What are the indispensable website image optimization techniques

anyway, we were in the picture of Shanghai dragon optimization, is to pay attention to skills, more pictures do not place, so when we want to use is not good, the above mentioned measures will not lose a good way, let us appreciate the time, also very good the location of the picture.


engaged in the network, the optimization of the picture processing, is an indispensable part of our life, especially in image processing of high quality is a high technology, today we share with the Shanghai dragon picture optimization skills.

2, named


we do a picture of Shanghai dragon optimization, need to pay attention to many aspects of the problem, the optimization of the picture is very important, processing up our own pictures look satisfactory, customer satisfied.

when we process images, we must first give the picture naming, but we don’t use a similar picture 1.jpg and 2.jpg such meaningless picture name, picture naming to descriptive accounts. If no text is a picture description, so when we want to find the search in the search engine, then how can we find it, obviously, picture naming is very important, if we use the descriptive information of images for image name, but also can enhance the knowledge related to the theme of the page, pictures if: when we describe the computer page, the computer picture in which we can give this picture named: computer.jpg, and computer in English and computer should close organs, we named computer is used when the image file, the theme is to strengthen the computer.

We all know that

in the practical application, we for each picture to the establishment of an independent ", in which we used pictures of the channel, we will find that the number of its pictures included very much, very much, but the traffic is a lot of pictures, in fact a web page is very simple, we the site in the picture information are concentrated in the picture", in the establishment of the time, each picture page title to novel, simple and repetitive, exquisite and distinctive, and can add user comments, you can also open the comment function, thus keeping the novelty.

3, establish "

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