Nolli Waterman – Worcester and England

first_img Danielle ‘Nolli’ WatermanA quick catch up with Worcester and England Full Back Nolli Waterman about smelly kits, travel chums, inspiration and how she earned the nickname ‘Nollie’.RUGBY WORLD: Danielle, why are you called Nolli?NOLLI WATERMAN: My brother Joe called me Danni Ollie and my dad shortened it to Nolli. I also didn’t think I was girlie enough to be called Danielle. No one ever uses it.RW: Who are the practical jokers in the England team?NW: Saracens fly-half Karen Andrew is the biggest. She makes us laugh on the pitch, too, and won’t fail to ask the referee: “How long left?” just before she is about to kick off. Most refs look at her as if she is mad but it makes us smile and relieves a bit of tension.RW: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the pitch?NW: A lineout last season. TJ Sutton went up for a ball, with Nessie Grey lifting. When TJ came down, her boot got caught in Nessie’s shorts – pulling them down. We all cracked up.RW: If you could change one thing about rugby what would it be?NW: Play in the summer or ban rugby on very cold days. A minimum temperature for a match could be introduced!RW: What is the most annoying thing about rugby?NW: Kit – the stinking smell and having to wash it all the time. Even when you wash it, it still smells.Travel Chums, Team initiation and Politeness…RW: Who cheers you up when you’re feeling down?NW: Georgia Stevens – my England and Clifton team-mate. She is always there to pick me up. I live in Cardiff so we’re driving partners, travel chums. We drive thousands of miles a year to England training. Just the two of us!RW: What happened when you made your Test debut – as England’s youngest ever player – in 2003. Any initiation ceremonies?NW: Well, I was only 18 and my mum was there so they had to go easy. I had to sing the obligatory song on the bus and then had the delights of The Sin Bin [a bar] in Limerick as we had just beaten Ireland to win the Grand Slam.RW: What annoys you off the field? TAGS: Worcester Warriors Finally heres why you shouldn’t mess with her… NW: People who don’t say please and thank you, and when people – like my boyfriend Leigh – don’t put their cutlery together at the end of the meal. I sit there staring at a plate if that happens.RW: If the world was going to end in five minutes, what would you do as your last act on earth?NW: Eat a box of tomatoes as they’re my favourite food. Strangely, I don’t like sun-dried tomatoes or tomato juice.RW: What is your favourite gadget?NW: It has to be my apple corer. Shove it into an apple and the core pops out. You can also bang it really hard.Bird, Inspiration and winning a World Cup…RW: Tell us about your club training partner, the legendary Liza Burgess.NW: She’s double my age, brilliant, called Bird. She couldn’t be more opposite to me as she is a lock. And she has threatened to lock me in a cupboard before Wales play England in this year’s Six Nations.RW: Who inspired you to play?NW: My dad, Jim, who played for Bath and is still playing for Minehead Barbarians, aged 62. He started me off – well, he couldn’t stop me – at Minehead when I was four and he’s still there for me, not only to work on my skills but to be my biggest critic.RW: And your rugby wish?NW: To play in the same team as my dad and two brothers. Maybe we could sort out a tournament like they do with vets and I could wear the golden shorts.RW: Win the World Cup or win £10,000 on the lottery?NW: Win the World Cup. What’s money against a winners’ medal?Check out her profile for England LATEST RUGBY WORLD MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DEALSlast_img read more

