Perception of food consumption overrides reality

first_imgTargeting mechanisms in the central nervous system that sense energy generated by nutrients might yield the beneficial effects of low-calorie diets on aging without the need to alter food intake, suggests new research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.The study appears online today in the journal Cell. The senior author was William Mair, assistant professor of genetics and complex diseases; the lead author was Kristopher Burkewitz, a researcher in Mair’s lab.The researchers wanted to learn more about energy-sensing processes in organisms — in this case using the model organism C. elegans — because previous studies in species ranging from nematode worms like C. elegans to primates have shown that limiting food intake, known as caloric restriction, can improve metabolic dysfunction and promote healthy aging.The new study shows that there may be therapeutic alternatives to caloric restriction that produce similar benefits while avoiding some of the negative side effects, which in humans can include decreased fertility and immunity.The study focused on a molecule called AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK, which acts as a molecular fuel gauge to detect energy levels. It’s been known that AMPK plays important roles in all cell types, but researchers didn’t understand which of these activities were most critical to regulating longevity.The researchers found that AMPK inhibited the activity of a protein called CRTC-1 in neurons. This process, in turn, controlled the behavior of mitochondria — the primary energy-producing organelles in cells — throughout the organism, by altering production of a neurotransmitter. The researchers were struck by the fact that altering the AMPK pathway in just a limited set of neurons was sufficient to override its effects on metabolism and longevity in other tissues. Aging was influenced more by what the animals perceived they were eating than what they actually ate.The study suggests that manipulating this energy-sensing pathway can cause organisms to perceive their cells to be in a low-energy state, even if they are eating normally and energy levels are high. Drugs targeting the cells’ energy-sensors in this way could potentially address age-related diseases, including cancer and neurodegeneration, and may offer an alternative to calorie restriction.The new finding could have significant implications for public health, given that aging is the central risk factor for the majority of complex diseases, and the disease burden of the elderly is one of the key challenges to public health in the 21st century.last_img read more

[The Source Podcast] Transforming the Dell EMC Forum in Vancouver with Bryan Jones

first_imgTechnology is advancing at an exponential rate, changing how we live and work.  Customers in every industry are fundamentally rethinking their business models.  IT is the heart of this transformation; the Dell EMC Forum event series allows us to continue that conversation.I sat down with Bryan Jones (@BryanEJones), Sr Vice President North American Marketing at the Dell EMC Forum Vancouver right after his morning keynote.  We talked Dell Technologies and bringing the best of the best to our customers with the Dell EMC Forum.  Bryan talks transformation and some big news regarding the Dell EMC Forum series in 2018 and beyond.Couldn’t make the Dell EMC Fourm in your city?  Don’t miss the Virtual Dell EMC Forum!Get Dell EMC The Source app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, and Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play.Don’t miss the blog, now part of Direct2DellEMCDell EMC The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)last_img read more

