See from this website needs to improve the website statistics indicator

sometimes find the core competitiveness of a tiny point will be the site for you, we do you need for your clients have a deep understanding, have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of our products. When I was in the analysis of the data on the site, found in the Guangdong area accounted for nearly fifty percent, I think it is because of the characteristics of the industry, the need to do catering for the real place to study, that is true, there is a QQ communication, mobile phone communication and can not communicate across. So the properties of this very strong, I also found that some regional keywords are also more and more, such as the Shenzhen town where words are, such as Shenzhen Longgang stone fish where there is a school, "

sometimes have the occurrence of such a situation, we do not have to meet the needs of users, but did not show these represent the largest user demand content to users, users come to your website that does not meet the demand for it, but he did not find. This time we need to look at the site and click on the map link thermodynamic diagram, it will tell us. We found the data after the show can adjust the position, let users find it most want in the shortest time. Sometimes you may find that there will be some statistical tools we’ve never had a word, in fact we do Shanghai dragon should pay particular attention to this kind of words, if this kind of word implies a huge user demand or potential demand we should take it.



with a case of my site, I found a more valuable user demand in the background, the stone fish is about how much money to invest, two stone fish and the analysis of demand and profit. There are people who search found the two words into the site every day, so I put the profit analysis and investment money form, for your reference. I really believe that this action will definitely bring the viscosity for users, we like the stone fish franchise industry people may not be a will join you, they certainly do several contrast. Because of this investment is ten, so people are generally more cautious, more general reference. You have to have a comparative reference, our website is a reference, because I provide reference data. I believe this action will bring great user stickiness, because the contrast from home always price, compared to profit from these data.

a website always need to constantly make adjustments to adapt to the new needs of the user, because the user needs is not the same. Yesterday is the largest user demand, today is not, to our website can get good rankings, we must seize the largest user demand. Especially when we enter a new industry, we understand the needs of users only from some logical or some simple data to do so, a large extent is not accurate. We need to obtain more accurate data, based on these data to adjust our website layout, the user needs to better display in front of users.

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