Carl Hayman suspended for four weeks for Zee Ngwenya spear tackle

first_imgFriday May 25, 2012 Carl Hayman suspended for four weeks for Zee Ngwenya spear tackle Former All Black Carl Hayman will miss Toulon’s Top 14 play-off game against Racing Metro this weekend after he was suspended for four weeks by an ERC disciplinary committee earlier today. If Toulon make the final, he will be unavailable for selection. Prop Hayman commmitted the dangerous tackle on Biarritz wing Takudzwa Ngwenya during the Amlin Challenge Cup final last Friday night. He was immediately shown a yellow card by referee Wayne Barnes, with onlookers and commentators surprised by the leniency of the decision.He lifted and tipped the USA flyer in a tackle that had all the ingredients to be a red card sending off. Independant judicial officer Christopher Quinlan felt the same way, deciding the offence warranted a mid-range entry point of a six week suspension.Hayman accepted that he was wrong to commit the tackle, but insisted it was a yellow card offence only. Quinlan disagreed, but took three weeks off due to Hayman’s good record and character, then added one as a deterrent for dangerous tackling.He will miss the knockout stages of the Top 14 due to the ban, of which the first three weeks will expire on June 10, the day after the Top 14 final. Another week will be served during Toulon’s pre-season period, when they play a fixture in late July.ADVERTISEMENT Posted By: rugbydump Share Send Thanks Sorry there has been an error Big Hits & Dirty Play Related Articles 25 WEEKS AGO Suspensions handed down after testicle grabbing… 26 WEEKS AGO The ‘double ruffle’ splits opinion with fans… 26 WEEKS AGO WATCH: The nastiest and most brutal moments… From the WebThis Video Will Soon Be Banned. Watch Before It’s DeletedSecrets RevealedUrologists Stunned: Forget the Blue Pill, This “Fixes” Your EDSmart Life ReportsYou Won’t Believe What the World’s Most Beautiful Girl Looks Like TodayNueeyIf You Have Ringing Ears Do This Immediately (Ends Tinnitus)Healthier LivingGranny Stuns Doctors by Removing Her Wrinkles with This Inexpensive TipSmart Life Reports30+ Everyday Items with a Secret Hidden PurposeNueeyThe content you see here is paid for by the advertiser or content provider whose link you click on, and is recommended to you by Revcontent. As the leading platform for native advertising and content recommendation, Revcontent uses interest based targeting to select content that we think will be of particular interest to you. We encourage you to view your opt out options in Revcontent’s Privacy PolicyWant your content to appear on sites like this?Increase Your Engagement Now!Want to report this publisher’s content as misinformation?Submit a ReportGot it, thanks!Remove Content Link?Please choose a reason below:Fake NewsMisleadingNot InterestedOffensiveRepetitiveSubmitCancellast_img read more

THROWBACK: Wales’ mesmeric try against Scotland in 1977 had everything

first_imgWednesday Mar 6, 2019 THROWBACK: Wales’ mesmeric try against Scotland in 1977 had everything Ahead of the much anticipated Scotland and Wales 6 Nations clash this coming weekend at Murrayfield, here is a quick look back at two classic tries scored between the two sides when they met at the very same venue way back in 1977.ADVERTISEMENTWhile this year’s encounter is expected to be close, and could possibly derail Wales’ Grand Slam ambitions if Scotland perform on the day, back in 1977 it was Wales who were 18-9 victors in the final round of that year’s Five Nations Championship.Legendary commentator Bill McLaren – The Voice of Rugby – was at his absolute best as he called Scotland’s try, scored by fullback Andy Irvine. After a wonderful backs move,  Irvine still had plenty to do to get to the tryline but he surged over to finish a wonderful Scottish try.Wales answered back with a classic of their own later in the second half, as flyhalf great Phil Bennett etched his name into the history books with one of the best finishes ever seen in the Championship.A counter-attack from deep within their own half saw Gerald Davies step and fend superbly before Bennett handled, got it out to David Burcher who returned the inside ball to Steve Fenwick – handling for the second time – who showed brilliant quick hands to get it back to Bennett.It was then finished with a classic Phil Bennett sidestep that put two Scotland defenders on the turf.ADVERTISEMENTCalled “The Try of the Championship” by McLaren in commentary, the try was actually voted Wales’ greatest ever Five/Six Nations try many years later.We featured it here on Rugbydump way back in 2007, as it truly was a try that had everything.France marched on to win the Grand Slam in 1977, but this match and that try will continue be lauded for many more years to come.ADVERTISEMENT Posted By: rugbydump Share Send Thanks Sorry there has been an error Great Tries Related Articles 26 WEEKS AGO Incredible athleticism for sensational try… 26 WEEKS AGO ARCHIVE: Suntory score amazing try to upset… 26 WEEKS AGO WATCH: All 12 tries from EPIC Bristol-Clermont… From the WebThis Video Will Soon Be Banned. Watch Before It’s DeletedSecrets RevealedYou Won’t Believe What the World’s Most Beautiful Girl Looks Like TodayNueeyUrologists Stunned: Forget the Blue Pill, This “Fixes” Your EDSmart Life ReportsDoctors Stunned: She Removes Her Wrinkles With This Inexpensive TipSmart Life ReportsIf You Have Ringing Ears Do This Immediately (Ends Tinnitus)Healthier Living30+ Everyday Items With A Secret Hidden PurposeNueeyThe content you see here is paid for by the advertiser or content provider whose link you click on, and is recommended to you by Revcontent. As the leading platform for native advertising and content recommendation, Revcontent uses interest based targeting to select content that we think will be of particular interest to you. We encourage you to view your opt out options in Revcontent’s Privacy PolicyWant your content to appear on sites like this?Increase Your Engagement Now!Want to report this publisher’s content as misinformation?Submit a ReportGot it, thanks!Remove Content Link?Please choose a reason below:Fake NewsMisleadingNot InterestedOffensiveRepetitiveSubmitCancellast_img read more

