mobi no real value do Com copycat

Beijing is not what a good search keywords, but because of the Olympic Games to enhance their incoming value overnight, more important is the number of newspaper media in search of Beijing site depends on the powerful Beijing daily newspaper group consists in propaganda, then the newspaper publicity quickly in the professional portal network spread, the spread seems to improve the visibility, but let people advantage of the loophole, so someone will Shandong registered, and to define it as "Beijing search".

In fact,

, registered.Mobi itself is not wrong, but do not always pay attention to the same.Com, attention is not wrong, but don’t yell out loud, yelling at the right itself, but with the right in.Com shouted, with a no, with two times that became obvious the copycat. But really is like this, was found in the online publicity benefits, immediately registered the domain name.Mobi. And then through the local portal Braun network outward publicity, and invites the mobile phone partners. This news was to be turned to raise a Babel of criticism of thought would compromise, this thing, but did not seriously, so.Mobi is more anxious, people just get a test run conference in December 12th, he again stood up shouting "Beijing eyes a search website, mobile phone. The domain name cooperation.

this reminds me of a story, a wild child find a rich man wanted to be a father, but that he is not rich dad, so that children can really do around that lost to all sense of shame heel rich dad. Finally helpless, the rich dad took the wild child. Of course, the wild boy had a good time, because the rich dad had no children. But will not be that rich dad? The answer is not to say, but still hope don’t like a wild child generally made of copycat, like that really is not a real value was.Mobi.

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