Vice president of student affairs reflects on time at Saint Mary’s

first_imgVice president of student affairs Karen Johnson began her work at Saint Mary’s in 2006, after spending 20 years as the dean of students at a Catholic university in Texas. Although she was initially hesitant to apply, Johnson said her interview made the decision to work at Saint Mary’s clear. “When I came for the interview, it was sort of like what students say — they came on campus and they just knew this is the place they needed to be — and for me, I just knew this was the place I needed to be,” Johnson said.After 12 years of service at Saint Mary’s, Johnson is retiring effective Saturday.Johnson said the opportunity to work at an all-women’s college was a big draw for her initially.“The thing is I was most struck when I first came here and heard the student body president speak at orientation, and how confident she was and how well-prepared she was,” Johnson said. “And I said, ‘Wow, these are women that are going to do something.’”Prior to coming to Saint Mary’s, Johnson said she had only worked at co-ed institutions. Due to this experience, she found there to be a difference in the attitude students had toward one another. “Women tend to take care of each other and reach out to each other,” Johnson said. “I mean there’s always bullying and little stuff going on — little, teeny stuff — but in the end, they tend to take care of each other and they tend to want everybody around them to be successful, and they pull people along with them to be successful.”Working with all women lends to having to pay more attention to women’s issues. Johnson said one of her highlights of working at Saint Mary’s was the work she did with sexual assault — and specifically, securing a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to open the Belle’s Against Violence Office in 2009. “Working on all the Title IX and sexual violence things were really important for Saint Mary’s at the time that it happened and I felt really good about that,” Johnson said.Another project Johnson said she is proud of is the completion of the Angela Athletic and Wellness Facility, which required large amounts of additional fundraising to come to completion. “When we started out we talked about $14 million, and when we got it done it was $26 million,” Johnson said. “And you know, the College was able to raise the funds for that, but being able to put everything in there that we wanted to put in there.”Johnson started the College parent Facebook pages during her tenure at Saint Mary’s, and has enjoyed the opportunity to be up-to-date on the concerns of parents and their daughters, she said. “It really keeps me on top of what the parents are thinking about,” Johnson said. “I can be one step ahead of them, and they also tell me how their daughters are feeling and what’s going on.”Although she has made a lot of improvements, Johnson said there have also been some challenges along the way, mental health being one of them. “The mental health issues that we deal with on campus have become more of a challenge over the years as I’ve been working in this field,” Johnson said. “Students come to us with more issues, but they’re also more used to getting help, which is a good thing.”President Jan Cervelli said in an email that Johnson has been an asset to the College community, and especially to students. “Karen provided Saint Mary’s with exemplary service in her role as vice president for student affairs,” Cervelli said. “She continually improved processes and policies, helped to increase support for students and worked to develop a wide range of programs and activities to boost student well-being and overall satisfaction. Her contributions have made tremendous positive impact on Saint Mary’s students’ quality of life, and we owe her a debt of gratitude as well as congratulations on her successful tenure with the College.”Johnson also spoke of the progression during her time at Saint Mary’s. “We’re much more progressive in how we help young women prepare for the world beyond helping them prepare for the workplace. … We’re just a better college overall over the last 12 years,” Johnson said. “It’s been constant growth and development as opposed to just sitting still in one place.”This “constant growth” is necessary to the College community as the world continues to change, Johnson said. “We have to change,” Johnson said. “We have to keep moving forward and we have to keep evolving as time changes.”“Given what’s happening in the world today and the climate about women today, we have to be in the forefront of saying what’s right for women and how we are helping women grow and develop,” Johnson said. “Because, you know, even today I listened to some things in Congress that were being said and I’m thinking, ‘No, it’s time for women to run the world. And if any women are going to run the world, it needs to be the women from Saint Mary’s.’”After her retirement, Johnson said she plans to take time to explore different activities. She also plans to attend the class of 2019’s Commencement. “I’ll be around for a while and I promised some seniors I’d come back to commencement, and I am just going to do some things that are fun that I want to do. …  I’m just going to take some time and see what happens,” Johnson said.Johnson said she looks forward to seeing the impact Saint Mary’s women have on the world. “I love the students at Saint Mary’s, and they’re great young women,” Johnson said. “I’m going to miss everybody here, especially the students. But I know they’ll be in good hands and be well taken care of. But, I expect big things from the women here. I want to read about [them] all.” As for students, Johnson said she hopes the memory left behind is of her desire to help the community. “I hope that people remember when I helped them, as opposed to maybe when they got in trouble or something,” Johnson said. “But I hope people know I’m here to help them, and that’s what I did.”While Johnson said she did not initially plan to spend 12 years at Saint Mary’s, she thoroughly enjoyed her time here. “When I look back now, I can’t imagine what else I would have done with my life,” Johnson said. “And, I have absolutely no regrets about being in student affairs and working with students every day. It’s been the best part of my life.”Tags: Angela Athletic and Wellness Facility, BAVO, Karen Johnson, retirement, vice president of student affairslast_img read more