Resolution in solidarity with Local 8751

first_imgThe following resolution was passed unanimously on Nov. 17 at the national conference of Workers World Party. It grew out of a workshop on waging a campaign against the criminal, transnational conglomerate Veolia, which is attempting to bust the Boston School Bus Drivers Union, Steelworkers Local 8751.Leaders of the Boston School Bus Drivers Union, Kiette Baptiste, Stevan Kirschbaum and Andre Francois, as well as all the Local 8751 members present received standing ovation at the conference.Whereas the Boston School Bus Drivers Union Steelworkers Local 8751, is comprised of hundreds of mostly Black and Brown immigrants who have, since the local’s founding in 1976, been closely linked to Boston’s communities, especially its many communities of color, through the children whom they care for daily on their way to and from school;Whereas over the last 37 years Local 8751 has shown class solidarity with many local, regional, national and international workers’ and community struggles — including the current struggle to stop the resegregation of Boston’s schools, as well as many struggles against war, racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, and all forms of oppression and exploitation – which provides a living example of social unionism that should be emulated by the entire labor movement;Whereas Veolia has since it took over management of Boston’s school bus system in July 2013 consistently and willfully violated numerous terms of Local 8751’s contract, which were detailed in a complaint filed in September with the National Labor Relations Board;Whereas Veolia’s sudden illegal lockout of Local 8751 on Oct. 8 and the subsequent firing of four leaders of the union — who are responsible for carrying out all activities that benefit union members, including defending the contract — must be viewed as a racist attack on an exemplary union and an outright attempt to bust the union in order for the city to proceed with its plans to resegregate Boston’s school system;Therefore this national conference of Workers World Party resolves: That Grievance Chair Stevan Kirschbaum, Vice President Steve Gillis, Recording Secretary Andre Francois and Steward Garry Murchison be immediately reinstated as school bus drivers so they can resume their elected offices and continue to serve the rank and file of Local 8751;And be it further resolved: That Workers World Party will organize a national educational campaign, including fact sheets, demonstrations, forums and social media, to expose Veolia’s criminal, anti-social activities, including its history of bribery, corruption, embezzlement, contempt for workers and their unions, environmental destruction, profits from the illegal and inhuman Israeli occupation of Palestine, and privatization of public services through its energy, water, transportation and environmental divisions.And be it further resolved: That Workers World Party will build a broad coalition with other unions and environmental, faith-based, social justice and community groups, both in the U.S. and around the world, to internationalize the struggle against Veolia as a prime example of greedy, ruthless, global monopoly capitalism that seeks to impoverish and tyrannize all peoples around the world.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Why Iran’s Revolution is still a threat to U.S. imperialism

