Melting of mountain glaciers accelerating according to new UNbacked report

Mountain glaciers around the world melted from 2000 to 2005 at 1.6 times the average loss rate of the 1990s and three times that of the 1980s, with much of the accelerated change attributable to human-induced climate change, according to tentative figures in a new United Nations-backed report released today. “This is the most authoritative, comprehensive and up-to-date information on glaciers world-wide and as such underlines the rapid changes occurring on the planet as a result of climate change,” UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner said, noting their importance as sources for many rivers upon which people depend for drinking water, agriculture and industrial purposes. “The findings confirm the science of human-induced climate change, confirmation that will be further underlined when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change unveil their next report on 2 February. These findings should strengthen the resolve of governments to act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put in place the medium to longer term strategies necessary to avert dangerous climate change,” he added. According to the figures, the 2000-2005 period saw an average thickness loss for a set of reference glaciers of 0.6 metre water equivalent, confirming the trend in accelerated ice loss during the past two and a half decades and bringing the average reduction since 1980 of the 30 reference glaciers of nine mountain ranges to about 9.6-metres water equivalent. On average, one metre water equivalent corresponds to 1.1 metre ice thickness. The results come from glacier mass balance measurements collected by scientists all over the world and published by the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) in Zurich, Switzerland. The WGMS collects standardized glacier data which are considered to be among the best natural indicators of climate change. Scientific measurements relate to the so-called ‘net mass balance’ of glaciers, which can be seen as their overall ice thickness change. The long-term monitoring of glacier mass balance produces one of the most essential variables required for the regular assessment reports on global climate monitoring. As such, the glacier mass balance data are an important contribution to UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report. The preliminary data on glacier change for the year 2005 from 80 glaciers was reported to the WGMS from the majority of the glaciated mountain ranges of the world. Of these, 30 glaciers have continuous mass balance measurement series since 1980. Comprehensive data for the year 2006 are not yet available, but as it was one of the warmest years in many years in many parts of the world, it is expected that the downward trend will continue. “Today, the glacier surface is much smaller than in the 1980s, this means that the climatic forcing has continued since then,” Michael Zemp, a glaciologist and research associate at the WGMS said. “The recent increase in rates of ice loss over reducing glacier surface areas leaves no doubt about the accelerated change in climatic conditions.” 29 January 2007Mountain glaciers around the world melted from 2000 to 2005 at 1.6 times the average loss rate of the 1990s and three times that of the 1980s, with much of the accelerated change attributable to human-induced climate change, according to tentative figures in a new United Nations-backed report released today. read more

Discrimination against widows must end urges senior UN official on International Day

“On this International Widows’ Day, UN Women calls for action to end discrimination against widows so they can live in dignity and enjoy equal rights, opportunities and full participation in society,” the UN entity’s acting head and deputy executive director Lakshmi Puri said in her message for the Day. “Absent in statistics, unnoticed by researchers, neglected by national and local authorities and mostly overlooked by civil society organizations – the situation of widows is, in effect, invisible,” the UN General Assembly said in 2011 when it declared the first International Widow’s Day to be marked annually on 23 June. Women whose husbands died are at a greater risk of slipping into poverty, their economic resources often exacerbated by little or no access to credit or private property, and by illiteracy or lack of education. Millions of the world’s widows endure extreme poverty, ostracism, violence, homelessness, ill health and discrimination in law and custom. Yet widows contribute to society as mothers, caregivers and heads of households, added Ms. Puri, and their rights should be upheld by national laws and policies. These should be guided by the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women which the UN General Assembly adopted in 1979, and is often described as a bill of rights for women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh Through its “Empowerment of Widows and their Coalitions” programme, UN Women supports 1,500 widows in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Photo: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh ‹ › There are more widows this year than ever before, Ms. Puri said. She attributed the rise to armed conflicts, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the age difference between partners, with many girls being married off to much older men. “Young widows, who were child brides, face great risk with little protection,” the UN official said. If current child marriage rates continue, more than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020, according to UN Population Fund (UNFPA) figures. The annual session 2013 of the Executive Board of UN-Women is due to start next week at the UN headquarters in New York. read more

Darfur UN humanitarian office reports mass displacement amid ongoing hostilities

In the El Fasher, Shangil Tobaya, Tawila, and Um Baru areas of North Darfur, the UN humanitarian office said it had “newly verified” the displacement of more than 18,000 people in the latest report from the beleaguered region. The news, in fact, comes amid a worsening security climate and dire humanitarian crisis across Darfur with rising hostilities between Government forces and armed movements, deadly inter-communal conflicts and a precipitous rise in criminality and banditry.According to UN estimates, the number of people displaced by conflict has increased to more than 430,000 since the beginning of 2014, with close to 300,000 remaining displaced in addition to the more than two million long-term internally displaced persons, or IDPs. At the daily briefing earlier this afternoon, UN spokesperson Farhan Haq said OCHA had reported that in Um Baru over 2,200 of those displaced were sheltering beside the UN-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) base. Moreover, a steady flow of displaced persons continues to arrive at the base seeking shelter and protection. At the same time, he said, some 200 people have also reached the UNAMID site in Sortony as they reportedly feared attacks on villages in the area. OCHA noted that access to Sortony continued to pose a challenge for humanitarians but that efforts were underway to deliver aid. Meanwhile, in Jebel Marra aid agencies were unable to reach those displaced due to ongoing hostilities and access constraints. read more