Okemo Gears Up For An Early November Opening

first_imgOkemo Mountain Resort is gearing up for the 2003/2004winter season and it won’t be long now. Snowmaking operations arescheduled to begin in just a few short weeks with the opening dayanticipated on Saturday, November 8, 2003. With $55 million inimprovements for the upcoming winter season, Okemo just keeps gettingbetter and better.Skiers and riders will discover a vastly expanded mountain with milesof playful terrain, a modern and efficient lift system, snowmaking andgrooming that is tops in New England and family-friendly programs for allages and ability levels.The new terrain at Jackson Gore has quickly become a favorite amongskiers and riders. With seven new trails and two new lifts for 2003/2004,the winter season will be jam-packed with more terrain, lifts and resortamenities. Jackson Gore now offers a total of 14 trails with four lifts(including two highspeed detachable quad chairlifts) and an entirely newbase lodge and resort center. The Coleman Brook Express highspeeddetachable quad chairlift has been installed just outside the Jackson GoreInn’s front door and will whisk guests to a trail location above theexisting Jackson Gore Express quad. Seven new trails encompassing 40acres (including a 9,600-foot long novice run that runs from the top tobottom of the mountain peak) will provide gentle cruising terrain. TheStargazer Carpet, a 400 foot-long carpet lift has been installed in thebase for beginners. The increase in terrain brings Okemo’s skiable acreageto over 600 acres, with 95% covered by snowmaking.Situated at the heart of the Jackson Gore base area is a 250,000square foot base facility that is home to the Jackson Gore Inn, with 117slopeside units ranging in size from standard rooms to three-bedroomsuites, complete with bell/valet/room service and underground parking forInn guests. The Jackson Gore Inn features services and amenities found ina first-class hotel with a reception area open 24-hours, concierge,full-service restaurant, The Corner Store Sundry Shop and health club withindoor/outdoor swimming pool and whirlpool spas (which will be open to thepublic for a daily fee).The Jackson Gore Base Lodge is home to an assortment of diningoptions for skiers and riders. The Roundhouse, a 390-seat food court, islocated on the first floor of the new facility. The atrium designed foodcourt contains a variety of quick, healthy options all with a uniquepersonality. Vermont Pizza at Jackson Gore, a 280-seat pub and lounge islocated directly above the Roundhouse and specializes in gourmet woodfired pizzas, deli-style sandwiches, homemade soups and a full service barthat serves up “ice cold” micro brews. Coleman Brook Tavern isreminiscent of a Vermont country inn that surrounds you in warmth andcasual elegance. The Tavern is a full service restaurant featuring superbcuisine in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Open for breakfast, lunchand dinner, the Coleman Brook Tavern is “ski boot and family friendly”.last_img read more

ETA Traffics in Colombian Cocaine, According to the Italian Writer Saviano

first_img “I have reason to believe, for example, that ETA members are buying cocaine from Colombian drug traffickers, transporting it to Portugal, and from there bringing it into the Basque Country,” said the author of the bestseller Gomorra [Gomorrah] about the Camorra, the Neapolitan mob. Saviano also cites the testimony of a repentant Italian mobster, Raffaele Spinello, according to whom ETA reached an agreement with the Camorra in 1999: “ETA agreed to use members of its organization to move cocaine in exchange for receiving arms from the Neapolitan mob (…).” “From the moment that ETA began to traffic in drugs, the reason for the group’s existence changed. Engaging in politics by taking up arms is no longer their priority. What is important for them now is the ‘business’ pure and simple,” commented Saviano, who still lives with bodyguards for fear of a mob hit. “Preparing attacks, acquiring arms, hiding fugitives from justice, providing financial help to the families of imprisoned ETA members … this is all very expensive,” he said. The seizure in the Basque Country at the end of January of packages of cocaine ready for sale, in the residence of an alleged ETA member, is “new and striking evidence that ETA traffics in drugs,” according to Saviano. The Basque armed separatist organization ETA traffics in Colombian cocaine to raise money and buy arms, the Italian journalist and writer Roberto Saviano has affirmed in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. By Dialogo February 16, 2010 The Basque armed separatist organization, considered responsible for the deaths of 828 people in more than forty years of violence for the independence of the Basque Country (in northern Spain), is in contact with the Italian mafia and the FARC Colombian guerrilla group in order to engage in this traffic, Saviano added in an interview with El Mundo. “The terrorists obtained the cocaine through their contacts with the Colombian guerrillas and took responsibility for getting the drugs to Italy,” according to Saviano.last_img read more