first_imgAnti-Shah demonstration in Tehran, Iran, estimated at over a million strong, Dec. 10, 1978.Flounders gave the following talk in New York City at a Feb. 21 forum on the 37th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and upcoming elections.Today’s Iran Forum in New York City is a historic event because it involves Iranian leftists with very different views in the U.S. celebrating and analyzing the Iranian Revolution — a revolutionary upheaval that dramatically and abruptly changed history.There are big hopes and expectations today in Iran and also great apprehension of what an end to sanctions, the upcoming elections and  changing economic patterns will mean.The people of Iran will not be left alone, not for one minute, to sort this out for themselves. They have to take into account U.S. imperialism’s plans.The perspective I was asked to contribute to today’s discussion is to explain why U.S. imperialism has for decades been so hostile to the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian Revolution was one of those rare social explosions, an uprising of the most oppressed and disenfranchised, that succeeded in breaking totally with the past.Republican or Democratic administrations, there is small difference. Every bourgeois current in the U.S. is determined to use every possible tactic to overturn the Iranian revolution. U.S. imperialism supports, defends, reinforces the forces of reaction everywhere in the world. Global domination needs puppets, proxies and totally corrupt collaborators.The difference in U.S. relations with Iran during the decades of the Shah — the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi monarchy — and the 37 years since the Iranian Revolution are night and day.Every revolution is targetedTo help put intervention in the Iranian Revolution in perspective, consider the Haitian Revolution, which began 225 years ago. It was an earth-shaking event, a revolution in which enslaved workers freed themselves.Haiti was a fabulously wealthy French colony based on enslaved labor that produced export cash crops of sugar, coffee and cotton. The Haitian Revolution faced a series of invasions — by France, Britain, Spain and U.S. France imposed onerous reparations on the Haitian people for freeing themselves. Haiti suffered the longest sanctions imposed in history — 60 years of U.S. sanctions.The richest colony in the Western Hemisphere became the poorest country.Every election in 200 years of Haitian history has had to deal with U.S. imperialist intervention. Two hundred years of assassinations of leaders and kidnapping of leaders from Toussaint Louverture to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.Haiti was isolated, unlike the Cuban Revolution, which came 160 years later. Of course, neither country was a military threat. But revolutionary ideas are contagious. The capitalist owners of property well understand that nothing is more dangerous.So it is not surprising that the Iranian Revolution is hated by U.S. imperialism. Every accomplishment by Iran is a dagger pointed at imperialist domination. U.S. imperialism will never wish Iran well. Nothing Iran does will change that historic reality.Iran’s accomplishmentsIt was the revolutionary overturn of the brutal, U.S.-imposed Iranian monarchy in 1979 that fundamentally decreased U.S. corporate and military influence in the entire region. They have tried to regain their footing ever since.The Iranian Revolution decisively broke from the unequal contracts serving the giant oil corporations — Exxon, Mobil and Shell. But its greatest danger is that it served as a revolutionary example.Iran has a capitalist class that is anxious to increase its own profits and position. But the Iranian Revolution was forced to make a sharp break with imperialist domination — as the only way forward.A radical Muslim clerical leadership with a strong anti-imperialist focus has maintained this fundamental break for 37 years. This is quite an accomplishment.By developing its economy independent of Wall Street theft and domination and controlling its own resources, Iran has transformed itself within three decades from an underdeveloped country with massive poverty into a modern state with a highly educated population.While capitalist relations prevail, the aroused population was able to win free medical care; free education, including at the university level; a modern infrastructure; and housing with full electrification. Women’s education has improved from majority illiteracy to full literacy. More than 60 percent of university students are now female.Upcoming electionsThe class struggle continues in Iran and so do the raging wars in the region fueled by U.S. imperialism. The class struggle at this time is reflected in this round of elections taking place in Iran. The elections are for parliament and for a smaller but far weightier body — the Assembly of Experts. This elected body will decide the Supreme Leader, if 76-year-old Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dies or steps down.Will the U.S. attempt to intervene in these elections in Iran?There is no country in the world today in which U.S. imperialism does not interfere in the elections — from Moldova and Ukraine to Venezuela to the Philippines.U.S. corporate and CIA-funded nongovernmental organizations operate in every country. Media stations beam into Iran and also into Bolivia, Russia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Turkey. This is a global empire.William Blum in “Rogue State” documented that since 1946 the U.S. has attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments and attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders. It has bombed the people of 30 countries and suppressed revolutionary parties in at least 20 nations.Its tentacles are everywhere. It seeks out the most reactionary and corrupt forces, those most willing to make a deal and the forces that are the most naive.U.S. imperialism especially seeks to use youth movements. Youth are always interested in change and in the wider world and don’t yet have political memory. So it is possible to masquerade as an exciting force for change. This is a big challenge for embattled countries attempting any independent development to which they must constantly be on guard.Imperialism uses religionThe Iranian Revolution is one of the most complex developments. It was and still is fiercely nationalist, religious and anti-imperialist.U.S. think tanks worked overtime to shape a thoroughly reactionary religious response in the Muslim world to counter the influence of the Iranian Revolution. They partnered with the totally reactionary feudal monarchy in Saudi Arabia to use reactionary religious-based forces in Afghanistan more than 30 years ago.Imperialists are more than willing to use religion in its most reactionary form. These tactics led directly to the creation of al-Qaida and today of the Islamic State group, or DASH.The CIA orchestrated and funneled military equipment, advisors and paychecks, beginning shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, to turn back the Afghan Revolution. Neighboring Afghanistan was far poorer and less developed, the rural peasantry far larger.Iraq, Syria and Libya were each modern, officially secular