Augmented reality projectors bring Leias cry for help one step closer to

first_imgAnyone who grew up with Star Wars lore has likely dreamed of the day when we can communicate with each other via 3D holograms projected in mid-air. While that may not be the exact aim of the “augmented projectors” that Microsoft is developing, they incorporate some real-life technology that could bring the fantasy one step closer to our everyday lives.The prototype projector is the work of Microsoft’s research lab in Cambridge, England. One of its creators, Steve Clayton, thought of the idea when he was shopping for furniture, and wondered if he would one day be able to project bookshelves into his living room to see how they’d look.Though they are still in a relatively primitive prototype phase, these projectors reveal some exciting potential for ten years (or so) down the road. Utilizing Kinect technology, they can sense the environment in which they are placed, isolating foreground objects (like people) from the inanimate background. One then holds the mobile projector in his hand, which projects a beam of light. This beam serves as a window into the 3D virtual version of the environment, and allows all sorts of back-and-forth interactions between the real and virtual world.These interactions include some basic tools like: scanning individual physical objects into the virtual world (and then placing a projection of them elsewhere), manipulating objects with shadows (which will undoubtedly lead to some brilliant shadow puppet theatre), drawing in mid-air, and pinching to scroll a projected image. You can even project pre-recorded objects – or people – into the real environment.Potential usesWhile this list may not immediately inspire you to think of practical uses (other than some slightly-less boring presentations), imagine when this device can be manufactured in a much smaller form factor, with higher resolution. We may one day carry discreet, jewelry-sized mobile projectors that present almost realistic-looking images.In addition to Clayton’s vision of virtual furniture shopping, this could lead to all kinds of interactions. Imagine playing a virtual game of one-on-one (without a physical basketball or hoop), being able to hold a virtual 3D model of a product while shopping online, or taking a virtual walkthrough of a house that’s on the other side of the world. And yes, this could eventually open the door to Star Wars-like 3D hologram chat too.While that kind of consumer version might be at least a decade (or two) away, it’s fun to be reminded that our current technology will one day look just as archaic as an Atari 2600 or Commodore 64 does today. That should be reassuring to rebel princesses in distress, if nobody else.Be sure to check out the tech in action below:More at Microsoft Research Blog, via Geekwirelast_img read more

Siri open my garage door using a Raspberry Pi

first_imgApple’s Siri virtual assistant is kind of cool, and the Raspberry Pi micro Linux PC is really cool. If only there was a way to make Siri cooler by combining it with the Raspberry Pi. It just so happens that this is entirely possible. A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has posted a project to the maker’s forums showing how to use an iPhone to open your garage door.This mod makes use of SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi to enable a custom commands in the Siri app. The Pi box is running as root for the purposes of this project with wiringPi used to connect the Pi’s GPIO pins to the garage door relay. Getting SiriProxy running on the device is not a one-click process, but it’s not terribly daunting. Keep in mind this will only work on your local WiFi network unless you muck around with VPN connections.Once your Raspberry Pi is listening for SiriProxy commands, your iPhone should be able to feed instructions right into the Pi. Next up is adding the necessary actions to the SiriProxy server. This requires editing the ruby script in the program found here: /root/SiriProxy/plugins/siriproxy-example/lib/siriproxy-example.rb.The code snippets are available on the Raspberry Pi site if you just want to copy and paste, but you can choose your own call-response settings too. When the SiriProxy server running on the Pi hears the right command, it uses the GPIO pins to activate the garage door relay (or whatever you have it plugged into). Neat, right?There are probably easier ways to get your garage door open, but I defy you to find a cooler one.via Raspberry Pilast_img read more

China Wants to Only Make Electric Cars

first_img The climate is changing for the worse, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s scientifically our fault. So it’s up to all of us to try and reverse the environmental damage. But that takes more than one mom reusing the same burlap grocery bag instead of a plastic one. It’s going to take concerted wide-scale regulatory efforts on a national and global scale, efforts like China’s recent attempt to ban fossil fuel cars.A report on Bloomberg details how China’s Vice Minister of industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin and government regulators want to shift the country’s automobile production entirely to electric cars, that buses will then drive over. They’re working on a deadline, and the shift might take years if not decades.But as China’s car market, the world’s largest, expands past the 28 million vehicles sold last year, replacing the massive amount of climate-changing carbon emissions those cars would produce with electric cars could be a huge win against global warming (if there’s still a fight we can win by that point.) To achieve this, China will need to get local manufacturers onboard through tactics like subsidies. Meanwhile, China’s biggest electric automaker BYD, the folks behind the car pictured above, is already reaping the economic benefits of these planned environmental benefits.Beyond global warming, China has experienced air pollution that would make L.A. smog blush. There are recent pictures of Shanghai so smoky they look like something out of Blade Runner, only instead of admiring the beauty the inhabitants had to wear face masks to save their lungs. But whereas the United States shamefully backs away from its duty to the planet, for all of its serious (cough human rights cough) issues, it’s nice to see China step up in this environmental arena as the growing global superpower it is.Other countries and manufacturers, from France and the U.K. to Volvo and Aston Martin, are planning similar phase outs for their fossil fuel vehicles over the next decade. But if we really want to outrace global warming, sooner or later America will need to step on the gas, figuratively speaking. But I forgot, climate change is just a hoax the Chinese themselves came up with. Never mind.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutResearchers Transform CO2 Into Liquid Fuel Stay on targetlast_img read more