Brazilian Army Tests Cyber Warfare Simulator Ahead of 2014 World Cup

first_imgBy Dialogo February 25, 2013 I think it’s spectacular I love playing very neat hahaha it’s very good conqueror of all worlds, very good hhhmmmmmmmmmmm this game is awesome… WHAT’S THE QUALITY OF THIS GAME it’s cool one can’t play without downloading, and it downloads and it’s not enough, nooo, let us play without downloading Very good and interesting. it seems a good game to play that it’s a very pretty and stupid game because on the first level there’s a way, but not on the second, that’s why how do you play The Brazilian Army has a new weapon to fight the cyber war: the National Simulator for Cyber Operations. This software, known by its Portuguese acronym SIMOC, builds training environments that simulate known virtual threats — as well as threats not yet discovered. Decatron, a private company with 17 years in the information technology market, developed SIMOC for the Center of Cyber War Instruction (CIGE), which was instrumental in its design. The Brazilian Defense Ministry funded the project with a grant of $2.55 million. SIMOC is one of the pillars of Brazil’s National Defense Strategy to build equipment and platforms for cyber defense. “A team of information technology specialists is working exclusively on this project,” said Carlos Rust, director of Rio de Janeiro-based Decatron, which is the Brazilian partner of U.S. computer giant Hewlett Packard. Rust said the software took a year to develop and involved 30 Brazilian professionals. He said a centerpiece of the National Defense Strategy is promoting employment and generating revenues through the defense industry. “This is one of the most important projects developed by the Army’s Communications and Electronic Warface Center,” said General Antonino dos Santos Guerra, commander of the center, also known as CCOMGEX. The SIMOC simulator, he said, “is a solution that promotes national technology and helps to raise Brazil’s GDP.” Preparing for 2014 — and 2016 Rust also emphasized the importance of a national simulator that prepares Brazil for virtual defense as the country readies to host next year’s FIFA World Cup as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics. He told Diálogo that SIMOC’s main advantage is that is very nimble. “It is flexible and allows the creation of practically any scenario of defense or attack,” he said. “These scenarios are created by the instructor and are stored in a knowledge database to be reused. All the practices and actions of attack and defense are also stored for reutilization.” This flexibility is a major plus for SIMOC, given that most comparable software programs on the market include only a pre-defined number of scenarios and don’t allow for customization. But the Brazilian system was built based on international experience, since the Armed Forces are involved in these types of projects “in all countries of the world,” Gen. Dos Santos said. The simulator software helps analyze network vulnerabilities, which lets users act in a controlled environment while adopting an active defense strategy, he said. Training is based on real scenarios of disasters and risks to Brazil’s critical infrastructure. System is adaptable for military and civilian training SIMOC works with usernames and passwords. Once logged in, a user may choose to reproduce an existing computer network or build a new one. The software allows technical reporting of all operations conducted in the virtual environment. The simulator is dual-use, “meaning that the software can be used for military training and for civilian training in big companies,” Rust said. “It also can be used to conduct analysis of network vulnerabilities, not just for training.” The application utilizes virtualization technology running several operating systems from one terminal, and various open-source components to meet certain requirements. While the use of open-source software may raise some eyebrows, Rust does not see it as a security risk. “Some of the functionalities were built utilizing open-source software, which is an advantage because we have control of the code,” he said. “This way we generate a complete product at the same level of the most advanced foreign solutions, with 100 percent control of it.” Brazil determined not to let hackers win With the World Cup coming up in June 2014, at least one group besides the athletes themselves are working hard to make the most of the event: computer hackers. But the Brazilian government has invested $20.4 million to avoid attacks on state-run networks as well as computerized infrastructure systems such as airports. “The possibility that Brazil will suffer a massive attack is the same as that of someone declaring war on the country,” said General José Carlos dos Santos, commander of Brasília’s Center for Cyber Defense (CDCiber), in a recent interview with Correio Braziliense. “It is low, but it exists.” CDCiber is getting ready for all eventualities. Army Colonel Eduardo Wallier Vianna, with the center, warns that a cyber-attack could really wreak havoc on the World Cup. “Let’s suppose that someone invades the database of the World Cup’s ticket system and starts selling duplicate tickets,” he told the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. “Hundreds of people would arrive at the stadium with fake tickets. That would generate confusion, wild crowds and deaths.” To avoid this chaos and the resulting damage to Brazil’s international prestige, CDCiber “identifies the most critical areas, analyzes the information and studies previous cases,” Col. Vianna said. Courses in cyber warfare At SIMOC’s unveiling in the CCOMGEX auditorium, officers demonstrated how they used the software during a CIGE exercise as part of a course on cyber warfare — the first such course ever offered by the Brazilian Armed Forces to Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Also attending the event was Decatron’s executive manager, Bruno Mello, along with Lieutanant Colonel Márcio Ricardo Fava, of CCOMGEX, and other military officials. In 2012, 24 high-ranking officers at CCOMGEX took a six-month course to operate SIMOC, and are now qualified to face virtual threats such as common are hackers and organized groups that attack sites in order to draw attention to a cause — not to mention criminals, spies and cyber warriors. SIMOC can also be used remotely, which puts it within the reach of other Brazilian military institutions. “It only needs an instructor to go to the other institution to coordinate the activities of the simulator,” dos Santos explained, adding that while the technology is also available to interested educational institutions, “we need to be careful whom we train.”last_img read more