states. But they were attempting to develop independently of Wall Street domination. There can be no greater crime!U.S. weapons provided to both sides played an important role in the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988. Henry Kissinger said, “I hope they both kill each other.”The U.S. war on neighboring Iraq in 1991 and the years of bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq, beginning in 2003, spread shockwaves of destruction through the entire region.The NATO destruction of Libya with seven months of bombing in 2011, and the past five years demanding regime change in Syria by arming more than 100,000 fighters, has dislocated millions of lives.Massive U.S. bombing campaigns in each of these countries destroyed the infrastructure — electrification, schools, roads, industries, irrigation, health clinics — painstakingly built over decades. Years of instability and the chaos of war, while the U.S. pumped in weapons and military advisors, have enabled hundreds of reactionary armed groups to flourish.Sanctions to destabilizeSanctions on Iran began shortly after the Iranian Revolution, long years before Iran restarted the program for nuclear energy. Iran’s original nuclear energy program dated from U.S. assistance during the Shah dictatorship.Like the 60 years of U.S. sanctions against Haiti 200 years ago and U.S. sanctions against Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Zimbabwe, Sudan or earlier against the Soviet Union, the purpose of sanctions on Iran is to frustrate the development of productive forces that will improve the life of the general population.Always the imperialist thinking is that shortages will fuel opposition, dislocate the economy and help efforts at regime change. The calculation is also that the struggle to get sanctions lifted will lead to concessions and that the pressure they create will lead to divisions among governing coalitions.Sanctions are a form of warfare. They are economic extortion by a group of nuclear-armed pirates.These U.S. imposed sanctions against Iran were followed by U.N. Security Council sanctions, imposed under U.S. pressure in 2006, 2008 and 2011, and by European sanctions in 2010 and 2012.Finally, U.S. sanctions legislation demanded that every country in the world participate in a blockade of Iran or face severe U.S. penalties and be cut off from the vast network of U.S. banking, loans and credits.The agreement reached July 14, 2015, between Iran and the “5+1,” the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council (U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China) plus Germany, is a huge achievement — for Iran.Whenever any oppressed country, besieged by imperialism, is able to gain a treaty, gain even a temporary agreement or forestall an outright war while maintaining its sovereignty, it should be acknowledged as a victory over U.S. intransigence.But it is not the end of the struggle. Not at all.Just as international sanctions were lifted, new U.S. sanctions were imposed in January. It was a new warning to every corporation seeking to do business with Iran.The Green MovementU.S. imperialism is always looking for a weak spot. For example, Iran has every right to hold elections and have different contending views. But in 2009 U.S. imperialism intervened directly in the Green Movement in Iran and championed the movement in the West. Every Western politician came forth to give it support.That does not mean that the Green Movement was an imperialist movement; it was not. It means that imperialism will use every possible crack and difference to drive a wedge into.There are moderate forces in Iran who are so anxious to lift religious and social restrictions that they ignore the far greater threat of U.S. imperialism.We should remember the collapse of the Soviet Union, a powerful socialist country that survived 70 years of imperialist encirclement. But the hope of loosening the enormous pressure of the Cold War, and decades of nuclear standoff, led a grouping under Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to believe Secretary of State James Baker, who promised that NATO would not expand one mile east if Soviet troops were withdrawn from East Europe and the Warsaw Pact dissolved.Of course NATO expanded to every country in Eastern Europe, to several former Republics and today encircles and threatens Russia.Losing sight of the most dangerous threat — U.S. imperialism — can have horrendous global consequences.War in SyriaThe only time it’s possible to resist an imperialist onslaught is when there is some unity. In this period, when socialism has suffered enormous setbacks, it is not socialist solidarity, as in Vietnam. Now it is targeted countries understanding their basic national self-interest.The Syrian War is not about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It is an imperialist demand for the total surrender of Syria. That is what “regime change” means. There will be no “peace” unless there is total surrender.But war in Syria is about much more than Syria. It is a proxy war against Iran. It is a war to decide total U.S. domination of the region. Saudi Arabia, the gulf monarchies, Turkey and of course Israel all consider Iran a rival for power and influence.U.S. policy has been a massive, horrific failure because Iran came to Syria’s support. Russia and Hezbollah in Lebanon came to Syria’s support. This has led to the incredibly dangerous standoff we are in today.The U.S. failed spectacularly in maintaining sanctions on Iran, failed in its conquest of Iraq, and is failing in its war in Syria.But the threats continue. There is no end in sight to war in Afghanistan. This keeps an enormous U.S. military presence right on Iran border.Yesterday the U.S. bombed Libya, which they have brought to total ruin.Economic penetrationU.S. imperialism has attempted through decades of ever-tightening economic sanctions, endless forms of industrial sabotage, political subversion, assassinations, isolation, military encirclement, destabilization campaigns and endless media vilification to bring down the Iranian government and restore a subservient regime such as the one which ruled Iran before the 1979 Iranian Revolution.So continued U.S. hostility has to be part of every calculation of the Iranian government. It is the big issue in every election.There are large militarist factions in the U.S. ruling class that are still determined to push for war with Iran. Other forces want to use economic leverage.The struggle against Iran seems, at this juncture, to have shifted from a political and military struggle to an economic struggle. That means that the race is on for economic penetration. The challenge is for Iran to keep the economy independent of imperialist domination, yet continually developing and modernizing.We need a strong, conscious movement here in the center of imperialism that defends Iranian sovereignty and economic development in the face of endless threats and provocations.This does not mean agreement with everything Iran does. There are many different political currents. It means at every step we need to demand: Hands Off Iran! Defend the gains of Iran!FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Imprisoned women journalists and netizens risking death

