Shanghai Longfeng soft operation how to operate

The optimization of

outside the station for the Shanghai dragon mostly is to do outside the chain, of course, a good press release, the words with brand to attract Internet users to search, this is also a good way of diversion. So in addition to the station optimization illustrated, also need >

The optimization of

, Shanghai dragon optimization for optimization of love made in Shanghai, although the 360 current market share has reached 20%, there is no doubt that Shanghai will also love supremacy over a period of time will not be shaken, whether it is to do the 360 love Shanghai optimization or optimization, the same principle. Optimized layout, soft foreign chain in the process of quality, station layout of the three major factors are key to the success of Shanghai dragon. Note: the following Shanghai Longfeng practices to eliminate special industries, love Shanghai countermeasures for each industry is different, you know ~

station At present most of the domestic

in the face of each moment for Shanghai Dragon God of Shanghai Longfeng situation how to promote, without exception, pointed out: the perfect station frame, perfect chain layout, concise web page code, stable server, the high quality of the chain layout. When you are most concerned about is the layout of the chain, in the station optimization, in general after the existing website best website optimization, basic framework has become a fixed number, and update the quality of construction, the chain has become the key station optimization.

then the station in how to deal with? Writing is a basic skill in the station of the Shanghai dragon, so how to write quality articles, there is a need for a deeper understanding of your industry, users need to write things; in addition, the article with pictures, the formation of illustrations, experience the great influence on the Internet, the irreversible trend of network fragmentation, an article without any pictures, a long and minute statement, anyone can read it very boring, but according to the network data, the future users of the picture experience is far greater than the demand of the text of the demand, which requires marketing staff and artists to strengthen cooperation and make good pictures, pictures the advantage of image color, image, text three element three-dimensional representation of a thing, from here you can see the picture in the article Power, according to the search engine for the original love, then the original image for the search engine is friendly, a picture of Zhang Yuanchuang + quality content, search engine of this kind of article is very popular, but also can be a good customer experience.


what is the recommended chain within the chain perfect recommendation? This question is very simple, that is when one of your articles in the users into your site, recommend other links to articles related to this article to him, it is very important to increase the site users viscosity, in addition to besides, the recommended essence friendly is a part of the layout of the chain, is very good for search engines to other pages, so a perfect chain is recommended for spiders to crawl depth, users access depth will have a huge impact.

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