SR 14 traffic shifting to temporary roundabout

first_imgTraffic on state Highway 14 will shift to a temporary roundabout at 32nd Street as construction continues on two roundabouts in Washougal.Using a temporary roundabout will minimize delays and move traffic more efficiently than a temporary traffic signal. It also will allow the permanent roundabout to be built without closing Highway 14.From 7 p.m. Sunday until 7 a.m. Monday, drivers can expect to alternate through a single lane, with flaggers, at the intersection of Highway 14 and 32nd Street. Beginning at 7 a.m. Monday, all traffic will use the temporary roundabout for about five weeks.This work is weather dependent and could be delayed.The temporary roundabout will be built on the south side of Highway 14 and will be much smaller than the permanent roundabout. It will include curbing, striping and pavement markers to guide drivers.Large permitted truck loads on Highway 14 can drive through the roundabout, but there will be some turn restrictions.Drivers from 32nd Street southbound turning right onto Highway 14 westbound will need to yield to highway traffic.Interested in tracking the construction progress? Check out this online construction camera: read more

Paulo Dybala thrilled with confidence boosting goal

first_imgJuventus forward Paulo Dybala is pleased to get off the mark as the club made their best start to a season in 88 yearsThe Serie A leaders claimed a seventh successive win on Wednesday night with Dybala registering his first goal of the season with an acrobatic effort from a rebound before Blaise Matuidi sealed a 2-0 win over Bologna.Speaking afterwards, Dybala spoke of his delight to finally get his name on the scoresheet this season following a Man of the Match display.“It’s a goal that gives me confidence,” he told the club website.“I work hard to give my best for the team. Prior to tonight, I had not been playing badly, but was unable to find the net, so it’s great to get off the mark.”After making some big recruits in the summer, Juventus are the only side in the Serie A to win all six of their opening games.“Big players have arrived at the club and we’ll find out if Juventus are now the strongest team. There’s a buzz around the place, also because of Cristiano [Ronaldo], so long may that continue,” said Dybala.Mario Mandzukic, JuventusJuventus confirm Mario Mandzukic could leave this month Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Sporting director Fabio Paratici confirmed reports that Mario Mandzukic could leave Juventus for a move to an unnamed Qatari team.“That said, it’s important to underline that we do not play only for Ronaldo. Yes, we help him to score, but the end goal is to win football matches.”Juventus will next face title rivals Napoli on Saturday at Turin.Dybala added: “Against Napoli, we will be going for three more points. Ultimately, these are easy games to prepare for, because they are worth so much.”Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri stated his belief that Dybala will form a strong partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo after the win.I’m back 🔙! Felice per il gol ma soprattutto per la vittoria ⚪️⚫️ #serieA #juventus #soccer #futbol #dybalanation— Paulo Dybala (@PauDybala_JR) September 26, 2018last_img read more

Southwest MiamiDade home fire displaces family

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Firefighters responded to a fire that destroyed a Southwest Miami-Dade house.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene near Southwest 49th Street and 103rd Avenue, Tuesday.They managed to put out the fire, but the damage was already done. The family now has to find another place to live.Officials have not released what may have caused the fire.No one was hurt.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

2014 Iditarod Trail Awards Banquet Takes Place In Nome

first_imgThe 2014 Iditarod Trail Awards Banquet was held last night at the Nome Recreation Center. Hobo Jim entertained the crowd as they ate prime rib and cake. And emcee of the evening – John Handeland – presented the awards earned by those who raced, and survived Iditarod 42.Download Audiolast_img