first_img News Call for Iranian New Year pardons for Iran’s 21 imprisoned journalists IranMiddle East – North Africa Receive email alerts RSF_en After Hengameh Shahidi’s pardon, RSF asks Supreme Leader to free all imprisoned journalists November 6, 2012 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Imprisoned women journalists and netizens risking death Help by sharing this information News to go further Organisation center_img News Iran: Press freedom violations recounted in real time January 2020 June 9, 2021 Find out more IranMiddle East – North Africa February 25, 2021 Find out more March 18, 2021 Find out more News Reporters Without Borders is very worried about the state of health of eight women prisoners of conscience who began a hunger strike five days ago in protest against inhuman and degrading jail conditions. They include three journalists and netizens – Mahssa Amrabadi, Jila Bani Yaghoob and Shiva Nazar Ahari.The women are the victims of reprisals by the authorities in response to a joint statement on 31 October by Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi and six human rights organizations including Reporters Without Borders, which voiced concern about the situation of women prisoners of conscience in Tehran’s Evin prison.A few hours after the statement’s release, female guards raided the women’s wing of Evin prison and spent hours inspecting the detainees’ personal effects. After finding no forbidden items, the guards began to search the detainees in a degrading manner and to mistreat them.It was in response to this humiliating treatment that the eight women – who also include Nazanin Dihami, Bahareh Hedayat, Nasim Soltanbighi, Hakimeh Shokriand and Jila Karam Zadeh Makvandi – began their human strike.Nasrin Sotoudeh, a jailed human rights lawyer who defended several imprisoned journalists, was meanwhile transferred to Section 209, Evin prison’s security wing, on 31 October, five days after the European Parliament announced it was awarding her this year’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Sotoudeh, who has been on hunger strike since 17 October, was also forbidden to receive visits for three weeks.“The Iranian authorities, especially the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, are responsible for the health and safety of all their detainees and we will hold them responsible for anything that happens to these women prisoners of conscience,” Reporters Without Borders said.“These women are not just serving long jail terms but are now also being subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment in flagrant violation of national and international laws. The international community must not remain silent in the face of the Islamic Republic’s many atrocities in its prisons.”While supporting their fight for the right to information and freedom of expression, Reporters Without Borders urges these women prisoners to abandon their hunger strike for fear that they could die. Follow the news on Iranlast_img read more

