The 360 method to increase the search traffic


1, settled in the 360 site navigation

can feedback is the 360 search engines in the promotion of his, and flow straight up. So now to do more to secure the 360 search traffic is very necessary, here are some ways to share:


360 in shopping mallThe current 360

360 is search engine traffic can be very rapid growth, largely from its navigation site, its search engine inside the title did not get rid of the 360 site navigation message, but also want to site navigation users to better guide to the search engine. That is to say 360 search traffic sources are mostly from the navigation website, so settled to affect its site navigation will be great to 360 search users, increase the probability of our site search.

and is currently assigned to 360 mall merchants is not very much, in the same category below the competition is not so settled after ranking and traffic will be a guarantee. Just show it to give goods on the search page principle also chaotic, not catch too many rules.

search ranking principle is to be studied, but it is for their own shopping platform for the artificial intervention, in front of all sites, so the 360 search is great for increasing its shopping platform flow. So settled to 360 shopping mall is to occupy the absolute advantage in the keywords ranking.

love ShanghaiOptimization of


360 recent low-key on-line, but its impact is not low, in a short period of time, become one of the important traffic sources of many sites, but it brings the flow has been showing a rising state, visible 360 to search product promotion efforts are constantly increasing. Even now, many people think that the 360 may be beyond the noble baby, Sogou become the second love Shanghai search engine in china. The author also recently on the 360 search over the flow of the track, obviously feel the 360 search traffic rose significantly:

list at least in 360 search navigation on the increased promotional efforts will definitely increase 360 search traffic.

3, increase the intensity of the optimization of

4, 360 other advertising platform

Love love Shanghai Shanghai news, pictures, love Shanghai know platform

360 search is still unable to go, but you can see a lot of love Shanghai products in 360 search, perhaps because the reason to increase the user experience, but also in the search results, many words with the love of Shanghai is similar to the show. So we love Shanghai search promotion, for 360 of the search traffic should be helpful.


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