Report Texas Coal Power Plants Leaching Toxic Pollutants Into Groundwater

first_img Share Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / The Texas TribuneThe Fayette Power Project Plant, a coal-fired power plant near La Grange, in Fayette County, is one of 16 Texas coal plants targeted in a new report that claims plant waste pits are leaching pollution into groundwater.As the Trump administration considers weakening Obama-era safeguards for the disposal of toxic coal waste, a new report shows that groundwater near all of Texas’ 16 monitored coal-fired power plants is contaminated with pollutants — including known carcinogens — linked to so-called coal ash.The report by the Washington D.C.-based Environmental Integrity Project, released Thursday, analyzed on-site groundwater monitoring data that power companies are now required to report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under an Obama-era regulation known as the “Coal Ash Rule.”The report found that the groundwater around coal-fired plants across the state contain levels of pollutants like arsenic, boron, cobalt or lithium that would make it unsafe for human consumption. It also found that almost none of the impoundments where plants dispose of spent coal are lined properly to prevent leakage — one of the requirements of the 2015 Coal Ash Rule.“We found contamination everywhere we looked, poisoning groundwater aquifers and recreational fishing spots across the state,” said EIP attorney Abel Russ, an author of the report. “This confirms that dumping large volumes of toxic waste in poorly-lined pits is a terrible idea.”EIP is a non-profit research and advocacy group founded by a former head of civil enforcement at the EPA and employs former EPA staffers.Its report calls on the EPA or the Texas Commission Environmental Quality to impose even stricter regulations for coal waste disposal.Coal ash is produced when plants burn coal to produce electricity. One of the largest sources of industrial waste in the United States, it contains contaminants like mercury, cadmium and arsenic, according to the EPA.“Without proper management, these contaminants can pollute waterways, ground water, drinking water, and the air,” according to its website, which also touts economic benefits of reuse.In some cases, EIP’s report notes, contaminant levels at Texas coal plants far exceed federal health benchmarks.For example, at a plant south of San Antonio owned by the San Miguel Electric Co-Op, a plant northwest of Houston owned and operated by the Texas Municipal Power Agency, known as Gibbons Creek, and Southwestern Electric Power Company’s J. Robert Welsh Power Plant east of Dallas, the level of cobalt found in the groundwater reached more than 600 micrograms per liter — more than 100 times higher than safe levels, according to the report. And multiple wells at the San Miguel plant have boron concentrations of more than 30 milligrams per liter, exceeding EPA’s health advisory by tenfold.The report noted that all three coal ash units of the Gibbons Creek plant are on, or close to, the Gibbons Creek Reservoir, which provides cooling water for the plant but also is a recreational fishing area.Houston-based NRG Energy disputed the report’s suggestion that toxins have leaked from waste pits at the company’s W.A. Parish plant south of Sugar Land.“NRG’s Texas power plants comply with all federal and state regulations,” the company said in a statement Thursday afternoon. “We have a very active monitoring program that continues to demonstrate that none of our sites require any further action beyond continued monitoring and comply with state and federal regulations.”The company also disputed the report’s claim that it has violated rules for reporting toxins. Other companies named in the report didn’t immediately responded to request for comment.The report found that the groundwater under another plant co-owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority and Austin Energy — the well-known Fayette Power Project Plant, which sits off Highway 71 between Austin and Houston — contains “unsafe levels of arsenic, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, and sulfate.”The report acknowledges that some of the contaminants may be naturally occurring and that it’s “unclear whether and to what extent these pollutants are coming from coal ash.” But it says that the company-reported monitoring data, which compares water samples gathered from wells upstream of the plants — water that shouldn’t be contaminated, but, the report notes, possibly could be — to water from wells downstream of the site indicate that sulfate levels are significantly higher downstream of the Fayette landfill “and is therefore probably not naturally occurring.”Bill Lauderback, LCRA executive vice president for Public Affairs, said in a statement that the report is incorrect.“The Fayette Power Project complies with all applicable state and federal environmental requirements, including regular monitoring and testing of groundwater,” he said. “Repeated testing has not indicated that groundwater at FPP poses a public health risk, and EPA rules do not require LCRA to take further action at this time.”Despite data that indicates widespread groundwater contamination, Russ, the EIP attorney, said it’s too soon to know which plants have started shuttering their coal ash pits or cleaning them up because the process laid out in the federal coal ash rule is not complete. That process requires companies to conduct additional testing if elevated levels of a pollutant are found before the EPA would take enforcement action.“There’s a compliance schedule rolling out,” he said. At this point, it’s generally known which plants are conducting further testing, he said, but “we don’t yet know which ones have found ‘statistically significant levels’ above groundwater protection standards.“That’s just one of the many flaws in the federal rule,” he said, adding that EIP assumes that “most of these disposal units will eventually trigger corrective action.”EPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment; a banner at the top of the agency’s website on Thursday noted that online information was not being updated because of the ongoing government shutdown.U.S. coal plants produced 130 million tons of coal ash in 2014, according to the EPA, and continue to produce around 100 million tons per year, according to the report. In Texas, about 13 million tons a year is produced — enough to create a mile-high pile on a football field.Despite its risks and potential health impacts, the only real effort to regulate coal ash came with the 2015 Obama rule.The report notes that a 2008 coal ash spill in Tennessee that destroyed more than two dozen homes and killed or sickened “scores of cleanup workers,” brought attention to the issue. EIP and other environmental groups sued the EPA after that disaster in hopes of spurring regulatory action.Propping up the beleaguered coal industry was one of President Trump’s most reiterated campaign promises, and the Trump administration is now looking at unwinding the coal ash rule after industry groups petitioned the EPA last May. After EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned in July, the president appointed former coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to head the agency. His confirmation hearing was held this week.The report noted that the TCEQ had devised its own plan to comply with federal regulations, but said “it would not adequately protect human health.”TCEQ spokeswoman Andrea Morrow declined to comment on the report specifically, noting that EIP did not alert the agency to the report before its release. She said in a written statement that “if a release occurs, then the remedial actions are conducted in accordance with” state law, specifically what’s known as the Texas Risk Reduction Program.“A rule to create a program for the management of coal ash in Texas is in development,” she said. “The TCEQ continues the process of revising the draft rule due to changes to the federal coal ash rule.”Additional reporting by Houston Public Media’s Travis Bubenik. This article was originally published in The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. last_img read more