Live match preview – Serbia vs Scotland 12.11.2020

first_imgpreview image preview image Former Scotland manager Alex McLeish is expecting a tough match in Thursday’s winner-takes-all play-off against Serbia Scotland manager Steve Clarke during a Scotland training session at the Oriam, on September 03, 2020, in Edinburgh, Scotland Interestingly, if Scotland make it to Euro 2020, they will once again be placed into a group with England, who they also faced at the same stage in their last Euros when England were tournament hosts.Victory on Thursday would complete the turnaround under Steve Clarke, with Scotland reeling from a 3-0 loss to lowly Kazakhstan in their opening European Qualifier when he was appointed in May 2019. Although he could not quite secure an automatic spot, Scotland had already secured a play-off place thanks to a solid Nations League campaign.Download the Sky Sports Scottish Football Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox | SpreakerScotland and Serbia last met during qualification for the 2014 World Cup and the Tartan Army were winless in both fixtures. They drew 0-0 at home before losing 2-0 away and Serbia could become just the second side to keep a clean sheet in each of their first three games against Scotland after Japan.Team news Highlights of the Euro 2020 qualifying play-off match between Scotland and Israel Scotland manager Steve Clarke looks on during the UEFA EURO 2020 Play-Off semi-finals match between Scotland and Israel at Hampden Park on October 08, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. Football Stadiums around Europe remain empty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in fixtures being played behind closed doors 3:20 Scotland head coach Steve Clarke says it’s a blow to lose Ryan Fraser and Grant Hanley for Thursday’s Euro 2020 play-off against Serbia, but believes they have sufficient cover Former Scotland striker Kris Boyd says he is confident Scotland will beat Serbia in Belgrade on Thursday to qualify for next year’s European Championships – Advertisement – 0:34 Scotland head coach Shelley Kerr says the weight of the country is on counterpart Steve Clarke’s shoulders but he will not be distracted for Thursday’s winner-takes-all play-off in Serbia Since losing four consecutive games between June and October 2019, Scotland have enjoyed an eight-match unbeaten run (W6 D2) – they last went longer without defeat in all competitions in September 1976, under Willie Ormond (a run of nine).Serbia have won just one of their last six matches in all competitions (D2 L3), beating Norway 2-1 in October, courtesy of a brace from Sergej Milinkovic-Savic in the previous round of European Championship qualifying.Victory would see Scotland qualify for the European Championship finals for just a third time (previously in 1992 & 1996), whilst Serbia are aiming to reach the finals of the competition for the first time as an independent nation. Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes says they need to go into their Euro 2020 play-off against Serbia with confidence and need to ‘get the job done’ on Thursday night Sky Sports announced last week that both Scotland and Northern Ireland’s play-off games will be free-to-air for UK customers on what is sure to be a dramatic night of football.Serbia vs Scotland will be shown live on Sky Sports Football from 7pm and free-to-air on Sky Pick; kick-off at 7.45pm.You can also follow all the latest in our dedicated live blog across Sky Sports’ digital platforms, including build-up, match commentary and the latest analysis. Plus, watch in-game goals and free match highlights shortly after full-time.Clarke: Qualification always the dream Andy Robertson, Liam Cooper and John McGinn celebrate Scotland's dramatic penalty shootout victory 0:50 Scotland manager Steve Clarke told Sky Sports News:“It’s always been the dream. Even in the years we failed to qualify, that dream is always there. When you start every campaign, you think ‘right, this is going to be the one’.“The team at various times has been close to qualification, but has never managed to get it over the line and this squad is close again and this time, we hope we can get it over the line. 3:23 2:42 preview image “I had a good football career, I managed to win a good few trophies at the end of it, I played a lot of good matches at the highest level in both Scotland and England, but ultimately, you’re always left with that little bit of disappointment that as a player, I didn’t manage to play in a major tournament and for these lads, it’s the same.