Deputies angrily pharmaceutical business chaos network selling into blacklist

China News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (reporter Ceng Nai) – shop selling prescription drugs, false advertising network flooding

…… Talk about the pharmaceutical business chaos, the National People’s Congress Xie Zilong angry words "medicine is a special commodity, should strictly control the drug trade network, and so can not be a problem to do it".

as a large pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Xie Zilong topic every year can not be separated from the doctor to buy medicine". He brought 4 bills this year, the more than and 20 proposal concerns pharmaceutical reform. Internet medical, is his mouth hot words. read more

The impact of the economic crisis on the nternet showed COM domain global shrink

U.S. economic crisis began to affect the U.S. domain name industry. According to foreign statistics agency Webb House Dean data show that in November the United States at the beginning of the COM domain in a week Neijin minus 150 thousand. On a global scale, the number of people in the United States on the acceptance of the U.S. COM domain name has continued to decline in Korea, COM domain name has been sustained for more than six weeks in a negative growth in Australia, there are also negative growth of five weeks. Analysts pointed out that, along with the rise of the power of the Internet, the dominance of the U.S. COM domain name has been shaken, is gradually being replaced by Internet domain names. read more

AQSQ sent mysterious buyers double checks 11 focus on mobile phones

CCTV news client reported on November 11th, today is the double 11 electricity supplier Shopping Festival, in addition to businesses, consumers are busy buying and selling, regulators are busy. This morning, AQSIQ held a news conference, announced the launch of the double 11 online shopping product quality supervision and spot checks, and for the first time revealed the mysterious buyers sampling process.

mysterious buyers who is actually organized by the Quality Supervision Bureau of social volunteers, they are under the guidance of the General Administration of quality supervision, online shopping for specific products, and then feedback the quality of goods and shopping process. read more

Fashion media giant’s fashion website Style transformation electricity supplier

investment in the number of fashion e-commerce sites, fashion media giant Kangtai Nast international publishing group finally decided to open up a "experimental field", according to WWD reports, the company intends its fashion website Style transition to e-commerce website, and the content of business with the group’s original Style content website Vogue with its content, most team will also be incorporated into the Vogue station also opens up a new domain name voguerunway is responsible for the T report. read more

Try to avoid holidays online shopping orders surge slow courier delivery

now, Christmas and the new year "relay",,, etc. many shopping sites are a round of the shopping boom, "Christmas special offer", "group purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival" and "seckill", "the most awesome" advertisement for numerous competing in the wallet". Unfortunately, a large number of the courier company has therefore emerged one after another package "blowout" and "explosion", attracted many buyers have complained that posting "received the goods all over the season, express too suck!" read more

On the jewelry marketing magic

every morning, the sun will start on. Magic as yesterday summer, feeling the warm, nor by the heartfelt sigh. Your emotions are in front of sleeve.

if it is not on the keyboard hammering the finished article, maybe I would say at this moment to the mood, whether after ten years still delicious aftertaste. A few years ago waking from a dream, to the Qing and Ming Dynasty are sincere and unreserved, holding time as water Qin Painting Collection refers to the month, withered.

this time leaving school more than in May, the company entered the no difference between 3 months and 4 days. We are selling jewelry, and is very exquisite workmanship jewelry. As a petty complex, jewelry this line can be described as appropriate, I love poeticize to a common object, and that force people, because I’m always weaving what, let life is not limited to "life", should focus on "live". read more

Electricity supplier preferential fog consumers must be wary of online shopping discount trap

no Yuezhan, no shouting, no parity, three days before the national holiday, with respect to the line of "promotion combined" put up a pageantry, the major electricity supplier launched only occasional discount. After several rounds of electricity supplier price war, electricity supplier forced line trend is becoming increasingly apparent. National Day, consumers are more inclined to online parity, the store to buy". Experts suggest that the holiday tide to spend more moisture, frequent fishing sites, consumers need to be alert to fall into the trap of online shopping. read more

Dangdang com put the word shuangshier negative margin promotion

Li Guoqing said this is the company’s business strategy, he said that due to the current electricity supplier price war frequent and intense, Dangdang part of the negative gross margin sales of goods is not a gimmick.

– reporter He Jun

said that if the past "double eleven" is the protagonist of Tmall, so the upcoming "shuangshier", Dangdang is the new media center.

days ago, the media exposed, the electricity supplier price war by taking the ground stockpile, into the hardest hit. Directed due to the difference between the price and the price of the cable on the cable line is too large, resulting in a lot of physical store is no longer through the traditional channels of purchase, but from the bulk of Dangdang online purchase, price increases and then sold in the store. However, an unnamed insiders told the "Securities Daily" said: "the entity store stockpile has long been an open secret in many electricity providers, especially the larger discount on goods, have." read more

51 happy shopping online SNS collective E commerce

recently, launched a low-key shopping channel 51 happy purchase, the official entry of e-commerce. The difference with the general store, "51 happy purchase" into the SNS element, with the album association module, the user can obtain 51 album pictures, directly generate personalized gifts.

with 360 laps, ants have closed network services, SNS entire domestic industry panic, especially by hundreds of thousands of Uchome to build up small and medium-sized SNS site, because of too serious homogenization, profit model is not clear, ready to face the crowning calamity is frantically searching for nuggets point, new. Many people in the industry said that the SNS site has a natural convergence popularity, expand the advantages of personal connections, combined with e-commerce will certainly have great value. But SNS+ e-commerce has long been a kind of concept form, the actual case is very scarce, questioned the sound one after another. read more

Jingdong announced 618 sales data mobile terminal cut orders of 14

June 19th news, Jingdong 618 to promote the first round of data released, in June 18th the world’s single volume last year, an increase of more than 100%. Mobile, mobile client, WeChat and mobile QQ portal are involved, the single day from the mobile terminal accounted for 1/4.

Jingdong executives seem to cooperate with Tencent, increased traffic entrance WeChat, mobile QQ and other channels, the data is noteworthy. The following for billion state power network Jingdong 618 all day long sales data: read more