Website design how to make the search engine more friendly

topic: website design, need more webmaster friends to create content rich web content, also need to do the link strategy, the correlation content recommendation, also should do the antecedents and consequences supplement, which was ignored by many webmaster friends.

search engine in the function of continuous improvement and development of new, but relatively speaking, there are still many difficulties, such as flash, Java and other non text content is hard to see the search spiders, so in order to make search spiders can fully identify the contents, suggestions and must use HTML text form, because the content is based on rich sites, but also to let the site better ranking in search engines.

The Internet is a spider web woven by

site traffic source of a large part of the key lies in the search engine, which accounted for a large proportion of the search engine. Therefore the operation process in the website, must make the search engine more friendly website, let the website to show the effect most embodied. Many webmaster friends are focusing on Web friendly, but they often neglect the structure of the site itself, the reason is that web designers and web site operators are not the same person, there are some errors, some errors will coordinate however, website search engine unfriendly. In the design process, need to pay attention to what the problem can make the search engine more friendly

? Although the

navigation links: navigation link is undoubtedly very important, but many websites make fatal mistakes here, the navigation hidden or not clear, even with flash, JavaScript and the picture style, it is difficult to give search spider crawling, cause index problems,

can also include the contents of the index in the quality of content, love Shanghai search engine began to implement the "love" will hit Haiyuan Spark Program and to improve the content of the highly visible, high quality development trend in the future pay more attention to the content, so to get a better index of spiders, also must create the content of the one and only, the one and only must be reflected in: absolutely original, unique view, real-time grasp, grasp the needs of.

and countless, want to make website better, that is to say the index more links, we must do the link structure can crawl, link structure is very important, is directly related to the search engine spiders can crawl to more links in the shortest time, also is the assessment of effectiveness the spider is of course the link structure of Web site evaluation.

1, to the contents of the index

The link structure of 2, to crawl >

recommended links: website design process, both in the channel home page, page, or the page content will set the recommended links, however, a large part of the webmaster friends without thinking it carefully, often repeated the same links appear the same page, it is of little significance, should be avoided, and should do more widely and set.

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