What are on the chain

then we should be how to realize high quality link and the link? We can in the United States presidential election as an example, the United States votes every vote is very important, and we Chinese citizens vote is not working, and for Chinese national leaders to vote may have a great impact for his election, which is why the relationship between the link of high quality, authoritative link is not related but the quality is still very high.

personally think that search engines do not encourage us to send the chain, especially those of low quality junk links, the real meaning of existence is to link the site to vote, and these votes are naturally voting, such as the A B website website found very good, helpful for the user, then the A website to make a website B the link, then the A website for the B website to vote on a vote, voting is not arbitrary, such as we are doing the wedding photography website, general users of the website is the demand for wedding photography, and if we make a link to the tea website for users, so there is no point. Did not really meet the needs of users of wedding photography and direct help, so why is the strong correlation between the Links quality will be higher, this is the reason why.

chain should be how to do? Do the best to understand the voting principle of the chain chain before, why then vote in direct and indirect demand the user needs, such as we are selling tea, demand is directly related to our website that tea, while the indirect demand.

optimization can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts in total, the station optimization involves the process and details very much, the optimization of quality can be reflected from the user experience directly; and optimization of station is undoubtedly the chain this piece, it can enhance the weight of the website drive, keywords ranking, the station optimization is indispensable in the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon

station optimization effect there is no doubt that the search engine can give us the correct optimization ideas, optimization of knowledge with search engine optimization guide 2 and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched, will undoubtedly make us have a new understanding in the station optimization. In the station optimization this one has a clear direction in the future may not be a "sell themselves" era, because everyone has a new understanding of the site content and structure, the quality is improved to a higher level, the advantages of the future may lie in who have good products well, the idea is more on the user’s research.

for the chain, currently in Shanghai dragon in the role can not be ignored, Shanghai dragon Er also particularly sensitive to this piece, through the observation of forum posts, who has a relationship with the chain of the click rate than other posts to be high, it seems the chain position in the hearts of the people is very high; the chain site has significance in the end there is? The search engine did not encourage us to do outside the chain, don’t give us the right chain idea.


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