The four core conditions of love Shanghai website

! be included!

: about the domain name of the website

on site

site in the collection before the acquisition, if in just online is copy and paste to do, then the new station is not what meaning, natural love of Shanghai in terms of speed will be very slow, just for a new online, even if not a, also must adhere to do the original content, if you do not need to change the content of title other, but the content is going to change, so you can make love in Shanghai think the content of your website also do processing, so the content of the website is also in love with very important conditions for sea collection site site is when you! Included, then appropriate to add some content of the collection it is

in the domain name registration prior to the examination before the registration of the domain name has not been used, and is registered, if there is to view the domain name is K and then discarded, or because they forgot to renew instead, if it is the former, naturally can not be such a domain name, if it is the latter of course is to use, in addition to check if there is no registration before, nature is also be used, so choose and registered the domain name will not be easy, because now a lot of little significance of the domain name will be registered, there is no specific K that can make nothing of it, so we must through some of the tools query, ensure your site success as soon as possible after the

The top priority for the on siteThe chain !

site is of better, but for a new station.

Don’t go to the

four: the chain

web site is to let love Shanghai included his own site, of course, if you do foreign trade website, is to Google included, here we focus on the love of Shanghai is included in the site conditions, because the love of Shanghai is after a long time study for the website included, is generally a thoughtful one and a half months, mainly depends on your website to do their hair with white paper "Shanghai dragon love Shanghai optimization guide", which provides us with the most important conditions for the three core, I would simply like to share!

three: about the content of the website

website space choice is also very important, do not use the free space, but can not use quality of space, space and good choice, not free to replace the space, which will affect the collection of your site, so a constant space included in a web site will be great help! You choose space but also check your server is dynamic or static IP IP, look at your server there is no other website, whether these sites and search engines to be K of the suspects, if your website will be very slow, but the content will also be included little! When you check when everything is normal, can be completed on the site selection of space

two: space

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