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will use the accumulation of keywords to get search engine trust, let the search engine think we are associated with this keyword of the website, but it soon webmasters understand, then spread the use of lead to the present situation. Now the search engine more pay attention to the evaluation of others to your station, meaning that when the external links of search engines will see what others say about this website, also said the relevance judgments through external links and anchor text. If there are many sites that your site is do Shanghai dragon, especially the weight better, some well-known Shanghai Longfeng site is that you are doing Shanghai dragon, then there will be a great search engine will think you site is Shanghai dragon, the effect of course is very good. Understand? Link anchor text to determine content of correlation and correlation and one of the most important factors ranking algorithm, especially other web sites on your web site links. Within the chain because of their own boast, boast of others is not the same, high credibility, slowly I would not have touted.

, this problem when I interview Shanghai dragon many people will ask me, what do you think of the weights of the website, because the weight is now a factor search engine ranking is very fancy, in addition to the domain name age, the size of the site, originality, forming factors of high weight I think is external links. The weight has nothing to do with your keywords, if your site has come from many well-known portals, such as Sina, love Shanghai, Sohu such as external links, I think your website weight will be improved, no matter what your keywords ranking will be improved

Hello, I am the eyelid, today we simply talk about the external links, also known as the chain, may the topic of friends are not particularly want to talk about, because we all know that the chain is to rely on execution, every day to do it, repeat it, many of my friends have been very disgusted I also like. But today I want to say is, we do the chain should also have certain skills.

included, is also included the basic page ranking, can not enter the index of course no ranking, we do not stop every day of the chain is included to drive web pages, not only rely on the strong outside the chain, and the internal structure of the original article, it is difficult to greatly improve the web page collection. A very high weight website can bring millions of pages. We are not too far from click page links, almost within 3 clicks on the line, because if you click the link too deep, search engine may not grab, what is included? Unless the weights of the high site, PR site. Have already said external links is to bring the spider crawling frequency to high frequency of spider was also very important. Crawl frequency can make the search engine to quickly find a new page, faster update web content. So now we do Shanghai Longfeng are considered, the chain proportion of 60%–70%. Far more than the internal web site optimization.

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