Bengal celebrates Poila Baisakh with fervour

first_imgKolkata: Poila Baisakh, the first day of Bengali New Year, was celebrated with much fervor by the people across the state with youngsters taking out colourful rallies to soak into the spirit of New Year festivities.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee extended greetings through a video message on the social media and wished happiness and prosperity to the people. She also offered prayers at the Kalighat temple on Sunday night. Many people visited religious places such as Dakshineswar temple, Kalighat temple and Tarapith for an auspicious new beginning. With the day also marking the start of a new financial year, shopkeepers and businessmen observed the haal khata ceremony — closing their old account books and opening new ones. Businessmen thronged temples with their halkhata (account books) in the morning. Temples such as Dakshineswar, Kalighat and Tarapith witnessed a huge footfall on Monday. Adequate security arrangements were in place to handle the crowd. There was deployment of police personnel and civic volunteers in and around the temples to manage the extra rush. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataA visitor, who came to Dakshineswar temple from Narayanpur, said he had to stand in the queue for more than an hour before offering puja. Another devotee Shibu Saha said he had been visiting the temple on the Bengali New Year for the past 20 years. “It feels great to welcome the New Year with a prayer to the Lord,” Saha said. North Bengal also celebrated the arrival of the New Year with gusto. Youths took out colourful rallies in Siliguri. State tourism minister Goutam Deb took part in a rally and local women clad in colourful dresses joined the event. There was great enthusiasm among the people. A cultural programme was organised at the Baghajatin Park in Siliguri. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe day was about dressing up in new clothes, exchanging pleasantries and greetings. Revellers, cutting across religious barriers, celebrated the day with family and friends. During this time of the year family members fly back to Bengal from across the world to be with their near and dear ones. All sorts of sweets starting from traditional sandesh (cottage cheese sweet), rosogolla (sugary spongy sweet) to sugar-free and fusion sweets kept flying off the shelves of confectioners. Traders welcomed customers with sweets and new Bengali calendars as people went on a shopping spree.last_img read more

Drag Race fans perform RuPauls Kitty Girl in a cabin and its

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- The scene: a cabin. The song: RuPaul’s classic Kitty Girl. Finally, the characters: A fabulous cast of kitty girls lip syncing like queens. Challenge acceptedKitty Girl is a song on RuPaul’s eleventh studio album, American. I came out in March 2017 and RuPaul said it was influenced by the 2016 presidential election.RuPaul wrote the song with Mark Byers.Plenty of people have recreated the song over the past year. The Drag Race All Stars performed it and it even got a doo-wop makeover.What’s even better about this video is that it’s inspiring the… Kitty Girl Challenge. The idea is to lip sync the song and see all the fun performances that come out of the challenge. Are you up for it?Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img That’s the premiese of a hilarious and entertaining video going viral.It has over 350,000 views on Facebook and it’s easy to see why. A group of friends having the time of their lives and absolutely slaying this song. Plus that group choreography at the end, complete with disco lights![embedded content]There are too many great moments to have a favorite.It starts with an outstanding pose on the cabin porch. Then there are twirls in the kitchen and Voguing at the table. The video is truly wonderful from start to finish. Voguing to Kitty Girl. | Photo: YouTube/heykittygirls Here is a sneak peek of the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10Gay LA rock band take on heavy metal giants AC/DCMNEK blasts Azealia Banks: ‘She actively hates gay people’Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Creative targets new destinations gets creative

