Shanghai Longfeng site optimization chain four errors

love is not to provide query response Shanghai link, just provide the relevant domain query.

advice, is a smaller number, a fine quality, not only a single blog or forum, to some of their accumulated resources to send, (a scarce resource, is it hard for others to get resources)

said here is a problem, how to see a valid connection value? Very simple, do not do the network link, which is the bare link, although useful, but the weight of such a hair will be distributed to the entire site to go instead to a page keywords vote. Do anchor text links, targeted keywords to vote, so that it is of high value links.

and the chain is a period of time: if the assessment chain members do not think that there is no chain for second days he was collected is not good, because the chain is a cycle, can be roughly divided into four kinds, the first kind is the first day of the second day was collected, the chain this is undoubtedly the high quality. >

chain is an important part of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization, the Commissioner of the chain of a Shanghai dragon team will have an even more load chain, every day hundreds of thousands of the chain out, but we all know that the chain you are all right? Everyone focuses on four a misunderstanding of the hair of the chain here, hope to load the chain work comrades help.

Shanghai dragon The

website optimization is the chain a misunderstanding: the number of more and more.

it must focus on external validity even, do not focus only on the number of bursts out, don’t think outside is effective, but also do not think the search engine included the pages of your hair outreach is effective, but to see whether your included snapshot contains links, here to explain, because some posts or articles before you send the chain has been indexed by the search engines, so that time on the chain you may not have the.

Shanghai dragon

website optimization chain error two: the purpose of accurate positioning of

many people think that the more the chain of a website, the website keywords ranking is better, this idea is wrong, especially new sites, if too much the chain of words, will not only help to the new station, it will harm the station was K off, because the new station just built. The primary task is to enrich and complete the overall site optimization site content (Shanghai dragon optimization) you don’t do what, the content of the chain? And the type of note is the chain should be diversified, not only do the forum, blog and so on, if you fall in love with the sea is a variable, the influence for the chain on the one hand and you, is just one aspect of outreach words, then it may affect your website keywords, for example, if a website is only a single type of Chain Forum, love Shanghai or a Google One day suddenly change the algorithm, on the forum outside the chain weight reduced, then it is likely that your website ranking will be a sharp decline.

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