Through the Heyuan earthquake 300ip case analysis


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after reading it I think, company website is also service in Guangdong area, including Heyuan, simply write a news article, it is website content updates to worry about it. So he wrote a "February 16, 2012 Heyuan earthquake, Taiwan Cheng to remind you not to panic". Following the analysis of this article is how to bring about more than 300 IP.

and because I was not in Heyuan, so the 2:34 on February 16, 2012 Heyuan earthquake did not bring much felt. Until the morning to open the computer to see the news about the earthquake in Heyuan. The home page is browsing websites about the earthquake caused casualties, but the magnitude was 4.6, can not cause destructive damage. Or this expression for earthquake blessing.

The content of

without the truth, the first


is the test of the layout of the key words. First I had slightly increased the density of keywords "Heyuan earthquake", another "

one of my company’s website Zhongshan Taiwan Cheng catering company because of unreasonable layout structure confusion, so in the recent comprehensive revision of the mind, to last February 16, 2012 almost a month. But the website traffic has been bad, only a few dozen ip. But a Heyuan earthquake news yesterday, let me seize the opportunity to bring the more than 300 IP, and see how I did it.

can be seen from the chart the flow almost all from this article.

11:26 sent the article, 12 will bring huge traffic that the article basically is in the state of the second. How to make the fast included? Is the main site and the usual update and the chain, another is the love of Shanghai yesterday, "Heyuan earthquake" articles are particularly sensitive, it is also in the crazy looking for relevant information. Another point is that I love Shanghai immediately in space to do a chain, we all know that love Shanghai for space, Post Bar are very care.

The first analysis of the title of the article The content analysis of

title plays a key role. Including the date, Heyuan earthquake, panic. This information is very important, because the analysis found that the user search keywords is a lot with a date. Key words plus date relative ranking will also depend on the. Then is the Heyuan earthquake keywords, here will not be able to Heyuan earthquake and apart. The second part is the title of this article is the original position, the difference with the overwhelming news online. Therefore, this paper get a better ranking in the period of time after the issue.

fast included

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