Two more journalists discover their e-mail has been hacked

first_imgNews Follow the news on Argentina ArgentinaAmericas Latin American media: under control of families, economic and political elites News Receive email alerts July 6, 2020 Find out more News Two broadcast journalists yesterday said their personal e-mail accounts were hacked and used to send messages to other people, in a case similar to that reported by the Clarín newspaper earlier this month. Ernesto Tenembaum of Radio Mitre and Luis Majul of América TV suggested the intelligence services could be involved, but the government ruled this out. News Organisation Help by sharing this information ArgentinaAmericas On eve of the G20 Riyadh summit, RSF calls for public support to secure the release of jailed journalists in Saudi Arabia November 19, 2020 Find out more RSF_en Journalists face archaic sanction of capital punishment in some parts of the world to go further Reporters Without Borders voiced shock at yesterday’s claims by two broadcast journalists, Radio Mitre reporter Ernesto Tenembaum and América TV producer Luis Majul, that their personal e-mail accounts were hacked and used to send messages to other people. This follows a similar case, reported on 11 May, involving Daniel Santoro of the Clarín daily newspaper.The press freedom organisation said it hoped a statement by presidential chief of staff Alberto Fernández condemning these practices would be quickly followed up by an investigation at the highest level.Tenembaum said during his Radio Mitre programme yesterday that some of his e-mail messages, containing off-the-record exchanges with officials and judges, had been sent from his own e-mail address without his knowledge to members of the government and other journalists.He said he discovered this from fellow-journalist Marcelo Slotogwiadza, who had himself received by e-mail part of Tenembaum’s exchanges with interior minister Aníbal Fernández, supreme court justice Eugenio Zaffaroni, Quilmes mayor Jorge Villordo, former judge Pablo Lanusse, and Santoro, the first journalist to report that his e-mail had been hacked.Majul, who is the producer of the programme “La Cornisa,” said that on 21 May he discovered that a message containing the e-mail addresses of leading political and business personalities had been sent to some of his contacts from his own e-mail address. He told Reporters Without Borders that this kind of manipulation happens “whenever there is tension between the press and the authorities.”Tenembaum and Majul plan to file complaints claiming violation of their private correspondence with judge Guillermo Montenegro, who is already investigating the Santoro case. Both Tenembaum and Majul have suggested that the intelligence services could be involved, although the president’s chief of staff ruled this out._____________________________________________________________18.05.06 – Newspaper reporter’s exchange of e-mails with judge is stolenReporters Without Borders today condemned a case of electronic theft and spying on reporter Daniel Santoro of the Clarín daily newspaper, which reported on 11 May that his entire exchange of e-mail messages with judge Daniel Rafecas about a drug trafficking case the judge is handling was stolen and copied to the lawyer of one of the defendants.“Santoro is right to consider the theft of his e-mail as a violation of the confidentiality of his sources,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We support Santoro and Clarín in this case and we hope the authorities will quickly establish how and by whom copies of Santoro’s e-mail messages were sent to one of the defendants’ lawyers.”The so-called “Viñas Blancas” case concerns an alleged attempt by two Serbian citizens to smuggle 171 kg of cocaine to Europe. Copies of all the e-mails between Santoro and the judge somehow landed on the desk of Juan Manuel Ubeira, the lawyer acting for one of the two Serbs. The oldest dates back to 1 March, four days before Clarín ran its first report by Santoro on the case, which focused on the lavish marriage of one the defendants in a hotel.“I am very surprised the information stolen from me reached the lawyer of one of the two defendants,” Santoro told Reporters Without Borders. “What worries me even more is that I have been spied on for almost two months.”In Santoro’s view, the e-mail correspondence was stolen with the aim of discrediting the judge and sabotaging the judicial investigation. He said Clarín’s computer system was complex and that significant financial and technological resources must have been used.Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli has asked judge Guillermo Montenegro to establish whether there was a violation of a law on the privacy of correspondence. Until now, the law has applied only to postal correspondence and a legal precedent will be set if it is deemed to cover Santoro’s e-mail.With the support of his newspaper, Santoro has meanwhile filed a complaint alleging a violation of the confidentiality of a journalist’s sources, which was recognised by a constitutional amendment in 1994. May 23, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Two more journalists discover their e-mail has been hacked December 4, 2019 Find out morelast_img read more

Odessa College hosts Praise & Fashion Show as part of Black History Month

first_img WhatsApp Registration set for engineering camp Odessa College student Rachael Atuegwu from Nigeria models fashions Monday at the Odessa College Black History Month Praise and Fashion Show at the Zant Community Room Feb. 27, 2017. Previous articleTEXAS VIEW: Remember Billy Graham for his understanding and humilityNext articleCOMMUNITY CALENDAR: Week of Feb. 25, 2018 admin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Local NewsEducation Odessa College hosts Praise & Fashion Show as part of Black History Month Twitter Noel earns award Pinterest Facebook Facebookcenter_img Odessa College has scheduled a Praise & Fashion Show as part of Black History Month at 11:30 a.m. Monday at OC Saulsbury Campus Center, Joe Zant Community Room, 201 W. University Blvd.Featured models will be from OC and the community. Fashions will be presented by Mary’s Fashions.Admission is free.Soul food lunch will be provided. Home Local News Education Odessa College hosts Praise & Fashion Show as part of Black History… Pinterest By admin – February 25, 2018 Twitter WhatsApp OCA top 2 were ESL students Upside Down Blueberry Pie CheesecakeCreamy Fruit SaladSummer Spaghetti SaladPowered By 10 Sec Mama’s Deviled Eggs NextStay last_img read more

