How to start business website users to buy from the writing light


electronic commerce website is the inevitable trend of future development of the electronic commerce website is now more and more people start to emerge in an endless stream, sell things on the Internet website now. Want from a network share, through the practice of a lot of people that want to sell things through the website is not so easy, it is difficult for users to your website through the brief text introduction of what you desire to buy, which, after all, users see only the dead words, see your face, see are you not honest honest, therefore, e-commerce sites to successfully sell something, it must be from the contents of the article, writing under the time, allowing users to truly feel your heart, then read your text to a user wants to buy, this is her most wanted, the most suitable for her products

to do a successful "title party"


wants to let users see the text you want to buy this is not easy, but nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, if you really put your mind in writing, the user is to feel, after all, the people are the meat, are the feelings of animal! Then, in the creation of the article should be how to edit handwriting can really improve the user experience, let users believe that their products are the best? The A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 / Shanghai dragon) will come and we simply talk about how to start from writing to induce users to buy.

believe that their products are the best


in the title of the party, everyone one would think derogatory, it is also true that the word itself is somewhat derogatory, but if you can be a qualified title of the party at the time of writing, the title of the party’s role into full play, allowing users to see your title cannotbut through various channels after you browse the content down, don’t ask users to see what you write when you have put promotional products together to look into it, if you can be with the content of sensational ingredients, after the user has seen very that introduce your products, think this is not her perfectly, so as to introduce you to buy the product immediately, no doubt that you are a successful "title party", products sold by your article, you are a successful writer.


for a program writer who first he would believe that their products are the best, otherwise, you even have to convince, how to persuade users? After writing an article is posted to the site for users to read, therefore, this requires project writers trust their own products, and can bring a lot of benefits to users, is beneficial to the user. Specific to the benefits, the author can write to list the specific function of the product, make a list of every function of the benefits to the user, and with the number of words, when brought in to the user benefits, try to use very specific digital data, with examples to illustrate the features and benefits of the product.

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