NT urged to create anticorruption body

first_imgIn a bid to fight corruption in the Northern Territory’s police force, ombudsman Peter Shoyer is calling for the NT government and its police force to review its policies for ensuring integrity.The call comes in the wake of the case of former NT police commissioner John McRoberts, who resigned after being investigated for interfering with a criminal investigation involving travel agent Xana Kamitsis. Ms Kamitsis is facing charges for defrauding a travel concession scheme, and McRoberts was in a relationship with Kamitsis at the time of the alleged offences.Ombudsman Shoyer, who brought the case against the commissioner, alleges McRoberts was bribed by Kamitsis.“In the course of their association, the travel agent … gave a number of personal gifts to the former commissioner,” Mr Shoyer said.Mr Shoyer’s report suggests the establishment of an anti-corruption body and a review of police integrity policies. The report also stresses the need for awareness programs in order to ensure that police officers maintain analytical skills and mindfulness to identify integrity issues as they arise. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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