Ocwen Borrower Outreach Focused on Foreclosure Avoidance

first_img June 5, 2018 3,154 Views Borrower Outreach Events Ocwen 2018-06-05 David Wharton David Wharton, Managing Editor at the Five Star Institute, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he received his B.A. in English and minored in Journalism. Wharton has over 16 years’ experience in journalism and previously worked at Thomson Reuters, a multinational mass media and information firm, as Associate Content Editor, focusing on producing media content related to tax and accounting principles and government rules and regulations for accounting professionals. Wharton has an extensive and diversified portfolio of freelance material, with published contributions in both online and print media publications. Wharton and his family currently reside in Arlington, Texas. He can be reached at [email protected] Ocwen Financial Corporation, a Florida-based financial services holding company, is partnering with New York-based charitable organizations to host a trio of borrower outreach events beginning Wednesday, June 6. Ocwen previously participated in numerous similar events during 2018, meeting with more than 550 Ocwen customers and working to help New York area borrowers and homeowners who were struggling to make their mortgage payments.Ocwen currently services more than 68,000 loans in New York. For this round of June borrower outreach events, Ocwen is joining forces with three local organizations: Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, Inc.; Community Housing Innovations; and Neighborhood Housing Services of Brooklyn.The announced June events kick off Wednesday morning, and include the following:Wednesday, June 6, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET, at NHS Brooklyn, located at 2806 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. For more information call 718.469.4679.Thursday, June 7, from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET, at the Crowne Plaza, located at 66 Hale Ave., White Plains, New York. For more information visit the event webpage.Saturday, June 9, from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET, at 2475 Westchester Ave., Bronx, New York. For more information call 929.268.3790.Attendees will be able to meet with Ocwen Home Retention Agents as well as HUD-approved counseling agencies to learn about their options that could help lower their mortgage payments and help get them back on more stable financial footing.“Despite a better economic environment, the high attendance rate at our previous New York events demonstrates that many borrowers still have difficulty meeting their mortgage payments,” said Jill Showell, SVP of Government and Community Relations at Ocwen. “Working closely with seasoned non-profit housing counselors, Ocwen’s goal is to meet in-person with as many borrowers as possible to find responsible solutions to help families remain in their homes and part of their communities.”During Ocwen’s Q1 2018 earnings report, the servicer spotlighted its initiatives to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. According to Ocwen, the servicer reported 11,598 loan modifications during Q1, 17 percent of which included debt forgiveness totaling $59 million. Ocwen also reported a decrease in loan delinquencies from 9.3 percent as of December 31, 2017, to 9.0 percent as of March 31, 2018. Ocwen said this decrease was “primarily driven by loss mitigation efforts.”The servicer has also seen some significant personnel changes in recent months. In April, Ocwen announced that Glen Messina would take over as the company’s President after Ron Faris announced his retirement. Only last week, Ocwen EVP and CFO Michael Bourque also announced his impending retirement, having accepted a position with another financial services company. Ocwen reported at the time that they had begun a search for qualified internal and external candidates to fill the CFO position.To learn more about Ocwen’s borrower outreach events, you can click here. Share Save Home / Daily Dose / Ocwen Borrower Outreach Focused on Foreclosure Avoidance Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Tagged with: Borrower Outreach Events Ocwen About Author: David Wharton  Print This Post Ocwen Borrower Outreach Focused on Foreclosure Avoidance Related Articles in Daily Dose, Featured, Foreclosure, Journal, Loss Mitigation, Newscenter_img Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Previous: Overvalued Markets Snapshot Next: Fannie Mae Celebrates LGBT Pride Month Sign up for DS News Daily The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Subscribe Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days agolast_img read more

Dail hears concerns over Donegal cuts to youths with mental health issues

first_imgNews Donegal Deputy Thomas Pringle has today condemned cuts to children’s and adolescents’ mental health services following cuts to the provision of travelling to provide the services.The issue was raised by the Deputy in the Dail.It was revealed yesterday that child and adolescent mental health services in the HSE West have been stopped travelling out to meet vulnerable young people.The only clinics active will be in Donegal town and Letterkenny, outreach services in Dungloe, Killybegs, Buncrana, Ballybofey are in effect no longer operational.Deputy Pringle says the move is leaving those that depend on the support of the service at real risk if they cannot access it:[podcast][/podcast] 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North Twitter Twitter Pinterest Previous articleCounty Council is not bankrupt – Director of FinanceNext articleBusy summer for RNLI lifeboats in Donegal News Highland Facebook Dail hears concerns over Donegal cuts to youths with mental health issues Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan fire Google+ WhatsAppcenter_img By News Highland – September 19, 2012 Facebook Pinterest Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsApp Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Tuesday May 25th Google+ Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derry 365 additional cases of Covid-19 in Republic last_img read more