“It’s not to think about there being another chance in two years time because maybe there won’t be.”McCoist: Scotland’s biggest game in 20 years Sky Sports pundit Ally McCoist told Sky Sports News:“Without doubt, it’s the biggest game in over 20 years. And I’m pleased punters can watch it and get behind the team. I’m so pleased for everybody. Fingers crossed we can get a result.“I’d have bitten your hand off for an opportunity like this. There was a period where it looked like we wouldn’t get this chance and now we’ve got it. It’s great news.“We’re second favourites but I’ve been Scottish for long enough to know that being the underdog suits us.“The team is looking a lot better with some solidarity about them. Lyndon Dykes has given us a focal point. I’m the eternal Scottish optimist. I’m very hopeful although I do appreciate it’s a very big task ahead.”Boyd: Scotland can gatecrash Euro 2020 – Advertisement – Thursday 12th November 7:00pm If Scotland win…If Scotland beat Serbia, they will be Path C winners and go into Euro 2020 Group D with England, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Sky Sports pundit Kris Boyd told Sky Sports News:“It’s a massive opportunity for Scotland and I’m sure the boys will give their all. We’ve not been at a major tournament since 1998, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to get there. I wish them all the best, and I’m confident.“A lot of people have criticised the way Clarke has set his team up but we’ve found a way to get victories. We’re not free-flowing, and we’re not going to open teams up with eight or nine chances a game. What we can do is create one or two good ones and hope that we take them. We look solid defensively and we’re going to need that from the front if we’re going to stop Serbia.“It will be a difficult game, but I do fancy us to gate-crash Euro 2020 and get through the back door.” 1:19 – Advertisement – Scotland will be aiming to keep four consecutive clean sheets across all competitions for the first time since March 2014, under Gordon Strachan.Scotland’s John McGinn has been directly involved in seven goals in his last four appearances in European Championship qualifiers (6 goals, 1 assist).Only Harry Kane (12), Cristiano Ronaldo and Eran Zahavi (11 each) have scored more goals in qualifying for EURO 2020 than Serbia’s Aleksandar Mitrovic (10), who netted in six consecutive matches before facing Norway. 4:27 0:50 Scotland have not featured at a major international tournament for over 20 years, last competing at the 1998 World Cup in France. Their last European Championships was in 1996, where the Netherlands progressed from Group A based on goals scored. Kick off 7:45pm Team news, stats and analysis ahead of Serbia vs Scotland in the European Qualifying play-off final on Thursday; kick-off 7.45pm.Scotland dramatically booked their place in the European Qualifying play-off final last month, winning 5-3 on penalties – their first ever shootout – against familiar foes Israel after a goalless draw. It set up a trip to Belgrade to face Serbia, who were 2-1 winners against Norway in their semi-final.- Advertisement – Scotland manager Steve Clarke says it would be a dream to qualify for the European Championships and he looks back on his career with disappointment because he never played for his country at a major tournament Ryan Fraser and Grant Hanley will both miss out for Scotland after they sustained hamstring problems. Hanley – who has 30 caps for his country – had been called up to the squad for the first time in more than two years, while Fraser was looking to add to his 14 international appearances.Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths has also returned to the Scotland fold and with Fraser absent, could be given his chance to earn his first cap since September 2018. However, Clarke has hinted that Griffiths would be used from the bench.The Scotland manager said: “Leigh being Leigh, we all know his qualities in and around the 18-yard box. But he hasn’t started many games for Celtic recently and it might be a big ask for him to start in a game of this magnitude.”Serbia have been boosted by the news that Lazio’s players have been given permission to go on international duty. It means key man Sergej Milinkovic-Savic will be available to face Clarke’s side after some uncertainty over regional Covid-19 travelling restrictions in Italy for players in Serie A.How to follow Ally McCoist thinks the underdog factor can work in Scotland’s favour ahead of Thursday’s clash away to Serbia – a game he’s calling the biggest in 20 years. Opta statslast_img read more

