Share the new station on the line a month outside the chain of 8500 tips


4. pages or classified information, this station we also done a lot, like 58, a good speaker is can leave the chain, the effect is very good.

quiz 3. nets, love Shanghai know, search, question and answer platform, can go to hair, not like other people said so difficult to stay outside the chain, the site audit is automatically, proper operation can be.

in the 28888120 original, original from: 贵族宝贝288881>

The following is a summary of several methods of the chain under

chain and the article is the core of the website, but also all the problems that must be solved, today is my hospital chain website is how to do more than 8500 months from the line. For the convenience of patients remember the hospital website, we registered a domain name with the same phone number from the new domain name, is also convenient to call the hospital brand, not to the old station. Last day Shanghai after the update, the chain and set out, a look startled, I cut the picture that no boast:

2. forum, this is also a lot of people are doing, because the premise to do optimization time, accumulated a lot of BBS account, then you can come in handy. As long as it is not too obvious advertising, under normal circumstances is not deleted.

6. independent sites, I do optimization, have their own independent site several, also made under the direct station to stay outside the chain of the best.


now we mainly do is the three types of forums, blogs, or free pages of classified information, if everyone has their own resources, as long as it was to carry out a month, tens of thousands of the chain is not what problem, don’t believe love can go to Shanghai domain, the method is so simple the key, as do the problem, not to soft operation, recently began to try here to share in the future effect.

5. video website, 56, cool 6, Youku and other platform to upload some funny video website, fill in the information and introduction.

can see from chart of domain name is registered in March 5th, today just 1 months and 6 days, the short of a month is how to do it? With all the selfless dedication, the method is not for everyone, for a little resources webmaster. Here to tell you what, no secret, as long as it was to carry out can do, the first line on the website after the first collection points, many people say that would be a problem collecting station, not really. We started collecting points, behind to catch quality.

1. free blog, we have a few blogs in each big web blog, a new online went to these blog to send the correlation between the chain, the effect is very good, is the day can be collected, remind advertising don’t play too obvious, this is several months the blog was blocked a tragedy.

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