How to grasp the special station of Shanghai Longfeng process

for the special station of Shanghai dragon how to do? To solve this problem, we need to consider the special station location, clear the site in what way for which user service, so we will be very clear search needs, construction direction and user site content next, according to user search dimension and the topic needs itself in particular, classification of information content, and make corresponding relation between the keywords of the page, then all page keywords deployment. The following three processes to teach you how to do special station of Shanghai Dragon:

two, the user needs special attributes of dimension + >

when you have the above problems are solved, you will learn how to do the success of special station of Shanghai Longfeng, of course this is the must do work, as for later maintenance and extension work, is nothing more than a web content + Construction + chain chain construction, the webmaster does not believe stranger to it, in this is not to say.> (blog Copyright: gourd

> three, special station; page type > keywords deployment and distribution

on the site after the keyword selection for the user needs to do a comprehensive and thorough understanding, whether it is from the structure of the website or website content are to stand in the user’s point of view to the construction site, to the user’s habits to divide the section of the web site, to ensure that these columns are users eager to know, want to know the content of it, instead of no great importance. Must take the core content of the site or product is displayed to the user, but also to ensure that the site is shown by the needs of users.

for the choice of keywords we all know keywords is too hot or too cold is not good, therefore, in the choice of keywords, personally make a survey to see what users are searching, love what word, their search habits is how, this is a choice of user search is the biggest but the competition but small words, is to discover others have found no words to do. The content of the website and keywords are closely related, after good keyword selection means that the direction of the website content has also been identified in the day down, after the update will be around the site keywords.

The logic structure of When the special

, a user search keywords of > user needs determine the sources of information dimension >

station after a good location, the logic structure of > stations; page type > keywords deployment and distribution of these are to be considered in detail. If it is a special HostEase host station, that is how to structure the HostEase host website, what page? Each page is what? And how the HostEase host this keyword is distributed to the whole site, these are necessary to consider and solve the problem.

classification system project

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