Twitter Fleets Now Rolling Out Globally, Audio Spaces Coming to Select Users Soon, ‘Working Hard on’ Android Voice Tweets

first_imgTwitter’s Audio Spaces will first be rolled out to select usersPhoto Credit: Twitter“Voice tweets allow people to share their thoughts, but we imagined a live audio space to communicate with one other person or small groups,” Patterson said. “A space that feels very safe and intimate. We’ve used the metaphor of a well-hosted dinner party. You don’t need to know everyone at the party to have a good time, but everyone should feel comfortable to sit at the table.”“Safety is critical and we need to get that right in order for people to leverage live audio spaces, so we’re going to launch this first experiment to a very small group of people, who are disproportionately impacted by harm on the platform — women and people from marginalised communities — and the team is interested and the company is interested in hearing first from this group of people on their feedback on audio spaces,” she added.- Advertisement – The feature will not just be a voice chatroom though — according to Patterson, users will be able to add tweets, and view transcriptions in these spaces, so that it can be used in a number of ways.Audio Spaces will roll out to select groups first for testing and feedback before a wider rollout. Patterson also said that Voice DMs are being tested by the company, and added that voice tweets and all media will soon get transcriptions to improve accessibility on Twitter.The team also said that the voice tweets feature is coming to Android but did not share further details, except to say that they’re working hard to make that happen.These new features come as a part of Twitter’s attempts to make the platform more accessible to new users, although a more cynical view would be that the company is playing catch-up to others. The stories feature has been a feature of almost all platforms by now — even LinkedIn! — and voice chatrooms have also been growing in number since the launch of Clubhouse.Which is the best TV under Rs. 25,000? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. – Advertisement – Fleets launched in India in June and while Twitter says it sees more people engaging with the platform, at least anecdotally, we’ve seen the usage of the feature go down in the interim. While the feature is ephemeral, and displays in a separate feed on top of the timeline that Twitter refers to as the Fleetline, there’s nothing stopping others from taking screenshots of your fleets, and users don’t even get notified. You also can’t control who can see your fleets — these are features that Harris said the company is considering, but in the more immediate roadmap, Twitter will be adding stickers, more creator tools, and live broadcasting, he said.Aside from Fleets, Twitter also showed a glimpse of an upcoming feature it calls Audio Spaces, which is a voice chatroom. Maya Patterson, a Product Designer at Twitter, explained that the new feature is meant to create a safe space for intimate conversations in public.spaces demo screenshot 1200 twitter audio spaces– Advertisement – Twitter is rolling out Fleets globally, after initially testing the feature in India, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea. Twitter did not share any numbers for usage of the feature, but Joshua Harris, Twitter’s Director of Design, said in a virtual press conference that Fleets have been useful in making people more comfortable on the platform. “We’ve seen Fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings.” Aside from the Fleets rollout, Twitter also talked about Audio Spaces, an upcoming feature that it will be testing with a limited set of users, which will allow them to hold discussions in a public, yet intimate setting where they can control who is able to participate.“A lot of people don’t tweet. With retweets and replies, it feels like a burden to tweet. People lurk, draft tweets, and then do not send them,” Harris said. “Fleets create a lower pressure way to join the conversation. It’ll make people more comfortable to join the conversation, because it’s just for a day, and it won’t be around forever. We’ve also seen more people joining conversations on Twitter, and we’ve seen that people new to Twitter are more comfortable.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Heron inquiry: Rogers accused of tower bias

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Osimhen snubs interest from Serie A club, targets Premier League or LaLiga

first_img Promoted Content12 Marvel Superheroes Before The Fame7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyDid You Know There’s A Black Hole In The Milky Way?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way9 Celebrities Who Look Older Than They Really AreBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWe’re Getting More Game Of Thrones: Enter House Of The Dragon!Best Car Manufacturers In The World10 Extremely Dirty Seas In The World2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year Nigeria’s Victor Osimhen has snubbed interest from the Serie A and has his heart set on a move to the Premier League or LaLiga. Speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss (via Area Napoli), Italian journalist Diego De Luca revealed that Liverpool have now followed suit with Spurs in submitting a sizeable bid for Osimhen. “Victor Osimhen? He is a player-owned by Lille,” the journalist said. “The deal is very complicated because there are various teams on the player. read also:Osimhen ‘Agrees Deal With Italian Giants’ “Liverpool and Tottenham have offered 70 million for the player. In the short term, there may be some news on the renewal issue.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Liverpool have joined Tottenham in submitting a €70million bids for Lille striker. The 21-year-old, brought in last summer to replace the Arsenal-bound Nicolas Pepe, has filled those shoes impressively with 18 goals in 38 games. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham have all been linked in recent months and the latter side reportedly emerged as the mystery club who submitted a £75million bid for the attacker.Advertisementlast_img read more