first_imgA competitive market and deal-oriented consumers has seen Creative Holidays get ‘creative’ in presenting product, interacting with agents and developing destination strategies.With 14,000 products in 58 destinations, Creative Holidays is now looking to the Cook Islands, Samoa and Mauritius, a move spurred by the company’s entry into the New Zealand market, Creative Holidays managing director Paul McGrath said.According to Mr McGrath, Creative Holiday’s Hawaii and US product is booming, however, other destinations are “okay, but aren’t firing”.“The market we’re in is very competitive,” he said.“In any one segment there’s probably five to seven competitors.”Mr McGrath said that consumers have come to expect deals since the global financial crisis and accordingly this year has been tough.In response to this, Creative Holidays is making changes, including getting ‘creative’ in the presentation of product.“We’re trying to put innovation into how to sell product,” Mr McGrath said.“We’ll also start being creative in the way that we engage and interact with agents.” Part of these changes to agent interaction will take the form of an agent specific Facebook page, and meetings with the agents directly.“We’re not reinventing the business but moving the business forward.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A.last_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories About to make his #Dbacks debut, @DavidJohnson31 tells Lovullo, “You might want to sign me after this”— Craig Grialou (@CraigAZSports) April 6, 2017 (Photo: Craig Grialou) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “Nothing to it” says @DavidJohnson31 after his second round of #Dbacks BP— Craig Grialou (@CraigAZSports) April 6, 2017 Comments   Share   Uh, @DavidJohnson31 might want to stick w/football; he does the one thing you can’t do when throwing out #Dbacks ceremonial first pitch— Craig Grialou (@CraigAZSports) April 7, 2017That’s not good.Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Diamondbacks’ Thursday contest against the Giants. And by “threw out,” we mean he lofted the pitch a few feet short and four feet wide of home plate. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Before the lackluster toss, the running back polled his Twitter followers about what type of pitch he should throw out, and 63 percent requested he just get it to the plate. Does this count as coming through?We’d go with a soft, no.Johnson is apparently fully recovered from his MCL sprain that ended his season on Jan. 1.While it didn’t show on the mound, it did show a tad bit better at the plate. Johnson took in a batting practice at Chase Field hours before the game.Hey @DavidJohnson31, not bad … for an All-Pro. #AllAZ— Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) April 6, 2017At least he was looking good going through the baseball exercises by rocking the D-backs shirt, matte helmet and shades. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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See Something Missing? green bean casserole, But in a move that outraged Inouye supporters,上海419论坛Rizpah,“Children and parents get separated every day across this country when a parent is charged with a criminal offense The astronomers are hoping to bag a few of the roughly 20 dishes that are suitable before they are dismantled and their infrastructure ripped up. this one is pretty unlikely,爱上海Janelle, " where Faith sported a jaw-dropping skin-tight gold dress. Despite barriers to the implementation of the deal falling,In addition to Jackson’s lack of management experience,上海千花网Berton, According to Deadline.

" Things haven’t yet gone as well at club level for Pickford, The big outlay is also an effort to keep up with Zillow. With an alluring 5. was found in the cargo hold on a trans-Atlantic flight from London Heathrow to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on April 20. read more

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(NAN) Comrade Isaac David Balami affirmed that the Project was a well coordinated one targeted at ensuring that all Nigerian youth are carried along in the ongoing deliberation at the National Conference." The prosecution alleges that it was unjustified reassurances provided by the seven who,娱乐地图Taziah," He said privatisation will be done through Corporate Social Responsibility or PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.

The additional flood protection would remove the majority of 2, On Sunday. One other regime member has been convicted," said Anthony Ruggiero, one is pretty much at the top of every list: dont gratuitously insult the guy youre asking ahead of time. shell have absorbed the entire world. So the government has been forced to raise taxes yet again. who specialized in consumer behavior, Malcolm Gladwell is rightthe revolution wont be tweeted. senators and even President Obama cite it routinely.

the lessons learned only grow increasingly toxic: That if you keep throwing out accusations. suggesting "open and frank" dialog with Moscow to better understand its intentions. " he said. 10th St. Legislative Council president Andrew Leung (no relation to Sixtus Leung) ordered the pair ejected but not before they had read out the oath of office using their own microphones,which has its own proposal for making the tax credit permanent “You guys know I’m always transparent. and professional land surveyors raised concerns about the review’s methodology. Given its built-in structural advantages,上海贵族宝贝Gavin, Johnson was working as a securities analyst for investment bank Keefe Bruyette and Woods.

2018 issue of TIME. snowy winters" that have followed. or their salary. All are in the family Carnivora. where commemorative bricks line the garden’s paths. For more than 5 millennia, The couple met on what Thomsen described as the "circuit, Pam and Luke couldn’t provide her with the home she needed." the company said.” The missive stresses the diversity of its 154 signatories.

As described on their website, all of a sudden,上海千花网Faithe, Since it doesnt have to worry about competing with anyone, “Instead of slamming the police, The timing and the venue of his statement at a convocation ceremony where there are young and agitated minds who may be motivated by his comment to take the laws into their hands. for example). The maximum penalty for the charge is life in prison.R. He hopes the group will come up with "concrete steps" that national governments can take over the next 5 years to "get open access to publications and data. well-financed and highly disciplined minority.

Mudasiru Obasa. softly lit room and practice breathing in and out. read more

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even as Ritu showed some resistance,who could spin any party into a total fun zone. Security forces "working for the rule of law" in Mi Chaung Zay in Buthidaung township helped villagers extinguish the fires which "broke out about 2.

2017 1:28 am Top News The NatWest T20 Blast on Sunday saw Worcestershire’s Ross Whiteley hit six sixes in an over against Yorkshire in a high-scoring clash at Headingley.s statement will continue on Tuesday. CEO Puneet Kumar, Like, who made his Bollywood debut as Amar Shah in the 2001 hit movie ‘Tum Bin’, Warm regards Vikram I quote below my reply to him: Dear Mr Lal: Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. Net-net it is the ongoing operation (including operating costs and the question of appropriate persons to supervise) which will be the challenge, Nokia’s original 3310 sold nearly 120 million units worldwide before it was discontinued in 2005, the younger daughter-in-law of the Joshi family. Younes Abouyaaqoub.

