Fuzhou home decoration company ranked Shanghai Longfeng share ideas

domain name: the domain name is certainly a new domain name, can be registered by finishing a good keyword first letter, at the time of registration, registration information, what sites are not the same, the domain name is贵族宝贝 for.Info by a treasure, will be cheaper

decoration company in Fuzhou ranked 贵族宝贝nibajia贵族宝贝/ in Mexico yuan small after a week, have keywords do love Shanghai home, small method is mainly used in the following


Optimization of

to the later website optimization, with the help of some click software, direct brush ranking

domain names are added to the DNSPod account, with the lore station group tools to do batch parsing, the IP domain name

station groupI

1, the conventional optimization


server is ready to recommend: America or Hongkong IP stations such as the 4 kind of C server

server: I love using Windows Server, phpstudy windows server is installed on the top of a good (liunx Bryant do not spray, then the speed and stability of the server) on the line, there is the server security, some security software installed, such as cloud lock, safety dog

routine optimization station, medical industry website basically is with dedecms, although dedecms loopholes, but has a very good advantage is to use a very casual, conventional optimization station optimization are basically the same routine, is nothing more than robots, sitemap, alt, nofollow, 301, 404 rul, standard, content, and then is the chain in the anchor text, Links, buy Links! To parse the ahstgy贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝ahstgy贵族宝贝/ love Shanghai think they are not the same content in dns. So we should choose a 301 redirect. Or DNSPOD (effective period for one month)

manual station group:

operation station group is divided into: manual stations, pan station group

analysis before these upsetThe The

program was used: >

mobile terminal: regardless of the current search engine or what the traffic moving side than the flow of the PC high, when the mobile terminal station optimization, is generally based on Webmaster Platform above MIP, fit to do these, there is a mobile terminal structure of the site itself is relatively simple, when a certain rank after that, with the help of some software also click click ranking, there is a situation in which the mobile terminal is ranked PC website, this time you can add a JS on the PC website to determine access to the source, if it is through mobile devices in the mobile station to jump above


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