How to build their own resources a

is belong to the unlimited resources of Internet resources, such as: "decoration effect diagram" immediately displayed:

the Internet is belong to a very humane era; when the user to search a keyword can quickly find what they want to know the answer. Why is the Internet belongs to the unlimited resources? Because when you find the information in the book that people do not inquire, immediately said a very classic saying "don’t understand love, love for Shanghai Shanghai, You’ll see." now is the rapid development of Internet era, some people directly to sell their products on the Internet, calmly reaches a profitable resource. So the Internet is an infinite resource; don’t do those things such as: damage to the Internet, the website of others, intrusion released some bad information and advertising etc……. This resource is we need to build a good environment.

Shanghai, the most important is the "resources"; when "a Shanghai dragon Er resources" is among the most lacking in the Shanghai dragon line assets. When you are a Shanghai dragon er you will feel the most is the lack of resources? Is that resources can help you drive the website keywords ranking, website to help introduce some users to help restore website weight and increase Links etc…………. When we want to get a new ranking; need to introduce some natural flow properly, so how do these natural flow to get? Such as some soft, the chain guide, QQ group guide, the circle of friends click and so on…… Or the website ranking reached 50, need to do some high quality of the chain to vote; so how do these high quality vote gets? This time related to the "resources" two points we need to consider is:

requires in relation to the importance of contacts; because of the limited resources we need to build and cherish. For example: when a new site we have to rely on the chain guide, the natural flow of import, marketing channels and so on; let the new site close the fastest time to get good rankings. The chain platform is a very important issue? Is not blind to find the platform, or ask some often do the chain of friends or to ask the QQ group. If you go to find the platform need to spend a lot of time: the registered account, recording platform included time………… These are a waste of time doing things, spend a little more time may be tight Shanghai dragon with some grasp of things; of course is good friend’s recommendation, after all others are done; but the best is the combination of law; combined with some good recommendation platform and you spend a little time find out. (Wei Wei points: limited resources is to rely on his feeble force set up)

1. unlimited resources


note: the next chapter Weiwei how to teach you to culture "

2. limited resources


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