n June 27th Google sports website PR value vary greatly retarded

afternoon train back to Fuzhou, suddenly opened QQ, my own sports station group, a large voice.. Most webmaster excited! A PR5, a PR4, some do stand a few months can also have the effect of PR3. The first to talk about my own website.

do stand up to now has been quite successful, today saw their failures! So early to talk to them on! To make the high quality of the site, you must first analyze the internal structure of their own good! And strong user experience

in our sports: live it the entire site is not affected by Google due to the internal structure of his love, too! Can be said to be a good poor! Website, need to adhere to, need strong user experience, analysis of user habits, need original content features. Persevere, a rich side of

By the end of 09

114NBA broadcast network station – the old minister share do stand experience! Thank you, the

, a 114 NBA broadcast network in April last year the PR4 website, PR today is still a big joke today is as steady as Mount Tai, sports website. The usual high-profile, and today they usually refuse to friendship, to laugh at me!


, I love the two’s live last year with a simple program to hang a station, is always PR2, love Shanghai weight is also very good. Today suddenly subject to PR4, can prove to get PR4, Google requirements is still relatively low! Not so strict, there is probably enough traffic on IP2000, PR updates to PR4! It is no problem.

from the PR update today can look at the PR4 site, Google now requires more and more low, but more love some new sites, outside the chain of high site, has a steady flow of site is high PR is fundamental, higher PR needs to optimize the internal structure of the program. Have the ability, can be used inside the station group, more than two level domain name site, to improve the weight of the main site of the domain name.

!A famous site of tragedy! (www.5ilive贵族宝贝) in contributions!

analysis of the site did not improve PR for several reasons: 1, there is not enough external links; 2, to achieve a simple PR4 IP, a sufficient amount of users, generally there is no problem; 3, to achieve high PR will need to pay attention to the internal structure of the site; this update 114NBA broadcast network could not successfully upgraded to PR5 even more, I analysis may be due to the need to have the same industry; 4, high weight Links; before all the same industry relatively high visibility in this 114NBA Links. So after a comprehensive analysis, to do high PR need to do all of the above.

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