The domestic small and medium sized enterprise to the brand strategy erroneous understanding

with the continuous improvement of people’s material life, consumers began to pursue the brand, but also at this time businesses have begun to be optimistic about the market need to care about the existence of the brand. The status of "brand" has been rising, but there are a lot of mistakes in the brand strategy in some small and medium-sized enterprises in china. This is summed up in three points:

1, the visibility as a high-value brand.

the establishment of a brand is not just a well-known on the OK, and visibility is only a condition of brand value. Many companies blindly pursue fame to make money in the end, because the connotation of the brand is not enough, positioning is not accurate, caused by improper means of communication. read more

Secret 5 kinds of day earn 1000 yuan WeChat money model


said we are not unfamiliar, because now WeChat can be said to have become popular in the network can not access the social aspects of the social communication tool, the frequency of use is more than Tencent qq. Through the official presentation of the current Tencent book data, the current WeChat registered users have more than 800 million, such a huge data, almost occupied the national population of 2/3.

has now entered the era of micro, but many people are not aware of the existence of micro era opportunities in the next few years, the advent of 5G networks will be the outbreak of the era of micro business, now if you are not aware of the future business opportunities to make money, then you can only be the one. read more

Baidu Post Bar promotion skills and experience

Baidu post bar is the popularity of any web site can not be compared, so Baidu post bar is the best way to promote the site! Interesting is: stick in the promotion and content title has a great relationship! According to the content of your website to promote, we often see some people in the bar inside promotion: XXXXXXXXX China’s largest XXXXX. Ha ha, this effect? Two words – garbage. We must pay attention to the promotion of:

1, not promotion should have the value of the whole station, the contents of the station. Such as: your website is webmaster, then you must find your station can attract the most webmaster articles posted to turn (just published, or users see less. It is best to own original) read more

Thousands of P month earned thousands of dollars

do stand difficult!

a person to do stand more difficult!

a man without money do stand is really difficult!

a no money no experience who is really hard to do stand on the blue sky


so I have come, spent 3 years as a webmaster, not a station, is really very ashamed, this is just a recent experience I tell you, we hope to help a bit


1 positioning: I do is a professional station, do is the city’s computer city website. The main content is to provide some information about the computer city, offer, etc.. read more

Jilin imposed a forum moderator name system

City Evening News reported in February 2nd February 1st, the 13 departments of the provincial public security department, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial high, provincial Procuratorate jointly held a teleconference deployment in January 2008 to September in the province to continue to carry out the law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action. Reporters learned at the meeting, the future of our province will enforce the real name system, BBS forum moderator sent after the first trial, broadcast TV must go through the relevant departments of the examination on the Internet in the future. read more

99 China music network failures nternet reoccurrence of financing

capital market turmoil on the impact of the domestic Internet industry continues to intensify. According to Beijing media reports, because of the risk of investment temporary emergency divestment, a 99 China music website has been shut down.

99 China ( operations in less than a year, just on the line in January this year, by a Chinese American invested $30 million to create. Yesterday, the reporter found that the site has been unable to open the web page to remind that the link does not exist, refused to visit. According to reports, the company recently held a meeting to discuss increasing the bandwidth of things, but on Friday because of the risk of investment divestment suddenly declared bankruptcy, liquidation of assets into the stage. read more

China broadband entertainment network was 100 million angel investment

recently, reporters learned that a company called China broadband entertainment network video website obtained from Beijing Shun Shengshi Investment Limited 100 million yuan huge angel investment, and surprisingly, investment, China broadband entertainment network is not on the line.

The traditional

network video industry to help solve profit puzzle

in 2007, China’s video site has maintained a strong momentum of development, but venture capital has slowed the pace of investment". Although close to the end of the year, Youku got $25 million in the third round of financing, I also get the second round of music $20 million financing, but these financing is more of a continuation of the inertia of capital. Throughout the 2007, basically no new video sites to get investment, while China’s broadband entertainment network is the only exception, she is in the end what is to impress the capital side of it? read more

One week news review Ali framework adjustment watercress FM charges

              first, Alibaba group adjust the organizational structure of the establishment of the 25 division


group announced in January 10th, in order to face the ecological system of the future trend of commercial complex, and wireless Internet brings opportunities and challenges, the group’s existing business structure and organization will be adjusted accordingly, the establishment of the 25 division, the division of the business development by the division president (General Manager) is responsible for. read more

Net letter office management network extortion paid delete posts released 9 long term mechanism

recently, reporters learned from the national network information office, the national network information office and other four departments nationwide joint "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification rectification has a successful ending, get a warm welcome from all walks of life, its effectiveness is highly positive and positive evaluation. Taking into account the relevant management work in the long-term, complicated and arduous, the national network information office decided that in the special rectification after the relevant work will carry out normalization, establish and implement the nine long-term mechanism, to ensure that people live, pipe, tube well, to continuously consolidate and deepen the rectification the results of the work, continue to push forward the cyberspace cool and bright. read more

Hurricane Trojan hijacked Baidu search engine search

May 5th afternoon news, recently, posting a large number of users reflect the "Baidu search can automatically jump to the Sogou, accompanied by the browser home page has been tampered or phenomenon. After 360 security center analysis, these users of the computer was a hurricane Trojan violation, the Trojan is usually bundled with a player called hurricane video player.

According to the

360 security experts, general advertising program will only tamper with the browser home page, damage is too strong to not yet, "hurricane Trojan" is a devastating malignant Trojan, it to protect themselves by hijacking the trick users network, prevent most mainstream security software online upgrade. Once the Trojan file is deleted by anti-virus software or user, it will cause the computer off the network, it is difficult for ordinary users to repair their own. read more