Hong Feida what about business competition in Shanghai Dragon

I read an article analysis this website article, inside the main said kkk103 is used a little vulnerability to love Shanghai, is to brush the relevant search, to enhance the weight of the site, with some key words unique short, of course, the words and the main keywords by the association, when the search keyword is to the word you can also brush the relevant search, so as to enhance the site’s ranking in a short period of time.

is the dark horse, I can not help but open the website, there is a website to do Taobao keyword density of guest API, or can, but in some part in abruptly join the three word business I personally think it is a bit far fetched.

actually, I personally feel that Shanghai dragon game is a good thing, he can not only let us learn a lot of things, especially the actual combat experience, more important is to let us make a lot of friends in the same industry, accumulated more resources this is the Shanghai dragon, Wang Tao, which is why why do so many people to participate in the game, well not much to say, this article from the original acne products list 10 strong 贵族宝贝fjzx.5d6d贵族宝贝, reproduced please specify.

He let us learn a lot of

ranking, I feel it is the mainstream of the Shanghai dragon, update the original article they are diligent, have business in title, a district of electrical articles, classification and labelling are also added to electric district, the main construction way outside chain is soft Wen promotion, soft, well written almost is an article in his blog, also published by the audit success in other Adsense online, so the number of site outside the chain of top is high, the quality is also very good.

business competition has entered the white hot stage, in the last month, there will be more dark horse, you know the biggest dark horse KKK103 electric district recently more than 50 away from the first one fell swoop into the throne, I want many Shanghai Dragon Master stared, but also greatly exceeded all the others.

Several business blog

KKK103 is out of the ordinary, his main chain is a traditional answer, some website, and classified information, the chain is very complex, of course is very extensive, but I personally feel that the quality is not very high. But if you site, then you will feel surprised, because his record is amazing almost over 10000, so that Shanghai for Taobao customers actually not so tough.


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