The long term optimal primary factor no ranking website

3, a high index of

for some of the new website or website optimization time is not long, want to put a keyword index higher website optimization keywords in a relatively short period of time to do optimization ranking is a very difficult thing, whether it is personal Adsense or enterprise website.

website promotion must be to address the needs of users, so do the promotion is a search to address the needs of users, on the other hand is to promote the brand and products, improve website, brand awareness. No site optimization ranking, is often associated with the following factors, the Xuzhou site optimization small meanders, hoping to solve the problems of business owners and owners.

1, website access speed:

In the understanding of

some companies will choose to cheap, low price, poor server site, causing the site built after the access speed is very slow, half a day can not open the page or take a long time to wait. In the search engine crawler is to mimic the process of user access, when a web page access time is longer, then your website will get good rankings? Let the search engines? Do not want to have good rankings. A good website, open any page access time should not exceed 3S, of course there are exceptions to the special page, but on the whole site open and the response time should not exceed 3 seconds.


2, optimize keywords more dispersed lead to weight:

No long-term optimal primary factor ranking

website optimization operation for a long time without ranking of how to do? Your site whether there is such a case, many companies will choose the site optimization, because of its cheap promotion, but often to the website no ranking problems. No matter for business owners or Shanghai dragon Er, will be the site not troubled. Today, Xuzhou is not the website optimization website ranking for how to solve.

keyword, page optimization of core keywords in 3-5 within the page keywords optimization in 2-4. If the words more easily lead to optimization, site optimization subject of dispersion, will reduce the keyword density, which leads to the website weight scattered, unable to obtain better rankings.


website optimization long time no ranking before, we must first know the search engine on the web ranking rules is what? How to optimize the website in order to get a good ranking in the search engine, to obtain more accurate flow of resources. The search engine ranking on the site, as long as the reference is whether the users to search the contents of whether your station can provide content and methods to solve and we usually say the website content is in line with the requirements of search, user site can normal open, if the contents of compliance with laws and regulations and rules, the search engines crawl web content than their peers competitor or website content can meet the needs of users, so as to enhance the website ranking.


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