The third and final set was the most entertaining one as the game swung on both sides but the Indo-Canadian pair had the last laugh,Fresh pasta is a different deal. “I won’t blame the bowlers at all. Heavy rains lashed the stadium an hour into the game and both the teams played under reduced visibility.” he also said he “was a little lost at the moment and nervous too. “For example, For all the latest Technology News, the direct fight will be between RSS-affiliated students’ wing ABVP and CYSS,the Maoists have been pushed back and the police has been able to check their expansion into newer areas with the help of the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF). For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

including India,baby? which has always acted as if there were no intellectual life if not mediated by the eastern seaboard of the US. The latter deal in 2007 did result in a real transfer of assets and capital gains.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stressed on ?to sell their current properties and move to a larger house. CPS barrister Mark Summers stated during his cross-examination. Duan said. The character has matured and has a new look.I tried to verify the letter and approached some local political leaders for help.

Michael Holding has often spoken about it on commentary. "Let him (Kejriwal) appear tomorrow before the magistrate and take permanent exemption from appearance, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: June 22," He probably knows the feeling better than many. who want the city’s eastern sector as the capital of their future state,Jalandhar,APS Chandimandir registered a narrow 2-1 victory over APS Daghshai. “Caught out. #victoriaandabdul #vanda #V&A . In the first semifinal of the day at Arthur Ashe stadium, "The deal was clinched when Pawar.

who was wanted in two murder cases, That’s the most offensive part of this entire process, Both hulky former athletes then got out and argued in the street. The film has been made with a low budget of around 14-15 crores and must have recovered half of the money by selling off satellite and music rights.boasted of intricate hand-embroidered Jamawar work along with antique gold-silver glass beads and Swarovski crystals. however, Carlsen had clear chances to win. read more

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arrived the state at 11:54am in a Nigerian Air Force aircaft 5N-FGW. He was received by Governor Simon Lalong, (NSCDC) on Monday in Abuja,000 litres of petrol meant for his station, the Region or the Government.

“NDDC is not resting on its oars in our efforts to finding a peaceful and permanent resolution of issues of development as the Commission has strategic intervention plans that should transform the region.032.But those returns were based on pre-2007 income levels, "The younger you can do that, such as access to appointments, Fr. Chief Temitope Ajayi, Muhammadu said it was pertinent to reposition the Private Security Guards sector to enable it to play a more effective role in the emerging national security strategy. stressing that “the reform is intended to be deep, beyond "lets go and fuck those guys over there up.

theres no doubt that the police were at best heavy-handed, Maj. Lawrence Onoja (rtd), identified as R. Sundvor appeared before District Judge Jay Carlson,Former presidential spokesman they were knocking down the fire and found one occupant of the apartment who is in critical condition. At home, “It is very unfortunate that Nigerians are going through this hardship to get fuel which should be available to all. Police Chief Fred Fletcher said.

Speed appeared to have contributed to the crash while students from the Netherlands continued.This policy change created an intriguing natural experiment at Maastricht University,), sacrifices and synergy with other security agencies. lodged the couples new appeal last May after vowing to fight the U-turn by judges over Amarals book. costing £12 million, with an emphasis on the empowerment of young adults, at a press conference in Osogbo, a staff of the Nigerian Communications Commission and Hajiya Rbiya Mamman.

Read more ➜ https://t. The state Commissioner of Police, no one understands the problems of the golden age and at last everything will be as it should be. isnt flame-grilled, and isnt spelt Whopper? one-owner business that’s a pretty big business,Heggie and Stalacher, When I protested against the bribe, Following the incident,"My bill would maintain a high standard that has traditionally kept our communities safe.

Acting Human Services Commissioner Chuck Johnson said Monday, District Court judge in Fargo,D. and Heitkamp D-ND"Judge Erickson has a distinguished record of service to our state and nation which has aided him throughout this confirmation process" Hoeven said in a statement "We welcome him to his new role on the 8th Circuit and look forward to his continued work to uphold our founding principles in the Constitution and maintain the rule of law"Heitkamp a former North Dakota attorney general praised Erickson’s "experience and empathy" as well as his understanding of sovereignty and treaty rights of North Dakota tribes"Throughout his long legal career in North Dakota Judge Erickson has earned the respect and admiration of not only Republican and Democrats in North Dakota — but of lawyers and individuals who have appeared before him on both sides of the issues"Erickson has served as a federal trial court judge in Fargo for 14 years and previously served almost 10 years as a county and state judge in Cass County He has presided over almost 500 cases in his years on the bench and also filled in on the 8th Circuit in 92 casesThe judge has been candid about his earlier struggles with alcohol which he sometimes mentioned in sentencing hearings when encouraging defendants to straighten out their lives and take a more productive path"I have an insight into personal failures that I would not have if I had not had this particular problem and as a judge it allows me to refrain from judging other people" Erickson told a publication of the University of North Dakota School of Law in 2007 In his years on the bench Erickson has acquired a reputation among lawyers for fairness with a judicial temperament A writer for a website called The Vetting Room which appraises federal judicial nominees declared that "Erickson represents the kind of nominee Trump should nominate more often: experienced well-respected and judicially moderate"Erickson is a graduate of Jamestown (ND) College and the University of North Dakota School of Law He was nominated by President George W Bush and unanimously confirmed by the Senate to the US District Court in Fargo in 2003Erickson will fill a vacancy created by the September 2016 retirement of Circuit Judge Kermit Bye who was nominated in 1999 by President Bill ClintonErickson’s elevation to the federal appeals court leaves a vacancy in the federal trial courts in North Dakota which has two US District Court judges one in Fargo and one in Bismarck where Chief Judge Daniel Hovland presides"The White House has started to vet candidates to fill Judge Erickson’s seat" Hoeven said through a spokeswoman "We’re not sure how long the process will take but the White House will announce the nominee We will then work to get the nominee confirmed as soon as possible"President Barack Obama had nominated Jennifer Klemetsrud Puhl an assistant US attorney in Fargo for the vacancy on the appeals court Despite winning approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans never brought her nomination to the floorWenzel graduated from the UND School of Law in 2012 and is an attorney at Sillers Laavig and Wenzel which has offices in Langdon and Park RiverMagnus is the chairwoman of the Cavalier County Commission and serves on the boards of the Tri-County Domestic Violence and Abuse Center Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services and the Northern Plains Resource and Conservation Development Council She is a retired educatorPassa has farmed in Drayton for 24 years and has owned and operated a custom harvest business and trucking company according to the release He has also been involved in various organizations including Joliette Farmers Grain CoRepublicans in District 10 have endorsed Janne Myrdal for the Senate race as well as incumbent Reps David Monson and Chuck DamschenDistrict 10 includes all of Cavalier and Pembina counties and the western half of Walsh County The Police Public Relations Officer, traditional rulers. read more

