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1, from negative 2 million to annual revenue of 1 billion

finally tell you that it is not kind to the ferry, the ferry to K you don’t need a reason!! maybe you will suddenly take the ferry station down the right to let you completely for a long time as long as Not the least trace was found. overnight, perhaps it will bring you all the contents of all the K off, I experienced many times. How many webmaster has been faced with this reality but with deep hatred and resentment, incapable of action, not

1 and 400 thousand in the CCTV broadcast first prize sales campaigns, launched the "has a bully, hit a million households" bully contest.

! When

2, hired Jackie Chan as a brand spokesperson, "with the parents, children who bully" on both sides of the Changjiang River.

so he took the production and development of the 3 people, a total of 6 people away, before leaving with the Group signed a gentleman’s agreement: within a year with the competition in the same industry. When >

Cassidy dividends at the end, with a pile of newspaper bag of cash, all of this can be attributed to Duan Yongping.

Duan Yongping was born in Jiangxi, Nanchang. He was admitted to the radio Department of Zhejiang University at the age of 16. After graduation, he was assigned to the Beijing electron tube factory. After that, he received his master’s degree in economics from Renmin university.

Duan Yongping said: I left the bully when there is definitely a great dissatisfaction before leaving. But when I left, I had a great talk with the boss.

at the age of 28, he took a small factory loss of 2 million yuan, to build an annual output value of 1 billion companies in 5 years, this company is Huobian Cassidy Electronic Industrial Company china.

? !

Duan Yongping was very influential in Cassidy, choose to leave, the main reason is that he has no stake, but not to the requirements of the group to the group.

‘s mobile phone, oppo and vivo, now dominate the top two in China’s mobile phone market, beating apple, HUAWEI, and millet at one stroke.


is a mimic Nintendo NES Duan Yongping to produce, but soon yield over it, coupled with innovative marketing practices, especially niubable advertising, Cassidy became known to every family brand, has become the standard for each family.

he is the chairman of the BBK group, Duan Yongping, who can both make money.

34 year old founder of BBK, once again the fire all over the country, with 80 million news broadcast 5 seconds of play time, for two consecutive years to become the CCTV "weather forecast" before the "s".

, 16, went to Zhejiang University to become a

remember listening to the teacher’s day thirty thousand yuan three grams of training video, he once said: things free, free advertising SEO is a limitation very much, I hope you will find a way to buy the most expensive things ads then doubling the value of it, and not to blindly relying on free stuff! You need to create a higher value in a valuable thing! The limitations of the SEO where I tell you, now Taobao customers most, regardless of the new owners, the old owners, almost all Wangzhuan part-time workers with SEO Taobao customers, a lot of goods a lot of words, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, whitening, acne, skin care. For example, the weight loss drug list, which diet pills best effect, breast enhancement products, which kind of good, and so on a series of words, the competition is too fierce!!!

30 year old founder of bully, fire all over the country, a loss of 2 million small factories to achieve annual output value of 1 billion.

a long time ago what effect breast products the best network didn’t tube, every month there are thousands of yuan income! Right now, so many webmaster do crazy, crazy to do outside the chain, some popular keyword index of more than 100 have been done bad, search related web pages up to several tens of millions of very scary scary. In front of sh419 dozens of pages, hundreds of pages are using top-level domain name to do the keywords. How are you going to optimize? As a freshman, we are less likely to compete with the old owners who LaoLa! And sh419 recently and in the adjustment of his algorithm, do a website to do SEO need more time? In my previous experience at least two or three months to see the effect, the middle will encounter sh419 ranking the instability of the situation ! Had written on a new ranking instability, newcomers are most likely to give up at this time

editor’s note: he is the chairman of BBK group, Duan Yongping, who can both make money.


"with the parents, children bully

so we must learn to use the charge of things, to achieve a greater value by advertising! Our aim is to make money, our method is marketing, but SEO is one of many means of marketing! What is marketing? "

‘s price to $about 600000 and Warren Buffett had a lunch.

was a "Chinese people are most familiar with the computer brand survey, topping the list, neither IBM nor Lenovo, but Duan Yongping cassidy.

a lot of new webmaster do Taobao promotion has been off into a misunderstanding: how are we going to do, how to use the Internet to make money how do we find the keywords nobody competition is high commission products, we try to make the "word" do you finally come up, · · · · · ·; forget your purpose! Our aim is to make money! Do not SEO! Don’t make money only SEO a method of network marketing? So rich, if nothing, just rely on sh419 to eat it, SEO’s current market you will do very hard hard!

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