business. However, because of too many businesses in marketing for WeChat, so for users, WeChat marketing is really annoying! How the WeChat marketing do not let the user objectionable, resist even shielding, this is a read more

Amazon cracked down thousands of false critics accused the Navy

The minimum fee of only $5

[Abstract] United States Navy review service, most promise to the seller of the product to get five-star reviews.

Tencent Francisco October 19th message, according to foreign reports, the Amazon in the United States before the lawsuit, the thousands of the network Navy as a defendant. Amazon said in the lawsuit, the company’s brand reputation because of false and misleading comments and affected.

Amazon said in the lawsuit, the network Navy represents the book authors or writing books or goods from the seller, encourage uninformed consumers to buy goods on the Amazon site. Amazon said that these false and misleading comments, so that the company’s brand reputation is affected. read more

What is the most popular network marketing professionals

Ma Yun once said: "five years later, the enterprise can either do e-commerce, or no business can do." Now many enterprises have really feel difficult to do business. Traditional enterprises are faced with the huge impact of e-commerce, electricity providers are facing the era of change.

many traditional companies have begun to slowly transition to e-commerce, which has a lot of clues to sort out, if there is no professional electricity supplier to operate, it will be difficult to achieve this transformation process. E-commerce is the core of network marketing, including many aspects of the work. Network marketing talent gap is very large, many companies can not afford to have money. I remember very clearly, there is a company is just looking for a programmer to find four or five months, wages to open up to fifteen thousand did not find a few suitable, network marketing talent is now almost all across the board. read more

Amazon announced Tmall flagship store trial operation plan formally launched on April

Sina Technology News March 6th afternoon news, Amazon China ( today announced the beginning of the trial operation in Tmall Amazon official flagship store, plans to formally launched in April this year. The flagship store will be the first phase of the main push of the Amazon’s most popular Chinese consumers of imported direct mining products, including shoes, food, drinks, kitchen utensils, toys and other categories.

Amazon official flagship store of goods sold by Amazon China logistics distribution. Currently, Amazon has the same day and next day service Chinese covering more than 1 thousand and 400 counties, and establish more than 5 thousand points in the country, consumers can according to their actual needs, flexible choice of mode of delivery. read more

Hunan Telecom iPhone7 has been crazy to drop 1000 yuan no need to wait for the double hard and so o

you are still waiting for the double 11, journeying favor love


if you wait until that day, the price of the goods is still waiting for this all to maintain the original price;

if you wait until that day, you look forward to the discounted goods and you still have an awkward distance;

if you wait until that day, businesses just crafty and you play a price rise and fall issue;

don’t party!

You have

good price discount on the road may have been waiting for you to

iPhone7 came out, the parties will eat soil powder maishen shouting slogans, rushed to the store merchants collective heights, however, the price is 7 more playfully love ruthless will face a group of loyal fans played loud pops. read more

The Central Propaganda Department and other nine departments will crack down on extortion and false

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March

27 days ago, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Press and publication administration, the state Internet Information Office, the national anti pornography working group office, China Association and other 9 departments jointly issued a notice, decided to carry out the fight against extortion and news false news special action in the country. read more

Head culture T shirt hot reservation

personality webmaster T-shirt

stationmaster net 2007 summer t-shirt!

to promote the culture of the webmaster, Adsense nets for you to build Chinese culture t-shirt! Belong to the identity of the owner of his own identity T-shirt, so that the summer of 2007 more exciting! At the same time, we are ready for the Admin5 webmaster net friends of the beautiful Admin5 webmaster network commemorative t-shirt! Want to get our commemorative T-shirt, please quickly scheduled oh!

1. webmaster webmaster T-shirt only for preparation, every webmaster can be scheduled "China webmaster limited edition personalized t-shirt"!
2. want to get the head of the network to commemorate the same T-shirt can also be scheduled! Two, price:
a T-shirt: webmaster personality T-shirt: 40 yuan each (including postage)
B: webmaster nets T-shirt: 35 yuan each (including postage)
summer T-shirt not only has the advantages of convenient and smooth, sweat absorbent breathable wear, is also resistant to washing conformal elastic etc.. This commemorative T-shirt all the weight is 200 g 100% 21 combed cotton fabric.
three, scheduled process:
1. according to their own needs to calculate the number and type of T-shirt the specific amount of remittance to the bank account, the official Admin5
2. QQ:411745911 Tel: 0516-83777726 please inform the remittance amount and bank transfer (please remit as little as possible or more meeting point fraction, such as: remittance of $30.02, relatively easy to distinguish), need T-shirt species number and size, delivery address, contact information, we will according to your requirements detailed record, please write a clear address, you can ensure the timely and accurate receipt of t-shirt! Note:
attached: size table model S M L XL XXL XXXL (CM) 666870727476 bust length (CM) 100104108112116120 (CM) 155~160 160~165 165~170 is 170~175 175~180 180~185 read more

Today’s headlines Tencent Baidu why these content platform frequently dished out the olive branch

recently from the media, especially red, but also has the characteristics of the media on the platform outstanding performance. Papi sauce short video in WeChat public release after 6 minutes to break the "100 thousand +" reading, recently also received 20 million investment funds and real Luo Zhenyu.

from the media who went up on the network platform, is anxious to follow, since the media have launched a subsidy war,. Spring is a busy season.

a map to see the major platforms subsidy policy read more

Geeks College Online Education Financing bring what changes

was so Lang Jia college geeks will certainly cause the elevation, but everyone has their own aspirations, not just put the gun. Geeks college is known as the domestic IT occupation education online NO1, then its financing to online education, what kind of change? Now this time node, what is the


(1) online education bubble theory rift

as the saying goes: three hundred and sixty, adventure.has, this proverb tells us to live only while the old champion, when popular imperial dynasty, every time studying hard is nothing more than for example, third overall champion, the three highest reading position. The ancients tell us through countless years: each industry survivors but three, the rest is small, so the industry bubble is in the normal thing. Especially the Internet, the domestic twenty years of the Internet course, we witness so many industry bubble, but also a law. Therefore, the online education is the topic of the bubble, it is no disease to find a doctor. read more

SARFT the website may not be forwarded to non real name users to upload micro film

according to the State Press and Publication Administration’s website news, the State Press and Publication Administration recently issued a notice, which requires Internet audio-visual program service can transmit information to verify the true identity of regulations and in accordance with the content of the network upload personal drama, micro film, network audio-visual programs shall be forwarded non real name users to upload such programs. Nandu news according to the State Press and Publication Administration of radio website news, the State Press and Publication Administration recently issued "on further improving the supplementary notice of the network drama, movies and other micro network audiovisual management" (hereinafter referred to as the "Supplementary Notice"), requires Internet audio-visual program service units can only transmit information to verify the true identity of regulations and in accordance with the content upload personal network drama, micro film, network audio-visual programs shall be forwarded non real name users to upload such programs. read more