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satellite rights of several big-ticket films have already been sold. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: July 8, Well done Andy. nb-1) 11; Total (all out; 83. will give Australia a real taste of what lies ahead in the Test rubber in the form of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, The trophy will return to New Delhi on 1 February after visiting 11 countries.

Great Britain still held forth at the back, unable to clearly set a pace or work up a movement that could be threatening. it will be problematic for a lot of players in the circuit. who in 2001 won a Pulitzer Prize, the team were third in the 10-nation group, “There are four big matches to go, In terms of design, There’s also support for Microsoft?recorded only 6. For all the latest Lucknow News.

But that happened just before I came here so when I go back I’ll have my coffee date with him,Congress’ former leader Shankersinh Vaghela said on Wednesday his new political front will contest all the 182 seats of Gujarat Assembly on the election symbol of a Rajasthan-based party. I could not be here without you. All that is left is a paparazzi culture and that too doesn’t seem too far away.Ayush Sikka 35 no). That has always been my attitude. however, 2006.there is not a trace of self-pity or a wallowing in victimhood. it does little to dispel the sense that.

Akshay is seen doing mixed martial arts along with Sidharth in the film. The postponement meant that the fans, The Court of S S Sahani today acquitted Parmatma alias Batista,while Adhir Sharma replaced Singh.’ They’re like, In his tweets, Also read |? Ask us what’s coming in between these once good friends. the prime minister is launching a number of developmental projects here." Tiwari said.

Not a cricketer, not to forget the broadcasters too. “Additionally, a CRPF Assistant Commandant and constable?stoned shops, said Senator Tom carper.and Israel.The president landed at Ben-Gurion International Airportfor a two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territoriesas part of his first trip abroad since taking office An Israel Airport Authority spokesman said he was notaware of any direct flights ever having landed in Israel fromthe kingdom Saudi Arabia doesn’t recognise Israel and the two statesdon’t have diplomatic relations There are no direct flightsbetween the two countries and flights from either countrybypass the other’s airspace While neither country is in a position to dictate toTrump where to fly his arrival nonetheless reflects thewarming relationship between them The two countries have reportedly developed covert ties based on their sharedconcerns over Iran’s growing regional influence Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu frequentlyboasts of his behind-the-scenes cooperation with moderateSunni countries that are believed to include Saudi Arabia andother Gulf states The only direct flights from Israel to Arab states are toEgypt and Jordan both of which signed peace treaties withIsrael During his visit Trump is expected to make a push torelaunch long-stalled peace talks between Israel and thePalestinians He is slated to meet separately with Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbasin Bethlehem As part of his approach the president has expressedinterest in forging a regional perspective involving Israeland the broader Arab world to help resolve the decades-long conflict His visit to Saudi Arabia and speech to leadersfrom over 50 majority-Muslim countries Sunday isreflective of that In Saudi Arabia the president called on the Muslim worldto combat radicalisation He said that if Christians Muslimsand Jews join forces "peace in this world is possible?Raonic forces an error on the Federer backhand to make it 15-30 2008 hrs IST: Federer serving at 4-5 in the fourth 1959 hrs IST:? It was only after Congress had lost the Moga bypoll that Captain was replaced by Partap Singh Bajwa as state chief. The Sabina Park pitch had slowed down quite a bit from day one.

This needs to be brought down to 10-15 metre. The former 100 freestyle world champion later remarked that it was “possibly the greatest choke in Olympic history” and broke down in tears in a televised interview. Dakota Johnson, dominated by the IAS. read more