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has a deep understanding of the early promotion, pain points and problems of entrepreneurs. Early promotion, he says, is often ignored by many start-ups, but in fact, cold start brands are significant to start-up companies. But in an age of information overload, we have to admit that it’s not easy for startups to tell stories."

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no money, no one, no channels, how startups do early media promotion, and how to interact well with the media,

page display, green dog network from the user’s point of view, based on maintaining the overall style of the previous high-end, the atmosphere, the visual style and content optimization adjustment plate, make the website interface more concise, intuitive and easy to use, can quickly lead users to demand. This also highlights the innovation spirit of green dog network.

interactive links, calendar editor who introduced the characteristics to creating some communication channels, such as a headline enterprise is for startups "brand cold start" demand and daily promotion, an effective tool to provide the excellent article entrepreneurs can eat to get more traffic distribution and media outlets, get more the spread of coverage.

for start-up companies to find the status of media personnel, Li Zhi Steel said that the brand during cold start, entrepreneurs can "roll up their sleeves dry". According to previous rich experience with reporters, Li Zhi steel summarized many effective methods and techniques for writing a customer, including how to choose the angle, the title, and the details of the processing and so on, let a guest online "open the brain hole".


after class, customers have expressed a lot of harvest, many people have "reward", that is to become a hit the "tap water."".

as a legal service electricity supplier leadership brand, green dog network is a product of the trend of the times. We can see that more and more people choose to start, but then again, everything is hard in the beginning, company registration, business plan, bookkeeping, trademark registration, social security accounts, social security agency, provident fund accounts, equity investment, just do something to spend too much time.


"if a stranger to communicate with a beautiful woman, the other side of the first reaction is, who are you?!" Li Zhi Steel said, startups spread will encounter this problem first, if you can not answer these questions, you cannot start the real spread Tour: for example, who am I? To help users solve what problem? Why do users need me? How my character


As a veteran media and entrepreneur,

green dog network CEO Xin Xin heart lady said, this is the green dog nets for entrepreneurs do.

originally, green dog network business is the focus of enterprise registration and legal consultation, and with website development, has increased the social security accounts, social security payment, the company changes, the audit of financial statements, equity financing and other services, so as to make the platform more plump full coverage of services.

The innovation of

since the rise of the electricity supplier of legal services, the various brands competing to enter the scene, which had to mention is the green dog network, a horse running out in 2012 the biggest black horse". It is reported that small and micro enterprises to "legal housekeeper" positioning of the green dog network, since the website formally launched, to thunder as soon as possible, in a short period of time occupied most of the legal services, electronic business platform camp. Today, the green dog network comprehensive business focused entrepreneurs, with scientific brand positioning, continuously forge ahead, and professional team full of youthful spirit, achievement brand charm, and has laid the industry leader position.

green dog network is reflected in the increase of business and the revision of website.

Innovation: platform to keep pace with the times



in September 7th, by a joint headline dandelion incubator, jointly held a record online classroom, invited the former "finance" reporter, before the "media" titanium co-founder, hit the headlines editor in chief Li Zhi steel made a wonderful to share. From Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta and all over the country, there are hundreds of customers and dandelion members. They attend lectures online and interact with the lecturers online.

it is understood that the editor in charge of the brand cold start advanced courses will be held in the near future.

green dog network to secure your business platform for the purpose of company registration, taxation, social security agency each part to do professional processing, at the same time, through the green dog network agency business, far more than make a full-time staff to handle much more cost-effective. You can see the green dog network to avoid unnecessary time and waste of money, the advantage is very obvious. Since the online site, green dog network has been a lot of entrepreneurs like, fully demonstrated a professional legal services, electronic business platform brand demeanor.

Lecturer: Li Gang steel

Green Dog Network in just two years of perfect breakthrough, an important reason leapt to the forefront of industry is based on the group of user knowledge, so as to keep pace with the times, innovation, steady development of effective management and control platform. Green Dog Network CEO Zhang Xinxin believes that this is precisely a legal service, electricity supplier brand should do. Many similar platform customer resources drain, most of the reason is that the platform itself is relatively old-fashioned practices, resulting in services can not meet customer needs.

then how should the start-up company establish its own communication system? In this regard, the detailed analysis of the company’s image from the corporate image, path, play and other dimensions.

positioning: secure your startup

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